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The Reason Why Trish Stratus Slapped Vince!
by Da Game (


For those of you who saw WWF Wrestlemania X-7 , you know that in the
McMahon family battle, Trish Stratus, Vince's alleged lover slapped him in
the face, into next week. The question of why did Trish do this has yet to
be given on WWF television. Why you ask? Simple. The reason of why Trish
turned on $ the million dollar $ man is way to graphic to be broadcasted
over WWF programming. However, I know the answer, and today... I shall
share it with you.


Monday Night Raw Is War: The last stop before Wrestlemania. Carnage was
surely to take place in many matches, but none so epic as the father vs son
battle, that had ultimately turned into WWF Vs WCW. Vince was in the back.
He was sitting with no shirt on after the show had gone off the air. He was
about ready to get in the shower when there was a knock on the door. "Who
is it?"

There was no answer. Just another slight knock.

up and opened the door to find the sexy Trish at the door. She was wearing
a small piece of cloth that just made being considered clothing.

"Oh Vince, Im sorry to interrupt you, but my toilet in my dressing room,
is backed up and out of use! Can I use yours for a second?"

"No problem at all," Vince replies as he gets himself a quick look at
Trish, and watchers her ass as she walks away to the bathroom.

She quickly glances back catching Vince. "Naughty! Naughty!"

Vince apologizes and Trish goes into the bathroom.

"Shit!" you hear Trish scream from the bathroom.

Little does Vincent and Trish know, The WWF production crew had left the
camera running that showed Vince in a scene at the end of the show, and
Vince's little encounter that was going on right now was currently being
shown to every monitor in the back, including the Titan Tron!
_ _ _

Meanwhile, Stephanie was in her back locker room grabbing her jacket and
putting it on as she was just about ready to go back to the hotel with

"Hey Steph, what's on the monitor?" HHH asks.

"I don't know, and really I don't care. I'm tired and I want to go to
the hotel, lets go."

Back in Vince's locker room the bathroom door opens and out comes Trish,

"Actually Steph, this is something you may be a little cocncerned
with." HHH says.

_ _ _

"Good Lord, Trish!" Vince screams. "Not that I am complaining but what
the hell are you doing?"

"Well you saw how small that thong was, I was trying to put it back on
and it ripped in 2! Now I have nothing to wear. And its not like you mind,

"Trish, you have to be wrapped up in something."

"Your no fun!"

"Oh really, your going to be wrapped up in something allright... ME!"

Vince jumps on top of Trish, madly kissing her and rubbing down her tit.

Trish moans, "You always knew how to please me!"
_ _ _

"Oh my god!" Stephanie screams as she watchers her dad get his groove on,
and she throws a vase of flowers at the TV causing it to go out. Stephanie
storms out of the locker room, and out of the arena.

That night at the hotel, Stephanie was a mess as she could not believe
what she had seen. Hunter tried to calm her down by going down on her and
eating her out. "There, now your dad isn't the only one getting lucky

Stephanie gets a strange kind of cunning look on her face. "Oh someone
else will be getting lucky as well." Steph seems to have something up her
sleeve, but HHH doesn't pay much attention to it as he is enjoying rubbing
his face in Stephanie's clit way to much to notice what Stephanie was

Tuesday, WWF Smackdown Tapings: Trish is in her locker room admiring
herself after the tapings were all over.

"Everything about me is just right," she thinks to her self. "My breasts,
my hair, my face, my intriguing smile." she continues. She giggles a little
bit. Suddenly the laughing is over as the locker room door is kicked open
and incomes the sexy infuriated Stephanie McMahon. She is wearing an exact
replica as the one Trish had worn and torn the night before.

"Trish, my toilet is backed up, can I use yours?"

"Sure Steph. Its over there."

Steph walked towards the door, and Trish stared at her ass, as she did.

"This is to weird, its just like my encounter with Vince last night. But
how could she know, its just a series of coincidences that's all".

"SHIT!" The loud scream is heard from the bathroom, and that really
freaked Trish out. "What am I going to do she knows!"

Stephanie comes out in the raw exactly as Trish had done 24 hours earlier.
She used the same line that Trish had as well. "Oh shit. You don't mind me
standing here like this do you Trish?"

"Well, I'll admit it's a little weird. You are, like me a girl," she
is interrupted by Steph.

"Shut up Trish. I know you have no problems seeing a McMahon walk around
stark. Or at least you didn't last night!"

"How could you possibly know?"

"For one thing I saw it, and secondly, so did the intire WWF roster, and
WWF crew!"

"Oh, no!" Trish exclaimed.

Trish started to get nervous.

"I don't know what I am going to do with you, Trish." Stephanie turned
around facing her ass towards Trish. She bent down to tighten her bootlace,
with her ass and clit, completely exposed to Trish. She closely examined
Stephanie's entire lower body, then her hanging tits, and she couldn't help
but masturbate, as she removed her panties, and started to shove her fingers
in there.

Steph quickly stood up and spun around catching Trish. "What are you
doing over there, babe?"

"I-I-I-I...," Steph slowly walked over to Trish, and whispered in her

"I know you want me, and you can have me, if you go along with my deal.
You get a piece of me this Sunday night, we get it on at the hotel, if you
turn on my father in that match and never go near him again! Leave one
McMahon, and you get another, and your first female experience!" Stephanie
walks out and leaves Trish to think.

WWF Fan Axxes: Trish does some autograph sessions and makes some
appearances. All the while though Stephanie seems to be following Trish,
and giving her a look, that basically spelled it out... I know you want me!
Trish thought about Steph's deal all through the event, and then final
came to a decision later that Sunday night on her way to Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania: The father Vs son match had begun. Trish was in the back
waiting for her cue to wheel Linda to the ring. Once she did, she left Linda
and walked over twords Vince. And as the story goes Vince got the slap of a
lifetime right across his face. Stephanie and Trish began to catfight in the
ring, and then ran to the back as Trish chased Stephanie.

Backstage: Trish goes to her locker room to get ready for her encounter
with Stephanie that was scheduled for later on that night at the hotel. She
enters her locker room to find a note on her desk. "For Trish's eyes only"
is printed on the card.

I cant stop thinking about you. Whether or not you believe me,
I am just as excited about tonight as you. To tell you the truth,
I do not want to wait for the hotel. Meet me in my locker room
right now!

PS: I want you inside me.


Trish is getting turned on just by reading the letter. She slips into
the smallest thong she can find, She admires herself in the mirror, and
then throws on a bathrobe and exits her locker room and makes her way to
Stephanie's. Trish knocks on the door. No answer in response however. She
knocks again, no answer once again but the door slowly opens. Trish creeps
in. She walks in however she doesn't see Stephanie anywhere in the locker
room. The door closes and there is Stephanie standing right behind the
door completely topless. The only thing she is wearing is a small little
mini-skirt that barely passes the bottoms of her panties.

Trish spun around when Steph made a slight noise. Trish saw what
Stephanie was wearing, and was instantly turned on. She went up to Stephanie
and began rubbing Stephanie's tits, caressing them, and massaging them with
her tongue for a second. She then turned her back at Stephş. And removed her
top. She was wearing no bra. Trish's huge tits were now exposed, but she was
still turned around and Steph couldn't see anything. She then removed her
mini-shorts and was now in the complete fine nude.

Trish turned around, walked up to Stephanie, and got down on her knees,
to remove Stephanie's little mini-skirt. Lower and lower to the ground the
skirt went to the ground. Little by little The Princess's clit was removed.
Trish started kissing it for a second, and then got up she turned her back
to Stephanie once again, and walked over to the leather chair, and sat down
with her legs spread wide open.

"Now, you give me everything I deserve. I've been a very naughty girl.
I think I deserve a spanking, Stephanie. I guess when your daddy gave me a
spanking, it just didn't cut it, but since you are the most dominant
McMahon... I think that you are the only one, who can put me in my place!"

"Your going to get what you deserve alright, but not a spanking. The way
I see it, I am not going to punish you, but reward you. And you will get
more rewards, the more you stay away from my father. Trish, you have just
won first prize, for your role in my fathers match!"

"Stephanie, your driving me crazy baby, I can't take it anymore, come
reward me baby"

Stephanie stood there thinking for a moment. "Why am I here? I am in
love with Hunter. He is out there against the Undertaker, and he may need
me. No, forget that. This is my chance... my chance to have a good time,
get back at daddy for fucking her... and get back at Hunter. I know these
two had something going on earlier last yearş.this is my time!"

"I'm waiting, baby. If you don't get going soon, I'm going to have to go
to my hand for some backup."

"You know, Trish, I always thought we should get closer." Stephanie
talked as she moves around her firm erect nipple, "I mean, I always knew
you wanted some McMahon sperm in you... but you went to my daddy. I'm
going to show you, exactly how big of a mistake you made. By showing you,
exactly how good I am!"

Stephanie started to rub her breasts in Trish's face. She wondered if
she was doing alright, she didn't have to ask though because the wetness
on the leather of the couch by Trish's cunt spoke all the word's Steph
needed to hear. Stephanie started licking her own tits, and then started
to lick Trish's. She then went all the way down to the floor, and began
rubbing Trish's feet. Stephanie has a foot fetish.

Stephanie starts to suck Trish's toes as Trish begins to get off by hand.
Stephanie uses long, deliberate tongue licks up Trish's well defined calves,
moves Trish's hand out of her cunt. "What the hell are you doing I was
enjoying that!"

"Save some for me!" Stephanie shoves her face in Trish's pussy and
starts to really enjoy rewarding Trish. She shoves her tongue deep inside
Trish, and begins to move it around on Trish's insides, this as you would
most likely expect caused Trish to climax, all inside Stephanie's mouth,
all over her face and all over the couch.

"Oh no. I am a mess. This means we have to get cleaned up!" Stephanie
says as They both rise to their feet and walk into the back part of the
locker room. They walk into the shower area and turn it onşice cold water
will do the trick.

They got in the shower and Stephanie started to eat Trish out on the
floor while Trish stood. Icy clod water running over her breasts making
them firmly erect and harder then she could ever imagine them being.
Stephanie knew that she had to make this experience as well as she could
because she wouldn't want Trish to ever go back to Vince, so she strapped
on a dildo and began to give it to Trish up the ass.

"Oh harder, harder, harder Steph! I am loving this!"

Stephanie took it out of Trish's ass, making Trish ask to out it back
in, but instead she turned Trish over and gave it to her the old fashioned
way. They did this for a few minutes until Trish came. Stephanie took out
the dildo. She then un-strapped it and began to deep throught it and
cleaned all of Trish's cum off of it, and then began to lick Trish's pussy
clean. It wasn't easy however because it was exciting Trish so much that
she just kept cuming.

Finally she got it all clean, and she got out of the shower. She walked
back into the front room of the locker room, and Trish got up off the ground
and quickly followed. Trish (still wet) sat down on the couch, and spread
her eagle once more. Stephanie went down on her once again, this time
opening up Trish's lips cleaning all of the cum out on the inside.

This caused Trish to cum again! All over Stephanie's face! Steph went to
clean it off but Trish stopped her. "No, its my turn to please you!"

Stephanie got up onto the couch and Trish went down on the floor.
Stephanie had done so well pleasing Trish, that she had greatly pleased
herself in the process. Trish knew this because Steph's pussy was soaked
straight down to her neatly shaven hair. She must have cum several times,
and that had explained to Trish why Stephanie kept getting this certain
look on her face.

The two ladies were both on the floor now in a complete 69 position.
Both ladies ate each other out, and loved every second of it. All of a
sudden the door slammed open.

"Oh My God!"

Who was at the door? Both ladies jumped up and covered themselves. Trish
used a blanket, that was on the couch, but there was nothing left for Steph,
she grabbed a pillow off the couch, and coverd herself. They both looked to
the door to find there standing... Chyna!

Chyna had just recently won the women's title at the beginning of the
PPV. She had gloated to everyone in the women's locker room but couldn't
find Steph or Trish. Now she had found them and didn't like what she found.
"I can't believe you two are lesbians and you didn't even tell me!"

"We're not lesbians! I was just rewarding Trish for something she did
for me, and we just both wanted to know what It would be like to be with a
woman!" Steph exclaimed!

"Either way! You guys... I cant believe you of all people Trish! After my
breakup with Hunter you acted like you care, and treat me all special like I
matter weather he thought or not, and then we have that great experience we
had, and now you are fucking his knew wife!"

"Wait a minute, you told me I was your first woman!" Stephanie yelled!

"Well, you told me that I wasn't your first woman and I am!"

"Clearly we have all lied about some things. Why don't we make it up to
each other?" Steph said.

Chyna got a seductive look on her face and within seconds they were
having a brilliant threesome in the shower!

Two hours later the women exited the shower exausted, and dropped to the
floor, and feel asleep in the nude, in each other's arms.

The End

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