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The Real Deal
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Late at night and inside the gym of the hotel where the bulk of the Smackdown
Roster is staying for the night, rookie sensation Bobby Lashley is working
out alone, lifting a pair of the heaviest weights he could've fine. Dressed
in black shorts and a white sleeveless shirt, that fits tightly against his
muscular upper body. "98... 99... 100..." Lashley counts to himself as he
performs the repetitions of lifting the weights, while at the same time,
completely oblivious to the fact that someone is watching him.

The personal "Fixer" of former WWE Heavyweight Champion John "Bradshaw"
Layfield, Jillian Hall, watches the 'real deal' of SmackDown in his intense
workout. Jillian places her hands on her slender hips as she dressed in a
white short skirt and a white buttoned up business jacket. Jillian clears
her throat as she flips her blonde hair over her shoulder "Excuse me,
Bobby....have you seen JBL anywhere?" Jillian asks as she then folds her
arms over her large chest.

"No... I haven't..." Lashley grunts as he continues his workout for a few
moments more. He then drops the weights to the floor and turns to look at
Jillian with an intense and infuriated look on his face. "But when you find
him... you tell him... that when I'm done with Finlay... I'm going to be
gunning for him next." Lashley's dark eyes lock with Jillian's for a moment
before he turns to head towards one of the leg training machines.

Jillian's mouth opens a bit as she's offend "What did he ever do to you...
besides JBL could beat you any day of week." Jillian then smiles proudly
"Especially with his own personal 'Fixer' backing him 100 percent."

Lashley stops in his tracks and quickly spins around to glare at Jillian.
"You just hit the nail on the head... JBL can't beat me by himself... he
doesn't have the guts or the balls to even try to." Lashley answers as he
folds his massive arms across his chest.

Jillian shakes her blemish-less head from side to side " you're wrong
and JBL goes out and proves every night...with me in his corner," Jillian
says as she once again smiles proudly.

Lashley laughs slightly, "Sure... listen Jillian... I don't know what type of
Kool-Aid JBL is giving you... but you need to lay off it. JBL is not a real
man no matter how much you support him, or how much help he gets from the
people around him to beat guys like me, who are the real deal."

Jillian takes a step towards Lashley as she locks eyes with him "That's Ms.
Hall, you to..." Jillian says as she pokes her index finger against Lashley's
muscular chest. "Now you listen a wrestling God, just like he
says that he is," Jillian nods her head with a smirk, "And you better take

Lashley grabs Jillian's wrist with a firm, yet gentle grip as he looks in her
eyes as if to drive home the point of what he's about to say, "I don't have
to take notice, I know JBL is a wrestling fraud... and once I get him one on
one... I'll expose that fact to the world and shove it down his throat."

Jillian swallows a bit as her eyes widen. She shakes her head "You know..."
Jillian laughs a little "That's not really necessary...I mean JBL has moved
on from you...and is onto better things..." Jillian says as she nods her
head as SmackDown's ‘Real Deal' Bobby Lashley intimidates her.

"Well, I'm not done with him one bit..." Lashley sneers a bit as he lets
go of her wrist, "He cheated to beat me... and he's going to face the
consequences sooner than he thinks." Lashley then smiles a bit as he
realizes a possible outcome of his goal once he achieves it, "And then
Benoit will walk all over him at Wrestlemania."

Jillian shakes her head as she throws her hands down in frustration "That's
not going to happen...because JBL has me!"

Lashley looks at her with a raised eyebrow and a smirk, "You're kidding me
right? What are you going to do that's going to stop me from putting JBL in
the hurt locker?"

Jillian looks away "Well....I could..." Jillian pauses as she thinks for a
moment before she turns back to Lashley with a smile on her beautiful, clear
face. Jillian gently places a her left hand onto of Lashley's left arm
"Bobby...have I ever told you how strong you are?" Jillian asks as she gently
strokes her index finger against Lashley's arm.

Lashley gets a confused look on his face, "No you haven't..." He replies as
he looks down at her finger that she has on his arm then up at her face.

Jillian smiles as she presses her right hand against the crotch of Lashley's
workout pants "Well...I just told you now then."

Lashley's cock rises a bit inside of his workout shorts after he feels
Jillian's hand glide past it, "All right, what's going on? You trying to pull
some shit to change my mind about dominating JBL?"

Jillian smiles mischievously "Maybe..." Jillian licks her lips a bit "Or
maybe I'm just in the mood for a 'real deal'" Jillian replies as she slides
her soft hands underneath Lashley's tank top and runs her hands against
Lashley's muscular chest.

Lashley tries not to laugh, but he does chuckle slightly, "Ok... I see how
this is going...." Lashley reaches around Jillian and places his large right
hand on her ass to pull her close to him. "You want to see if I can back up
what I'm saying."

Jillian laughs a little with a slight shrug "You could say that."

Lashley smirks as he grabs the neckline of his tanktop and rips it to reveal
his chest. "Well guess what... I'm all about proving I can do what I say."

Jillian smiles and licks her lips "What else do you have to prove?" Jillian
asks as she removes her hands from Lashley's body and then folds her arms.

Lashley tosses the remains of his tank top to the floor before he places his
hands on his workout shorts. "I can prove what they say about black guys..."
Lashley replies as he starts to lower his workout shorts as well as his
boxer-briefs that were underneath. Lashley steps out of his shorts and stands
naked in front of Jillian, showing off his muscular body and his huge cock
that is hanging between his powerful legs.

Jillian eyes wander down instantly to the large cock of Bobby Lashley.
Jillian's mouth opens in shock " god!"

Lashley looks down as his cock as it slowly rises to the occasion under it's
own power. He looks up at Jillian and smirks, "It's the real deal... I can
guarantee it."

Jillian smiles as she flips her blonde locks of her hair back "May I...?"
Jillian begins to ask as she motions her head down towards Lashley's cock.

"Go right a head..." Lashley folds his arms over his chest. Jillian licks
her lips, slowly gets down onto her knees as Lashley towers over her. Jillian
reaches forward and takes a hold of Lashley's thick, hardened shaft with her
left hand and begins to move her hand up along the shaft heading towards the
head of Lashley's cock. Lashley's shaft reaches it's full sixteen inch length
shortly after Jillian's hand touches the head of his cock. Lashley smirks,
"Bet you thought I was all talk."

Jillian nods her head "Ohhh...I did.." Jillian laughs "But I was certainly
wrong.." Jillian says with a smile as she rubs the head of Lashley's cock
with the palm of her left hand. Jillian then leans her head down and presses
the warmth of her tongue against the head of Lashley's cock, before she
circles her tongue around the head of his cock.

Lashley smirks as he watches Jillian use her soft tongue to work over his
large cock. "It's always like that... you just assume someone is all talk...
and when you find out the truth... you're all over them..." Lashley chuckles
softly as he unfolds his arms and places his hands on his waist.

Jillian guides her wet tongue off of the head of Lashley's cock and moves her
tongue down Lashley's shaft and then back up slowly. Jillian gently flicks
her tongue against the head of Lashley's cock before she opens her mouth and
accepts Lashley's large cock into her warm mouth.

Lashley places one of hands on Jillian's head to hold her blond hair back
so it doesn't hang over her lovely face. "Don't try to take it all in your
mouth... you'll choke..." Lashley says as he moves his hips slightly to
thrust his cock slightly into her mouth. Jillian slowly bobs her warm mouth
up and down on Lashley's cock and she laps her tongue lovingly around the
shaft of Lashley. Jillian softly moans against Lashley's cock as she takes
a little more of his cock into her mouth as she starts bobbing her head
quicker along his cock. Lashley moans a bit as he slides his hand through
Jillian's soft blond hair when she gets close to a foot of his cock into
her mouth. "Mmmmm.... you got some... quality skills there..."

Jillian slowly lifts her head up from Lashley's cock with a smile and looks
up at him "Well...I'm a 'Fixer' I need to be prepared."

Lashley laughs a bit" Well... why don't you prepare yourself to feel how
big a deal I really am..." Lashley wraps his right hand around his cock and
strokes his incredibly large cock in front of her. Jillian smiles as she sits
up on her knees and begins to push down her white skirt. Jillian stands up
as the skirt drops to her feet, she steps out of her skirt as she begins to
unbutton her white business jacket.

"Leave that blouse you're wearing on..." Lashley says just after Jillian
slips off her business jacket. Lashley closes the distance between himself
and Jillian so he can turn her around so that she's now facing one of the
many workout machines in the gym. He pushes her forward slightly so shat
she's bent over it and then pulls down her light blue cotton panties.

Jillian looks over her shoulder back at Lashley, she laughs a bit nervously
"What...are you...doing?" Jillian asks as Lashley holds her down, bent over
the workout machine.

"Just this..." Lashley says as he shoves his sixteen-inch cock into her tight
pussy with one quick movement. Only half of his dick in on the first push,
but he soon starts getting more and more of his monster shaft into her tight

Jillian's eyes widen as she opens her mouth widely "Ohhhhh my fuck!" Jillian
yells as she feels Lashley's cock in her warm cunt. Jillian holds her mouth
open as Lashley gently thrusts his cock in her tight cunt "Ohhhh...fuck...

Lashley places his large ebony hands on her ivory thighs as he plows his cock
repeatedly in and out of her cunt at a quick intense rate, "You like that
big... nigger... cock?" Lashley grunts as he shoves his cock sharply into the
depths of her pussy.

Jillian swallows as she looks back at Lashley while he pulls her back against
his cock by her hips. Jillian nods her head " it!"
Jillian moans as she places her hand on the workout machine and grips onto it
as Lashley quickly thrusts her pussy "Ohhhh....ahhh...awww...fuck!" Jillian
moans. Lashley wraps his powerful arms around Jillian's waist and pulls her
away from the machine. Using his incredible upper body strength, 'The Real
Deal' starts hoisting Jillian up into the air each time he rams his hard long
shaft into her pussy.

Jillian grits her teeth and moans loudly as she slams down on Lashley's hard,
long shaft "Ohhhhh mother...fucker!" Jillian screams as she starts to grind
her pussy against Lashley's cock. Jillian reaches behind her and places her
hands against Lashley's muscular chest while Lashley steadily bounces Jillian
on his cock while standing.

"You... think... this is something..." Lashley grunts before he stands
Jillian on her own feet when he pulls his cock out of her pussy. "You haven't
seen... or felt... nothing yet..." Lashley lifts Jillian up and carries her
over to a bench and sets her on all fours on top of it. Lashley then
straddles the bench when he gets behind her and starts to push his huge cock
into her tight asshole.

Jillian grits her teeth and clenches her eyes shut "Ohhhhhh fuck no!" Jillian
moans Lashley grips her thighs and pulls Jillian back against him so that his
cock is harpooned into her asshole. The large black stud doesn't thrust
forward to fuck her, instead he pushes Jillian forward and pulls her back
repeatedly, causing her buns of steel to slam back against his waist.

Jillian lowers her head as she practically feels Lashley's large cock rip
apart her asshole " Bobby! Please!" Jillian moans.

"Am... I... the... real... fucking... deal?" Lashley asks as he rams his cock
forward once into her ass so hard that Jillian's whole body shoots forward.

"Ohhh...fuck way better then JBL...." Jillian moans as she
mouth hangs open due to the powerful thrusts of Bobby Lashley.

"I..." Lashley pauses as he again rams his cock into her asshole, "Told
you... I was didn't I?!" Lashley pulls his cock out of her ass and slams it
back into her pussy. As soon as his cock it buried completely back into her
cunt, Lashley starts to lay the smack down by fucking Jillian's hot pussy

Sweat drips off of Jillian's beautiful face as her body rams back against
Lashley's large cock "Awww.... Bobby.... you fuck my cunt good!"

Sweat drips down Lashley's face and his thick muscular body, "I am... the
next big fucking... thing... I'm the real... fucking deal!" Lashley pumps
his cock harder into her pussy while he continues to savagely fuck her
pussy, throwing all of his weight behind every thrust.

"Awww...noo.... ohhhh God!" Jillian moans as her cum erupts onto Lashley's
large, hard cock. Jillian lowers her head as she tries catching her breath,
while sweat drips off of her body.

"Ahhh fuck..." Lashley pulls his cock out of her Jillian's pussy. He turns
Jillian over so that she's now laying on the bench, flat on her back. Lashley
stands up and stands next to the bench so he can press his cock against
Jillian's lips as he begins stroking his cock.

"Ohhhhh fuck yeah..." Lashley grunts as he starts to cum over Jillian's
tongue and mouth.

Jillian lets out a moan as she swallows Lashley's warm cum down her throat.
Jillian licks her lips " taste good."

Lashley breathes heavily as he tries to relax after his powerful climax.
"You... loved more... than just... how I tasted..."

Jillian nods her head with a smile as she sits up from the bench. Jillian
slides her hand through her hair "Oh...I sure did.." Jillian says with a

Lashley smirks, "And now you know... I'm the real deal..."

Jillian nods her head again as she puts her business jacket back on and
starts to button it up "Yeah...and unfortunately Bobby...I was going to offer
you my services too" Jillian shakes her head "But you just don't need any

Lashley laughs, "Hey you got your hands full trying to make JBL seem better
than he is."

Jillian folds her arms after she pulls her skirt up and Jillian shakes her
head "'re jealous that he has a beautiful 'Fixer', like me...and
you don't.." Jillian says with a proud smile.

"Well, I wouldn't mind having your services... I'll admit that much," Lashley
smiles as he goes to get his workout shorts to put them on.

Jillian straightens her jacket and skirt out before she looks up at Lashley
with a smile "Oh...I can do wonders...look at what I did with MNM and JBL."
Jillian holds her head high with a proud smile once again "I'm just too

"Then I guess... you're the real deal too..." Lashley smirks.


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