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The Rape of Torrie Wilson Part 5
by Batman

Things certainly hadn't been going well at the gym Torrie Wilson had gotten
a membership at. She constantly found herself being raped by Jake, the owner.
And to make matters worse, her old boyfriend, Billy Kidman had started
assisting in her abuse. And to top it all off, another former coworker,
Pamela Paulshock, was simply a disgusting slut.

Torrie didn't know what to do. They had all of the rape sessions on tape,
and if she told anybody, Jake and his goons would give copies to anybody who
wanted them. Jake told her if Torrie didn't come to his gym, he'd go to her
house, and Torrie sure didn't want that. But still, what could she do? The
last time they humiliated her more than ever by forcing a fake dick up her
ass, and making her go lesbo on Pamela.

Everyday she went to the gym not knowing what to expect. Not knowing if she
would end up being the victim of their perverted desires.

As Torrie walked into the gym, Billy was sitting behind the front desk.
Pamela was there sitting on his lap.

"Hey Torrie, good to see you tonight," Pamela said with a grin, "Jake wants
to talk to you in his office."

Torrie shuddered to think what Jake wanted with her this time, but she knew
better than to try to leave. She just walked into Jake's office, not knowing
what to expect, leaving Billy and Pam at the desk. As she walked into Jake's
office, Torrie didn't see Jake. She saw that Jake's chair behind his desk
wasn't facing the doorway, and it looked like somebody was sitting in it,
but it didn't look like Jake.

"Where are you, Jake?"

"I'm right behind you, Torrie."

Torrie turned around and saw Jake setting up a video camera in the corner of
the room.

"Oh no, not again."

Torrie knew Jake was getting the camera ready to film him fucking her brains
out yet again.

"Torrie, I want you to meet a new client at the gym," Jake said as he looked
towards the chair behind his desk.

The chair turned around, and sitting there was Scott Steiner with Midajah
O'Hearn sitting on his lap. Torrie's heart just sank. Getting fucked by Jake
was bad enough, but she had never gotten along with Scott Steiner when they
were still employed with WCW, and he had a reputation of getting a little
rough with his women.

"I'll just leave you guys alone now," Jake said as he left his office and
shut the door behind him.

Midajah walked over to Torrie and held her hand.

"Come on Torrie," Midajah said as she led Torrie over to Scott.

Scott just sat there with a big grin on his face.

"Billy told me about you, and I thought that was just too good to pass up.
Now get on your knees bitch."

Torrie just looked at Steiner with a dumb look on her face, but Midajah
forced her down on to her knees in front of Scott.

"Now suck my dick you whore," Steiner said as he started unbuckling his

Torrie just stayed there, and didn't move, but Midajah forced her face down
towards Steiner's massive cock.

"You should be honored to know you're about to get fucked by a genetic
freak," Midajah said as she forced

Torrie's face towards Steiner's dick. Scott grabbed Torrie's blonde hair and
pulled it, causing her to scream. As she opened her mouth to scream, Scott
shoved her mouth down around his pulsing dick. Steiner's tool was huge. Even
bigger than Jake's and Torrie grabbed on to the base of his cock with both
hands to keep herself from choking on it.

Steiner was unmerciful, and started pumping his dick up into her mouth
causing Torrie to accidentally pump it with her hands, and causing his
erection to just pulse even more.

Torrie didn't have time to lick his shaft. All she could do was suck and
hope she didn't choke. However the unknown handjob she was giving him
combined with his hard pumping caused him to blow his load down her throat
without any warning what so ever. He just grunted as his juice spilled into
her hot mouth. Torrie gagged as Scott's jism shot down throat, and the
excess that she couldn't swallow spilled out of her mouth. Steiner pulled
her up from his cock. She couldn't say a word, her mouth hurt from how hard
he had just fucked it.

"I'll teach you to talk shit about me you little bitch," Steiner said as he
pulled her to her feet and forced her stomach up against the desk. Torrie
felt Scott pull down her pants and rip off her shirt. And without any other
lubrication other than the rimjob she had just given him, Steiner forced his
whole length up her tight toned ass.

"Aaaaggghhh," Torrie screamed as Steiner violated her insides.

Steiner's rough reputation was true to form as he didn't do anything slow.
He pumped her hard from the start. Causing her to unwillingly orgasm every
few seconds.

"Aaaagghhh, ungh, ungh ungh ohh ohh ouch ouch oooohhhh," Torrie screamed.

Steiner held on to her breasts and sat back down in the chair with his dick
still all the way up inside of her. He grabbed her hips and started bouncing
her ass up and down on his cock. For Torrie this hurt like hell. She started
trying to claw her way across Jake's desk, and off of Steiner's gigantic
cock. This just caused him to pump her harder against the desk. Steiner just
let Torrie lay on her stomach now across the desk as he continued to assault
her ass. He was pumping her so hard that she slowly started inching off of
the desk. Finally he pumped her so hard she fell off the desk and onto the

Torrie couldn't feel her legs, and the worst was yet to come. Scott picked
her up and forced her pussy on to his dick. He just stood there for a second
and pumped her in the standing position. He grabbed her sore ass to keep her
balanced on his dick, and placed her back on the desk, where he now furiously
pumped her snatch.

"Oooohhhh, oooohhhh ooooohhhhh, unnngghhh" Torrie screamed as she arched her
back in a mind-blowing orgasm and Steiner released his load up inside of her.

Midajah was actually jealous. For as long as she had been with Scott, he had
never come close to fucking her that hard.

Midajah and Scott left the office, and just left Torrie lying on the desk,
who was passed out from the slamfuck she had just had.

Scott and Midajah walked out of the gym.

"Hey, thanks a lot guys. Send us a copy later," Scott said.

"Oh don't be surprised if there isn't a little bonus footage, Jake said with
a grin."

And with that Scott and Midajah left Jake's gym. However, it would take a
while for Torrie Wilson just to get out of his office.

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