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The Return Of Chyna
by Duke Atreides (

She had been watching both "Raw" and "Smackdown". Those Divas had nothing on
her. She was the quintessential Diva: power, beauty and a magnificent set of
tits! She had been the enforcer for DX. She was a Women's Champion. She
was even the Intercontinental Champion! She was the first Diva! Sable was
afraid of her. Tori left out of fear of her. Before she had the chance to
beat up Nicole Bass and make her even uglier, she was gone. But it was time
to come back.

* * *


Wrestle Mania was about to get underway with all the Divas in attendance:
Dawn Marie, Torrie, Molly Holly and even Ivory. Before the show began,
Vince, Stephanie and Eric met to make a change to the Women's Championship
Match. Victoria was to face Trish Stratus in a "Hell in a Cell" match.
Vince stated he was making it the main event and wanted a Gauntlet Match.
The last woman standing would be declared the winner. But to make it even
better, he had a special deal with the cable carrier and a new sponsor.
They wanted the Gauntlet Match to have a special stipulation: The only way
to count a pin fall in the ring was to have your opponent have a full
fledge orgasm! The special referee assigned to the match was the lovely
Lita! Participating in the match was to be Terri, Trish Stratus, Molly
Holly and Jacqueline.

Victoria's music kicked in and the crowd went crazy as the reigning Women's
champ took to the ring. The trademark scowl on her face was there. She was
more than determined to make every Diva cum all over that ring. The first
to come was supposed to be Terri, the horny little she-devil but instead the
TitanTron began playing Chyna's music. Completely in shock at first, the
crowd then responded enthusiastically while Vince fumed in the back! He
didn't invite her to participate in the match but being that the fans were
wild for it, he let it go.

Chyna appeared on the stage wearing her trademark leather bikini, hi-heel
boots and biker gloves. The fans went crazy knowing the new stipulations for
the belt. If anybody could make the Divas cum in the middle of the ring, it
was the Ninth Wonder of the World!

Victoria, not intimidated by the former champ, vowed to make Chyna cum all
over that little leather bikini she sported. Chyna hit the ring only to be
met by a flurry from the reigning champ. Before Chyna knew what happen, she
was on her back in the center of the ring and her bikini unzipped with
Victoria kneeling down between her spread legs. An evil grin was on the
Champ's face as she roughly shoved two fingers into Chyna's cunt and pulled
up one leg for leverage. The Ninth Wonder felt her nipples getting hard and
her pussy getting wet. Kicking out of the pinning predicament, Chyna leapt
to her feet and threw her bikini bottoms directly in Victoria's face. Taking
the quick advantage, Chyna upended Victoria and held onto her legs. The
Ninth Wonder told the Champ she was going to find out why she was the Ninth
Wonder of the World. Chyna flipped Victoria up and into the turnbuckle.
Having the wind knocked out of her, Victoria turned around completely dazed.
The next thing she knew Chyna was ripping off her top with one hand then her
pants with the other. Taking Victoria's pert nipple into her hungry mouth,
Chyna put her opponent's legs up on the ropes. She then smacked Victoria
before planting a wet kiss on her. Sticking her tongue deep into the champ's
mouth, Chyna's strong fingers quickly found their way to Victoria's pouty
pussy lips. The next thing Victoria knew she was wet, very wet. The way the
leather rubbed against her stretching cunt was putting her on the brink of
the pinning orgasm. She tried to shake her head but she couldn't break
Chyna's iron kiss. Working her fingers deeper in Victoria, Chyna sensed
Victoria's breathing getting shorter. She had her! The first opponent was
down! Breaking the kiss, Chyna went in for the kill. With an excited and
wet Lita looking on, Chyna dropped to her knees and pressed her lips against
Victoria's clit. Sucking feverishly on it, Chyna inserted another finger.
Victoria tried desperately to push Chyna away as the first wave of her orgasm
started to wash over her. Her pussy started to convulse on Chyna's fingers
as she let go of a piercing scream showing her submission. Chyna pulled her
cum soaked fingers out of Victoria as she slid to the mat. Chyna stood up,
gloating and licking Victoria's cum off her fingers. Lita raised Chyna's
hand in victory!

Next, Molly's music was heard. The fans screamed. They all wanted to see
the vestal virgin writhing in a big orgasm in the center of the ring. Molly
hit the ring and tried to hit Chyna. Chyna blocked it and Irish whipped her
opponent into the ropes. Catching Mighty Molly, Chyna power slammed her in
the center of the ring. Holding onto one of Molly's thick thighs, Chyna used
her muscular fingers to rip out the crotch of Molly's tights. Before Molly
could try to kick out, two leather clad fingers found their way deep into
Molly's ever so tight pussy. The last thing Molly was, was a virgin.

At first, Molly started to enjoy the feel of Chyna's strong fingers plowing
her damp pussy. Then hearing the fans screaming for her to cum, Molly looked
up to see Chyna's moist cunt right above her face. As Chyna brought her
mouth down to bear on Molly, the Mighty One wrapped her arms around Chyna's
waist and started to lick and suck on Chyna's cunt as if her life depended on
it. It felt good to Chyna but she was determined not to enjoy it. Keeping
an arm around Molly's thigh, Chyna used her hand to slowly push one finger
into Molly's tight ass. Not expecting such a maneuver, Molly let go of a
loud gasp and couldn't concentrate on Chyna's delicious pussy.

Lita came close and intently watched the action. By now, her thong was
soaking wet and rubbing against her dripping pussy. Molly tried to raise her
head back up but the thrill of Chyna's fingers and hot tongue was too much to
bear. Lita watched as Molly's face flushed red and her breathing became
erratic. She tried to hold back but Chyna's tongue was just too much to
refuse. Her whole body started to quiver as Chyna ripped her fingers out of
Molly and clamped her mouth down over Molly's sopping cunt. Molly's head
thrashed from side to side as she tapped out. Lita signaled that Chyna had
won the round. The Ninth Wonder rose up and stood over Molly. Chyna leaned
over and stuck her cum covered gloves in Molly's mouth to let her taste her
own juices. The fans were deafening!

The TitanTron lit up. This time is was Jacqueline, the hellcat from Texas.
Chyna smiled. She really wanted to tear into that ebony pussy in the worst
way. And even better, Jacqueline had a great set of tits. She couldn't wait
to handle them.

Jacqueline hit the ring like a tornado. She took it to Chyna knowing Chyna
was a bit worn and weary. To her surprise, Chyna didn't go down and she
wasn't about to give up. Jacqueline whipped Chyna into the ropes and
countered with a toe drag. Chyna hit the mat with a loud thud. Before she
could recover, Jacqueline was quickly on top of her, her hands expertly
handling Chyna's muscular ass. With unexpected speed, Jacqueline's full
lips were all over Chyna's wet pussy. Molly had started something but she
didn't want to go down to Jacqueline-not when she was so close.

Chyna tried to kick out. She couldn't because of Jacqueline's strong legs
holding Chyna in place. What a on the fly submission hold! Jacqueline's
tongue found its way deeper into Chyna's moistening pussy. Chyna was feeling
her will starting to weaken. Shaking her head trying to block out the
impending orgasm, Chyna used her cabled arms to push herself up off the mat.
Catching Jacqueline unaware, the Ninth Wonder was able to roll Jacqueline
off her back. Chyna quickly rolled out of the ring to catch her breath as
Jacqueline, wiping Chyna's pussy juices off her lips, stalked her from inside
the ring. Lita got in front of Jackie and started the count. As Chyna
walked around the ring to clear her head, the fans at ringside enjoyed the
ripped ass and legs of Chyna.

Jacqueline backed off as Chyna climbed back into the ring. Lita ordered the
two combatants to continue. A collar-elbow hookup ensued. Jacqueline got
the upper hand with an armbar only to have Chyna reverse it into a sleeper
hold. Jacqueline tried to break it but Chyna was too strong. Jacqueline
was beginning to feel the sleepiness set in and was she becoming weak.
Chyna, feeling Jacqueline's resistance fading, dropped her to the mat with a
sleeping neck breaker drop. Once on the mat, Chyna locked her lips over her
opponent's luscious and full lips. Using her tongue to deeply probe
Jacqueline's sweet mouth, Chyna reached down with both hands and cupped
Jacqueline's full and hefty breasts. Still reeling from the sleeper hold,
Jacqueline felt Chyna's wet tongue over her hardening, black nipples. Tastes
like licorice, Chyna thought to herself. Jacqueline tried to fight back but
she couldn't shake off the neck breaker drop. She then felt Chyna's leather
clad hands reaching into her shorts, pushing them down her legs and the cool
air hitting her exposed pussy. Chyna positioned herself over Jacqueline's
midsection and held her legs up in the air. Craning her neck forward, the
Ninth Wonder went to work on the Texan. Although lightheaded, Jacqueline
felt a stirring down in between her legs. She never wanted to admit it but
she always had a thing for Chyna.

Lita leaned over in order to make the call. She was turned on by Chyna's
expert tongue all over Jacqueline's privates. Soon, pussy juices were
starting to drip down Jacqueline's tight buttocks. Increasing her speed
and pressure, Chyna wanted Jacqueline to cry out loud. The Texan tried to
reach up but the fire burning between her legs made her reach for her own
breasts. Taking her hefty bosom in her hands, she satisfied herself with
her tongue on her own hard nipples. Not wanting to give in, she signaled
to Lita and just let her orgasm overtake her. Lita signaled to indicate
Chyna was the winner.

Chyna stood up and ripped her top off to let her massive mammaries fall out
for all to see. She stood in the center of the ring with only her gloves
and boots on. Spitting out a curly pubic hair Chyna waited for her next

He didn't approve of her participation but Vince had gotten word that the
ratings were through the roof. He should have brought Chyna back sooner!

The Ninth Wonder of the World looked up at the TitanTron to see Trish's
entrance video begin. Making her way to the ring, Trish saw that Chyna was
breathing heavy and the inside of her thighs were glistening with her own
juices. She knew Chyna wouldn't be easy to defeat but she would have an
easier time than the other three. Trish rushed at Chyna with a clothesline
only to have Chyna duck under it. Turning back Trish got caught in a spine
buster. Chyna was going to enjoy her.

Chyna reached down and rip off Trish's top allowing all to see her
magnificent tits! The audience howled. They had been waiting a long time
to see that sight! Chyna picked Trish up off the mat by handful of blond
hair. Trish tried to rally but missed the right hand to Chyna's head. The
Ninth Wonder grabbed Trish in a killer bear hug. She held Trish in such a
way that Trish couldn't raise her arms to break the hold. But she felt where
her body was against Chyna's naked, buff body. She started to grind her hips
against Chyna, her crotch against Chyna's. The Ninth Wonder tried to tighten
the hug but she couldn't. Trish had managed to move her head to face Chyna.
Planting a series of kisses against Chyna's grimacing mouth, she finally
managed to push her tongue into Chyna's mouth. Chyna was not going to be
dissuaded and turned the tables on Trish. She took Trish's tongue deep into
her own mouth and sucked on it, pulling Trish's crimson lips against her own.
Chyna could feel Trish's nipples stiffening against her flesh. She was

Chyna broke the grip and let Trish fall to her knees. In an unprecedented
move, Chyna grabbed Trish's head and pushed it into her pussy. She ordered
Trish to eat her and to do it right. Trish, a bit dazed and completely
confused, began to eat Chyna out determined to make Chyna cum so she could
be the champ. Lita, at a lost for words, watched as Chyna was enjoying
Trish's probing and roaming tongue. Then being bold, Chyna grabbed Lita
with her other hand and forced her to her knees and made her join Trish.
Enjoying the two tongues slathering her pussy, Chyna was on the verge.
Cutting it close, Chyna pushed Lita away and picked Trish up off her knees
with a handful of blonde hair. Placing her mouth on Trish's wet mouth,
Chyna tasted her juices. She ordered Trish to take off her tights and her
boots and get ready to cum like she never had before. Not wanting to,
Trish's hands moved of their own volition. She remembered from watching
backstage how Chyna made Jacqueline, Victoria and even Molly cum all over
themselves. Stripping herself completely naked, Trish stood there in
Chyna's grasp and under Chyna's lurid smile.

The Ninth Wonder of the World lowered her head to Trish's perky and perfect
right titty and tongued the rock hard pink nipple. A moment later Chyna
sucked it completely into her mouth making Trish moan aloud. Chyna's warm
mouth on her hard nipple made her legs weak and her knees almost buckle.
Lita had moved into position to see if Trish would submit with an orgasm.
Before she knew what was happening, Chyna used her free hand to grab Lita
by a handful of red hair and pushed her face towards Trish's other tit.
The special referee opened her mouth and took Trish's boob into her mouth.
Using her tongue stud to caress Trish's nipple, the last challenger felt a
fire starting to ignite in her. Lita couldn't help herself. She wrapped
her arm around Trish's torso and continued to suck on the dazed blonde's
sweet tasting tit. Chyna managed to shake the glove off her free hand and
ran her hand all over Trish's blonde bush and over the wet lips of her pussy.
Using her forefinger Chyna pushed against Trish's hard, hard clit. Moans of
utter joy escaped Trish's lips. Between Lita's tongue stud and Chyna
fingering her burgeoning clit, Trish was on the verge of completely passing
out. Expertly replacing her forefinger against Trish's lovebud with her
thumb, Chyna inserted two fingers roughly into Trish. The juices started
seeping out of her, sliding down her creamy thighs. Trish's legs gave out
on her. The pleasure was too much but she couldn't fall, she was being held
up by Lita.

Letting go Trish's hair Chyna fell to her knees in front of Trish. Keeping
her fingers deep in Trish, Chyna began to lick all over Trish's inner thighs,
lapping up all the juices that trickled out of her. The Ninth Wonder reached
up and pushed Lita away allowing Trish to fall forward onto her opponent.
Chyna reached around and took Trish's tight buttocks into her hands and
spread her cheeks. She then lowered her head and hungrily started to eat out
Trish's hot, wet pussy. Trish tried to fight Chyna off but the iron grip
on her buttocks kept her in the perfect position for the crowning orgasm.
Chyna's tongue kept digging deeper and deeper into Trish's yielding pussy.
The heady scent of the lusty blonde drove Chyna crazy forcing her to insert
a finger deep inside Trish's ass. Trish shook her head trying to keep from
submitting. She even bit down on her lip to keep herself from cumming all
over Chyna's exploring mouth. Lita put herself in position as Trish placed
her hands on Chyna's head. Her fingers entwined themselves in Chyna's dark
hair, pushing her face deeper into her own saturated cunt.

Taking gulping breaths, Trish tried to hold back but she couldn't. Her
ivory ass cheeks spasmed, her thighs tightened around Chyna's head. From
the front to the back, from her head to her curling toes, Trish's whole body
enjoyed the experience. When she fell forward onto Chyna, Lita signaled for
the bell. Rising up from her knees, the new champ let Trish fall to the mat.
The crowd almost took the roof off the Skydome.

Standing over her fallen rival, Chyna had her hand raised by Lita. As the
referee handed Chyna the belt, the champ grabbed Lita and powerbombed her
to the mat. Chyna reached down and yanked off her pants revealing the
cum-soaked red thong. The Ninth Wonder then flipped her over and soundly
spanked each of Lita's fleshy ass cheeks. Once they were both crimson from
Chyna's stern hand, the Ninth Wonder pushed aside the wringing wet thong
aside. Clamping her mouth over Lita's drenched pussy, Chyna signaled for
the bell for her first title defense.

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