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The Return Of Kelly's Expose Part 1: Black In Business
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at an ECW on SCI-FI television taping, Elijah Burke, ECW's hot,
black hybrid-wrestling specialist, is walking through the backstage hallways,
wearing a black warm up jacket and black warm up pants. "Tonight, the world
is going to see the full Elijah Experience...." Elijah says with a confident
grin on his face as he comes to a special filming area that has been set up.
"Whoa... what in the world is this?" Elijah asks as he looks at the set up
which looks almost like a small stage found in most gentlemen's clubs. Elijah
folds his arms as he tries to figure out what it's for when ECW's adorable
Extreme Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly comes walking up behind him.

The Extreme Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly bites on her bottom lip as she lowers
her head shyly "Ummm...excuse me...I need to get through..." Kelly softly
states as Elijah Burke slightly blocks her path. Kelly Kelly is dressed in
a short light blue skirt and a light blue bikini top.

Elijah turns to look at Kelly, "Right..." Elijah says as he steps slightly to
the left in order to let Kelly pass. "Any idea what's this set up is for?
Looks like something for some stripper...." The hot rookie Extremist says as
he looks back at the unique set.

Kelly cutely blushes as she walks past Elijah and steps up to the small stage
setup backstage before she turns around to face the rookie Extremist "Well...
it's for me..." Kelly says with a cute and slightly excited smile as she
places her hands against her smoothly, rounded tanned hips as the adorable
ECW Vixen looks directly at the hot black stud.

"For you?" Elijah raises an eyebrow, "Whoa.... hold on a minute... why is
this for you? You ain't a stripper...." Elijah says as he puts his hands on
his hips as he looks at the hot nineteen year old Vixen.

Kelly Kelly lowers her head and shyly blushes "But...I'm an Exhibitionist...
and I just love taking off my clothes..." Kelly says softly before she pauses
and glances back up at Elijah Burke and gives him a soft smile "And...well...
since Mike dumped me...well tonight...I'm going to announce that Kelly's
Expose is coming back..." Kelly says as she nods her head cutely.

"Kelly's Expose?" Elijah raises an eyebrow, "What the hell is that? And
what does it have to do with that slow idiot dumping you?" Elijah asks, not
knowing completely about Kelly's Expose due to him being on SmackDown most
of the year.

Kelly scrunches her nose up cutely and scratches the back of her adorable
blond-haired head "You...don't know what Kelly's Expose is?" Kelly innocently
asks as she slightly lowers her head and frowns a bit.

"I know you're Kelly... I know an Expose is some kind of display... but I
don't know about Kelly's Expose.... if I did, would I be asking?" Elijah asks
with a cocky attitude, "So... what is it?"

Kelly gently presses her lips together " see...I just love taking
off all my clothing..." Kelly begins to say with a soft laugh "And...what I
love more then it off...for the great ECW fans..."
The adorable Kelly Kelly replies as she slowly drifts her soft, innocent eyes
down to the crotch of Elijah's black warm-up pants.

"Showing it off?" Elijah raises an eyebrow as he seems interested in what
Kelly explained, "So... what do you do to show it off?" Elijah asks as he
casually starts checking Kelly out and licking his lips.

Kelly playfully bites down on her bottom lip "Well..." Kelly scrunches nose
up "I you."

Elijah smiles a bit, "All right then Kelly.... show me what you mean...."
Elijah says as he takes his hands off his waist and folds his arms.

Kelly gently presses her lips together and glances over her shoulder at the
small stage that has been set up. "Why don't you have a seat..." Kelly
sweetly suggests.

Elijah nods his head, "All right...." Elijah says as he walks over to the
small stage and he sits down on the edge of it. He leans back slightly and
places his hands down on the surface of the stage, supporting himself as he
looks at the adorable nineteen-year-old Extreme Exhibitionist.

Kelly turns around to face Elijah once again before she tosses her soft,
silky blond hair back as she starts to smoothly shakes her rounded, petite
hips back and forth as the Extreme Exhibitionist begins to perform of her
innocently hot expose routines. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she
locks her innocent eyes with Elijah as she reaches over her shoulder and
unclips her light blue bikini top before casually peeling it away from her
body to reveal her smooth, firmly rounded and petite hot tits.

"Holy... shit..." Elijah says with a stunned look on his face and an
extremely surprised tone in his voice. His eyes go wide as he looks right
at Kelly Kelly's hot, firm, round petite tits as she drops her blue bikini
top down to the ground. Kelly blushes cutely as she gently grinds her
smoothly rounded, tanned hips as the Extreme Exhibitionist slowly turns
around with smooth, tanned back facing Elijah Burke. The adorable, innocent
Kelly Kelly slightly bends over as she sticks out her cute, rounded hot ass
covered by her short light blue skirt.

Elijah licks his lips, "Damn.... damn... damn...." Elijah says as he looks at
Kelly Kelly's cute round skirt covered ass, "Gotta see what's underneath...."
Elijah says as he leans forward and places his hands on Kelly's ass and
starts to slowly pull down her short light blue skirt, catching Kelly a bit
by surprises Kelly glances over her shoulder and bites down on her bottom lip
as she watches the rookie Extremist slowly slides down her short light blue
skirt from her smoothly rounded, tanned hips. Elijah pulls the skirt down
further more as Kelly's smoothly rounded, cute and adorable ass becomes
exposed and Elijah is surprised to find the innocent Exhibitionist

Elijah licks his lips, "Damn... that's a hot little ass...." Elijah says as
he pulls Kelly's light blue short skirt all the way down her smooth, tanned
legs towards her feet. Elijah then lightly smacks Kelly's right ass cheek
with his right hand before rubbing her left ass cheek with his left hand.
Kelly smiles cutely as she continues to look over her slender shoulders as
Elijah takes another firm, but light smack against Kelly's cute, rounded
right ass cheek while she steps out of her short light blue skirt now
completely naked.

Elijah licks his lips again, "Damn... that ass is fine..." Elijah says,
"You know I come from the school of You Show Me Yours... and I'll Show You
Mine...." Elijah says as he stands up from the stage and unzips his black
warm up jacket and slips it off revealing his smooth, hot black muscular
upper body.

Kelly slowly turns around and faces the stripping-black stud Extremist Elijah
Burke "Ohh wow..." Kelly cutely laughs as she licks her soft, pouty lips as
her soft, innocent eyes lock with the smooth, muscular black chest of Elijah
Burke "Mmm...that's really nice..." Kelly says with a soft, adorable smile as
she steps forward and places her smooth, gentle hands against his chest.

Elijah smirks a bit, "If you like what's up top... you're gonna love what's
down below... cause the Elijah Experience ain't like no other...." Elijah
says as he starts to push down his black warm up pants, alone with the black
wrestling trunks he's wearing underneath. As he lowers them, Elijah's long,
thick, black eleven inch cock is freed and starts to harden almost instantly.

Kelly lowers her head and licks her lips as locks her soft, innocent eyes
with the sight of Elijah's thick, hard and long black cock "Oh geeze...that's
big..." Kelly says with a soft laugh as she gently places her left hand
around his shaft and starts to gently stroke his cock while she remains
standing in front of him.

Elijah steps out of his warm up pants and wrestling trunks as Kelly casually
strokes his now fully stiff hard cock with her delicate left hand. "Ain't
anything better than my black dick... once you feel the Elijah Experience..."
Elijah says with a grin as he licks his lips, "Now... what else do you do on
your Expose?"

"Well...that's about it..." Kelly replies softly as she continues to gently
move her left hand around Elijah's thick, hard black cock "But...there's
other things I love to do besides taking my clothes off..." Kelly adds with
a cute smile as she gently strokes her hand down against Elijah's shaft and
gently brushes her fingertips against his large ballsack.

Elijah licks his lips and smirks, "Really? I'd love to see what those other
things are.... and I think I have an idea already... if it involves my big...
black dick...." Elijah replies as Kelly once against brushes her fingertips
against his big black balls. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and blushes
as she slowly lowers herself down onto her knees in front of Elijah Burke,
while she continues to gently stroke his cock with her soft, delicate and
smooth left hand before she leans her head forward and places her soft, wet
tongue against the black head of his cock. Kelly gently flicks her tongue
against the head of his black cock as she slightly closes her adorably
innocent eyes while Elijah casually leans against the small stage.

"Ahhh.... mmmm....." Elijah moans and licks his lips as he places his hands
flat down on the smooth surface of the small stage. The hot black stud looks
down at Kelly as she starts to trace her tongue up and down every inch of his
large black dick, coating it in a thin layer of her warm saliva.

Kelly slowly opens her eyes completely and glances up at Elijah Burke as she
gently dances her soft, wet tongue against the head of Elijah's cock. Kelly
softly moans as she presses the tip of her soft tongue firmly against the
piss-slit of Elijah's cock before she opens her mouth and lowers her head,
taking his cock into her warm, saliva-dripping mouth. The adorable
Exhibitionist gently presses her lips loosely around his black shaft as she
starts to slowly bob her head, up and down, on his black cock. "Ahhhh....
yeah..... mmmm... I'm loving this experience...." Elijah laughs a bit and
moans as Kelly slowly bobs her head up and down on his black cock. The hot
black rookie Extremist closes his eyes as he feels Kelly's soft tongue tap
against the bottom side of his dick.

"Mmmm...mmmm...hmmmm..." Kelly Kelly softly moans against Elijah's hard black
cock as she easily bobs her head on his black cock, taking the length of his
cock deeper into her warm, wet mouth. Kelly slowly circles her head around
Elijah's cock as she starts to bob her head at a smooth and quicker rate.

"Ahhh... ohhh yea... ohh damn....." Elijah moans and licks his lips as he
places his right hand on top of Kelly's head and pushes her blonde hair back
as the cute young Vixen sucks on his dark meaty shaft. "Awww.... damn.... you
sure love to suck... black dick... don't ya...."

Kelly softly smiles around Elijah's black cock as she smoothly bobs her head
against his cock before she slowly lifts her head off of his black cock,
causing her warm, wet saliva to drip down his long, hard shaft. Kelly lifts
her head and cutely smiles up at Elijah Burke as she slowly licks her lips
"Mmm...You want me to show you something else?"

Elijah Burke nods his head and licks his lips as he looks down at the
adorable Extreme Vixen, "I sure do... I want to see everything...." Elijah

Kelly Kelly cutely presses her smooth, slender shoulders up "Ok..." Kelly
innocently replies as she lifts herself off of the floor and stands up
straight before she steps over to the small stage. Kelly gently tosses her
soft blond hair back before she kneels down on top of the surface of the
small stage, as she positions herself on her hands and knees with her cute,
rounded ass face Elijah Burke.

Elijah licks his lips as he looks right at Kelly's hot, round, smooth ass.
"Mmmm... now that is nice... hot ass...." Elijah says before he gets onto
the stage right behind Kelly. He places his right hand on Kelly's ass and
grips his thick, black saliva covered cock with his left hand and slides
the head of his dick down between Kelly's ass cheeks before he pushes his
cock into Kelly's warm tight pussy.

Kelly gently bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Elijah Burke's thick,
hard black cock ease into her warm, tight innocent pussy "Ohhhhh shoot..."
Kelly softly moans as she gently pushes her hot, tanned and petite body
smoothly back against Elijah's black cock before she starts to slowly thrust
his cock into her pussy.

"Mmmmmm..... ahhh.... yeah..." Elijah Burke licks his lips as he keeps his
right hand on Kelly's ass as he steadily pumps his cock in and out of the hot
nineteen-year-old Vixen's warm pussy. Laying his right hand on Kelly's waist,
Elijah helps Kelly move back against him so that she can feel every inch of
his meaty dark shaft as he pumps it deeper into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh....ohhhh yeah..." Kelly softly moans as she licks her lips and starts
to gradually push her hot, petite body back against Elijah's black cock at a
firmer and quicker rate while Elijah begins to smoothly slam his cock deeper
into her tight pussy "Ohhhh fuck yeah..." Kelly moans as her hot, tanned
Exhibitionist body rocks back and forth on top of the small stage.

Elijah moves his right hand from Kelly's round hot ass and reaches forward to
grabs hold of some of Kelly's soft blonde hair. "Ohhh fuck..... told ya...
there's no better experience.... than the Elijah Experience...." Elijah
grunts as he thrusts his large thick black cock faster into Kelly pussy and
he smiles at how Kelly tilts her head back every time his dick is completely
drilled inside of her.

Kelly closes her eyes as she gently grits her teeth "Ohhhhh fuck..." Kelly
Kelly adorably moans as her petite body quickly rocks back and forth on her
hands and knees while Elijah rams his black cock deeply into her hot, tight
pussy at a rough, quick rate "Ohhhhh...ohhhh yessss..." Kelly moans as sweat
begins to lightly drip off of her smooth, tanned body.

Elijah grinds his teeth together slightly as he starts to pull his large
black cock out of Kelly's hot tight wet pussy, "Turn over...." Elijah says
as he slides his thick meaty cock over the top of Kelly's hot round ass
before he gets off the stage and stands up in front of it.

Kelly glances over her shoulder and cutely bites down on her bottom lip
"Ok..." Kelly Kelly says as she adorably nods her head before she rolls on
her back on top of small stage and spreads her smoothly shaven, tanned legs
apart giving Elijah another great view of her hot pussy.

Elijah Burke licks his lips as he looks down at Kelly's hot smoothly shaved
nineteen-year-old pussy. "The Elijah Experience ain't over yet..." Elijah
says as he places his hands on Kelly's legs and pulls her towards him so that
her legs hang off the edge of the stage. Elijah then grips his shaft and
guides it back into Kelly's pussy and he begins pumping it in and out at a
swift, hard rate.

Kelly grits her teeth together as she arches her back slightly while Elijah's
thick black cock slides easily back into her tight, warm pussy "Ohhhh yeah...
fuck me with that big dick.." Kelly softly moans as Elijah starts to swiftly
thrust his black cock in and out of the adorable Kelly Kelly's pussy.

Sweat drips down Elijah's hot black muscular body as he drives his cock in
and out of Kelly's pussy, and his balls slap against her every time he pushes
cock completely into Kelly. "Ahhh. mmmm yeah.... ohh yea.... fuck..." Elijah
moans as he puts his hands on Kelly's hips and pulls her against him so that
Kelly is grinding her pussy against him.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh...ohhhh fuck yeah..." Kelly Kelly moans as wraps her smooth
legs around Elijah's black waist and starts to roughly grind her pussy
against Elijah's cock just as the Extreme Exhibitionist begins to suddenly
cum. Kelly closes her eyes as she feels her warm juices flood out of her
tight pussy "Awwwww shoot..."

Elijah licks his lips as he feels Kelly's warm cum flow all over his
pistoning cock as he keeps fucking the young Extreme Exhibitionist. "Ahhh....
don't.... worry about that.... the Elijah Experience... ain't... quite over
just yet..." Elijah groans as he grits his teeth. He breathes deeply as he
keeps fucking Kelly until she stops cumming and then the hot black stud pulls
his throbbing black shaft out of Kelly's pussy. Kelly gently presses her soft
lips together as the sweaty, adorable ECW Vixen slowly sits up on the small
stage and tosses her slightly sweat-dampened hair back as she reaches forward
and takes hold of Elijah's black cock with her left hand and guides his cock
into her warm, wet mouth.

Elijah places both of his hands on top of Kelly's head and pushes her soft
blond hair back as she pumps his cock with her left hand while sucking on the
head of thick black shaft. "Ahhh.... mmmm.... oh yeah..." Elijah moans as he
starts to cum inside of Kelly's warm, wet, soothing mouth. He gives the hot,
young Vixen a good mouthful of his warm cum, and some of it drips out of her
mouth. Kelly closes her eyes and gently taps her soft tongue against Elijah's
cumming cock as she casually collects the cum inside of her mouth and
swallows it as she smoothly bobs her head on Elijah's cock.

"Ahhh.... ohhh yeah.... mmmm..." Elijah licks his lips and moans as Kelly
milks his large cock for every drop of cum before she lifts her head off of
his cock, "Damn.... I'm gonna love... your Expose's Kelly.... they are... a
good experience..."

Kelly blushes and cutely bites down on her bottom lip as she presses her
shoulder up adorably " know what they's good to be 'black
in business'..." Kelly then pauses and scrunches her nose as she raises an
eyebrow before starts to innocently laugh "I mean...back in business..."


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