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The Relationship Of Lita And Mr. McMahon Part 1
by cHaNGiNgThAgAmE

Amy Dumas, the famous femme fatale wrestler known as Lita, drove down a
mildly long private road which lead to the house of her boss, Vince McMahon.
The sexy red head was wearing black leather pants and a tight red sweater.
She parked her car and finally arrived at the huge McMahon residence. Amy got
out of her rental car and activated the car lock. She walked toward the huge
door of the house and pressed the doorbell button. After a short moment of
waiting, the door was opened by a butler who escorted Amy toward the dining
room. She turned and looked to see Vince McMahon and his wife, Linda, already
sitting at the table. Mr. McMahon was wearing casual clothes, a polo shirt
and slacks, while Linda wore women's pants and a blazer. Vince stood up to
greet his employee.

"Hello Amy, its good that you were able to make it," Vince said.

"Hi Amy," Linda said in a welcoming voice, "Make yourself comfortable,
dinner is about to be served."

"Thanks," Amy replied back

Vince pulled out Amy's seat and pushed it back in as she sat down on the
chair. They began to start a conversation.

"What have you been doing lately since you've been given this break?"
asked a curious Linda.

"Well, not much really, I've been mainly at home, just getting a lot of

"Have you worked out much?" Vince said.

"Yeah, I have been working out every day," Amy replied.

"Mr. McMahon, your dinner is ready," the butler interrupted.

A chef came out rolling a cart with a couple of entrees on it. He first
passed by Mr. McMahon who grabbed a plate with t-bone steak, then Linda, who
grabbed a plate with salmon on it.

Vince chewed on his food while saying, "Amy, choose whatever you like."

"Ok thanks."

The chef came towards Amy and she pulled a plate that seemed to be a
vegetarian plate. She began to dig into her food as did the McMahons.

"You want something to drink?" asked Vince.

"I'll uhh take a pepsi," Amy replied.

Right away, the chef came back with a glass full of pepsi. Amy thanked him
and took a sip. She continued to eat her food heartly. 10 minutes passed and
all three of them were finished with their food.

"Joel, bring out the desserts," Vince yelled.

The chef came back out with the same rolling cart, this time carrying
desserts. Each one of them took the same desert, a hot fudge sundae. They
began to engulf the desserts and not very long after, were finished with it.
The chef brought out some coffee which was passed around the table. They
began to talk to again to each other. When they finished, Vince got out of
his chair and began to walk out of the dining room.

"Amy, the butler will take you to my office in ten minutes so be ready by

Vince walked away, leaving Linda and Amy alone.

"Don't feel pressured by Vince. I'm sure everything will be fine," Linda
told Amy, "By the way, I'm going to leave for a while, I have a late meeting
with a sponsor tonight. Please tell Vince."

"Ohh sure, I will. And thanks for the advice."

Linda stood out of her seat and walked out of the dining room. Amy then
stood up as well and walked toward the butler who was standing near the exit
of the room.

"Which way is the restroom?"

"Follow me, madamm."

The butler lead Amy towards the bathroom. She entered inside and went
toward the mirror. She pulled out a make-up case and began to fix herself up.
When she finished, she washed her hands. As Amy did this, she began to think
to herself. "Hmm, I wonder what I'm here to talk about with Mr. McMahon." She
finished washing and dried her hands. The bathroom door opened and the butler
led her to Vince's personal office. The butler opened the door to reveal
Vince sitting down on his desk reading through some legal papers.

"Ahh, sit down over there on that seat nearby my desk," Vince commanded.

Amy obeyed and sat down. She sat with her legs crossed and looked at
Vince. He then began to speak.

"Mr. McMahon, your wife told me to tell you that she's going out to talk
to some sponsor."

"Ok thanks for telling me. Well anyways Amy, I invited you here tonight
to talk business. You see, I've been watching a couple of you and the Hardyz
matches. Your popularity is great right now with fans, no doubt about that.
But I was considering a heel turn for you."

"Ok, I'm listening."

"I've ran it through with a couple of the bookers to think of a new way
to liven up the women's division. When you make your return, you and the
Hardyz will be together. But not long after, you'll probably do an angle in
which you turn on the Hardyz and maybe join up with another heel to be his

"It sounds pretty good."

Amy didn't want to offend Mr. McMahon by giving her opinion, so she kept
her thoughts to herself.

"You'll start a feud with Trish and get a huge push by winning the Women's

"Wow, thats great."

"I was also thinking of maybe doing this angle after another thing I'd
like to run through with you."

"Sure, go head."

"Playboy has contacted me recently. They have asked me if you would like
to do a photoshoot with them, maybe in March."

"They didn't ask about any of the other girls?"

Just then, the phone rings and Vince answers it. He signals to Amy to hold
on. She nods her head and feels sweat run down her forehead. Amy notices that
a fireplace behind Vince's chair is lit. Then, Vince seems to be put on hold
with the person on the other line.

"Is it alright if I take off my sweater? Its kind of hot in here."

"Be my guest."

Vince goes off hold and begins to talk again. Vince continues speaking on
the phone when his beautiful young employee began to take off her sweater. As
she pulled it off, her shirt seemed to go up with it, unveiling her toned abs
and cute belly button. Vince's attention was grabbbed as he looked at her
take off her sweater. When it was finally off, Vince was in arousement to see
Amy wearing a tight red tank top, which pressed on her huge chest. Amy didn't
notice Vince looking. Vince regained himself and ended his conversation with
the person on the other line.

"Sorry there, some business to attend to."

"Its no problem at all."

"Ok, you asked about the other girls? No, they haven't asked for anyone
else, they want you first since you are the woman who is on top of her game.
You'll get major publicity from it. This where your heel turn comes into
play. If you decide to do the shoot, after your success with the magazine,
you could do the heel turn."

"I've been thinking about that playboy thing too. Many people have asked
me if I'm going to do it. I think I'm gonna finally go for it."

Vince started to get a little aroused over what Amy was now wearing and
the thought of her being in playboy. He thought to himself for a moment as a
massive bulge showed through his pants.

"Alrighty, its settled I'll call up uhhh playboy and tell them you're
doin' it."

"Great, thanks for inviting me to dinner, I guess I can leave now?"

"Why don't you relax there for a moment before you leave and let the food

"Ohh...alright sure."

Amy stood up and began to walk around and look at Vince's office. She
stopped for a moment and admired a particular painting on the wall. Vince
slowy rose from his chair and didn't mind his huge boner practically popping
out of his pants. He moved toward Amy and stood behind her.

"Do you like art?" asked Mr. McMahon.

"Yes, a little. I try to check a local art museum once in a while," she
replied, still staring at the painting.

Vince then slowly put his hands on Amy's shoulders and began to massage
her. Amy began to feel awkward but felt a bit of satisfaction from the

"Umm Mr. McMahon, I don't think...."

"Just relax yourself, don't feel tense its only a massage."

The boss starts to focus harder on the therapy he is giving to Amy. She
begins to give in to the massage and enjoys it.

"Oooh, mmmmmm, this is what I need to let go of some that tensity," Amy

Vince started to move is head towards the red headed vixxen's neck. He
begins to kiss it softly. Amy's realizes this and begins to pull away.

"Ohh wait, no I don't think its right."

"Don't worry, no ones here, except us. You want that big push don't you?"

"Yes, I do."

"Then just stay calm and let it go."

Vince moves closer toward Amy and begins to lick her neck. Amy feels a
tingling sensation roll down her spine. She begins to feel great pleasure
from Vince's tongue licking. Not long after, her hormones kick in and take
full control of her. Amy gives into Mr. McMahon's seduction. She puts one
of her hands on Vince's, and slowly turns her head to her boss' and kisses
him. Amy starts to put tongue into and Vince does the same. They kiss
passionately for a while, until Amy pulls herself off of him. She turns her
body around and looks at Vince. She removes her high heels by sliding them
off. Amy then takes off her tanktop, to reveal her silk black bra covering
her tits. Amy then unbuckles her belt and unzips her leather pants and
sexually pulls them off. Amy unveils a matching black thong. She says
nothing as she silently unstraps her bra to free her lovely sized boobs.
She tosses that to the floor and then Amy turns around to give Vince a nice
view of her ass. She seductively pulls off her thong by bending over. As
she removes her thong, Vince quickly removes all his clothing. He tosses
his shirt on his desk and slips out of his pants and leaves them lying on
the floor. Amy finishes removing her thong and also leaves it on the floor.
She turns back around and eyes Vince's 9 inch shaft. Amy is in utter
amazement as Vince walks toward her.

"Ohh yeah, daddy's comin' home!" Vince exclaims.

Vince wraps his arms around Lita's back and they begin to lip lock again.
They move toward the middle of the room, where a huge bear rug lies. Vince
pushes Amy down to the floor and Amy grins and breathes deeply as Vince
mounts on top of her. But just as Vince is about to start the fuck session,
Amy stops him.

"Wait, don't go for the main course yet.... Save the best for last."

Vince smiles and removes himself from Amy. She moves into a different
position, a familiar one. Amy is on all fours of the carpet and Vince
immediately knows what to do. He holds his meat in his right hand and then
quickly inserts it in Amy's ass. He begins to ram back and forth up her ass.

"Errr take it in, take it all in!" Vince shouts.

"Ohh, uhhnnnn, ohh, fuck!" Amy replies.

Amy feels the pain but takes pleasure in it and begins to finger her
pussy. Meanwhile, Vince continues to fuck the hell out of Amy's ass. His
dick moves faster and faster up her ass and feels more sensation as her ass
tightens up.


Amy begins to back her ass up into Vince's dick and increases the
enjoyment. Vince moans and then speaks.

"Yeah baby, Yeah baby, ohh yes I'm gonna cum up your tight ass!"

"Do it, do it, do it!"

Vince explodes and fills Amy's ass up with a truckload of semen. Amy moans
as she feels the hot male juice of her boss flood her butt. Vince finally
finishes and pulls his dick out of her ass. It grows limp and he lies back.
Amy moves herself and despite the soreness of her ass, she inches towards

"Ohh Vince, I'm gonna fix that problem you have right there."

Amy moves her hand toward Vince's penis and wraps her fingers around it.
The gooeyness sticks to her hands as she begins to jerk him to get back an
erection. In an instant, his dick is sprung back into action. Amy teases a
bit by removing her hand and then placing her mouth around his dick. She
licks all the leftover cum from the ass fucking and gulps it down. Then she
removes her head and lies on her back, waiting for Vince's will to be done.
He gets up quickly and then mounts himself in the same position as last
time. Amy smirks as she spreads her legs and wrap the around Vince's back.
Vince grins and puts in his resurrected shaft into Amy and begins the main
course on their fuck session.

"Come on Lita, take it baby, take it baby!"

Vince increases speed and fucks her faster. Her pussy is the same as her
ass, it seems to clamp onto Vince's dick to make it more pleasurable. Amy
smacks him on the back.

"Vince, fuck me with that wrench of yours. DRILL IT!"

Lita moves her arms and begins to rub Vince's back and then smacks his
ass. Vince tilts his head forward and closer toward Amy's tits. He begins
suck on her left breast. Amy closes her eyes and moans even louder. Vince
switches sides with the tit sucking and sucks on Amy's right tit. Amy begins
to fuck Vince back as he continues to shove his tool up her cunt. Their
sweaty bodies cause them to stick to each other as they continue fucking and

"Here it comes! I'm gonna cum!" Vince yelled.

"MMMMM, ohhhhh, uhnnnnnnnnn, mmmmmmmm, I'm gonna cum too!"

Vince releases the flood gates of his dick and busts his second nut on
Amy. Lita explodes with a huge orgasm, and lets her juices flow. Their
panting slowly comes to a hault. Mr. McMahon removes himself from Amy's body
and lies next to her. They lie on the bear rug, tired.

"Was it good?" Vince asked.

"Ohh yes it was nothing but pure enjoyment," Amy responds.

After 5 minutes of rest, they both get up and get dressed. As Amy
finishes, Vince walks toward her and guides her to the door. He opens it and
accompanies her out to the front door of the mansion.

"Whoa, what an evening. Thanks for having me over for dinner, Vince."

"No, thank you."

"Well, I guess I'll see you backstage on the Raw Tapings."

"Ohh yes, I'll be sure of that. I hope to see you a lot more because I
think this is the begining of a beautiful relationship."

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