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The Return Of Frosty: Obsession
by Jonathon Sprague (

Mickie James, the princess of obsession, stands all alone tonight. Just
mindlessly staring at her reflection in the mirror of a near by beauty
station set up backstage. The spunky little diva had her share of heartbreak
lately, Trish Stratus tells her she's had enough of her "overprotective"
antics, saying she was too much. How dare Trish deny Mickie's love for her.
Mickie wasn't a psycho. She wasn't obsessive. Was she? Nah. She couldn't be.
That little poser bitch Ashley had no idea what she was talking about. Sure
she was a bit passionate. But calling her a psycho was such a lie. She was
so sure there was going to be nothing standing in the way of her undying
love for Trish Stratus. Unfortunately she was wrong. Trish left her out in
the cold and eventually broke her heart. So now as she stands in the mirror
staring at the brokenhearted reflection in the mirror. She wondered what made
her fall for Trish in the first place. She wasn't that great of a diva.
Mickie was much more talented and much more beautiful that Trish ever would
be. And it was time she moved on, and let go of her love for the Canadian
diva. Time she set her eyes on something more... Profound. Something much
more interesting. Maybe a new playmate to love and to hold... Maybe someone
as caring and passionate as herself But first she wondered... Who the hell
was this coming up behind her?! No one passes through her personal without
identifying themselves first. He looked familiar to her though. She just
couldn't quite place her finger on it. Mickie turns around and stops him dead
in his tracks. Her usually bubbly personality shined through as she placed
her hands on his broad chest, bouncing around with a devious smile on her
pristine face.

Mickie: Hi. I'm Mickie James. Although I'm sure you knew that. Since I've
been the greatest women's champion of all time. Much greater than my former
idol, Trish Stratus. I haven't seen you around here much. You would be who?

Jonathon would be making his way through the hallways now, the young man
who went by the persona of Frost was one very successful wrestler in the
wrestling world, winning numerous bouts but sticking mainly to the Indy
scene, he had now just finished up a match in that ring, one where he went
out there and won it after delivering the Ice Cold onto his unlucky opponent.
He would be surprised when he felt the hands of the diva place upon his
chest, the ice blue hues now looking straight into the eyes of Mickie James.

Jonathon: Well, I am still new to this place, the name is Jonathon or people
better know me as Frost, I just got done with a match inside of the ring so
maybe that is why I look so familiar to you now, but I know who you are
Mickie, I have watched you on the television, seen you capture belts, also
seen your own little fascination with Trish Stratus which was one of the
weirder things but still somehow pretty hot.

A small chuckle now escaped the lips of the man as he continued to look into
the eyes of the female before him, her hands remained planted on his chest as
he would reach forward and place one of the hands of his upon her shoulder
giving it a squeeze now.

Jonathon: And what do I owe the pleasure of the great diva standing before
me, why is Mickie James stopping out of everyone she could be talking to, why
did she stop me now?

Waiting to hear what she would say now as a small smirk was on his lips,
cracking his neck as some sweat begin to drop down his chest from the
aftermaths of his match, the eyes watching her closely, even taking a
chance to peek at her very fine upper body, almost staring. Mickie kept
her eyes on the strapping young man before her. He was quite a looker she
must admit, and there was something about him that was drawing her in
right now. The guy obviously had good taste. Mickie wanted to keep her
hands right where they were. But she wasn't sure long it'd go unnoticed.
And he was sweet talking her already. Telling her she was a great diva.

Mickie: Frost, huh? Mind if I call you Frosty? Anyway, I stopped you

Mickie really didn't have much of a reason other than to put a name to the
face. But she had to think on her toes... Trish was really good at thinking
on her toes... Okay whatever. Think Mickie think. She pushed herself away
from him a bit, her eyes traveled up his sweaty... very arousing physique...
to his very entrapping ice blue eyes. She found herself getting lost in them.
Wake up James... this is no time to fawn over this very hot, very talented
wrestler standing before you. Her weasely grin was replaced by pouty lips,
and puppy dog eyes. She couldn't think of anything so as the old saying goes
honesty was the best policy.

Mickie: ...because I wanted to know your name. I mean, I wanted to know who
you really are? Did Trish send you here to apologize or something because you
seem kind of shifty. And if she did it's not working. I will not take her
back. Her place is gone forever in my heart. How's that?!

The spunky diva thought she might be getting a little carried away here.
She'd seen Trish be so confident and sure of herself, it almost came off
cocky. She hoped she wasn't going to scare him away now.

Jonathon: Whoa now Mickie, just try to calm down a little bit now and listen
for me just a bit, I just told you I was coming back from my match, you see
that is why I am all sweaty now and I haven't even had the chance of meeting
Trish Stratus yet so of course she couldn't come and send me back here for an
apology. I am sorry if I have angered you at all now but you were the one who
stopped me if I am not mistaken and I do not mind if you call me Frosty, I am
use to that.

He let out a small chuckle now as he looked straight into the eyes of the
female now, she had scared him a little but he saw what she could do when her
mind was set to something and hopefully she would have her mind set on him
now as he continued to look into her eyes.

Jonathon: You know I am shifty because I have seen your past now, you seem to
get a emotional and crazy at times and I was hoping you wouldn't hurt me much
but if Trish is out of your heart now maybe you need someone else you can
idolize, maybe someone else who is more on your level, someone that would
show you some love unlike Trish now Mickie? I know a person who you could do
that too.

He continued to look into her eyes, stepping closer now as he saw the puppy
dog face and it was simply adorable now as he chuckled and watched her

Jonathon: Maybe your problem is that you are focusing on the wrong gender,
maybe you should spend your time and effort trying to woo a male?

A guy? She never really thought about it. I mean sure, guys were hot. But
there was something about the touch of another woman that just really got
to her. Although, when she thought about it. Mickie never really had a
boyfriend. Heck, she never really let any guy touch her. But he had a point,
she wasn't being very open-minded about him nor his species. So Mickie
stepped closer into him. Gosh He was so cute.

Mickie: You know... you do make a good point, Frosty. I haven't exactly let
go of Trish. And I don't think any of the other girls around here like me
very much. They're all jealous of me really. So I want to give this loving
a boy thing a shot. So... why not start with you? I watched your match a
little and I have to admit. You're really good.

She began to traces her fingers over the flesh on his forearms on up his well
toned arms, as she looked up into his eyes with her honey brown eyes just
sparkling with admiration. She'd only just met Jonathan. But she really
really started to like him. No one had been as honest with her as he was. And
he was gorgeous.

Jonathon: Well I was hoping you would say that now Mickie, even though I know
how you can get at times, acting a little crazy, a little overprotective, I
was hoping that you would choose to do that now, you would do that for me
because I would like a female who would do that, a female who can show love
like that now Mickie and I was hoping you would do that.

A smile was now on his face as he looked into her eyes now, moving closer
as he would lean his head down, the lips of his pressing into the mouth of
Mickie James, giving her a hard kiss on the lips, the tongue now slipping
into her mouth and rubbing against her tongue just slightly before pulling

Jonathon: Well if you have seen me in the ring then, then you know there is
a finisher I have that I do because I have watched you before, your jump
spinning plant DDT, that is what I use as a finisher too and I am glad you
think I am good in the ring because I love watching you wrestle, I just love
your style and not to mention those skirts.

He smirked as he would now stick his tongue out to her as he looked around
this place, stepping forward so the front of his muscular chest would now rub
up against her upper body.

Jonathon: I will give you a choice though, we can either go to your locker
room, or me and you can go down to the practice ring, where would you like to
have fun at now, sexual wrestling in the ring or just some mindless fun in
the locker room.

He chuckled as he looked straight into her eyes now, the young man now
waiting to hear how she would respond, what she would say to his offer he now
had presented to her. Blushing at the mere thought of the naughty little
holds she could put on him in that practice ring... She licked her full lips,
as a maniacal smile graced her baby doll face. The spunky little brunette
wasted no time in taking him by the hand and running as fast as she could
back to her locker room... it was closer. And she wanted him right then right
now. If there hadn't been people in that hallway she would have taken him
right then and there. She'd never felt such emotions for a man before. Mickie
James ran as fast as her thick little legs could carry her down that hallway
into her locker room, dragging Jonathan behind her. She pulled him into the
room, slamming Jonathan against the door and locking it. No one was going to
interrupt her and her new found obsession. She was craving everything about
him. His love... and more importantly his flesh. She licked lips as she
jumped into his arms, and crushed her mouth hard against his. Devouring his
mouth with a kiss so rough and passionate it made her wonder if she was
coming on too strong. He would be caught surprise after being dragged through
the hallways quickly, barely dodging any of the people before he went into
her locker room, she slammed the door shut and then slammed him hard against
the wall before jumping into his arms and by instinct the young man would
catch her and begin to return the rough passionate kiss as he smirked and
looked into the eyes of hers, breaking the kiss after a few seconds and
looking straight into her eyes, his hands now resting at her ass giving it a
small squeeze as he carried her to the couch now.

Jonathon: Wow so intense now Mickie, I can tell that I am going to be your
new obsession now.

The young man smirked as he would back away from her as she was in the couch,
taking the side of his shorts and slowly pulling them down now, a small part
of his scent was now filling the nose of the obsessed diva as she could see
a large tent in his pants, it looked like a good 10 inches long and pretty
thick too, he was pretty packed downstairs as he smirked now.

Jonathon: I know you probably have had fun with Trish so I want to do
something for you, lift up that skirt and pull your panties to the side, I
am going to taste that pussy of yours and then you can tell me who is better
at that me or Trish.

He smirked as he wanted to see, he wanted to open up now gateways with her,
he wanted to show her a new side of pleasure.

Mickie: Of course you're my new obsession Frosty.

Just staring at his package made her pussy ache... she wanted it now. Mickie
did as Frost asked. She lifted her skirt up above her hips, spread her thick,
succulent looking thighs wide apart. Mickie was incredibly flexible, she was
sure he already knew that, but she wanted show him how much better it was
seeing it up close.

Mickie: Spread them like this?

The spikes of her white heels dug into the leather of the couch, and just
getting lost in those sexy blue eyes caused her matching white panties to get
soaking wet.

Jonathon: Oh yeah Mickie, sexy girl, just like that. I want you to tell me
how I do after I give you a mind blowing orgasm.

The young wrestler watched her seeing those wet panties of hers a s he would
begin to get closer to her, lifting up her skirt as he would give her perfect
ass a slap before taking the panties of hers and pulling them down so they
rested on the ground, immediately the young man would lean forward, taking in
the smell of the diva before him before extending his tongue outwards as he
would begin a nice gentle licking of the outside of her walls, teasing her at
first before slipping the tongue inside of her, letting the tip of his tongue
begin to hit her inner walls tasting her juices upon his lips.

Mickie: Uh huh. Of course I will, Frosty.

Mickie arched her back and let out a loud sigh of relief, letting go of
herself as the high strung diva allowed Frost's wild tongue to enter her
warm, hungry pussy. Miss James purred as his lively tongue explored her
sugary sweet walls. He was good, he'd only just begun, and already Frost
was showing much more promise and pleasure than Trish had ever given her.
She closed her eyes and began to give into his hypnotic expertise. He
smiled as she would begin to respond to the pleasure he was now putting
forth toward making the little over emotional diva feel good and to show
that guys could be just as nice as girls. The tongue of his now beginning
to push in and out of her just a bit faster, the tip gathering in the
juices that spewed from her as he loved the sugary sweet taste to them,
letting out a small moan as the vibrations would now begin to rock her
body, the young wrestler would even move up to her clit now, his tongue
withdrawn from her pussy as it now paid attention to her clit, flicking
it before leaning down and nibbling on it lightly, his hands idly moving
up and groping those huge breasts of hers through her top as he continued
to put forth the pleasure on her clit trying to make her feel good and she
did taste good too. The tiny diva used her soft hands to grab onto
Jonathan's head. Mickie was letting go of herself, losing control of that
curvaceous body. Frosty's big, strong hands massaging her perfectly perky
breasts sent chills down her spine. That's if the devouring of her pussy
wasn't making her give into her new lover. Her body rocked, as his tongue
hit every single hot spot within her walls. And his thick tongue moving up
to her clit only heightened the pleasure. Mickie's soft cries only seemed
to make Jonathan want her explore her body more and more. She could sense
her love wanting nothing more than to surrender herself. And he knew exactly
how to make her do it. She writhed in pleasure, her moans getting louder and
louder by the moment. Her tiny fingers raking through that gorgeous head of
hair. She squealed as she felt the pressure of a hot, uncontrollable orgasm
rising up through her body.

Mickie: Oooh Frosty! Fuck me with that nice, big tongue of yours. You are
so much better than Trish ever will be.

Hearing that now would make the big man surprised at first, he really didn't
do much and he had already proven how much a guy can give pleasure and now
she was on the verge shortly, his hands remained on her breasts, playing with
those nice perfect perky orbs on her chest, squeezing them in his hands as
his tongue would now do as she wanted, his attention moving off of her clit
once more and now the tongue of his would begin to fuck the psycho diva,
moving in and out of her rather fastly, he would now begin to tonguefuck the
diva and he knew that she was enjoying this very much, the tongue continued
to slam in and out as he also played with her breasts and nipples, trying to
get the diva to cum already and he still hasn't removed his boxers. Mickie
was on the verge of giving him a mouthful of her creamy pussy juices. She
grew addicted to his every motion. Jonathan's professional tongue grew so
wild Mickie wasn't sure how much more of this she could handle. She tossed
her back and let out a loud groan. She felt the pressure rise higher and
higher. She bit down on her body lip as her body bucked back against his
tongue working its way in and out of her tasty wet pussy. She knew she
couldn't hold on much longer. Her climax was just about there.

Mickie: I'm going to cum Frosty. Oh god I'm going to cum right now.

Hearing the way she talked and he knew that he was about to give her the
maximum pleasure she could receive at one time with only his tongue brought
a better feeling to his body, when she announced the news that she would be
losing control soon enough, that would be what would make him drive and stab
that tongue of his in deeper into that wet pussy of hers, what would cause
the fucking his tongue was giving her to move rougher inside of her even
scraping against her walls, his hands reaching up and groping those large
perky breasts squeezing them hard as the tongue continued to fuck her, the
juices splashing his tongue wanting her to climax for him. The diva's body
rocked against his tongue as she felt the pressure hit. The groping... his
tongue fucking the hell out of her tight little pussy... it was too much.

Mickie: Fuck! I'm cumming!!! I'm cumming!!

And Mickie let out a loud squeal, letting her gooey pussy cream loose into
his mouth. Mickie struggled hard to capture her breath, as his tongue lapped
up her juices. The tongue would continue to work a few seconds after she had
reach her climax, taking in all of her creamy juices on his tongue now before
pulling his head back, a small panting sound of his heard now as he smirked
and looked into the eyes, wiping his mouth from any excess cream that may
have gotten onto it from the naughty psycho diva as he sat down on the couch,
his hard cock sticking straight up into the air in the boxers of his.

Jonathon: You taste great, so tell me now, what does my little psycho have
planned next?

He smirked hoping she wouldn't get too offended from the last comment he
made, his back dug into the leather couch wondering what she would say or
what actions she will do next. Mickie had been tired of hearing that word
lately. But right now, she didn't care. He could have said she was the
biggest psycho ever and she wouldn't have cared. She wanted more of him.
She wanted to make her love feel good. Mickie didn't say a word, she sat
up from the couch and hopped on to her knees. She went straight for his
boxers, clawing her way at them.

Mickie: I want you to feed me this big cock. I want to taste you Frosty.

The eccentric little diva was seeing a whole new side of herself. Frost
brought out something she never knew existed. She rolled back on her calves
and pulled his boxers down off his hips. She was mesmerized by his amazing
dick. She'd never seen anything like it. She had to have it inside her, in
one way or another.

Mickie: Feed me Frosty. Feed me.

He never knew that this side of Mickie existed now, seeing her on her knees
in front of him always been one of the dreams of his as he let out a groan
now, a smirk on his face as she just stared at the cock that was free for a
few seconds, hearing her taunting for that cock, like she really wanted it
badly and he would oblige her by nodding his head, the young wrestler playing
with her beautiful hair now before taking the head of his cock and placing it
at her lips, he would now begin to let her have a taste of he would assume
was her first real cock, moving her head up and down slowly before his hands
gripped the hair and he would now begin to thrust in and out of her mouth and
throat, feeding her all of the big cock. Mickie relaxed her throat muscles to
swallow every inch of his yummy cock. For her first real penis, it was
actually much better than she thought. But she loved everything about her new
obsession. He grabbed onto her long, luscious brown locks and forced his dick
deep into her mouth. Making her bob back and forth on it, he tasted so good.
Sucking on his big cock, was turning her on like she never imagined before.
So the small diva spread her thick thighs and slid her hand into her moist
snatch, grinding her fingers onto her clit. She slurped and sucked on Frost's
cock, imagining she was doing something knew Trish Stratus would never be
capable of. She wanted to make Frost drop to his knees, give him something
he'd never quite had before. Just as he'd given her. Mickie used her freehand
to play with his balls, massaging them carefully. Trying not to get to
anxious and hurt him.

Jonathon: Oh yeah Mickie, that feels so good, keep playing with those balls
now like a good little psycho girl.

He smirked to her before a loud groan would now come out of the mouth of the
young wrestler, with her hands playing with his balls and her suction on his
cock, it would cause him to feel some great pleasures, his knees shaking just
a little bit as he would continue to thrust in and out of her mouth, slamming
the cock of his deep into her mouth and throat letting it invade it, she was
doing a great job for someone who never had a real penis before as he saw her
touching herself now and smirked, his hands pulling roughly at her hair real
fast temporarily pulling her from his cock.

Jonathon: You like the taste of this cock, I am your new idol aren't I, you
are going to worship me like Trish huh, anything for a nice big tasty cock
for my psycho diva?

Mickie couldn't answer her master, his cock was filling up her pretty little
mouth. She groaned against his cock, the vibration, created at gagging effect
around his cock. She flicked her tongue over the head of his sweet dick every
time he jerked her head back. She wanted to tell him to feed her more. She
looked up into his eyes as he looked down into hers. She wanted to know if
his cum would be as yummy as his cock was tasting right now. She wanted to be
the greatest girl to ever put her lips around his beautiful big cock. So she
forced his cock deeper down her throat and slid her tongue out of her mouth
and traced his balls with the tip of her tongue. This trick was new to her...
but she wondered what it would do to him. Watching as she slammed her head
down on his cock now, when she reached the bottom the tongue would begin to
lick his balls as he would let out a large groan, this was a first for him as
he never met anything with the skill that Mickie is showing right now, his
groan would now ring out through the room as he would slam his cock in and
out of her throat faster showing that he was closer on the edge then she may
think, a few more bobs with her tongue touching his balls would be enough for
the young wrestler, his hands grasping her brown locks and forced her head
down on his cock, his cock twitching inside of her mouth as he would now
begin to cum, the white cream now shooting out into her mouth and throat.

Jonathon: Oh yeah, I hope my cum tastes good Mickie.

Mickie didn't want to stop. She swallowed every inch of his tasty cum. She
pulled back and traced her tongue over his still fully erect penis. She
teased him a bit playing with his cock, rubbing it back and forth between
her lips. She licked the head to taste his gooey goodness. The over anxious
Mickie looked up at her master.

Mickie: I want more. Give me more, Frosty. I promise to be yours forever.
You are the greatest ever, Frosty.

Jonathon: Well thank you , it is nice to know that in the eyes of Mickie
James, I will be even greater then her idol Trish Stratus, how about we try
something else now, I know you never had a cock before but would you like to
feel it inside of you now, would you like to get a nice fucking from a guy

He smiled to her, the young man had a smirk on his face as he cracked his
neck, the ice blue hues of the young wrestler, this man in his prime and
ready for some more action looked straight into her eyes, the cock still
erect, still looking some fun.

Mickie: Okay, Mr. Frosty. I'll do anything for you.

Mickie James was in awe of him. Jonathan was something else, they hadn't even
fucked yet and already she felt like he had rocked her world. She leaped into
his strong arms, kissing him with a fiery passion that would have put all
others to shame.

Mickie: I want you to fuck me like you've never fucked any other woman

Jonathon: Okay then Mickie, my little crazy diva, I will give you a fucking
you will never forget.

The young man smirked as he felt the lips of hers press down onto his mouth,
he would return the kiss with just as much passion before holding her in his
arms as he sat down upon the leather couch now, dropping her down onto his
hard cock, his hands on her hips beginning to bounce her up and down his cock
letting her feel the length inside of her for the first time as he lets out a
huge groan. This was amazing. Mickie closed her eyes as Jonathan's big cock
filled her tight little pussy. He stretched out her walls quite nicely,
making her whimper as she bit down of her lower lip. Her first real dick was
making her wonder why she hadn't thought of this sooner. She allowed him to
control her hips and she threw her arms around his neck bringing her pussy
down harder onto with each bounce. She pulled her body in as close as
possible, crushing her mouth against his. Her cries of pleasure rang through
out the room.

Mickie: Oh shit this is so good. You're the best Frosty. Oh god, you're the
fucking best.

Jonathon: Oh yeah Mickie, this feels so good, your pussy is so tight, you are
my crazy psycho girl, I can't believe Trish wouldn't want any of this now.

He groans as he kisses her with passion, his eyes shutting as he would
continue to bounce her adding in some thrusts upwards into her tight pussy,
his hands moving underneath her t-shirt and begin to grope her large perky
breasts now.

Jonathon: Can you beg Mickie, I want to her the psycho girl of mine beg or
even more degrade herself, can you do that for your new idol.

He groans as he continues to pick her up and slam her down on his rock hard

Mickie: Please be mine... Love me... Fuck me, Frosty. Please for me?! Please
don't stop fucking me! Do whatever you want... I can take it.

Mickie cocked her head back as she pleaded for her new obsession to do what
he wanted with her. The spunky little psycho moaned louder the harder his
cock rammed into her little pussy. Her nails began to dig into his broad
shoulders, as she worked her little pussy up and down that cock.

Jonathon: Well, since you want me to do whatever I want now Mickie, I think
I shall do this my crazy little girl.

The young man smirked as he would quickly shift positions, the hands of the
former women's champion were placed upon the leather couch and now he was
behind her, the head of his cock no longer rubbed against her pussy now but
her ass, she said she could handle it huh? Well it is about time to find out
as he would now slam forward letting the huge girth of his cock begin to
invade her tight asshole, his hands reaching around to grope her breasts.

Jonathon: How.... about..... that Mickie?

Mickie: Oh my god!

The diva screamed out loud as his cock filled her asshole. She gripped the
leather couch as if her life depended on it. He thrust that big cock in and
out of her asshole like there was no tomorrow. She wasn't so sure if she
could take much more of this. But she told her master she could handle it.
And handling that big cock is what she was going to do.

Mickie: Oh yeah Frosty. I'm loving this.

The tiny diva's body rocked back and forth through the motions. The flesh
from her ass felt good when it slapped back up against Frost's.

Mickie: Oh FUCK!!! Harder!!

Hearing her scream like that kind of took him by surprise at first now as
his rock hard cock would now begin to slam in and out of her tight asshole
impaling her on his large dick, his eyes would shut as pleasure coursed
through his body, he felt really good right now as he would do as she
requested and begin to fuck her harder and rougher, his hands moving and
spanking her ass with his left hand, the right hand slapping her breasts
lightly as he groaned now and just continue to plow away at that tight
asshole of hers.

Jonathon: Oh yeah this feels so good, you like this nice big cock, you like
guys a lot more now don't you psycho?


Mickie was giving into him. Everything she said she would never do was
crumbling by the moment. She bounced backwards against his big dick. She
clawed at the leather couch, and flipped her hair back.

Mickie: Pull my hair and make me a real woman!

This woman was starting to be rather aggressive now as he groans loudly, the
pleasures kept flooding through his body as he continued to enjoy this right
now, reaching forward as he continue to thrust sharply into that tight
asshole of hers, his hands moving and grasping the hair of the diva as she
would begin to regain some control of the situation as she begin to direct
him in what to do, his hard cock continued to plunge in and out of her tight
anal opening as he roughly pulled her hair and it felt like he would pull
the hair out from her head if he did it any harder as he groaned loudly.
Enjoying the sweet pain from her master, Mickie wasn't sure how much longer
she was going to be to hold out. His sweet dick was making her really lose
it. Mickie let out a loud scream. She could feel her hot sticky cum building
up within her pussy. So she screamed at Frost.

Mickie: I'm going to cum! FUCK yeah fuck me harder, Frosty!

It seemed like this female was full of energy and spunk and he knew that, he
didn't think that should would actually last this long with her first real
cock as he continue to slam hard into her ass, his pulling roughly on her
hair would cause him to get more force behind the thrusts really slamming
that cock into her tight asshole, balls slapping against those thick full
thighs of hers.

Jonathon: Oh yeah Mickie, I am about to cum again too.

Mickie: Oh SHIT!

Mickie couldn't take it much more. The fucking Frost was giving her was out
of this world. The pressure was rising to the point where she couldn't take
it anymore. Mickie’s little pussy exploded with a hot gooey mess. She wanted
her love to fill her tiny asshole full of his hot sticky load. Hearing her
and he knew that it only meant one thing and that was that he had taken her
and brought her over the edge, the cock pounding roughly into her asshole as
he groaned loudly not too long after she orgasmed the young wrestler would
beginning to feel the effects too, his pace starting to falter, the sweat
dripping down her body as a loud groan now escaped his lips, before he knew
it, he would bury his cock all the way into her tight asshole before losing
control, now shooting his hot cum into her asshole as he held her in place
so she can accept it. Mickie squirmed beneath Frost. She groaned as he let
loose his sweet man-juice into her beautiful asshole. What a rush. Her body
grew limp after that little work out... she lay breathless against the
leather couch.

Mickie: Oh wow, Frosty. That was unbelievable. I can't believe we just did
that. Anything else in store for you sexy little psycho?

Mickie turned to kiss his sweet lips once more, wondering if she'd done
everything right. Feeling the sweet kiss upon his lips as he would return it
with just as much passion now before breaking it, the ice blue hues of the
young wrestler now looked into her eyes as he cracked his neck, his arms
wrapped around her body as he laid down with her on the couch.

Jonathon: Well is there anything else you would like to try yourself now

He had given her the option to let her decide now, a smile on face waiting
to hear what she was going to say or what she had planned if anything as the
scene would fade out.

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