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The Rape of Torrie Wilson Part 9
by Batman

Torrie Wilson was excited about her photo shoot. It wasn't like the ones
that she had been doing for the WWF magazines. She was once again going to
be modeling for Muscle magazine. They had approached her with the idea of
her doing a shoot with some of the other fitness models who had had careers
in the wrestling business. She arrived at the shoot and was excited to once
again be working with Tylene Buck and Chae An. She hadn't seen them since
the old WCW had shut down. Also posing for the shoot was Trish Stratus, who
Torrie had been working with in the WWF. Trish had brought along Amy Dumas,
better known to the WWF fans as the lovely Lita. All the women were so
excited to be working with each other. They weren't going to actually be
doing any shooting for the day. They were just there to meet the photographer
of the shoot. All of them except Lita, who was just there as Trish's guest.
After meeting with Mike, the photographer for the shoot, the five ladies
decided to go back to their hotel and have dinner together.

The ladies went to their rooms to unpack, and then met in the hotel's
restaurant. As they were having dinner, they talked about what they had been
doing. Chae and Tylene were particularly interested with what Torrie had been
doing, since they hadn't talked much since the old WCW had closed up. Torrie
just smiled and told them things had been great. In reality, however,
Torrie's life had been a living hell. She had been totally violated by the
owner at the gym she had been working out at, and he had video taped the
whole ordeal. He'd also shown those tapes to quite a few people, and they
also had taken advantage of her situation.

As the ladies were starting to finish with dinner, Mike the photographer for
the shoot walked into the restaurant. He noticed them all sitting at the
table, and walked over.

"Good evening, ladies," Mike said as he walked up to the table, "Torrie, can
I please have a minute with you."

"Sure, Mike," she said as she got up and excused herself from the table.

They walked out of the restaurant. "Torrie, I'm afraid I have to show you
something, lets go to my room for a couple of minutes."

"Uh, okay," Torrie said hesitantly, "is there a problem?"

"I think I'll let you decide for yourself," Mike said with a shake of his

Torrie wondered what was going on as they walked to Mike's room. They got to
Mike's room, and he told Torrie to have a seat as he set up the VCR, and
started the tape.

Torrie watched the tape in horror and tears began to well up in her eyes.
Jake, the owner of the gym she used to work out at had given one of copies
of the tapes he had made when he raped her to Mike.

"What do you want," Torrie said with a whine.

"Pamela Paulshock brought that tape to me this afternoon after you and the
rest of the girls had left. She was sent by Jake and Billy. I must say,
Torrie, I'm quite impressed. Tell me something, do you like getting abused
like a little whore?"

Torrie looked at him with tears running down her face. "What do you want,"
she begged.

"It's quite simple really. I sent my regular crew home, and Jake, Billy, and
Pamela will be taking their place. Tomorrow, all you have to do is sit back
and let us have our way with the rest of the girls."

"I-I, I can't do that," Torrie cried.

"Oh yes you can, and you will. Jake and Billy have quite a few copies of
this tape and many more. So don't think there's any negotiating."

"But please, I'll do anything."

Mike walked over to her and held her in his arms. He leaned in to smell her
hair and took a deep breath. "Oh, Torrie, I can't wait until tomorrow. But
don't you worry, because tomorrow, you're gonna do anything and everything
that we tell you to."

Torrie walked back to her room. When she walked in she noticed that the
lights were already on, and sitting in one of the chairs was Pamela

"What the hell do you want," Torrie screamed, "haven't you people already
done enough to me?"

"I'm sorry, Torrie," Pamela said, "Jake and Billy are getting bored. I'm
sorry I didn't listen to you in the first place, you have no idea what they
do to me. They go too far, making me do all sorts of S&M. I'm really sorry

"Enough, just get out."

"Torrie, you don't understand..."

"I said get out!"

Tears ran down Pamela's face as she walked towards the door. "I'm really
really sorry," Pamela sobbed as she walked out the door.

Torrie just cringed as she thought about what was going to happen the next

The day of the shoot was going very well. The rest of the girls beside Torrie
were surprised to see Billy and Pamela. Jake didn't seem like a bad guy to
any of them either. Mike started off by doing a few single shots of each
girl, but mostly group shots with all the girls under the docks down by the
beach. Then he sent the girls back to their trailers to have them get ready
for more solo shots. Every girl went to their trailer except Torrie, who Mike
asked to stay behind.

"You ready for the real fun, Torrie," Jake asked.

"Just get it over with you perverts," Torrie said in disgust.

Trish Stratus was the first to be brought out. Mike asked her to lay down and
close her eyes so he could take a few shots. While Trish had her eyes closed,
Jake and Billy jumped on top of her tied her wrists and ankles to stakes they
had planted into the sand. Trish struggled against her bonds. "What's going
on here," Trish protested.

Without a word Billy strapped a ballgag over her mouth.

Chae was the next girl they sent for. "What the hell," Chae exclaimed as she
saw how Trish was bound and gagged.

Quickly Jake and Billy tackled her and secured her the same way they had done
to Trish.

"That's enough guys," Pamela said.

Jake walked over to Pamela. "What did you say?"

"Leave them alone," Pamela said.

Jake grabbed Pamela and shoved her back against one of the tiers of the dock
and held her there. "Cuff her," Jake said.

Mike walked around behind Pamela and cuffed her wrists behind her back around
the tier. To keep her quite, they put a strip of duck tape over her lips.

Just then Lita came walking out from Trish's trailer. "What the..."

Before Lita could say another word, Billy had shoved her face first against
another tier, and slapped a pair of handcuffs on her. Jake came over and
secured a ballgag around her mouth.

Finally, Tylene was sent for. Tylene came out with a look of amazement on her
face. "Oh my god, you guys actually did it."

"What!" Torrie yelled, "you were in on this, Tylene."

Mike walked over to Torrie with a grin on his face. "Ms. Buck here works for
XPW now, Torrie. She's practically a porn star, how hard could it have been
to convince her."

"Nooooo," Torrie whined with tears in her eyes.

"Ladies, you have Ms. Wilson here to thank for the pleasure we're about to
give to you," Jake said as he took out a pair of scissors. "Let's start with
little Ms. Chae shall we." he said as he walked over to her and cut the tiny
strips of her bikini."

"Oh yeah, let's," Tylene said as she licked her lips. Tylene had wanted the
hot little Asian nitro girl for a long time, and now she had her right where
she wanted her.

Jake removed Chae's top, as Tylene finished removing her bikini bottom. Chae
bucked her hips slightly as Tylene leaned down with a sultry smile and licked
her cunt. Jake removed the gag and fondled her tits.

"Suck my dick, you little Asian cunt," Jake said as he placed his member on
Chae's hot lips.

Hesitantly, Chae opened up and started letting Jake fuck her mouth. She
didn't know what these people were capable of, so she just sucked and
swallowed as Jake rocked back and forth inside her mouth. She could feel
herself starting to get wet as Tylene's tongue worked against her clit.
Billy bent down behind Tylene as she continued to eat out Chae. He got
his member ready and pulled down Tylene's thong. Without any warning or
lubrication, he stuck his dick right up Tylene's ass.

"Ahhh," Tylene moaned and momentarily stopped working on Chae as Billy
inched his way up her anal passage. Once he was all the way up inside of
her, Tylene stuck her face back down into Chae's pussy. Chae bucked her
hips as her juices shot onto Tylene's face. She must have been enjoying
her predicament somewhat because she continued to buck her hips as Billy
pumped Tylene's ass furiously. Jake removed his cock from her mouth and
squeezed her tits together. He placed his member between her two beautiful
tan mounds and started titty fucking her, making the tip of his enormous
cock touch her lips with each thrust. Chae still kept bucking her hips
into Tylene, as Billy rode Tylene's rock hard ass.

Torrie just looked on in disgust at the sick foursome. Billy blew his load
right up Tylene's ass, with one final thrust as she bucked back up onto his
cock. He held her hips and blew his load up her ass for nearly a minute.
Tylene collapsed face first into Chae's crotch, and Billy collapsed down
right on top of her and laid on her back. Chae was starting to get worn
down, and was no longer bucking her hips. Jake was approaching his own
orgasm and blew his load all over Chae's beautiful tits.

"Leave them alone," Pamela screamed.

Mike got a dildo out of another bag and walked over to Pamela. "We told you
to be quite bitch," he said as he ripped off blouse. He pulled her pants
down, and then undressed himself. His nine-inch cock stood fully erect. He
reached around the tier Pamela was cuffed around and shoved his entire member
up into her snatch with one swift thrust.

"Owwww, no please stop, I'll be good, OOOOWWWWW, oh uhn, please stop uh

"It's too late for that you little slut," Mike said as he reached behind her
and shoved the dildo right up her ass.

"Oooohhhhh, oh oh god no. God please help meeeee, uhn uhn uhn uhn arrgh."
Torrie couldn't believe the way they treated Pamela. It was nearly as bad as
some of the things they had done to her.

Mike kept fucking Pamela against the tier hard. He'd jam his cock way up her
snatch while simultaneously forcing the dildo up her ass.

"Ohhh, ohhh ohhh ungh," Pamela popped as Mike bust a nut up inside of her.
Pamela's legs were wobbly from getting fucked so hard in both holes at once.
Mike left the dildo up her ass and let her slip down onto the sand. Pamela
winced as she accidentally forced the fake dick further up her own ass. She
tried to find a way to sit, so it wouldn't hurt as much.

"It's your turn, Trish," Jake said as he walked over to her.

"Mmmmph, mmmmmppppppphhhhhhh, mmphm," Trish tried to protest from around her

Jake undid her bikini top, and pulled down her thong. He grabbed her
voluptuous tits as he worked his already wet member up into her snatch.
Trish tried to struggle from underneath, but to no avail. Jake pumped her
hard and fast. It didn't take long for him to blow his load since he had
already covered Chae's chest with his seed just a few minutes earlier.
"Mmmmmmppppphhhhh," Trish squealed from behind the gag as Jake released
his seed. He stayed up inside her for a minute. The tears streaming down
her face were a huge turn on and helped him stay hard, and he blew another
small load up inside her. "Mmmpphh," Trish squealed once again as he got
up off of her. Mike walked over as Jake was getting up. They stood over
her for a minute and pissed on her lovely stomach. Trish just tried to
wiggle away from the golden stream, and continued to cry. Mike walked over
to Lita and removed her gag. "What are you doing to me," Lita whimpered.

Mike cut away Lita's shirt with a pair of scissors and pulled down her pants.
He moved her thong panties over, and placed his cock at the crack of her ass.
"No," Lita screamed as she dropped down to her knees, trying to prevent Mike
from sticking his dick up her ass.

"You really think that's gonna work," Mike said as he grabbed Lita's ankles
and pulled her straight out, so she was now lying flat on her stomach.

"Noooooo," Lita screamed as Mike forced his way up Lita's ass. She tried to
wiggle, but got no where. She was cuffed to the tier and could do nothing to
keep his dick out of her ass. Mike went slow to keep from blowing his load.
He pulled her back up to her knees and reached around to grab her luscious
tits, and forced her ass back onto his member.

"Uhn uhn uhhhhnnnnn uhhhhhnnnn uhhhnnnnnn," Lita screamed as Mike coated her
anal passage with warm white goo. Lita fell face first into the sand as Mike
let go of her tits and pulled out of her ass.

Jake, Mike, and Billy got dressed. They got Tylene up and took her with them.
Mike took a few snapshots of each one of the freshly ravished women. "Torrie
can untie you ladies," Jake said as he tossed her the keys to the handcuffs
for Pamela and Lita, "and we got pictures of every one of you sluts, so don't
think you're gonna go turning us in."

Torrie released Lita, Chae, and Trish. As soon as she was done releasing
them, all three of them jumped her.

"You let us get raped, you little bitch," Trish said.

Trish and Lita continued to hold Torrie down while Chae went over and
uncuffed Pamela, and took the fake dick out of her ass.

"Let's see how you like it," Chae said as she held the dildo up in front of
Torrie's face.

Chae shoved the dildo in Torrie's mouth, while Lita and Trish ripped her
bikini to shreds. The three women pinned Torrie down to the ground. Chae took
the fake dick out of Torrie's mouth and stuck it in her cunt. Then Chae sat
on Torrie's face and made her eat her out. Trish manipulated the rubber dick
inside of Torrie's cunt, and saw she was starting to get wet.

"This little whore is liking this," Trish yelled, "turn her over. Lets stick
this thing up her ass instead."

"Nooooo, don't I didn't mean it. I didn't want this to happen. They've done
it to me too," Torrie protested as the three women flipped her over onto her

Lita took the dildo from Trish and stabbed Torrie's asshole with it. Lita
jammed it in hard and fast.

"OOOOoooohhhhhhh, stop pleeeeeaaaasssseee," Torrie screamed.

Lita kept pumping the fake dick into Torrie's ass until blood started
dribbling out the crack of her ass. Then the three women got up and went
back to their trailers, so they could get changed and leave.

Pamela went over to help Torrie.

"I'm so sorry, Torrie," Pamela sobbed.

"I am too Pam, but this has to end."

Torrie Wilson and Pamela Paulshock had had enough. They had been tormented
for long enough. After their last sexual humiliation at the hands of Jake
and his crew, they had decided they needed to find a way to bring this to
an end once and for all.

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