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The Rape Of Torrie Wilson Part 8
by Batman (

Things definitely were not going well for Torrie Wilson. She thought her on
going nightmare was finally coming to an end now that she was in the WWF, but
she couldn't have been more wrong. Vince had seen the tapes that Jake and
Billy had made of them raping her. Vince himself had even taken liberties
with her in her own dressing room a few weeks back.

Vince had told her not to worry about anymore confrotations with him. After
all, Vince had fucked every woman on the WWF roster at least once. It was a
sort of unwritten rule that all the girls in the WWF knew about. Although,
Vince had told Torrie, it had been fun doing things against her will. All the
other girls had just given Vince what he wanted from them with no questions

Still, Torrie had become something of a loner in the locker room. She didn't
go out of her way to talk to anyone else, particularly the male superstars.

Torrie was in her locker room, packing up, and getting ready to go home, when
she heard a voice behind her.

"Hey, Torrie, you got a minute?"

She turned around to see who it was. "Shane, what are you doing here," she
asked with a look of apprehension.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Is this a bad time. Your door was open, so I thought I'd stop
by and see how you were doing."

"I'm fine, but I'm kind of in a hurry."

"Oh, well in that case let me help you pack."

"NO! I, mean, I'm alright. I'm almost done."

"Oh, alright then, I'll just leave you alone. Goodnight, Torrie."

"Goodnight," Torrie said as she turned to finish her packing.

Torrie didn't pay any attention as Shane left. She heard the door close
behind her and continued packing. It only took her another minute to finish
up. She zipped up her bag and turned to head out.

To her surprise, standing there in front of her was Shane McMahon, still. He
hadn't actually left, he had just shut the door behind him.

"Shane, what are you still doing here," Torrie asked with a worried tone in
her voice.

"Well, it's quite simple. My good ole dad told me what a great fuck you were,
and I've decided to see for myself," Shane said as he stepped towards her.

Tears were starting to well up in her eyes. "No, please. (sob) You don't have
to do this. (sob)"

"Listen, Torrie, I'm only gonna fuck you once. Just like my pop did. Now we
can do this the easy way or the hard way. So whats it gonna be?"

Torrie dropped her bag. "Just get it over with," she replied as tears
streamed down her face.

"That a girl, now sit down on the couch over here."

Torrie did as she was told. Shane walked over to her and gently removed her
shoes. He then slid her pants off and onto the floor. Torrie continued to cry
as he undid her blouse and unclasped her bra. Shane knelt down in front of
her and slid off her panties. He leaned forward and stuck his toungue into
her snatch. He went slow at first and then picked up speed. By the time he
started letting his fingers get in on the action Torrie was already good and

Even though she was crying, Torrie still had to let out a few moans. Shane
definitely knew what he was doing.

"(sob) Uhn uhn Unnnggghhhh," Torrie arched her back as a flood of warmth
spread over her and her juices shot out onto Shane's face.

Shane stood up with a grin on his face. "You liked that didn't you, Torrie?"

Torrie curled her body up into a ball on the couch.

"You liked that," Shane said again.

"No," Torrie whispered through her tears.

"Yeah, you liked that Torrie, and now you're gonna return the favor," Shane
said as he undid his pants.

He placed his cock near her mouth, but she wouldn't open up to suck it.

"Return the favor, Torrie," Shane said as he placed his dick on her lips.

Reluctantly, Torrie grabbed on to his shaft and placed it in her mouth. She
slurped off Shane's precum, and then went to work sucking his cock with tears
still flowing down her face.

"Oh yeah, Torrie. I never would've guessed you'd give such a great blowjob,"
Shane said as she started to pump his shaft with her hands.

"OOOOOHHHHHH," Shane moaned as he released his load down Torrie's throat.
Torrie tried to pull back as Shane released his jiz, but he held her head,
keeping her hot lips around his dick. When she refused to swallow, Shane's
cum started to trickle out from around her lips, and on to her chin and down
to her breasts.

Now crying furiously, Torrie again curled up into a ball.

"Relax baby, it's time for the grand finale," Shane said as he spread her
legs and slowly penetrated her pussy.

Shane reached down to rub her tits as he pumped her. He made upward thrusts
towards her stomach, causing him to really drive home on her clit.

Torrie let out a loud moan again, "Unh Unh Ungggghhhhh."

Shane started to quicken his pace, and she knew he was about to release his
load. She started to involuntarily arch her back. Shane was gonna give her
one hell of an orgasm, whether she wanted it or not.

Torrie arched her back again, "Unggghhhh unnngghhhh uhn uhn UUUNNNNGGGHHHH,"
Torrie screamed as Shane released his load up inside of her.

Shane pulled out of her and got up from the couch. As he pulled his pants
back up, he turned to Torrie who had once again curled herself up into a
little ball.

"If it makes you feel any better, Torrie, at least I didn't do your ass. I
don't know why my dad enjoys that so much. But, like my old man, I'm only
here for one night only," he said as he left the room and closed the door
behind him.

Torrie just continued to stay curled up in a little ball and cry on the


"Hey, Torrie. Torrie, get up."

Torrie awoke to find Deborah shaking her. She must have cried herself to
sleep after Shane left.

"Torrie, what happened to you," Deborah asked.

Torrie couldn't answer. She just cried when she tried to answer.

"I think I understand," Deborah said, "You just stay here. I'm gonna go get

Deborah returned a few minutes later with her husband, Stone Cold Steve
Austin. Torrie couldn't beleive it. She had had trouble getting along with
Steve since she had come to the WWF, and yet here he was ready to help her.

"Come on now, lets get you out of here," Steve said as he picked her up off
the couch.

Torrie was just getting her bearings back when she felt Steve grab her wrists
and put them behind her back.

"Alright, Deborah, cuff her."

"What are you doing, why," Torrie screamed as she felt Deborah slap a pair of
handcuffs on her.

"You're gonna learn why you don't get on Steve's bad side, Torrie," Deborah
said as she walked over to her bag.

"No please, I'll do anything, please (sob)."

"No, we'll do anything," Deborah said as she walked towards Torrie with a
ballgag and small leather fetish whip.

"We're just gonna put you in your place, Torrie," Deborah said as she
fastened the ballgag into Torrie's mouth.

Steve dragged Torrie back over to the couch and bent her over it. Deborah
walked around behind her with the whip.

"Okay, Torrie, time to put you in your place," Deborah said as she reared
back with the small whip, and proceeded to spank Torrie's ass with it.

"Mmmmmppphhh, mmph," Torrie squealed from behind the gag, as Deborah spanked
her ass.

After what seemed like an eterntiy Deborah stopped the spanking. Torrie fell
to her knees beside the couch. "She's all your's Steve," she said with a

Steve walked around behind Torrie and propped her back up over the couch.
Torrie knew what was about to happen as Steve undid his pants. She could
offer no resistance what so ever, with her hands behind her back. And her ass
and the back of her thighs stung like hell.

"MMMmpppphhhh mmmmppppphhhh mmph mmph," Torrie squealed from behind the gag
as Steve penetrated her beet red ass.

Tears flowed down Torrie's face. Steve had no compassion for her already sore
ass. He drove his dick up her toned ass fast and hard, as he kept her cheeks

Steve slowed down for a minute in his pumping. Torrie thought he might be
done. She couldn't tell if he had blown his load because her ass hurt too

"Mmmmmppppphhhhh," Torrie squealed again as Steve started pounding her again.

Steve's pace was even faster than before. "Aaaarrrgghhhh," Steve moaned as he
released his load up Torrie's sore ass, and fell down across her back.

"Mmmmppphhh mmm mmph," Torrie winced as Steve slowly pulled out of her ass.

"I think she's learned her lesson," Steve said, "And I know she ain't gonna
tell anybody. Because if she does we'll come back."

Deborah uncuffed Torrie, and took the gag out of her mouth as Steve fastened
his pants back up.

They left Torrie's locker room, and just left Torrie there bent over the


Again Torrie passed out. This time she was awoken by William Regal and Tajiri
standing over her. Since they had been working with her a lot lately they had
decided to check on her.

"Quite an interesting position to sleep in, Torrie," Regal said as she came

"Leave me alone," Torrie cried.

Tajiri said something in Japenese.

"What an excellent idea," Regal said.

"Oh no," Torrie whimpered.

"Stone Cold told us about you, Sunshine," Regal said as he pulled Torrie up,
"And Tajiri has given me a wonderful idea."

Regal dragged Torrie through the now empty locker room area, and Tajiri
followed. The arena had been empty for hours, but the ring was still set up.
A crew would be by to get it in the morning.

Regal dragged Torrie out into the arena and threw her into the ring. Regal
and Tajiri climbed into the ring after her. As Torrie tried to get up, Tajiri
grabbed her and leaned her against the ropes. Then, Tajiri put Torrie Wilson
in the Tarantula.

Torrie screamed as a wave of pain rushed through her body. Regal stood in
front of her as Tajiri held on to the hold, and took off his pants. With
Torrie tied up in the painful submission move, Regal slid his cock into
Torrie's snatch.

"Noooo," Torrie cried as Regal pumped her.

With the awkward position, Regal couldn't really get a good rhythm going.

"Alright, let her go, Tajiri," Regal insisted.

Torrie fell to the mat in a heap. She couldn't feel her lower back or legs.
Regal rolled her over onto her stomach.

"Well, that's more like it," Regal said as he knelt down behind her and
penetrated her ass.

"Noooo, noooo, no (sob)," Torrie screamed, "Ungh uhn uhn ouch (sob)."

Regal released his load up into Torrie's ass. Her body went limp as he pulled
out. She had passed out from the exhaustion of being used like a piece of
meat three times in one night. Regal and Tajiri left the arena, leaving
Torrie Wilson passed out and naked in the center of the ring.

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