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The Rape Of Torrie Wilson Part 4
by Batman (

Torrie hadn't been back to Jake's gym for a couple of weeks now. But
something inside of her kept telling her to go back. The thought of him
and Billy doing to somebody else what they had done to her was a terrible
thought. She had to go back to the gym, and try to warn who ever it was
before it was to late.


Torrie resigned herself to go back to Jake's gym. She knew she was putting
herself at risk doing this, but she had to try to stop them. She decided to
go when she usually went to the gym because she figured that was when the
other woman would be there also. She walked into the gym wearing her usual
spandex jumpsuit with tennis shoes, and carrying her bag.

Billy and Jake were sitting at the front desk when Torrie walked through
the door. They were both very surprised to see her.

"Torrie. I never expected to see you back in my fine establishment again,"
Jake said as he got up to greet her.

"Cut the crap, Jake. I'm just here to work out."

"Oh, don't worry, Torrie. Like I said, I have a new client," Jake said
with a grin.

"Yeah, and man is she hot," Billy said sitting behind the desk.

"You guys are watching her on the security cameras. That's sick. Are you
gonna chain her down like you did me?"

"That's not a bad idea, but I don't usually do tie up gigs on the first

Torrie was reliefed to hear that they hadn't molested who ever it was
just yet. Torrie just shook her head, and walked towards the weight room.


As she walked into the weight room, Torrie went over in her head, what
she was going to say to this individual. At first, she thought she was the
only person there. And then she saw her, Pamela Paulshock. Pamela noticed
Torrie walk in.

"Torrie, what a surprise. I didn't know you worked out here," Pamela said
as she walked over towards Torrie.

"Well, uh, I don't work out here much anymore. Infact, when I heard you
signed up for a membership, I thought I'd talk to you about something,"
Torrie said with a look of concern.

"Well, what is it," Pamela asked in with a look of concern as well.

"You've gotta get out of here. Billy and Jake are sick. You don't want to
be around them."

"What, you're just trying to get me to leave so you can have them all to
yourself. Well I'm not leaving. I've seen the way Jake looks at me, and I
think he's interested in me."

Torrie knew this was going to be difficult. Pamela had always been
difficult to work with when she worked with her in WCW. But Torrie was
resolved to keep trying.

"No, you don't understand. They'll rape you. Just like they raped me."

Pamela looked at her and said, "You're lying. And I'm keeping my
membership, so get over it."

"Fine, but don't come crying to me when you get fucked like a whore,"
Torrie said as she turned to leave.

Just then the door to the weight room opened and standing there were Jake
and Billy.

Jake stepped into the weight room and said, "Oh good, I'm glad you two
were able to get reaqquainted. Me and Billy were just thinking you'd like to
join us for a swim at the pool."

"I'd love to," Pamela said, "Just let me go put on my swimsuit."

Pamela went to the womens locker room. Torrie tried to leave, but the two
men were in her way.

"We know where you live, Torrie. Go get changed," Billy said.

"Oh no, please. Just leave me alone. You have Pamela."

"Well, just think of it as the more the merrier," Jake said.

Torrie just looked at them in horror.

"You're gonna regret you ever set foot back in my gym. You had your
chance to leave, and you didn't take it. Now go get changed," Jake said.

Torrie slowly made her way into the locker room just as Pamela was coming
out. Pamela was wearing a hot little two piece bikini.

As Pamela walked towards Billy and Jake, Billy reached out towards her
face with a rag and covered her mouth and nose. Pamela inhaled the liquid
that Billy had soaked the rag in and passed out. Jake caught her before she
could fall.

Jake laid Pamela on the floor gently, and he and Billy waited for Torrie
to come out of the locker room. Torrie came out wearing the same red thong
she had worn the first time Jake fucked her. With a quick move forward Billy
covered Torrie's face with the rag as well.


Torrie woke up lying on her back in the shower room. Billy was standing
over her with a piece of smelling salt in his hand.

Torrie looked around and saw Jake standing by Pamela over near one of
the faucets. Something was wrong with Pamela. She was still unconscious,
but something was strange. And then Torrie realized, Jake and Billy had
tied her to the ceiling so that she was hanging by her wrists about six
inches off the ground.

Jake turned on the faucet near Pamela, and she woke up.

"Unngh, what happened," Pamela said as she woke up.

"I wasn't lying afterall," Torrie said as she got to her feet.

"Oh my god, what are you going to do to me," Pamela said as she now
realized her predicament.

"The same thing we did to Torrie here," Billy said, as he forced Torrie
back down to the floor onto her stomach.

"Oh, I'm sorry Torrie. I'm sorry I didn't listen (sob)," Pamela said.

"Shut up," Jake said as he started to undress in front of her.

Torrie just looked on with tears in her eyes. She couldn't do anything
because Billy was holding her down. She didn't realize that he too was
getting undressed behind her.

Now both men were undressed and ready to fuck these two women's brains

"Hey Torrie," Billy said, "I've been a little jealous a how many times
Jake has fucked your ass. I think it's my turn."

"Aaaagggghhh," Torrie screamed as Billy moved her thong to the side and
forced his whole six inches up her ass.

Billy had never done some one up the ass before, so he just blew his load
up Torrie's ass before he could even start pumping her.

"Unngghh," Torrie moaned as Billy's load shot up her ass and he pulled

"Damn, I couldn't hold back on an ass like yours Torrie. I guess I'll
just have to try again in a minute." Jake moved towards Pamela.

"Oh no please don't hurt me," Pamela said through her tears as Jake
approached with his eight inches fully erect.

"You're gonna enjoy every minute of this," Jake said as he undid Pamela's

"Oh my god," Pamela said as she looked at Jake's eight inch tool, "You're
gonna fuck me with that?"

"And you're gonna enjoy it," Jake said as he knelt down to slide off her
thong and start letting his fingers do there magic.

"Ooooh," Pamela moaned as Jake gently massage her cunt.

Pamela started getting wet in no time at all, and soon her clit made its
first appearance. Jake leaned forward to suck on her clit, and caused Pamela
to have her first orgasm.

Pamela was obviously enjoying this, and Torrie just thought to herself
what a slut Pamela was. Billy was getting hard again watching Jake do his
number on Pamela. Billy reared back and decided to work his way slowly up
Torrie's ass, inch by inch this time.

"Unnghgh," Torrie screamed as Billy once again started working his way
up inside of her.

Billy finally got all the way up inside of her, and just stayed still
for a minute while he practiced holding back his load. Then Billy started
pumping her hard. Torrie screamed in pain with every thrust. She just
couldn't enjoy this. Jake got up in front of Pamela and looked her in the

"Oh fuck me, Jake. Don't make me wait anymore. I need your big cock
inside of me."

Jake grabbed Pamela's plump ass and rammed his entire lenght up inside
of her snatch.

"OOOHHH," Pamela moaned as she orgasmed.

Jake didn't go slow either. He pumped Pamela hard from the start, causing
her to orgasm every few seconds.

"OOOHHH, OOOOHHHH, OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, fill me up, fill me up, fill me
UUUUNNNGGHH," Pamela had another gigantic orgasm as Jake blew his load up
in her.

"AAAGGGHHH," Torrie screamed as Billy rammed his cock deep up inside of
her and blew his load. Billy just stayed up inside of her still and grinded
on her perfectly shaped ass.

"Ow, oooh, ouch," Torrie screamed as Billy blew another small load up in

"Ohhh, how come Torrie gets all the fun. I've never had it up the ass.
Jake fuck my ass. Fuck me with your giant tool," Pamela said with a whine.

How much more of a slut could Pamela be, Torrie thought to herself.

Jake positioned himself behind Pamela and lined up his once again erect
cock with her virgin ass.

"Unngghh," Pamela moaned as Jake slowly worked himself up inside of her.

Jake reached around the front to finger Pamela's clit again as he enjoyed
her tightness.

"Aaaghhh, ooooohhh," Pamela orgasmed again.

Torrie was just disgusted at what a slut Pamela was, and then she felt
something hard on her ass again. She looked around expecting to see Billy
lining up his cock. Instead, Billy was getting ready to shove a dildo up
her ass. It had come to this for Torrie Wilson. She was no longer even good
enough to get a real dick shoved up in her.

"Unnghgh, no (sob) don't (sob) do (sob) this (sob sob sob)."

Billy didn't say anything. He just reached down and started fingering
Torrie's snatch. Jake was holding Pamela so she was almost horizontal with
the floor pumping her with an incredible rhythm.

"OOOHHH, OH OH OH. OH my God this is incredible," Pamela said as Jake
continued to pump her from behind and finger her clit.

With a hard deep thrust Jake blew his load up Pamela's tight ass, and she
fell limp as she had another mind blowing orgasm.

Jake got her down and laid her down on the floor in front of Torrie so
her pussy was right in front of Torrie's face as Billy shoved the dildo up
her ass.

"Lick Pam's pussy," Jake told Torrie.

Torrie did as she was told, in fear of what would happen if she didn't.

Pam just moaned in pleasure as Torrie ate her out.

Torrie screamed and cried as Billy shoved the fake dick deeper and deeper
up her ass. Jake knelt over Pam and put his dick in her mouth. Pam started
sucking him off like a Hoover, causing Jake to shoot his load down her

Torrie screamed as she orgasmed. She didn't want to, but Billy's fingers
were incredible rubbing against her clit. Billy thrust the dildo up her ass
one more time and just left it there, as he got up. Jake lifted Pamela's
naked body up off the floor.

"Hey, Torrie. We've got a special surprise for you," Jake said as he and
Billy left the showers with Pamela, "This was all caught on my own personal
hidden camera."

Torrie just stayed there on the floor of the shower room bawling with
the fake dick still up her ass. She was in an even worse situation now,
than what she was in before.

To Be Continued...

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