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Hello, my name is Tim Larkins, and I like watching WWF wrestling; I
especially love the sexy babes who are a part of the WWF and who make the
WWF worth watching. The following fictional story is a tribute to the sheer
beauty and sexiness of four WWF Divas: Stephanie McMahon, Trish Stratus and
Stacy Keibler. The story also features Val Venis as the male character in
the story. The story does contain graphic sexual imagery and vulgar language
so people under age 18 should not read it. So without any further adieu...
by the way, just what is an adieu? A furry little mammal? Well whatever it
is, it's extinct, because there are no further adieus. HA HA! And now for
your viewing pleasure...

The Return of the Big Valboski.
by Tim Larkins

The Royal Rumble match had just finished with Triple H getting a major
upset win over Kurt Angle; however, Stephanie McMahon was less than thrilled
by her husband's victory. Marital relations between Steph and Triple H were
strained even before he ruptured his right quadriceps muscle in a tag team
match versus Jericho and Beniot last April. Things were unfortunately getting
worse for the couple and Stephanie needed a break. It would come sooner than

After the pay-per-view ended, Stephanie was alone backstage when she saw
Stacy Keibler and Trish Stratus coming out of their dressing rooms. "Hey
Steph... congratulations on a very successful Royal Rumble, it was awesome!
It's just too bad that my Dudley Boys didn't win the tag-team titles." Stacy

"Thanks!" Stephanie replied.

"Hey Stacy...don't be too depressed. At least I kept the women's title!"
Trish responded.

"Hey, I'm bored and my husband Triple H and I don't seem to be on the same
wavelength reguarding our marriage. Would you two ladies like to do something
together with me?" Stephanie asked.

"Well, what did you have in mind?" Trish asked.

"Oh, I don't know!" Stephanie replied. At that moment, Stephanie saw Val
Venis walking down the corridor towards the ladies. "Wait a minute...yes I
do!" Stephanie added.

"Hel-lo...ladies!" Val Venis exclaimed in his usual style.

"Hey Val... I was wondering if you could do me a tremendous favor."
Stephanie inquired.

"And what would that be?" Val asked.

"Put this referee's shirt on!" Stephanie replied. Stephanie hands Val
Venis a referee's shirt.

"The Big Valboski would love to, but why? The pay-per-view has been over
for nearly an hour!" Val said.

"Yeah...yeah...yeah! Don't argue with me; just do it!" Stephanie ordered

"Okay!" Val responded. He pulls the shirt over his head until it covers
his upper torso completely.

"Alright, all of you, come with me!" Stephanie ordered.

"So where are we going, Steph?" Trish asked.

"You'll see..." Stephanie answered.

The ladies walk down down the corridor of the empty Allied Center in
Atlanta to the stage area near where the ring is.

"Are we going to have an impromptu match in the ring?" Stacy asked.

"Yes and no. We are going to have an impromptu match, but it will not be
in the ring!" Stephanie declared.

"Then what type of match are we having, Steph?" Trish asked.

"This is a match that will make Val Venis' day; it is a triple-threat
lingerie swimming pool match for the women's championship with the Big
Valboski as the special guest referee. The participants in this match are
the current women's WWF champion Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler and of
course... myself." Stephanie stated matter-of-factly.

"Yes... the Big Valboski does love this match!" Val exclaimed.

"I knew you would... The rules are quite simple: The participants are to
strip down to their sexy bras and thong panties prior to climbing into this
swimming pool filled with warm water. The participant who then strips off
another's lingerie until she is completely naked will be declared the winner.
All the participants must remain in the pool and being a triple threat match,
the champion does not need to be completely stripped to lose the title. There
is no time limit. Do you understand the rules as I have explained them?"
Stephanie asked.

"Yes, I do!" Trish replied.

"So do I!" Stacy added. "However, one thing is missing... aren't we
supposed to have an introduction?" Stacy asked.

"Yeah, you're right, Stacy! And what about the bell to start the match?"
Trish asked.

"Lilian, it is time to introduce the next match and its participants
starting with the guest referee!" Stephanie yelled. "Val, ring the bell!"
Stephanie ordered.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

"The following match is a triple-threat bra and panties/swimming pool
match for the women's WWF championship. The special guest referee for this
match is the Big Valboski, Val Venis! [Applause] And now entering the pool,
the first challenger, Stacy Keibler! [Applause] (Stacy strips down to a sexy
red lace bra and matching thong set and gets into the pool.)

"And now, the second challenger in this triple-threat match, she is the
daughter of co-owner Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon Helmsley! [Applause]
(Stephanie strips down to a very sexy black lace bra and matching thong set
and slowly gets into the pool with Stacy.)

"And finally, now entering the swimming pool, she is the current reigning
WWF Women's Champion, Trish Stratus!" Lilian Garcia, the ring announcer for
the match, announces. [Applause] (Trish strips down to a sexy white lace bra
and matching thong set.)

"Well King, I know you are going to love this match, because of all of the
sexy women in it, but don't forget that this a triple threat match for the
women's title. It is going to be a real slobberknocker!" Jim Ross, the
ringside announcer, said.

"Hey JR, when it comes to sexy women in their underwear battling in a
swimming pool for any championship, I don't care who wins!!! WOOHOOOO!!!"
Jerry 'The King' Lawler replied.

"King, you are such a pervert!" JR said.

"Well, I can't help it, and I don't care who knows it. This is better than
Viagra, JR!" King replied.

"There's a place for people like you, King, and it's called Sex Addicts
Anonymous!" JR retorted.

"HEY! I resent that! I am not now nor have I ever been a sex addict. I am
just horny! Take back what you just said, JR!" King ordered defiantly.

"Alright, alright already! Geez! How sensitive can you get?" JR shot back.

"Wait a minute... am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? It looks like Val
Venis has his wrestling trunks down at his ankles! JR, I gotta go check this
out more closely!" King exclaimed.

"Hey, where are you going, King? GET BACK HERE!!!" JR yelled.

"I thought I'd go get us some coffee; do you want some?" King responded.

"Sure!" JR replied.

"Cream and two sugars, right?" King asked.

"Right!" JR replied.

As Jerry "The King" Lawler went to get some "coffee", he saw that indeed
Val Venis' trunks were at his ankles and that all three female competitors
were sucking his huge cock together.

"Mmmmmmmm, the Big Valboski is absolutely luvin' this!" Val Venis said.

"So am I!" King replied.

"Say what you want about Stephanie McMahon; she may be the boss' daughter,
but she definitely knows how to put on a match!" Val exclaimed.

"That she does!" King replied.

"That is why I am the boss, and don't you ever forget that! By the way, I
absolutely love this, too!" Stephanie responded as she gently licked, kissed
and sucked the head and shaft of Val's penis.

"So do we!!!" Stacy and Trish exclaimed as they took turns sucking Val's
dick. "I guess we know now why they call you the Big Valboski!" Stacy added.

Val's penis was extremely erect by this point and the ladies couldn't help
but to splash around in the pool, making their lingerie very sheer and wet as
they shared a frenchkiss with each other while sucking the beads of pre-cum
off of the Big Valboski's dick.

"Ooooogggghhhh! That feels so damn good, ladies! Yeeeessssssss! Keep
sucking my cock, at least for a little while longer!" Val Venis cried out.

"We can't wait for you to do us, Val!" Stephanie said.

"Don't worry, ladies; the Big Valboski will not disappoint you!" Val

As Jerry "the King" Lawler came back to the ringside announcer table with
the beverages, he tells of what is going on out back in the locker room area.

"JR, while I was getting your coffee, I happened to run into The Godfather
who was watching what was going on in the swimming pool by closed-circuit TV;
he said that Stacy, Trish and Stephanie would be excellent candidates to be
escorts in his escort service. I believe that pissed off Triple H as he
nailed the Godfather from behind with his sledgehammer... The Godfather is
now unconscious, motionless and lying in a pool of blood in the corridor
outside his loocker room door!" King stated.

"Well, I'm not surprised, King! After all, it is Triple H's wife we are
talking about here." JR replied.

"But JR, it was Stephanie McMahon Helmsley who booked this match... the
boss' daughter... I don't want Val Venis to look like The Godfather, and
Triple H is on the warpath! I don't believe anything can stop him, either,
except maybe a Sherman Tank and even that would be too close to call." King
pointed out.

"Calm down, King! Here... breathe into this paper bag!" JR responded.

"Are you nuts, JR? I'm too excited to calm down! Get that fuckin' bag
outta my face!" King retorted.

"Geez... you try to help your best friend, and where does it get you? I'll
tell you where... looking silly while still being left holding the bag." JR

"You still think of me as your best friend, JR? I'm touched!" King asked.

"Will you stop? Yes! Okay, I admit it! You are my best friend. There... I
said it! Are you happy?" JR asked incredulously.

"YES... VERY!!!" King exclaimed.

Meanwhile at the swimming pool, the ladies were being fucked doggy-style,
warm water dripping off their bodies and their wet lingerie into the pool.
Lilian Garcia stripped off her very sexy lavender cocktail dress with
spaghetti straps to reveal a very sexy purple lace bra and matching g-string
set. She joined the other ladies and Val Venis inside the swimming pool;
Lilian had been enamoured by Val Venis ever since his return to the WWF.

"Ohhhhhh yeeeeesss! Fuck me harder, Val! Plunge your big valboski deep
into my pussy!!!" Stephanie cried out. "I want all of you inside me, NOW!
Ohhhhhh gaaaauuuuuddddddd!!! FUCK ME NOW, HARDER!!!" She added.

"Don't forget about us, too, Val; we want you to fuck us all!" The other
ladies exclaimed in unison as they frenchkissed each other.

"Heh heh heh! Don't fret pretty ladies as there is plenty of the Big
Valboski to go around. In the meantime, let me feel the softness of your tits
through your wet bras!" Val Venis responded. "Hmmmmm... Why not? Let me feel
your pussies through your wet thongs and g-strings, too!" He added.

"Ohhhhh yyyyeeeeesssssss!!! Please feel my wetness!" Stacy exclaimed.

"Oh god, me too!" Lilian chimed in.

"Lilian, I can't believe your here! You weren't a part of this match!
However, I will let it go this time as you look so incredibly sexy!"
Stephanie responded.

"Thanks, Steph!" Lilian replied.

"Ooooohhhhhhh Val... do me next!!! I want your huge cock in me! I cannot
wait!" Trish screamed.

One by one, Val Venis fucked all four sexy WWF divas that were in the
swimming pool; as a former porn star prior to coming to the WWF, one of Val
Venis' attributes was stamina which also translated into numerous wrestling
wins and enormous popularity as a WWF superstar.

"Ohhhhhh goddddddd yesssssss!!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER!!! That feels
sooooo good!!! Stephanie shouted.

"Make me cummmmm! Please Val... Make me cum like I have never cum before!
Ohhh... that's right! I'm soooo fucking horny!!!" Stacy exclaimed.

"My pussy is so wet... I cannot tell if it is the water from the swimming
pool or if it is because of you, Val, but just in case, do me like I have
never been done before. Ohhhhh yyyyeeesss!" Trish added.

"Ohhh Val... turn me from an innocent naive virgin to a horny sex slut
goddess like I know you can!" Lilian exclaimed.

"Lilian, I didn't know you were a virgin! WOW!!! That is like soooo
cool!!! And to think, we are helping to deflower you!" Stacy responded.


Immediately after that, Stephanie stripped Stacy completely naked, thereby
winning the WWF Women's championship.

"Here is your winner and new WWF Women's Champion... Stephanie McMahon
Helmsley!" A very wet (and deflowered) Lilian Garcia declared. [Applause]

"JR, we have a new women's WWF champion; can you believe it?" King asked.

"After what I just saw, I can believe... Wait a minute, business is just
about to pick up! That is Triple H's music!" JR responded [Triple H's music
is heard in the background.]

"Uh-oh! It's Triple H and he looks like he is in a very foul mood!" King

Triple H makes a beeline for the swimming pool, sledgehammer in hand.

"Can you blame him, King? Val Venis just took very improper liberties with
his wife!" JR said.

"Yeah, I know but still..." King replied. "This is gonna get ugly, I just
know it!" King lamented further.

"Give me the microphone, Lilian!" Triple H ordered.

"Who in the hell do you think you are?" Triple H asks Val Venis defiantly.

"I am Val Venis!" Val replied.

"Is that short for Valerie?" Triple H asked. [A roar goes up from the

"Hey man, what is your problem? I was simply the guest referee for a
special impromptu match that your wife booked!"

"I see! Stephanie, get out of that pool now, go back to the dressing room
and get changed. I will deal with you later!" An angry Triple H ordered.

"But Hunter... I just won the women's championship!" Stephanie cried.

"That she did!" King responded.

"I SAID NOW!!! MOVE IT!!!" Triple H yelled.

"You see, Valerie...!" Triple H said.

"Hold up, first of all my name is Val Venis; I am the Big Valboski, not
Valerie. Second of all..."

"Who told you you could interrupt me when I am talking?!!!" Triple H
asked. "Here is how it is... I don't mind you being involved in these type
of porno matches with you as a special guest referee with people like Stacy
Keibler, Trish Stratus and even Lilian Garcia if they are the only
competitors. Hell, I love good porn and so does my wife. It turns me and my
wife on. But when you take improper liberties with MY wife without checking
first, that is something that you WILL regret later. And if you don't believe
me, check out the Titantron... That on the floor just outside his dressing
room is your friend, The Godfather! I did that to him with this!" Triple H
added. [He shows the sledgehammer to Val Venis. Val Venis suddenly turns

"Uhhh, I'm sorry... but your wife booked the match and wanted to do this!"
Val explained.

"He's right, Hunter! I booked this match, and I wanted to do this. I was
bored, you were not giving me the attention I so richly deserve and you have
been treating me like crap even before your injury eight months ago!"
Stephanie chimed in.

"Goddamn it, Stephanie... I told you to leave NOW! Do as I ask and go
back to the dressing room and get changed. I said we will talk about this
later!!!" Triple H yelled angrily.

"Fine!!!" If that's the way you want it, I'll leave!!! But the time for
talking is over... I'm moving back home! I want a divorce!!!" Stephanie
shouted. [Stephanie leaves the stage area and heads back to her dressing room
to get changed; she then takes a limosine back home.]

"WHOA, am I hearing Steph right? She wants a divorce?" King asked.

"It sounds that way to me, King!" JR replied.

"Okay Valerie, because you just cost me my marriage to Stephanie, your Big
Valboski has just gotten a hell of a lot smaller... because next month at No
Way Out, I am personally going to rip that piece of polish sausage right off
of you along with the rest of your internal organs and any other part of your
anatomy that I can find in a street fight! You better pray that I don't kill
you before then!" Triple H warned.

"Oh my god... Triple H and Val Venis in a street fight!!!" King exclaimed.

"It will be a real slobberknocker, I assure you." JR responded.

"Hey Triple H, I told you my name is Val Venisss...!" Val exclaimed.
SPLASH!!! [Val Venis is pushed into the swimming pool.]

"It doesn't matter what your name is!" Triple H replied. "Anyway, I AM
the Game!" Triple H added. [Triple H's music is heard once again in the

End of story.

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