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The Rape Of Torrie Wilson Part 7
by Batman (

The night had just ended for Torrie Wilson on Raw. She hadn't wrestled
that night, so she was only wearing a blouse and mini skirt with high heels.
She went to her locker room, and shut the door behind her. Things had been
going pretty well it seemed. Jake and Billy had been leaving her alone,
although her and Billy still pretended to be a couple to help their PR. She
heard a knock on her door, and went to answer it. Standing outside her locker
room was her new boss Vince McMahon.

"Vince, what are you doing here?"

"I'm just making sure one of my biggest stars is okay," Vince said with a

"Yeah, I'm fine. Come on in."

Vince stepped into Torrie's locker room, and sat down on the couch.

"You know Torrie, there's something I've been meaning to talk to you
about," Vince said.

"Oh, what's that Vince," Torrie asked.

"Well it seems you and Billy aren't happy together."

"Well, actually, me and Billy are just an act. We do it because people
think we're happy together."

"I see. Well what if I made you a bigger star than Billy Kidman. I could
make you the biggest female star in this business, if you're willing to
cooperate," Vince said with a grin.

Torrie knew what Vince meant.

"But Vince, you're married."

"Oh please, Linda and I screw around behind each other's backs all the


"No buts," Vince said as he got up from the couch, "This is a one time
offer, and you have until I walk out that door."

Vince started to leave Torrie's locker room, when Torrie realized she
might not have to eve see Billy again with Vince's help.

"Vince wait," Torrie said as Vince started to walk out the door.

"Yes," Vince said.

"I won't have to work with Billy anymore?"

"Whatever you want, Torrie," Vince said as he walked over to Torrie.

"Then I'm yours Vince."

Vince shut the door and then went back over to the couch and sat down.

"Ready when you are Torrie."

Torrie went over to Vince on the couch and knelt down in front of him. She
undid his pants and his erection popped up from his boxers. Torrie slid her
sexy lips down around his shafts and massaged his balls. She slowly began to
pump his shaft with both hands as she continued to suck. Vince reached down
and held Torrie's blond hair, and slowly started fucking her face.

"Oh yeah Torrie, suck me good."

Torrie continued to suck on Vince's rod, and soon caused him to blow his
load right down her throat. Something about this didn't seem right to Torrie.
She felt like a whore. She felt almost as bad doing this as when Jake and
Billy had tormented her. Torrie pulled up from Vince's shaft.

"What, why the hell did you stop?"

"This just isn't right Vince," Torrie said.

Vince got up from the couch and walked around behind her.

"Don't worry Torrie. You're making a better future for yourself," Vince
said as he pulled her skirt down and then her panties.

"Just bend over the couch, and give me what I want Torrie. And then I'll
give you what you want."

Vince eased Torrie back down to her knees, and bent her over the couch.
Vince knelt down behind her and entered her snatch.

"Ooooohhhh," Torrie moaned as Vince slowly started to pump her from

Vince started pounding her pussy hard and fast.

"Oh Ungh Aggh Ah Uhn Uh Uh Uh OH," Torrie orgasmed.

"Yeah you like that don't you Torrie."

"Uhngh, this is wrong uh."

Suddenly Vince stopped but stayed up inside her.

"Stop your damn complaining bitch," Vince said.

"Vince this isn't right stop it," Torrie whined.

"Oh, Billy was right. You really are a whinning little bitch."

"What, when did you talk to Billy."

"Oh I know all about you and Mr. Kidman. He showed me all those tapes.
Lemme see, you don't like being fucked in the ass do you you little bitch."

"NO, don't do this pleeeeeaaaaasssseee," Torrie screamed as Vince slipped
out of her snatch and impaled her ass.

"I'm gonna fuck you hard Torrie. And you can forget about moving up in
this business," Vince said as he began pumping her ass.

Torrie tried to wiggle away, but Vince had her stomach forced up against
the couch.

"Pleeeeaaaasssse stop. (sob) ungh uh stopppp."

Vince fucked Torrie hard. After a few minutes, Torrie stopped struggling
and just burried her face in the cushions of the couch.

Vince's pace started to quicken even further and Torrie knew what was
coming. Vince was about to blow his load right up her ass.

"Ungh, uh uh ungh, noooo, don't do this, aaaarrrgghhh," Torrie couldn't
help orgasming as Vince blew his load.

Torrie went limp across the couch as Vince pulled out and got up.

"You might want to talk to Billy before he shows those tapes to anyone
else," Vince said as he left the room.

Vince was right, Torrie had to make sure no one else saw those tapes.

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