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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The Rated R Wedding: A Day Of Sin
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona, hours before the start of the
June 20, 2005 edition of RAW goes on the air, Chris Jericho, wearing black
jeans and a loose fitting collared shirt, is talking with Christian, who's
wearing jeans and a gray t-shirt, while Tyson Tomko, who's dressed in a tank
top and jeans, stands nearby. "What can I say, Cena didn't see it coming."
Jericho says with a smirk as he comments on his betrayal of WWE Champion John
Cena the previous week.

"You couldn't have turned on him before you two beat me and Tomko?" Christian
snaps as he asks his question.

Jericho smirks, "Hey. I rather get the win and then kick Cena's ass. makes
for a better night for me."

Christian rolls his eyes, "You know it's stuff like that that makes me hope I
get drafted to SmackDown." Christian replies.

Meanwhile, Tyson Tomko isn't paying much attention to Jericho or Christian as
he looks down the hallway as the door to Edge's locker room opens. "Christ."
Tomko says as he sees Lita, the raunchy red-headed girlfriend, stepping out
of the room.

"What?" Jericho asks as he looks at Tomko thinking he said his name.

"He didn't same Chris. he said Christ." Christian replies as he turns to see
what Tomko is looking at and his eyes go wide, "Jesus.."

"Didn't he get fired earlier this year?" Jericho asks before he finally sees
what Christian and Tomko see, "Damn." Jericho says as Lita starts to make her
way towards them with an annoyed look on his face as she prepares for her
wedding to the Rated R Superstar Edge that is scheduled to air during RAW.

"Hey Lita. where's the rest of your dress?" Christian asks with a smirk.

The raunchy, sinful sexpot and lustful girlfriend of the Rated R Superstar,
Lita, pauses in the hallway and narrows her eyes slightly as she seductively
glares at Christian "Are you insulting me!?" Lita snaps at Christian thinking
he's mocking her extremely revealing and rather slutty appearing white
wedding dressed which consists of an extremely short white skirt and a very
low-cut white top that is split down the middle to show off her tanned,
luscious cleavage.

Christian smirks, "Not really... but I could insult you if you want..."
Christian says.

Jericho checks out Lita, "Hmmmm.... wonder what your ex would think..."
Jericho says.

Lita rolls her eyes and laughs "Like I would care..." Lita says sarcastically
as she folds her arms against her large chest as her tits appear to be ready
to burst out of her white low-cut wedding top. "Matt Hardy is a pathetic,
weak man..." Lita pauses and laughs "Hell I can barely call him a man, not
unlike Edge...who is a true and REAL man!" Lita slyly smirks "'s
going to be one of sin as I marry Edge..." Lita licks her lips and tosses her
fiery red hair back. "And tonight, after wedding...well that's going to be
filled of hot, raunchy, sinful sex..."

"Aha..." Christian nods his head, "Let's see what... you got something new
obviously... but who was the last guy you blew?" Christian asks with a cocky
smirk while Tomko just rolls his eyes.

Lita locks her sultry, sinful eyes on Christian and wickedly laughs as she
licks her lips "Mmmm...well that would have been Edge this morning at the
hotel..." Lita pauses and raises her eyebrow as she appears to be thinking
"No...wait there was that guy at the gas station..." Lita presses her lips
together and then shakes her head " was Edge, but when we got the
arena earlier today..."

Jericho laughs, "You know Lita... one would think you wouldn't be the type do
anything in your wedding dress on your wedding day..."

"Wait didn't she get married to Kane already?" Tomko suddenly asks.

"Yeah... but that doesn't count," Christian replies.

Lita slyly raises an eyebrow and glances at Chris Jericho "Oh...I wouldn't?"
Lita seductively laughs and shrugs her shoulders "You bet later tonight Edge
is gonna give me a hard, sweaty, raunchy fuck while I'm still in this

"That's pretty obvious..." Christian says.

"I bet that dress comes off pretty easy..." Jericho adds.

Lita hungrily licks her lips as she slyly glances at the three men around her
inside of the dressing room: Chris Jericho, Christian and Tyson Tomko. Lita
takes a seductive towards Jericho while Christian and Tomko stand to each
side. "Who says the dress has to come off..." Lita says as she slyly slides
her hands against the muscular, shirt-covered chest of Chris Jericho.

"What a slut..." Tomko says under his breath.

Jericho licks his lips "Prove it..." Jericho says as he casually unbuckles
his belt and undoes his jeans as Lita rubs his shirt-covered chest.

Lita narrows her eyes and seductively glares at Chris Jericho. "
want me?" Lita asks slyly as she slides her hands up towards Jericho's
shoulders before bringing her hands back to the center of his chest and
begins to unbutton his loose-fitting, collard shirt.

"What do you think?" Jericho asks with a smirk as he grabs Lita's arms and
forces her down to her knees where she then pulls his jeans from his waist.
Lita grits her teeth together as she settles herself down in front of Chris
Jericho on her knees. Lita eagerly pulls his jeans down from her gorgeous,
tanned and muscular waist as his cock instantly becomes exposed. Lita's mouth
waters at the sight of Jericho's impressively long and thick, hardening cock.

Jericho smirks, "C'mon baby..." Jericho says as he grips his cock at the base
before he guides it towards Lita's eager mouth.

"Unbelievable..." Christian grins as he and Tomko start to undo their jeans
as they watch Lita taking Jericho's cock inch by inch past her lips.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh yeah..." Lita groans and tilts her fiery red haired head back
slightly while Chris Jericho pushes his cock between her sinful, moist lips.
Lita wickedly looks up at Chris Jericho before she starts to swiftly and
smoothly bob her head along his shaft.

"Mmmmm yeah..." Jericho moans as Lita laps her tongue against his cock as she
bobs her head on it. Christian grabs Lita's right hand and makes her grip his
fat hardening cock while Tomko steps behind Lita and kneels behind her.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm!" Lita lustfully groans around Jericho's cock as she rapidly
bobs her fiery red haired head on his impressively large cock. Lita's sinful,
moist lips grind against his shaft as she eagerly slurps and sucks on his
cock. Lita tightly grips Christian's cock with her right hand and starts to
guide her hand up and down Christian's shaft, smoothly stroking his rapidly
hardening cock.

"Yeah stroke that fucking cock..." Christian moans as Lita jerks him off with
her right hand.

Tomko lifts up Lita's short wedding dress to expose her hot round ass.
"Hot..." Tomko smirks before he firmly slams his cock into Lita's tight wet

"Mmmmmmm! Fuck!" Lita groans as she turns her head on Jericho's cock, sharply
grinding her wickedly lustful lips against his cock as her saliva drenches
his cock. Lita lowers her head impressively and suddenly to deep throat his
entire cock while she starts to rock back on her knees to happily push back
against Tyson Tomko's slowly thrusting cock.

"Ahhh... mmmm.. yeah... suck that dick..." Jericho moans as Lita deep throats
and moans on his thick long and hard cock. Tomko grabs Lita's hips and jerks
her back towards him as he pumps his cock firmly into her pussy.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Lita moans against Jericho's cock as she quickly
lifts and lowers her red haired head on his cock, slapping her tongue against
his shaft. Lita slyly shifts her eyes and looks up at Christian while she
continues to guide her right hand up and down on his rock hard, solidly thick

"Ohhh shit... mmmm!" Christian licks his lips as he looks down at Lita while
she strokes his cock as she pulls it towards her slutty mouth.

Lita lifts her head from Chris Jericho's cock as her wet saliva drips down
his long shaft. "Mmmm...yesss...ohhh fuck me!" Lita moans as she steadily and
quickly rocks back and forth on her knees while Tyson Tomko powerfully slams
his shaft into her tight pussy from behind her. Lita turns her head and her
full attention to Christian as she starts to slyly slide her tongue against
the head of his shaft.

"Awww... mmmm..." Tomko grits his teeth as he deeply pumps his cock in and
out of Lita's cunt as she pushes back against him.

"Fucking slut.... no wonder Edge is bothering to marry you..." Christian
laughs and moans as Lita's tongue slides all over his cock.

"Mmmm...ohhh you bet..." Lita lustfully moans as she slides her tongue around
the head of Christian's cock in a seductively and slutty manner. Lita closes
her eyes as she flicks her tongue against his piss-slit while she roughly
rocks back and forth from the powerful thrusts of Tomko to her pussy.

"Mmmmm... fuck... ahhh shit..." Christian moans as he tilts his head back as
Lita greedily takes his cock into her cock hungry mouth.

Tomko pulls his dick out of Lita's pussy as Chris Jericho moves to where he
is. "Get up slut..." Jericho says as he pulls Lita up from the ground so that
he can slam his massive cock into Lita's round juicy ass.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Lita groans as she tightly wraps her lips around Christian's cock
and starts to eagerly bobs her head to greedily suck on his cock while Chris
Jericho starts to pump his cock into her sultry, juicy and sinfully tanned
ass from behind.

"Ohhh yeah baby... mmmm!" Jericho grunts as he thrusts his huge cock in and
out of Lita's asshole. Christian grabs two handfuls of Lita's fiery red hair
as she eagerly sucks his fat cock.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhh fuck! Ohhhhhh!" Lita moans as she rapidly bobs her head on
Christian's cock, covering it with her wet saliva, while she forcefully takes
him deeper into her mouth. Lita grinds her slutty, sultry ass back against
Jericho's gorgeously tanned and impressively muscular waist as she feels his
cock deeply ramming into her ass.

"Mmmmm fuck.... bet your ex loved this..." Christian groans as Lita manages
to deep throat his cock while Jericho fucks her ass with quick hard thrusts.
Tomko folds his arms as he watches the raunchy Rated R Diva rock back and
forth between Christian and Jericho.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" The raunchy sexpot Lita moans as her lips grind against
Christian's cock as she expertly moves her head to suck his cock. Lita slyly
grinds her teeth against his cock as Jericho sharply drives his cock into her
seductively tight asshole.

"Aww yeah baby... mmmm fuck!" Jericho moans ash e pumps his cock sharply into
Lita's asshole. Christian pulls his cock out of Lita's mouth and lays down on
the floor of the hallway.

"Hey Chris... let the slut drop her ass on my dick..." Christian says just
before Jericho pulls out of Lita's asshole.

Jericho smirks, "Turn around Lita." Jericho says as he forces Lita to face
him before he starts to push her down towards Christian.

Lita grits her teeth and tilts her red haired head back as she feels her
tight asshole stretching upon being impaled by Christian's thick cock.
"Ohhhhh yeah!" Lita groans as she places back and places her sweat dampened
hands onto his toned chest and starts to lightly rock back and forth as she
remains her extremely revealing wedding dress.

"Open you fucking mouth..." Tomko says as he grips Lita's head to turn to to
face him so that he can force his cock into her mouth. Christian puts his
hands on Lita's hips as she rocks on his cock while Chris Jericho kneels in
front of her so that he can impale her pussy with his cock.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Lita loudly moans as she tightly wraps her sultry, moist and
sinful lips around Tyson Tomko's massive cock and starts to move her head
along his shaft as her wet saliva playfully smacks against the underside of
her shaft while she intently sucks. Lita closes her eyes as her sinful body
rocks back and forth between Christian and Jericho as they both thrust their
cock into her ass and pussy.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm fuck!" Christian moans as he thrusts his cock upward into
Lita's hot ass as she rocks between him and Jericho, who is fucking her
pussy. Tomko firmly holds onto Lita's head as she slides her slutty tongue
against the bottom side of his cock as he thrusts his cock in and out of her

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Ohhhhh yeah!" Lita seductively groans as she slaps her tongue
against Tomko's cock and takes him deeper into her wickedly hot mouth as she
forces inch by inch into her mouth. Sweat starts to coat her tanned and toned
body, causing her revealing white wedding dress to stick and slide against
her skin while she grinds her body between Jericho and Christian, equally
pushing back against both of their cocks.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm fuck!" Jericho grunts as he sharply drives his cock into
Lita's wet and hot pussy while she rocks on Christian's cock. Tomko grits his
teeth as he pushes his shaft all the way into Lita's cock hungry mouth.

"Mmmmmm!" Lita moans as she taps her wet tongue against the bottom side of
Tomko's thick shaft as she feels his cock thrusting between her sinful lips
as her sweat coated, revealing wedding dressed covered body increases in the
pace of rocking between both Chris Jericho and Christian.

"Mmm ahhhh mmmm..." Tomko groans as the head of his cock smacks against he
back of Lita's mouth. Chris Jericho and Christian increase the pace of their
thrusts as they deeply fuck her cunt and ass.

Lita lifts her head slowly from Tomko's massive cock as her wet saliva pour
and drips from his shaft. "Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh fuck yeah! Fuck me!" Lita moans as
sweat drips from her face as her ass grinds against Christian's toned waist
while he thrusts up into her ass, causing her to rock against Jericho's cock
into her pussy.

"Ahhhh fuck mmmm shit!" Christian groans as Lita bounces on his cock so that
she can push forward against Jericho's thrusting shaft. Jericho licks his
lips as firmly and deeply fucks Lita's cunt while Tomko strokes his massive
throbbing shaft.

"Mmmm shit... ahhh..." Tomko groans as he starts to shoot his cum all over
Lita's sweat covered face.

"Mmmmm...ohhh yeah fucking cum on my face!" Lita groans and hungrily licks
her lips as Tyson Tomko's cum gushes from his massive throbbing shaft. The
raunchy redhead tilts her head back as his cum instantly drips from her sweat
covered face as she grinds her pussy sharply against Jericho's cock, while
bouncing smoothly on Christian's cock.

"Mmmmmm how about... we get a little on that slutty dress?" Jericho smirks as
sweat drips off of his face. Jericho jerks his cock out of Lita's soaking wet
pussy so that when he starts to cum, his jizz shoots onto her revealing
wedding dress.

"Mmmmm ohhh yeah!" Lita moans and tilts her head back, gritting her teeth as
Jericho's warm cum sprays onto her short white wedding dressed and her tanned
stomach as she continues to smoothly rock and grind her ass on Christian's

"Monica Lewinsky... eat your heart out..." Jericho smirks as he wipes his
cock on Lita's white wedding dress. Christian grits his teeth as he lifts
Lita up and down on his cock that's deep in her ass.

Lita glances over her shoulder and slyly smirks at Christian as she roughly
rocks back and forth on his cock,. jerking his shaft with her tight asshole.
" fucking wish I was marrying you and not your brother Edge..."

"Mmmm shit.... hey I fuck whores... I don't marry them..." Christian grunts
as his throbbing cock starts to erupt inside of Lita's asshole as she grinds
herself on his dick.

"Ohhhhh...yesss..." Lita laughs and groans as she feels his warm cum shooting
into her asshole.

"Mmmm fuck...." Christian groans as his cock throbs with each burst of cum
that escapes from it.

Jericho smirks, "Hey Lita... I want to see the honeymoon video as soon as you
and Edge get back..."

Lita presses her sultry lips together and smirks up slyly at Jericho while
she lifts herself off of Christian's cock. Lita stands up and starts to
straighten out her extremely short white wedding dress. "Oh...there will
definitely be a honeymoon video..." Lita pauses before she wickedly grins "I
mean Edge and I have to have something to send Matt since he couldn't be here
for the wedding..."

Christian gets up from the floor and smirks, "You know Lita... I saw Kane
earlier today..."

Lita turns her head to face Christian and narrows her eyes "Yeah, so?" Lita
slightly snaps.

"Just saying I saw him... I mean you did screw him, both figuratively and
literally..." Christian says as Tomko chuckles a bit.

Lita grits her teeth and slowly shakes her head "I don't find that funny..."
Lita says as she frustratedly begins to fix the low-cut top of wedding dress.

"We do..." Christian smirks.

"Yeah, well you're just jealous...because I'm marrying a REAL man which you
three aren't!"

"Hey I didn't say anything..." Chris Jericho says.

Lita presses her lips tightly together. "Yeah, well we'll see who's laughing
tonight when Edge fucks me as hard and as nasty as possible!" Lita
frustratedly yells at Tomko, Christian and Jericho before storming out of the
locker room.

* * *

Later in the night in a private hotel suite, a highly irate the Rated R
Superstar Edge, wearing black leather pants, is undoing his buttoned shirt,
"Can't believe that fucking freak Kane had the nerve to fucking interrupt our
wedding!" Edge snaps as he looks over towards the bed where Lita, still
wearing her cum stained, highly revealing dress, is sitting. "Especially
after I heard your vows.. My little slut of the century." Edge licks
his teeth as his mood improves a bit.

Lita presses her sultry, sinful lips together as she sits up on the large
hotel room bed as she slides her sinfully hot, tanned and seductively smooth
legs together. Lita slyly narrows her eyes as she looks at he psychotically
sex-crazed, raunchy boyfriend Edge "Baby...who says we can't celebrate and
still have out hot, steamy, nasty honeymoon?" Lita asks as she licks her lips

Edge pulls off his undone buttoned shirt and tosses it to the floor as he
licks his teeth, "You're right baby.... mmmm..." Edge smirks as he looks at
Lita's hot wedding dress, "Fuck you look hot in that..." Edge says as he
steps towards the bed so that Lita can lean forward to grab the waistline of
his leather pants.

Lita grits her teeth against she slides her hands up against his tanned and
toned stomach, slyly raking her fingernails against his skin. "Mmm...of
course baby..." Lita says and tosses her fiery red hair back before she
lowers her hands and pulls on the waist of his leather pants. Lita lifts her
sinful, seductively eyes and slightly frowns "Baby...are we still going to
tape this to send to that loser Matt?" Lita asks as she slides her hands
against the crotch of Edge's leather pants.

"Yeah babe.... good thing you reminded me..." Edge smirks as he steps away
from Lita so that he can walk over to the a video camera that's on top of a
tripod. Edge makes sure it's facing the bed before he turns it on and presses
record. Edge hurries back over to Lita so that she can resuming rubbing his
the crotch of his leather pants. Edge looks over at the camera and smirks,
"Hey Matt.... hope you're loving the unemployed life... cause I'm loving my
life..." Edge smirks as Lita starts to tug down his leather pants from his

Lita lustfully licks her teeth as she moves to sit on her knees and scoots
closer to Edge while she jerks his leather pants down from his muscular,
tanned waist to expose her hardening, thick Rated R cock. "Mmm...babe...we're
going to make the hottest, nastiest honeymoon movie yet, right?" Lita asks as
she slyly wraps her sinful hands around his cock and starts to smoothly
stroke his shaft.

"Fuck yea baby..." Edge smirks as Lita strokes his cock with both of her
hands while he steps out of his pants. Edge glances at the camera and smirks,
"I know you're checking out my slut's wedding dress Matt... but check this
out... Lita has to use BOTH hands to jack me off..."

Lita wickedly laughs as she locks her sinful sexpot eyes with Edge as she
lowers her fiery red haired head and wickedly slides her wet tongue against
the head of his cock, while she holds his shaft steady with her hands.

Edge grabs a handful of Lita's fiery red hair, "No, no, no baby.... leave the
teasing shit for the fat losers at gas stations... get my dick in your
fucking mouth!" Edge says as he jerks on Lita's hair.

Lita grits her teeth and nods her head "Mmm...sure babe..." Lita replies with
a moan before she opens her saliva dripping wet, hot mouth and lowers her
head to take his rock hard, thick cock it her mouth. Lita instantly wraps her
sultry lips around his fat cock and starts to bob her head at a suddenly
increasing pace.

"Mmm fuck yeah suck that fucking cock like the slut you are!" Edge moans and
smirks as Lita takes his fat hard cock deeper into her hot wet mouth. Edge
tosses his blond hair back as Lita reaches behind him to grab his toned ass

"Mmmmm! MMMMMM!" Lita lustfully groans as she bobs her head on Edge's cock,
wrapping her lips tighter around his shaft. Lita's wet saliva drips from
Edge's shaft while she starts to dig her fingernails into his tanned, toned
ass cheeks as she makes herself take his cock deeper into her hot, slutty

Edge glances at the camera and smirks, "Mmmm watch that cock hungry slut
Matt... this is what she wanted all along... she doesn't give a shit about
being extreme in the ring when she can be my Triple-X-treme slut!" Edge

"Mmmmmm!" Lita loudly moans as she sharply grinds her sultry lips against
Edge's cock as she rapidly bobs her head on his cock, slobbering her saliva
all over his shaft. Lita slides her sinful hands from Edge's toned ass to his
lower back, pulling him closer to her mouth and forcing his Rated R cock
deeper into her wickedly hot mouth.

"Mmmm fuck! Yeah baby... get my dick down your fucking throat!" Edge moans as
he grabs the back of Lita's head to force her to hold every inch of his cock
inside of her mouth.

"Mmmmm! Gahhhhh! AHHHHHH!" Lita moans and seductively gags around Edge's
cock as he forces his cock extremely deep into her hot, sinful mouth. Lita
closes her eyes as the head of Edge's cock rubs against the back of her

"Ahhh fuck... mmmmm shit hey baby... stop for a second and open your
mouth..." Edge says as he roughly and suddenly pulls Lita's head off of his
cock. Lita lustfully opens her eyes and hungrily looks up at the Rated R
Superstar as she holds her wickedly, slutty mouth open while Edge holds a
handful of her fiery red hair with his left hand. Edge closes his mouth for a
few seconds and swishes his saliva around for a bit before he suddenly spits
right into Lita's mouth. Edge then spits again right onto Lita's face before
spitting back in her mouth.

"Mmmmmm! Ohhhh yeah baby..." Lita moans and licks her lips as she swallows
the saliva Edge spit into her mouth while the remaining saliva he spit on her
face drips down her cheek.

Edge smirks as he looks at the camera, "Bet you didn't know Lita loves
getting spit on... you know how fucking horny she gets with the fans spit on
her at ring side? Of course you don't..." Edge laughs before he spits on
Lita's face again, "Lift up your skirt, get on your back and spread them
legs..." Edge smirks. Lita grits her teeth and seductively narrows her eyes
before she tosses her fiery red hair back and lays back on the bed, spreading
her sinfully hot legs apart, causing the short white skirt to rise up and
expose her pussy. Edge kneels between Lita's legs on the bed and then he
grabs her hips to pull her towards him. Edge winks at the camera before he
roughly impales Lita's shaved slutty pussy with his fat hard Rated R cock.

"Ohhhhh fuck baby!" Lita moans and tightly grits her teeth together as she
feels his cock sharply and deeply impale her wet, sinfully tight and warm
pussy. Lita tilts her head back on the bed as she starts to push herself
against his cock while he spears her pussy.

"Ahhh fuck yeah... mmmm shit!" Edge grunts as he firmly pumps his cock in and
out of Lita's pussy. Edge grabs the low cut neck line of Lita's wedding dress
and rips it apart to expose her large, round, tanned and juicy tits.

"Ohhhh yeah baby...ohhh fuck that slutty cunt!" Lita lustfully moans as she
feels his cock rapidly pumping into her pussy while at the same time he pulls
on her juicy hips to jerk her body back against his cock.

"Awww yeah... fucking whore!" Edge laughs before he grits his teeth to make
his thrusts more firm and sharp. Edge glances at the camera and raises his
left hand to flip his middle finger before Lita grabs his hand to pull it
towards her mouth so that she can suck his middle finger.

"Mmmmmm!" Lita moans as she wraps her sultry, moist lips around Edge's middle
finger, while she flicks her raunchy tongue against the tip of his finger
while she sucks on it. Lita closes her eyes as she feels her pussy being
roughly and deeply speared by Edge's cock as he impales her relentlessly.

"Ahhh awww yeah fuck!" Edge grunts as he slams his fat cock repeatedly into
Lita's cunt as she sucks on his finger. The ultra hot Rated R Superstar then
turns over on the bed so that Lita is on top of him. "Face the fucking
camera... Let Matt watch you ride me baby..." Edge smirks.

Lita grits her teeth as she turns around while sitting on Edge's cock, buried
deep inside of her pussy. The raunchy redhead turns so that she is facing the
video camera and leans back to place her hands onto Edge's muscular, tanned
chest and begins to rock back and forth on his cock. "Ohhhh yeah! So fucking
good! So much better than Matt!"

"Mmmm damn fucking straight I am!" Edge smirks as he puts his hands on Lita's
lower back as she rocks back and forth on his cock so that her juicy ass
grinds on his waist.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh fuck yeah! You love that pussy don't you babe!?" Lita moans
as she sharply rocks back and forth on his cock, grinding her wet pussy on
his shaft.

"Mmmm fuck yeah babe... I love how LOOSE it is..." Edge laughs as he thrusts
his cock sharply up into Lita's wet slutty cunt.

Lita tilts her head back grits her teeth as she sharply bounces and roughly
lowers herself on Edge's cock, causing his ballsack to smack up against her
skin "Ohhhhhh fuck!"

"Ahhh fuck... ohh yeah... baby... you want what you need? You need.."

* * *

An hour later, Edge is checking looking into the lens of he camera, "Fucking
cheap batteries.. Should've just plugged the damn thing in!" Edge says as he
makes sure the video camera is plugged into the wall before putting it back
on the tripod. Edge looks over at Lita, who's tattered wedding dress is just
hanging off of her sweat covered body, "Matt missed a lot. we should make it
up to him. don't you think?"

Lita licks her teeth as she sits on her knees on the bed while seductively
glaring at her raunchy, sleazy Rated R Superstar boyfriend Edge. "Mmmm...ohhh
yeah babe, but how should we?" Lita asks with a sly, wickedly seductive

Edge picks up his belt from the floor, "Well... I don't think Matt got to see
your ass get spanked..." Edge grins as he whips the belt against the palm of
his right hand while he walks back over to the bed.

Lita grits her teeth and nods her fiery red haired head "Mmmm...I love being
spanked baby..." Lita says as she turns slightly on the bed and leans forward
with her hands to stick her sultry, juicy hot ass into the air.

"I know you do... "Edge grins as he stands next to the bed. He glances at the
camera and smirks, "Hey Matt... watch this!" Edge laughs before he sharply
smacks Lita's ass with his belt.

"Ohhhhh! Mmmmm fuck!" Lita groans and tightly grits her teeth as her sinful
body jolts forward on her knees and hands upon of first crack of the belt
against her juicy ass.

"Like that babe?" Edge asks just before he whips Lita's ass again with his
belt. Edge licks his teeth as he sees the faint red imprint of the belt on
Lita's tanned juicy ass.

Lita glances over her shoulder and licks her sultry, sinful lips as she feels
Edge's left hand sliding against the tender, slightly red imprinted area of
her juicy ass. "'s feel so good baby! It turns me on so much..."
Lita lustfully groans.

Edge smirks as he whips Lita's ass with his belt again, "Fuck... you ass
jiggles a lot when I whip it..." Edge laughs as he cracks his belt against
Lita's ass cheeks one more time.

Lita bites down on her bottom lip as she lightly pushes back on her knees to
expose her raw, red shaded ass from the smacking of the belt against her skin
"Ohhh're so fucking hot!"

Edge tosses his belt down on the floor as he grabs Lita's sore, red ass
cheeks and spreads them apart, "So is your ass..." Edge grins before he
sharply spears Lita's asshole with his massive cock. As Edge starts to fuck
Lita's ass, her sore ass cheeks smack against his waist.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh fuck yeah!" Lita groans and tightly grits her teeth as she
rocks back and forth on her knees against Edge's sharply spearing cock while
he fucks her sultry, juicy ass. "Mmmmm yeah babe!"

"Mmmm yeah... fuck... no one fills your ass like I can right babe?" Edge asks
as he grabs Lita's waist to pull her back towards him as he fucks her asshole

"Mmmmm! Nooo...not at all! Matt never did!" Lita wickedly laughs as she rocks
back and forth swiftly on her knees as she feels each of Edge's firm and deep
thrusts "Ohhhh yeah fuck my ass baby!" Lita moans as sweat drips from face
and torn white wedding dress covered body.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm fuck... " Edge licks his teeth as his raunchy redheaded
girlfriend slams back against his waist as he pounds her ass with his big
hard cock. Lita tilts her head back and grits her teeth as she sharply grinds
her juicy, sultry and sore ass back against Edge's waist, driving her
incredibly hot and slutty ass back against his cock.

"Awww... mmmm fuck..." Edge smirks as he looks towards the camera as he
drills Lita's ass with his large cock, "Bet I know what your thinking Matt...
that you wish Lita would let your fuck her ass..." Edge grunts as he speeds
up his thrusts, "Guess what Matt... only thing you can do... is fucking...
KISS her ass... she's with a REAL man now!"

"Mmmmm...ohhh yeah baby! Fuck my ass!" Lita moans loudly as she tosses her
fiery red haired head back as she eagerly pushes her ass back, forcing his
Rated R cock entirely into her ass.

Edge licks his teeth as he pulls his cock out of Lita's stretched asshole. He
then uses his left hand to angle his cock a bit so that it sits between
Lita's ass cheeks. "Check this out Matt... Lita's ass is so hot and juicy.."
Edge says as he starts to thrust his cock up and down between Lita's ass
cheeks. Lita slyly glances over her shoulder and licks her sultry lips as she
starts to move her juicy, sultry ass up and down against Edge's rock hard
cock as she seductively strokes his cock with her ass.

"Look at that ass... mmm fuck yeah..." Edge moans as Lita slides her ass up
and down against his rock hard cock. Edge grabs Lita's ass cheeks and presses
them firmly against his stiff shaft.

"Mmmmm're so fucking hot..." Lita moans as she grinds her juicy
ass against his stiff cock as it slides against her smooth ass crack between
her juicy ass cheeks.

"Mmmmm fuck Lita... come on baby... I want this cock back down your throat
before I unload... " Edge smirks as he pulls his cock away form Lita's ass
crack. The Rated R Superstar smacks his cock against Lita's sore red ass
before she starts to turn around.

Lita slyly raises an eyebrow and smirks up at Edge. "Mmmm...fuck my mouth..."
Lita moans as she opens her hot, sultry mouth as wide as she can.

"That's my slut..." Edge says with a grin as he grabs Lita's head and pulls
her forward so that he can force his massive cock into Lita's mouth. The
Rated R Superstar pushes every inch of his dick into Lita's hot, sultry mouth
that she has to put her hands on his legs to keep herself from gagging on his

"Mmmmmm!" Lita seductively groans around Edge's cock as she wraps her lips
perfectly around his shaft and closes her eyes as she feels his cock deeply
and swiftly thrusting into her saliva dripping wet mouth.

"Mmmmmm fuck yeah.... ahhhh shit..." Edge groans as he pumps his cock in and
out of Lita's mouth. Edge grabs two handfuls of Lita's red hair as he shoves
his dick repeatedly down her throat.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Lita moans as her sultry lips brush back and forth,
quickly, against Edge's shaft as he spears his cock intently into her mouth.
"Mmmmm!" Lita groans as the head of his massive Rated R cock smacks against
the back of her hot, slutty mouth.

"Yeahh.... ahhh yeah... mmm fuck... get ready to watch this Matt.... Lita's
face is going to be mess...." Edge laughs as he fucks the raunchy redheaded
Diva's mouth before he pulls his dick out of her mouth. Edge strokes his
throbbing cock swiftly until he starts to shoot a large load of cum that
splatters on Lita's face.

Lita slowly opens her wicked eyes and smirks as Edge's warm cum splatters
against her face. "Mmmm...ohhh yeah baby!" Lita moans as the cum rolls down
her face and sultry lips. Lita seductively narrows her eyes as Edge sits down
onto the bed next to her. The raunchy, sinful sexpot wickedly smirks before
she roughly grabs hold of Edge's long dirty blonde and jerks his head
slightly "Lick it off!" Lita seductively snaps.

"Sure babe..." Edge smirks as he starts to flick his tongue against Lita's
cheeks to collect his cum with his long tongue. Lita licks her lips and
closes her eyes as she feels Edge's tongue sliding against her cum covered

Edge swallows some of his own cum as he leaves Lita's face partially covered
with his spunk. He then looks at the camera, "Fucking hot right Matt?" Edge

The raunchy, sinful, hot sexpot of the Rated R Superstar, Lita, slyly smirks
as she looks into the camera with her eyes seductively narrowed "And that was
just us getting warmed up..." Lita says with a seductive, wicked laugh.

Edge smirks, "That's right... just wait till you see what we do next!"


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