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The Rape Of Torrie Wilson Part 6
by Batman (

Torrie woke up feeling a little disoriented. She didn't really remember
where she was at. And then she remembered. She was in Jake's office, and
Scott Steiner had fucked her brains out. She was lying on Jake's desk. She
realized she was still naked. Steiner had fucked her good. She tried to get
up and now realized that she was tied down to the desk. Her arms and legs
were each tied to one of the legs of the desk. What was going to happen now,
Torrie thought to herself.

"Glad you finally woke up, Torrie," she heard Jake say, "Steiner did you
good. Got the whole thing on tape too. You've been out for a few hours. So I
thought we'd help wake you back up."

"Lemme go you bastard," Torrie said with tears starting to well up in her

"Did you really think it would be that easy," Jake said as he walked over
to her. Jake undid his pants revealing his eight inch tool, and stood over
Torrie. He could see the look of helplessness in her eyes, and it turned him

He reared back and shoved his whole eight inches into her snatch.

"Aaaghhh," Torrie moaned.

With her limbs strapped to the legs of the desk, all she could do was arch
her back as Jake penetrated her, and started to slowly and methodically

"Unngh, unngh, ungh," Torrie screamed.

Jake reached down and grabbed her tits as he continued to pump away.

"Ooooghhhh," Torrie screamed as she had her first orgasm.

"You like this don't you you little slut,"

"Unnnggghhh, Oooh, oh, oh, Noooo, stop this, Aaaaggghh," Torrie moaned.

Jake just kept pumping Torrie slowly, letting her wait for his load.

Torrie hated the way Jake toyed with her, but she really couldn't do a
damn thing about it.

"Oooohhhh," Torrie screamed as Jake drove home on her clit.

Jake just kept slowly pumping her, letting her tightness cling to him.

"Unngghh," Torrie moaned once again, this time arching her back as Jake
released his load up inside of her.

Jake still stayed up inside of her and now started pumping her fast and

"Aggh, ungh, uhh, uhh, uhh," Torrie screamed as Jake released another
small load up inside of her.

Torrie laid still on the desk as Jake untied her. Then Billy Kidman walked
into the room with Pamela Paulshock.

"Hey, Torrie," Billy said, "hope you still got something left for me."

"Oh no," Torrie sobbed.

"Oh, well then I guess I'll just have to fuck you later," Billy said as
he helped Jake finish untying her. Torrie fell off the desk and started
crawling towards the door.

Seeing her beautiful ass, Billy jumped on top of her and pinned her to the
ground. He slid off his pants and jammed his fully erect cock right up her
ass, causing Torrie to scream in pain.

"Ohhh, god stop," Torrie cried.

Billy pounded her ass hard and fast causing him to shoot his load in no
time. He got up leaving Torrie to lay on the floor of Jake's office with
blood and semen running down her ass.

"See you around Torrie," Billy said as he, Jake, and Pamela left.

Torrie had no idea if this would ever end, and she was too upset to think
about it. She jsut passed out crying on the floor of Jake's office.

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