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The Reason Stone Cold And Stephanie Are Friends
by Da Game (

Have you noticed that ever since Wrestlemania X-7, Stone Cold Steve
Austin and Triple H's wife Stephanie McMahon-Helmsly have become friends?
The last time we saw these two together, it was a week before the No Way
Out extravaganza on "Raw Is War", and there in the middle of the ring
Austin dropped the stunner on Steph. Then once Austin turned heel he has
been with Steph and HHH. It just seems to me like he is more on the same
page with Stephanie then with HHH. For months the internet has speculated
that The couple was due for a breakup and that breakup was coming soon. I
have also heard that Austin will face off against The Game in the
Summerslam main event this summer, with HHH playing the face, and Austin
playing the heel.

The WWF has tried to figure out what to do with this. Should they make
it a part of the storyline, or cover it up as much as they possibly can? It
isn't exactly appropriate for television viewers to see anyway. Either way,
backstage Hunter and Steve are at each other's thoats, so don't expect this
"Corporate Alliance" to last very long. Here is the story, all the events
leading up after Austin became champion, and "The Grand daddy Of Em All!"

Main Event At Wrestlemania: The collision of two hero's. Austin Vs The
Rock one on one. At the last minutes of the match Vince McMahon brings his
ugly face into the picture, and he and Steve Austin screw The Rock out of
the title. Austin shakes McMahon's hand, making his spot as a heel solid.

Triple H also had a match that night. He faced of against "The American
Badass" in an amazing no DQ match up. The end result of this match, was Dead
Man Inc. Triple H had lost the match, and didn't feel like sticking around
the arena to see who would be the outcome of the main event. (As we would
learn the next night on Raw he knew anyways). So Triple H, got in his limo.
Stephanie however said she wanted to stay. She wanted to see the rest of the
match and she had something she had to talk to her father about before she
left, so she would meet him at the hotel.

Triple H left and Stephanie got back to her locker room just as Austin
pinned The Rock 1...2...3! The Pay Per View went off the air and Stephanie
left her locker room. She walked right by Mr. McMahon's office however, she
was going to someone else's locker room. She was going to see Stone Cold
Steve Austin.

She didn't get there until after Stone Cold was already in there, so she
knocked on the door. The door opened up. "WHAT!" Steve yelled as he opened
the door.

"Hi Steve." Stephanie said.

"Woman if you wanna talk to Stone Cold Steve Austin your just going to
have to wait because I'm cleaning my wounds." Steve yelled again.

"Can I come in and wait?" Steph asked.

"No! Wait here!"

The door closed and she waited outside. She wasn't really liking the
treatment she was getting but she figured for now she would go along with
it. "Oh he will learn who the dominant one will be!" Steph thought to
herself. A few moments later Austin's door came open again and out came the
rattlesnake. "Hi" Steph said again.

"Yeah hi, that's fine what do you want?"

"Steve I think we should become closer."

"Damn it woman is that all you want to talk to Stone Cold Steve Austin
for? Your wasting my time, I have to go," Steve starts to walk away.

"Austin. I really don't recommend you walk away from me right now. I am
prepared to give you whatever it is that you want!" Stephanie continues as
she undoes the first button on her purple blouse.

Steve looks at her for a second and figures out what she is talking
about. "Woman, I am a married man, I got a wife at home waiting for me,
and you got a husband, at home waiting for you, now what do you want!"

"Steve, I know you have a wife, and I know that I have a husband, but
the truth is...I don't care anymore. I have wanted you for to long, even
before I got together with Hunter, I want you, and nothing you do or say
is going to change that!"

"This should piss daddy off, he screwed that ho, I'm gonna screw Austin
and make my daddy pay!" Stephanie thought to herself.

"What about when I gave you the stunner last month? How did that make
you feel?" Steve asks. "I didn't feel any pain, because I got to touch you,
and you grabbed my breast in the middle of it." Steph answers.

"Bullshit woman I did not!"

"Sure Steve. I am a woman and I know when that happens. I also get this
feeling when someone wants me, and Austin, right now I am feeling that
100%. And by the way your jeans seem to be rising right now, I think you
feel it, too!"

"Its like I said, Steph, I have a wife." Austin walks down the hallway.
He is going to leave the arena, and leave Stephanie to try and forget what
just occurred.

"Oh Steve!" Stephanie calls.

"Damn it woman, what!?" Steve turns around, to see Stephanie standing
there topless. All she is wearing is her short mini-skirt, and a black lace
bra. She is standing there in the hallway, and Steve cant help but watch,
as she lowers her skirt to the ground, exposing her black lace panties to
match the bra. Stone Cold closely watches Stephanie as she walks closer and
closer to the rattlesnake.

"Steve, I am a woman. I am a gentle, loving, caring woman. I am offering
my love to you. Steve, you are a man. Rugged, independent, rough and ready.
You have heard that opposites attract don't you? I never believed it. I
thought Hunter and I were perfect for each other. But after a while, of
liking all the same things, it got boring. But you do so many things that
I haven't and there is just so much for me to learn about you, you big
handsome man you," Steph said.

Austin couldn't believe that this was going on. But then he thought
about it for a second. He thought about the crowd, and how they used to
cheer for him, but tomorrow night on "Raw Is War" the chants of "Austin
Sucks" would be there waiting for him. He then thought about Triple H,
and how much control and power he had gotten when he married the boss's
daughter. That was power that he desired. To actually run the company,
and live on the term "my way or the highway."

Stephanie could tell the Rattlesnake was deep in thought, so she
removed her bra. It fell to the floor, along with Austin's jaw. Austin
couldn't believe that the boss's daughter's breasts were right in front
of him. Austin was getting hot so he took his shirt off. "Warm in here,"
The S.O.B said.

"If you warm, take off some more clothing."

"Thanks, Steph, I'm fine though."

"Got that right" Steph answered.

"Damn it, Steph, no! Just shut up!"

"I am married, so are you, and you only want to be with me cause I'm
the champ. How many times you screw The Rock when he was champ!?"

"Steve I am ashamed that you asked that question! You have no
confidence in yourself that a woman could be attracted to you? Is that
it?" Stephanie gets closer to Steve and starts rubbing her tits against
Steve's chest. Austin then backs further away, "Steve, its time for you
to shut up. You know you want me, I see the way you are staring at my
breasts, so why don't you, just shut your mouth and kiss me already. I
mean damn, I am right here topless, wearing nothing! And you don't even
want to get near me! Damn it, Steve! I know what you want. Your not going
to be happy till you get it so here you go!"

Stephanie removes her black lace panties, and throws em at Steve.
Stephanie, now completely naked. Steve drops his gym bag as he stares
in awe, as Stephanie, now walking close, and closer, to the Rattlesnake.

She grabs his hand, he looks down at his hand as she holds it, suddenly
she rams Austin's hand down into her pussy. Austin now inside her, and
Austin can't believe he is getting caught up with it. However it is no
longer in Steph's or Steve's hands, as now nature takes over.

Austin grabs his hands away, grabs Stephanies blouse, and mini-skirt
off the ground "Here put these on"

"Why, Steve, are you not enjoying this as much as I am?" Steph asked.

"Stephanie, look at ya," Stephanie gets a sad look on her face as she
thinks Austin is going to make fun of her, "You're a babe! Of course I
like this but not here! Anyone could see and tell Debra, or Hunter. And
that just ain't gonna happen! Hurry up, ge dressed, and lets go."

Austin grabs his bag, and Steph puts her clothes on. They go out to
the "wrestler's parking lot" and jump into Steve's monster truck. Stephanie
needs a push-up so Austin pushes her up from behind. He inserts his finger
inside Steph's pussy as he pushes her up. "I've got him now! He's all

Austin peels out on the monster truck. "My truck has got my name
painted all over it, we gotta go somewhere no one would think." Austin

"Fanz are expecting us at the hotel, lets just find some cheap motel,
they would never look. And you got a tarp to put over the truck right?"
Steph asks.

"Yeah" Austin replies.

They get to the motel. Austin puts the tarp on the truck while Steph
goes inside the room. Austin goes in the room, once finished with the tarp.
Stephanie is kneeling up on the bed, with two bottles of wine, one on each
side coming out of her panties. She is now wearing red though, she had
heard that drives Austin wild.

Austin took out the two bottles. "The only thing I want to drink tonight,
is you!" Austin said.

Stephanie started thinking to herself that she thought getting Austin's
attention would be a lot harder. But she didn't care how she got to him, it
was all about to pay off. Austin started rubbing Stephanie's back. She was
moaning softly as Austin was doing it just the way she liked it. The two
never had been together, but they had heard lots of things about each other.
Austin and Triple H had just recently become all buddy buddy. Vince had
them in multiple meetings that whole week about Austin's heel turn and the
formation of the alliance. Triple H had told Steve where all of Stephanie's
hot spots were. Big mistake, because now Austin had a chance of pleasing
Stephanie more then he did.

Austin rolled Steph over and she knelt up again. This time Austin
reached behind her back, and Undid her bra strap. Her bra came off, and
again Stephanie's firm tit's were exposed. "I've missed you guys!" Austin
said speaking to her puppies.

"Steve you only saw them like what five minutes ago!?" Steph said

"Five minutes ago is too long!"

He started rubbing her breasts down. Licking all around them and the
kissing and licking right on the skin area between her massive tits. As
Hunter had told him it was one of her hott spots. Stephanie was going
crazy. It was a great feeling running through her blood, but she had no
idea how Austin knew about it. Austin started To kiss her kneck. After he
came up there was no doubt that there was going to be a hickey there.

"Austin, what the fuck? I'm gonna fry for that one. Hunter will know
he didn't give it to me!" Steph exclaimed.

"Tell him it's a bruise from when Trish speared you into the ring
earlier tonight." Austin said.

"He will not buy that," Steph answered back.

"Well, if your going to fry, you may as well do something wrong. And I
am talking about a lot more then kissing!"

He ripped off Stephanie's panties exposing her neatly shaven cunt. He
started ramming his fingers in there, where as last time he wasn't in her
quite long enough in his, and her opinions. He took his hands out of her
panties, and then removed em. "Sorry Steph, it aint that you don't look
good in those...they just look better on the floor.

Stephanie climbed back up onto the bed, and asked for Austin to give it
to her "the dirty way" as she liked to call it. So Austin went along with
it. He took off his denim jeans exposing his cock and started to give it
to her up the ass. Faster, and faster pumping it into her, until he came
inside her ass.

He turned her around. He started giving it to her the "old fashioned
way" as Steph called this one. Austin didn't have any condoms on him. He
thought he would be out drinking after the match, not at some "no-tell
motel" screwing the boss's daughter. They really didn't care. They had
took so long to get going and finally admit they both wanted it that they
were so worked up they didn't bother.

Late late into the night they screwed. Up the ass, in her pussy,
Stephanie deepthroating The Rattlesnake's rattlesnake. Every possible way
you can think of, they did.

Around 5 AM they were finally done with their screw. Austin and
Stephanie fell asleep, with Stephanie on top of the rattlesnake, and he
was still inserted inside of her by his cock. They woke up around 11 the
next morning. Austin firm as a rock as all men are when they first wake
up. The firmness of Stone Cold woke up Stephanie and they screwed for a
few more hours with Stephanie's tits bouncing all over the place all this

Once they were dressed again and ready to leave the motel, it had gotten
so late that they had missed the plane. The next event wasn't for a few days
though, so they decided to drive, and spend some time together, and get
closer as Steph had first wanted. Steph told Steve on the way that she was
ovulating at the time of their encounter and they may run into some problems
in about nine months. Steve got nervous and told Steph that if that happens
she better hold her legs together cause that thing isn't coming out!

"Well If I had held my legs together last night we wouldn't of even had
this problem now would we? Would you like that" Steph said.

"No, trust me Steph, you're the last person I thought I would say this
to, but screwing you last night was the best night of my life."

This is where the trouble starts for the new Romeo and Juliet. They
decided they couldn't live without each other, but neither one wanted to
mess up their currunt relationship. So they decided to see each other
frequently but without ever letting anyone know. However before they even
made this deal some people already knew! The GTV camera's had picked up
Austin and Steph outside Steve's locker room and caught the hole thing on

Somehow the tape reached both Debra and Triple H. Both Steve's and
Steph's "significant others" know about the encounter. Debra said she may
be able to forgive Austin because he was seduced. Triple H wanted a divorce
because she was the seducer. Debra then made another statement saying she
decided not to forgive Steve because of the comment in the truck "You are
the best I ever had last night was the greatest night of my life" even
though he had been with Debra many times.

The Tuesday of that week, at the Smackdown tapings Triple H Lost The IC
Title. On His way out he ran into Debra. They both had revenge on their mind
so they stole a page out of Steve and Steph's book, and went to a motel for
the night.

Now there are two major affairs going on in the WWF. Hunter and Steph
will divorce unless Triple H changes his mind (if steph even wants him now
that she has Steve) and Debra and Steve will divorce. Look for the two
original couples (Triple H, And Steph, and Austin And Debra, To stay together
on air, but it is not sure how much longer).

No matter who stays together on air, you know what really went down, and
who is really seeing who! And watch for Stephanie to take some time off
fairly soon, as her stomach becomes larger, and A McMahon-Austin Is Born!

The End

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