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The Replacement
by Rolodex

The life of a wrestler isn't all that it is made out to be. You're on the road more than two hundred days out of the year, traveling hours upon hours to work ten minutes, if you're lucky. You have no health insurance. No benefits. No real-world job experience. So when the wrestling ring leaves your body mangled, you have no way to make a living other than through autograph sessions and shoot interviews. The money, it can be great though, but that's only if you make it to one of the top promotions in the world. Otherwise, you're living off of welfare and disability for the rest of your life. Very few individuals who lace up their boots ever get the chance to work for the grand daddy of them all, the WWE. Only a slight handful of those lucky few, will ever get to hold a championship belt. Of the handful, only the best ever hold the WWE Championship, or better yet, have the privilege of the defending that title at grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania. The Miz, has not only done all of the above, but he's done it all successfully. The Miz may truly be one of the luckiest men to ever grace this green Earth.

If his in-ring success isn't enough of a measure of his fortune, then one only has to look at who shared his wedding day with. Mike is married to not only of the hottest women to grace the squared circle, but the cubed globe. His retired former wrestling wife, when not fine dining with friends, modeling, globetrotting, or taking selfies for social media, is at home. At home, searching through her mountains of lingerie and scantily clad outifits, thinking about how she is going to rock The Miz's world when he gets home from his mountains of travel of battle. What man could resist that constant temptation? The body made for sex that does not quit until it has gotten it's fill of cum. What man could resist such pure, unadulterated fun?

Well that fun is going to have to wait for The Miz, at least momentarily, as he is busy with the last of his filming just a few miles away from his residence in Los Angeles. Hanging out on set of his next WWE movie, Death Has Two Faces, The Miz is lodging in his trailer, his stunt double right by his side. His makeshift personal assistant, whom is mimicking his partner's every move, proves his method acting ability even when a camera isn't directly in front of him. Quoting Miz's every word; Damien Mizdow stays in character with his phone glued to his ear and face. The Miz is blabbering on the phone, making certain all his reservations are in place. 5-star dining, a plethora of rare and expensive flowers and chocolate, diamonds so clear they're almost invisible, they're just all build up to the inevitable climax at the Four Seasons. What better way to celebrate the completion of his film? What better way to celebrate that he'll finally have time to rest and relax before his final laps on the road to WrestleMania. The premier hotel of Los Angeles offers a special quarters for wealthy lovers on the top floor. With all of Maryse's goodies packed into the large studio, The Miz will certainly be rewarded for his efforts by having gallons of his population pudding spilt throughout the evening. The way slasher villains busts heads, Maryse busts nuts... and tonight, be rest assured that Miz will fall victim to Mrs. Mizanin's killer curves.

Fast forward to the late evening hours, and our protagonist and his lovely wife are just being served dessert. The Miz can't help but stare at Maryse, who is looking dazzling in a skin tight, short black dress, that ran out of material when it came to manufacturing the plunge. With cleavage in excess, Miz is only counting down the minutes before his face is drowning in pair of globe-sized breasts. Jake "The Snake" Roberts was always known for his pet snake, Damien, which was usually tangled with his fallen opponents. While not a fan of Roberts, if things continue to go to plan, his own Damien will be all over the body of his prey.

Meanwhile, the other Damien, as in his tag partner and stunt double, is just feet away at a nearby kiddie table. He doesn't have a lovely date in front of him, yet he is still copying his mentor's mannerisms. As The Miz digs into his velvet cheesecake, Mizdow digs into a leftover piece of bread, his dessert options not quite as spectacular. The Miz grabs a huge chunk of the creamy, custardy pie with his fork, before scarfing it down and becoming one portion of food closer to his real dessert. Overestimating his chewing ability, Sandow places a gargantuan piece of the dry, burnt bread into his mouth. As Mizdow begins to chew, he realizes the woe of his ways. The dryness of the bread causes him to briefly struggle for air, forcing him to break off the mimicry and search for water. Not being served a glass of water, Damien's nearest option for a quenching of his thirst is the men's restroom faucet. Mizdow charges towards the men's room, as Miz continues to ignore his partner while on his date. Little does Miz know what he is in for...

With the superstars of the WWE drawing closer to the grand daddy of them all, WrestleMania, every individual and team on the roster is looking to make a statement. There are finite number of spots left on the card remaining. A spot on the card not only guarantees an opportunity for a superstar to showcase their ability under the brightest of lights but it also grants a pretty nice payday. Two men who have yet to guarantee their spot at WrestleMania have made their way inside the 5-star restaurant. Forcing their way past the hosts, waiters, and clientele, Konnor and Viktor have invited themselves to the party. The Miz turns to see what the sudden commotion in the restaurant is, but before he can comprehend the crisis, he stamped on the face with a big boot by Viktor! Maryse can only watch in horror as her husband is decimated by The Ascension before her eyes. Konnor grabs a nearby bottle of wine before breaking it over Miz's head! Dropped to the floor amongst the broken glass, Miz is woozy as The Ascension toss tables, food, and unsuspecting victims out of the way, while they clear space. As The Miz bobbles to a vertical, he is quickly taken out of commission via a jumping European uppercut and legsweep combination. Victim to the Fall of Man, Miz's dreams of screwing the brains out of his wife become literal dreams as he slops to the floor, a pile of unconsciousness! Maryse shrieks in horror as she immediately attends to her husband. The Ascension loudly make remarks comparing themselves to tag teams of yesteryear before bragging about sending a message to the WWE locker room and more specifically, the Prime Time Players.

A few minutes later, a refreshed Damien Mizdow is en route to his seat only to find that a tornado of physicality has struck the vicinity. EMTs are quick to gather Miz onto a stretcher as the restaurant occupants watch on. The two watch as Miz is transported in an ambulance, there not being any room for the two in the vehicle. Despite her many pleas to join her hubby on the ambulance ride, they'll have to meet Miz at the hospital. With Miz gone, the patrons and employees are left stunned by the broken surroundings.

Most devastated of the audience is Maryse, who is almost in tears... alone. She is standing there, breathing heavily... alone. She is there in her tight black dress, her hunger for food eliminated but still starving, for sex. A light bulb quickly goes off in Damien Mizdow's head as he realizes the opportunity before. Now is his chance to play the lead role, in a movie that every man which they could star in. Mizdow sees and grabs The Miz's belongings as it shines against the remnants of the restaurant debris. Damien's slyly opens Miz's wallet to find it loaded with cash, credit cards, and a hotel key card. Mizdow is no idiot savant. He knows exactly what to do next. Mizdow offers Maryse a shoulder to cry on before calling a limo with Miz's cell phone.

Through sweet talk and stellar listening, Mizdow has made it to the top floor of the Four Seasons with Maryse in his clutches. The tears of Maryse have dried. Now the only moistness comes from her lips and tongue as the two make out just outside their sweet suite. Damien gets the door open just as Maryse completely unbuttons his shirt. Ripping off his jacket and button down, Maryse suddenly show some of the aggression that lead her to becoming a Divas champion. Husband or not, Maryse is the Sexiest of the Sexy, and it would be unjust if she didn't get fucked tonight! The buxom blonde pushes her opponent onto the adjacent loveseat before giving him a show!

Maryse sensually removes her skintight black dress, exposing her sexy French maid lingerie. The two piece lace set is black with white trim, and leaves very little to the imagination. Maryse's body is on full display, as her big tits struggle to be contained. The sexy lace thong leaves her plump ass to be seen by her number one fan! After grinding against Mizdow for a few moments, the red blooded male can only be so patient before he grabs the curvy blonde before him! The pair begins to passionately French kiss (Maryse's specialty!) as she tears away at the layers still covering Damien Mizdow's upper body!

The tight bra grows itchy against the gargantuan breasts, so the busty blonde pulls down her bra to liberate her perfect tits! As Damien tilts his head down to suck on the well-endowed pair, Maryse begins to breathe heavily! The saliva moistening her tits, only further gets her wet elsewhere. Mizdow enjoys every moment of the action, as he gently lathers the erect nipples of Maryse with his tongue. He continues to suck on the tits of Maryse before the blonde grows impatient and pushes his head down further! As much as Maryse loves her tits being sucked on, the tickle around her mounds only make her pussy too wet with excitement. An excitement that can' be contained. An excitement that shouldn't be contained...

Mizdow happily follows the downward trail, kissing her perfect abs before coming to a kneel between her legs! Damien collar and elbow grapples with the thong panties of Maryse before clawing at them and pushing the pair down to the French model's ankles! Not wanting her panties to go for the cover, the big tittied champion kicks out, punting the lace thong out of the vicinity! Nothing is going to keep her pussy from getting fucked tonight! Not an injured husband. Not The Ascension. Not a pair of panties. Nothing!

Maryse's beautiful, succulent pussy has but a heart of pubic hair hovering above it; probably in celebration of the past Valentine's holiday. Her savory juices only make her pussy all the more tantalizing to Mizdow, who drives his face into her vagina as if it were the top turnbuckle! Ever the aggressor, Maryse rubs her clit to further show off her tasty juices, garnering a taste of her French flavor before Mizdow himself begins to slurp on her pussy! With the brain of a genius, Maryse had to have known that Damien's head game would be top tier. The Sexiest of the Sexy displays her satisfaction by grabbing at her big tits while trembling profusely! As Mizdow continuously slides his tongue around the slippery real estate, Maryse gets a hold of the pattern, before continuously pushing her hips up at just the right moment; maximizing the peak of the skillful tongue of Mizdow against her cunt!

Maryse can audibly be heard breathing, while enjoy the tongue lashing that Sandow is giving her pussy. "Oi, Oi, FUCK!" can probably be heard by the unfortunate hotel neighbors, as Maryse uses one hand to clutch her beautiful locks of hair and the other to massage her well-rounded titties!

Before long, Maryse's moans and groans become not only louder but more consistent. The former glamour model can no longer dedicate any effort to her tits or hair, as her body is frozen in ecstasy. There is waterfall contained within her pussy, and it wants to exit soon! The demanding juices occupy Maryse's nervous system, causing her to only focus on cumming. Before long, the vocal cords of the multiple-time Playboy bunny are overcome by a loud 'FUCK' as a rush of juices exits her pussy! Cumming quicker than she could ever previously remember, Maryse licks her tongue and lips satisfied for the moment. Ever so generous, the former Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada now wants to reward her partner as she pushes him back with her feet.

The busty blonde wrestles past the belt of Miz before exposing his... wrestling trunks! Always seemingly ready for battle, Mizdow's wrestling trunks are stretched out beyond their utility and ripped into uselessness as Maryse takes no prisoners en route to dick! Maryse's already big, round eyes grow in diameter, immediately impressed with his size. "CE UNE GROSSE BITE!" Maryse happily tells herself. She may not be with an 'A-lister' but Maryse now knows why Damien always keeps 'dow' in his name. Hardened for war with Maryse's throat, the French fuck doll tugs on Damien's dick before slobbering over it and attempting to consume the length of it with her tongue!

Gagging following her failed attempt, the brief second of choking does not ward off the Sexiest of the Sexy, as she continues suck on the cock of her foe! Helping herself in the endeavor, Maryse grips around the base of Mizdow, yanking on it while containing it in her mouth, trying to conquer the dragon in front of her! Her yanking and pulling doesn't help her though, as her soft hands only make the dragon thicker, longer. Choking again on the cock, Maryse remains content with simply wrapping her tongue around the head of the dick! Mizdow does not seem to mind as his eyes are locked with the mesmerizing pair on Maryse. All the while sucking on his dick, Maryse does not remove her sexy glare into Mizdow's eyes. She stares deep into his soul all the while trying to suck out his future kin!

Her jaw growing sore rather quickly, Maryse decides to swallow Mizdow's dick via a different method. Pushing Damien onto his back, Maryse mounts onto the pelvic region of Mizdow. Damien hoists his member between the thighs of the busty blonde before pushing himself into her slot! Maryse is ambitious in getting fucked, as she completely consumes the cock with her pussy! Maryse moans with 'OW's at first, her pussy not used to being so overwhelmed. The Quebec native quickly adapts, and while she may not be from Texas, she quickly gets used to riding a horse. While she lacks a cowgirl hat, she does not lack in bounce as her tits jiggle upward and downward in tremendous fashion. The sounds of skin slapping and jerking against other skin are not the only audible noises as Maryse moans more (not so) French words: "PLUS VITE! FUCK! BAISEZ MOI! YOU BIG DICK SON OF A BITCH!"

Drowning in ecstasy, Maryse is thrown off guard by Mizdow, who goes for the reversal! Gently grasping onto Maryse, Damien pulls himself off of the couch and lays Maryse back first! The cock still dug in Maryse's pussy, Mizdow now controls the tempo! Not wanting to slow the pace, Mizdow pulls a majority of himself out before pistoning right back in, much to the delight of the busty babe in front o f him! Maryse can barely keep her eyes open as she gushes in pleasure! Utilizing her long, sexy legs, she wraps her ankles around the neck of Sandow, so that he may drive himself in deeper! After a few more moments of fucking, white fluids paint the penis of Mizdow! Not taking a break to celebrate capturing Maryse's cum, Mizdow simply uses her fluids as lubricant to help him pound the pussy at an even faster rate! "MMM OUI BABY! YEAH FUCK ME! MMMM LIKE THAT!" is heard from Maryse as her big tits flap upwards and downwards as her vagina gets wrecked!

Seeing the jugs bounce with ease, Mizdow has the sudden urge to pull out his cum covered cock and place it between her tits! Pulling Maryse to a kneel, the sexy blonde grabs her massive breasts in preparation for his cock! While getting tittyfucked, Maryse pulls her chin down while leaving her mouth open allowing the head of Mizdow's cock to pierce her lips at the conclusion of every pump! Not wanting evidence of rugburn on her knees, Mrs. Mizanin stands before grabbing Damien's dick and guiding him to the bedroom!

Now with both parties laying side to side, belly to back, Mizdow licks the neck of the former Divas champion before pulling her top leg upward and towards the lights! "OH OUI! FUCK! LIKE THAT!" is shouted as Maryse's pussy is spoon-fed dick! The pumps that come with fucking jolt the body of Maryse as she continues to moan, barely able to move as her body while pussy is getting trampled! "UHM, OH, MMMM... N'ARRETE PAS!" The duo continue to fuck like rabbits until Maryse lets out another moan of satisfaction, her juices of delight covering Mizdow's cock yet again!

Releasing excess juices that may have been holding her down, the buxom blonde now has the energy to pull herself to all fours! Reaching backward, Maryse grabs hold of the cock that has shut down her need for other non-sexual senses, before slapping the dick against her round ass! Her own fuck juices tattooed on her round cheeks, Maryse then guides the dick straight into her lather-filled cunt! Comfortable on all fours, Mizdow grips Maryse's ass for greater leverage as the blonde gets pumped doggystyle! "BAISEZ MOI! LIKE THAT WITH THAT BIG DICK! I LOVE IT YEAH!" screams Maryse as her pussy gets obliterated one thrust at a time! The human anatomy can only take so much before it shuts down, and Maryse, goes from all fours to dropping face first into the mat! The mattress can only soften so many of her moans, as she lifts her ass higher into the air, bending her body into an isosceles triangle! The intensity increases further as the pumps begin to really quicken in pace. The moans and shouts of 'FUCK' can not keep up with the dick fucking her into oblivion! Maryse helps her dwelling into ecstasy as she reaches back and fingers the same pussy occupied by Mizdow's dick!

Barely able to cram her fingers into her cunt, Maryse slaps her ass with other hand, leading to Mizdow spanking her as well! The smacks sounding louder than chops in the squared circle only further heap on sexual atmosphere! Her body going limp from all the dick she has received, Maryse massages her big tits once more before flopping back first onto the bed's mattress! Damien grips his wood like a lumberjack, before slapping against the heart-trimmed pussy of Maryse, which has a puddle contained within it! The pubic hair of the blonde has traces of Maryse's cum dried against it, and soon may have more of her love liquid splashed onto it! Teasing Maryse's cunt by rubbing his oversized cock against it, Mizdow reinserts himself into the former playmate's centerfold! Maryse giggles and audibly breathes as the cock digs into her pussy like never before! Overcome with cock, Maryse has no choice but to release once more! This time it isn't a simple cum leaving her pussy, it is a full-blown squirt, raining past the dick and all over the sheets! "OH FUCK YES! JE VIENS! YOU MOTHERFUCKER!" screams Maryse as she pats the remnants of fuck juices out of her pussy! Maryse falls back for one moment to completely enjoy herself, before licking her lips and knowing what she needs to do next.

Completely dehydrated of sexual fluids, Maryse grabs hold of Mizdow's stiff cock before stuffing into her mouth! Sucking on the dick like her life depended on it, Maryse greedily tugs and sucks on the dick in effort to remove the life stuck within Mizdow's ballsack! Thirsty for cum, Maryse orders Mizdow to oblige her between licks, "MMM ! FEED ME THAT FUCKING CUM!"

Mizdow takes a step back before allowing Maryse to yank on his dick with all her might! Hovering her mouth right near the tip of his dick, Mizdow buckles his knees before finally allowing the lifeforce to leave his penis!

Jet after jet after fucking jet pump out of Mizdow's penis and straight into Maryse's mouth! After completing his task and filling Maryse's mouth with his population, the naughty big tittied Mrs., swishes around the heavy load of ejaculate, savoring the flavor across her tongue before swallowing the substance with one fell gulp! Maryse wipes her lips with her fingers, garnering any excess cum before sucking on said fingers to claim every last drop! "JE ADORE LE GOUT DE VOTRE CUM"

The compliment is enough to send Mizdow falling to his side of the bed, overcome with exhaustion and fulfillment. Maryse's perfect body lays on top of his, in both delight and fatigue as well. The two pulsate in pleasure, now noticing the plethora of gifts that The Miz had in mind for his wife. Mizdow smirks, now knowing that while he may never main event WrestleMania, or be WWE Champion, he'll always have this memory. More than a personal assistant, more than a stunt double, Mizdow can forever remember himself as "The Replacement."

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