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The Rape Of Torrie Wilson Part 10
by Batman (

Torrie Wilson and Pamela Paulshock had had enough. They had been tormented
for long enough. After their last sexual humiliation at the hands of Jake and
his crew, they had decided they needed to find a way to bring this to an end
once and for all.

Several weeks had passed since the so-called photo shoot, where Torrie
and Pamela had inadvertently dragged in several other poor women into their
nightmare. Lita and Trish, who Torrie still had to work with, had kept quiet.
They both thought Torrie had been a willing participant in what had happened
to them. They knew Jake and Mike had pictures of them raping the ladies, and
didn't want to think about what would happen if they were ever exposed to the
public. Torrie's friend Chae An, whom had also been an unwilling participant
had thought the same thing, and cut all ties with Torrie and Pam as well.

"What are we going to do, Torrie," Pamela asked.

"I don't know, Pam," was Torrie's depressing reply, "what do we really
have to bargain with."

"They have all chips, don't they?"

"The only way we'll really know what they want is if we ask them."

"Oh, no Torrie, anything but that. You know what they'll do. They'll just
turn it into one of their sick little games."

Torrie knew that Pamela had a point. Everytime she thought she was free
from their torment and abuse, something new had always come along. First Jake
had convinced her ex-boyfriend, Billy Kidman to get in on the action. Then
Pamela had sided with them until she realized she was nothing more than one
of their puppets. Then Vince and Shane had seen the tapes of Jake raping her.
Jake had even let Scott Steiner have his way with her at his gym. Now they
had Mike, the photographer to worry about. But Torrie couldn't stand the
thought of them continually walking into her life and having their way with
her whenever they wanted. She was not somebody's little fuckpuppet.

"No, Pam, this can't go on. We have to find out what they want once and
for all, so this can all be over. We'll give them whatever they want for one
time and one time only. And then that's it."

"Torrie, are you sure about this," Pamela asked hesitantly."

"Pamela, I'm positive," Torrie said as she reached for the phone to call

Torrie and Pamela walked into Jake's gym with an uneasy feeling in each of
their stomachs. Neither one of them liked the thought of being here, too many
bad memories, but Jake wasn't about to tell them what they wanted over the
phone. They knew he loved making them feel uncomfortable. They knew it made
him hot, and they knew it let him continue to have all the power.

As they walked into the gym they saw Jake and Billy sitting behind the
front desk of the gym.

"Well, hello ladies," Jake said with a grin, "it's so nice to finally see
you again."

"What, you mean Tylene isn't here, Jake," Torrie asked, trying to sound as
confident as possible. Torrie and Pam hadn't known it at the time, but Tylene
Buck was in on the last rape session all along.

"Tylene Buck is practically a porn star, Torrie. We could do whatever we
want to her, and she wouldn't care. But, you two, on the other hand. You
whine and whimper at whatever we do to you, and that's what makes it so fun."

"You're all sick," Pamela said.

"Hey, do want this to end or not, bitch," Billy said.

"Fuck you!"

"I will!"

"Now, now," Jake interrupted the argument, "let's set the terms of this
agreement. Ladies what is it that you really want."

"What Pam and I want, is to finally be left alone," Torrie said, "we don't
want you holding what you've done to us over our heads for the rest of our
lives. We'll give you whatever you want one last time, and you give us every
last copy of every tape or photo you've ever made of you guys raping us."

"You're asking an awful lot, girls. But, I think what Mike and us decided
on just might cover that," Jake said as he walked into his office.

Jake returned from his office after a minute with a fairly large box.

"Here you are," Jake said as he set the box down on the desk.

Torrie and Pamela looked inside the box, and to their amazement found all
the tapes and photos of them being fucked against their will.

"And this is everything," Torrie asked.

"Everything except the material we took of Lita, Trish, and Chae," Jake
said with a grin.

"You're sick."

"Forget about them, this is about you. Besides, we need some one to play
with. Just be glad it will no longer be you after tonight."

"What do you want," Pam asked.

"Well, Pam, you'll stay here with us while Torrie goes and gets her."

"Gets who," Torrie asked.

"One Ms. Stacy Keibler," Jake answered with another one of his grins.

Torrie's stomach sank as Jake said Stacy's name. Stacy was such a nice
girl. So young and innocent, she couldn't stand the thought of these monsters
doing to Stacy what they had done to her.

"Do we have a deal," Jake asked.

"Under one more condition," Torrie said.

"What now," Jake asked impatiently.

"You don't film or photograph anything. You can have me and Pam one last
time, but you'll only have Stacy for one night and one night only."

"Fine, just go get her, and do it before somebody changes their mind."

Torrie couldn't believe what she was doing. She sat in the lobby of the
hotel she had asked Stacy to meet her at. She had on a tight black dress and
by her chair was a little black handbag. She had already ordered herself a
drink, and took the liberty of ordering one for Stacy as well, before she

"Stacy, over here," Torrie yelled to get her attention as she walked in.

"Torrie, hi," Stacy approached with a smile, "how are you?"

"I'm great," Torrie said with an uneasy smile of her own, "I already
ordered you a drink."

"Oh, thanks a lot, you wouldn't believe the kind of day I've had."

The two women sat in the hotel lobby making small chitchat while sipping
their drinks. Stacy Keibler was getting very tired and groggy, thanks
entirely in part to the stuff Jake had given Torrie to slip into it. Stacy
sat back in her chair, and fell asleep. Upon seeing her finally pass out,
Billy, who had been watching the whole time, came over. With Torrie's
reluctant help they dragged her into the elevator and up to the suite they
had acquired for the evening's festivities.

As Stacy came to, she realized her hands were bound. As her vision
cleared, she realized she was in handcuffs. As she tried to ask what was
going on, she also came to the realization that she was wearing a ballgag,
and hunched over a table. Her handcuffs had been attached to chain that was
in turn attached to the table.

"Well, hello Stacy, it's so nice to finally meet you," Mike said as she
looked around the room.

Torrie was sitting on one of the beds in the room. "I'm sorry Stacy," she
said with a slow shake of the head.

"Mmph mmph," Stacy tried to ask what was going on from behind the gag.

"Now now, you just calm down, and let us do all the work," Mike said.

Stacy continued to look around the room, and noticed that sitting on the
other bed was a man she had never seen before in her life, and over in the
corner next to the bathroom was Billy Kidman.

"Well, let's get started with things shall we," Mike said, "Billy, I
believe you have some business to attend to."

Billy stepped away from the bathroom door holding a chain. As he walked
over to the table where Stacy was at, she noticed that the chain was part
of a collar that Pamela Paulshock was wearing. Pamela was wearing a tight
fitting latex body suit that had no material to cover her ass. Billy
positioned her on the other side of the table so she was face to face with

"I'm sorry Stacy," Pam said, "Owww, Oh no. Ouch, stop it," she screamed
as Billy began spanking her with a small leather whip.

Stacy just looked on in horror as Billy spanked Pam with the small whip.

Billy quit spanking her after a few minutes. "Hey Pam, remember when you
told me to fuck you. Well get ready, cause here it comes," he said as he
undid his pants.

"Just get it over with," Pam said with a sob.

"Oh no, I'm gonna take a good long time," Billy said as he spread her
cheeks and shoved his dick up her ass.

"Oooooohhhhh," Pamela moaned as Billy penetrated her anus.

Stacy just looked on in horror. She had never taken it up the ass, and
she was sure, if Billy was doing this to Pamela, some one in the room would
want to do it to her.

"Oooh oh oh oh agh ah ah ahh ahh oh ah," Pamela whimpered as Billy slammed
into her ass.

Billy reached around to grab her latex covered tits, the feel of the tight
material around her supple breasts making him even hornier, and causing him
to thrust even faster. "Aaaaghhhhh," Billy moaned as he released his warm goo
up into Pamela's ass.

"Ahh," Pamela let out a soft moan as Billy pulled out of her, letting the
last of his cum cover her sore anus. Pamela fell to her knees beside the
table. Before Billy took a seat in one of the chairs over by the window, he
cuffed her hands around one of the legs of the table.

Mike walked over to the bed Torrie was sitting on, and looked at her with
a look of lust.

"Get up, Torrie," Mike said, "and lose the clothes."

Torrie did as she was told. There she was standing naked in front of Mike.
Stacy couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"Now get on the bed, on your hands and knees."

Again without any protest Torrie did what Mike told her to do. Mike
stripped down and crawled up behind Torrie. With one hand he reached around
to grab her tits, and with the other reached down to finger her clit. It
didn't take him long to get her wet.

"Ooooohhhhh," Torrie let out a long slow moan, as Mike found her sweet
spot. Slowly, Mike positioned his throbbing cock up into her moist snatch.

"Aahhh," Torrie moaned again, putting her own hand down on her wet pussy.
Torrie knew she wasn't supposed to be enjoying this, but Mike was just doing
way to good of a job. She put her other hand up on the head of the bed, and
began pushing herself back onto Mike's cock.

"Oooohhh, oh oh oh ahh ahh oh ah ah oh ah oh," Torrie orgasmed as Mike
continued to thrust deeper and deeper,

"oh yes, oh god oh oh oh AAaaaggghhhh."

Stacy couldn't believe what Torrie was doing, and frankly neither could
anyone else in the room.

Mike continued to pump her. He hadn't even shot his load yet as Torrie hit
another huge orgasm. Torrie was starting to tire out. She no longer had her
hand up on the head of the bed; she just put her head down on the pillows and
continued to enjoy the unexpected pleasure Mike was giving to her.

"Ooohhhh ohhh ohhh AAAAggggghhhhhh," Torrie screamed this time as Mike
suddenly thrust his cock into her ass, "NO, don't do this to me. Don't do
this, please," she begged as she tried to wiggle away. I'm Torrie Wilson.
I'm fucking Torrie Wilson dammit."

"No no, you've got it all wrong, I'm fucking Torrie Wilson," Mike grunted,
"and up until a second ago, she was enjoying it," he said as he reached down
again to finger her clit. He pulled her back up to her knees, and held her
straight up so he could pound her ass longer before he came.

Torrie looked up at the ceiling as she orgasmed again. "Oooooohhhhhh oh
aaaagghhh ohh ohh ohh aagh ohh ahggh," she let loose again as Mike shot his
load up he tight ass, coating her anal passage with warm goo.

Torrie fell down face first onto the pillows. Her ass hurt like hell, and
she wasn't sure if she could move her legs.

"Now for Ms. Keibler," Jake said as he walked over to Stacy.

"Mmph," Stacy shook her head as Jake approached.

He got behind her and pulled down her skirt to reveal her thong. He tore
off her blouse to reveal her perky little breasts. He knelt down to feel up
and down her long smooth silky legs, all the way up to her gorgeous little

"Mmmppph," Stacy screamed from behind the gag as Jake spanked her ass with
the little leather whip. Tears began to trickle down her face. Then suddenly
Jake stopped beating her ass, and took off her gag.

"Ah, what why what's going on," Stacy asked with a sob.

"You see, Stacy," Jake said, "Torrie and Pam here want off the hook. But
in order for us to leave them alone, we get to fuck the shit out of you," he
said as he tore down her thong.

"Noooo, please agh," Stacy screamed as Jake shoved his dick straight up
her tight virgin ass. He reached down to finger her clit, forcing her into
an unwanted orgasm.

"NO ohh ohh ahh ah agh ungh," Stacy cried as she was raped by this man she
had never seen before in her life, "no please god let this be a dream."

"Oh it's a dream baby. A dream come true," Jake said as he continued to
pound away on her ass.

"No, no no I'm cumming I'm cumming no please no ungh ohh ahh ohh ohh ohh
AAAaaaagghhhh ungh," Stacy screamed as Jake bottomed out in her virgin ass.

Stacy stayed slouched over the table for a minute, and then Billy came and
lifted her up so he could have at her ass.

"Nooooo," Stacy screamed again, "Ungh," she moaned as Billy quickly came
in her ass.

Mike came over and undid the chain attached to the handcuffs, and threw
her onto the unused bed.

"No no, please stop," Stacy whimpered as Mike grabbed ankles and spread
her legs up over her head, "Ungh," she moaned as he penetrated her pussy, and
pounded away on her clit.

As she was approaching orgasm, Mike pulled out and turned her over onto
her stomach. "No, not again," she whimpered as the third man's cock impaled
her tight toned ass. Mike reached around to finger her clit, and drive her
towards another orgasm.

"Ungh oh oh no oh ohn uhhn oh uhn ah uuuunnnnnggghhhh," Stacy came and
orgasmed one last time as Mike released his seed up her ass.

Mike got up off of the bed, and he and the other two men got dressed.

"Torrie, Pam, and especially Stacy, thanks for the memories," Jake said
right before the three men left the room.

Stacy was in shock as Torrie got up off her bed and uncuffed Pamela.
"Please let me out of here. Take these cuffs off of me. I want to go home,"
Stacy whined, "What are you doing," she asked as the other two women got
dressed and ignored her.

"Don't worry Stacy, it's over," Torrie said as her and Pam got dressed.

Torrie reached into her handbag and got the key to Stacy's handcuffs, and
put it on the nightstand beside Stacy's bed. She then reached back into her
bag and pulled out a camera.

"What are you doing," Stacy cried as Torrie took a few pictures of her.

"Pam and I went through their hell for months, Stacy," Torrie said as she
finished taking a roll of pictures of the freshly raped Stacy Keibler,
"Thankfully, it was only a once in a lifetime experience for you. Unless you
go talking and then I show these pictures to people. Understand?"

Stacy nodded through her tears.

"Good," Torrie said matter of factly.

Torrie and Pam left Stacy in the room where she was. In a way neither one
of them could care less about Stacy Keibler, because for them thankfully,
their nightmare was finally over.

The End

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