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The Rise And Fall of James Jackson Part 1
by Sexy Lezzly (

James sat on his small couch impatiently waiting for the phone to ring. He
had been watching it for the last hour or so waiting for a WWE representitive
to tell him whether or not he got the job as a stage worker. James fdid the
best he could to prove that he could be great at dealing with behind the
scenes work. He had watched WWE since it was filled with great superstars
such as Bret Hart, Lex Luger, Razor Roman, etc. It was apparant to himself
that he would never become a wrestler like them, but he was in shape enough
to at least move props around and fix up the ring area before events. James
was 6'3" and a little less than 230 pounds. He was pretty well built but he
called it, "average". That's all he ever thought of himself these days. The
phone rang and the sound shot hard at James. He had been anxiously waiting
for it to ring but now he was struck with nervousness. He slowly picked up
the phone and hesitated to put it to his ear.

"Hello..." James said with uncertainty.

"Yes, this is Gregory Davis with World Wrestling Entertainment. I have been
told to call you and inform you that as your audition was well organized, we
are not at this time looking..."

"...looking for a person like me," James finished, "alright, well thanks for
the opportunity."

James hung up the phone and stared up at the wall with his hands pressing
against his head. He got up off of the couch and walked into his bedroom
where a middle-aged blonde laid half naked on his bed. She heard the door
open in the room and looked up at him, then at the alarm clock. James sat
down beside her.

"Did you get the part honey?"

He looked at her and sighed. She smiled at him and sat up on the bed.

"That's too bad, I was really pulling for you to make it. But, oh well.
That's just how life goes sometimes. You just have to realize that no matter
what, you always have someone to comfort you."

"Thanks Shuana. That really means alot."

Shuana smiled at him as she slid her hands under his white t-shirt and rubbed
his abs. Her hands slid into his pants but James grabbed her hand and pulled
it out.

"Nah," James said, "I already owe you fifty bucks for last night. I don't
have any more to spare."

Shauna looked at him in disgust and quickly snatched James' wallet. She
pulled out fifty dollars and walked off.

James shook his head. "I'm getting advice about life from a hooker!"

* * *

"And now coming to the ring... weighing at a 250 pounds...."

James walked into the backstage area of the Arrowhead Pond and saw the ring
announcer warming up. He laughed knowing that as deep as the announcer speaks
on stage, his voice was pretty weak in reality. James wandered around until
he saw Trish Stratus talking to one of the crew members. He looked at her in
complete awe. She was dressed very casually, a tight white shirt that she
tied up at the bottom so her stomach showed, and a pair of jeans that hugged
tightly against her nice round ass and sexy hips (okay, casually for her
anyway). James was supposed to be waiting in a specific spot to be
re-auditioned, but he decided to walk towards the blonde bombshell.

"...John, I'm gonna go across the street and get something to eat. If any of
the other girls come call me."

Trish turned away from John and walked towards the back exit. James took a
deep breath and exhaled softly.

"Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?"

Trish turned around and saw James slyly leaning his back against the wall,
looking at her with curiousitiy.

"Are you serious?" she said with a half smile.

"Yeah. Did I see you at Home Depot or something last weekend?"

Trish was dumbfounded because she had a very recognizable face and most
people that worked in the WWE knew her. James stayed in character and
approached her.

"I know, your one of the Fanta Girls right? The grape flavored one?"

Trish laughed and realized he was just playing around with her. She put out
her hand and James took it right away. He kissed her hand and winked at her.
Trish had an impressed expression on her face.

"Your pretty smooth aren't you?"

"Not as smooth as your creamy white skin."

Trish blushed a bit.

"Maybe you'll get to see first hand just how smooth it is."

Trish winked at him and walked off towards the exit. James watched as Trish
added an extra sway while she walked.

"Good job man." a voice said from behind him.

James turned around and saw his auditioner smiling at him.

"Oh! Sorry if I wasted your time..."

"No, no, no. What you just did there was great. As you can probably tell, the
WWE lacks a lot in acting skills. But that right there, that was smooth."

James smiled at him, "How do you know that was acting?"

"You're a ladies man, huh...uh...what's your name?


"We could use someone with your abilities James. As a matter of fact, I think
I want to hire you as an acting coach."

James looked shocked.

"An acting coach? As in I'm going to meet with all ther wrestlers and coach
them...on acting?"

"Thus the name ‘acting coach'." he replied rolling his eyes.

"Alright, I'm cool with it. When do I start?"

"Well, we are six hours away from taping the storyline sequences. Maybe you
can accompany Trish since her plane dropped her off way ahead of schedule.
She is pretty good at acting so she shouldn't be too hard to improve... Wow,
I got to go. Just hang around for awhile and report backstage when the rest
of the wrestlers come."

He left in a hurry and James stood still, watching him leave. As soon as he
left, James threw his hands in the air.

"Yeah! I have no idea what I'm doing but damn I'm good!"

The backdoor opened and Trish walked in. She changed her clothes from what
she was wearing before. She was wearing a tight black sleeveless shirt that
cut off over her belly button and a short, tight skirt that cut off under
her ass cheeks. She wore high black leather boots and had a nice amount of
make-up on her face. In other words, baby girl had it goin' on! James and
Trish stared at eachother while James walked up yo her. James turned back
to his smooth talker mode.

"Trish, I probably shouldn't ask why your dressed so sexy today, because
technically, that's a question I would be asking everyday."

"You never turn off do you?" Trish said with a sexy tone.

"I'm always on, girl."

"Well, I was planning to go to a club or something right now. I'm not
suppose to, being a celebrity and all. I would want to risk getting raped or

"Wouldn't want that."

"That would be a..."

Trish's fingers wrap around James' zipper.

"...BIG problem."

James look at her almost in a trance. She bit her lip and looked at him

"Before I get to the club though, maybe I should stop at my hotel and pick
something up first."

"I'll drive." James barely got out.

* * *

James walked in Trish's hotel room and held open the door for her. Trish
smiled at him and walked past him to the couch. James watched her ass shake
from side to side as she strolled over to the couch.

"Nice place," James said pretended to look around.

Trish signaled for him to sit down next to her. James took a breath and sat
down next to her. He accidently placed his hand on her thigh and pulled it
back. Trish grabbed his hand and put it back on her thigh, then slid it up
higher. James hand was right on her pussy with no thong or underwear in
sight. He slid his finger across her hairless pussy and stuck his index
finger a little inside her pussy.


Trish moaned as James' fingers played with her wet pussy. She leaned back on
the couch and threw her head back. James saw her large breast nearly busting
out of her shirt and used his other hand to rub her tits through her shirt.
Then he slid his hands under her shirt and played with her nipples. They were
extremely hard. Trish pulled her shirt off over her head and tossed across
the room.

"Lick my tits baby." Trish said in a very hot voice.

James leaned to her tits and sucked on the smooth skin of her breast. He
continued playing with her pussy as he licked her breast. James licked and
sucked her hard nipples as Trish held the back of his head.

"Oh yeah. Your tongue is so warm."

Trish pushed him off of her and stood up in front of him. She took of his
shirt and sat down forward on his lap. James grabbed her ass as she pressed
against him and kissed him. Trish's ass felt so big in his hands. He was
rubbing the big ass mostly because it was hard to grab that ass. Trish once
again put her breast on his face and moved back and forth. James smacked his
tongue against her breast as they swung in the air. Trish was breathing hard
and loved James sucking on her breast.

"Damn James! Damn you make me so hot!"

Trish pushed James off of her breast and pinned his shoulders down on the
back of the couch. She kept her right hand on his shoulder and used her left
hand to undo James' pants. She took off his pants and boxers at the same time
and tossed them. Trish stared at James' ten inch cock and noticed how thick
it was.

"Wow! I don't know if I can fit that huge cock in my mouth."

James smiled at her while Trish bent down on the floor and slowly jacked off
his cock. She looked into his eyes while she rubbed her tongue around the
head of his cock. She wrapped her lips around it and sucked hard on it. James
flinched as she sucked harder and harder. Trish softly grabbed his balls and
massaged it in her hands while she went lower and lower down his cock. Her
tongue rubbed down James' shaft and she sucked on the sides of his dick.
Trish stood up after giving his dick one final suck. James lifted her skirt
and put his tongue in her pussy. There was so much flavor. Trish moaned
loudly as James used his tongue to fuck her pussy. Trish grabbed the back of
his head and thursted her hips back and forth. James was in heaven as he
grabbed onto that great ass and ate Trish out. Trish cirlcled her hips and
rubbed her pussy all over his head.

"Tell me if I'm getting your head too wet." she said with a smirk.

This time, James took command. He pulled Trish by the ass and lowered her
down to his dick. His cock slid slowly into her lubricated pussy.

"Shit!!" Trish yelled out as she felt her pussy being forced open.

James leaned back on the couch and grabbed her ass. He pumped it up and down
while Trish kissed him deeply. James was horny as hell seeing that he was
tearing Trish's pussy up and she was still wearing her skirt. Trish rolled
her ass back and forth making James almost lose it several times.

"Yes...yes...pound my pussy."

Trish sat up on his dick and hopped up and down. She was really trying to get
him to cum right then and there.

"Cum...cum in my pussy!"

Trish's tits bounced up and down while James' dick dug deeper into her pussy.
James knew he was going to cum, so he lifted Trish off his cock.

"What are you doing? I want you to cum in my pussy.

"I know," James said.

He bent Trush over and she smiled. James gave her ass a couple of smacks
before he shoved his dick in the back of her pussy. He thrusted his dick in
and out with a lot of speed.

"Oh God!" Trish screamed with complete pleasure.

James fucked her pussy harder and harder until Trish reached her climax.


James pounded took out his dick and smacked it on her pussy over and over
until she came all over it. James bent down and licked her pussy, getting all
the juice in his mouth. Trish continued to scream as James pounded away at
her fragile pussy with his tongue.

"God, you taste great Trish."

He stood back up and put his dick back in her pussy. Trish was twitching like
crazy as her pussy was still being pounded after she just came. James grabbed
her hips and held them tight as he took hard pounds on her ass. Finally, his
knees got weak and he came deep into her pussy. He pounded away until they
both collasped on the floor.

James looked at her wearily, "How many more hours do we have?"

"About three."

"Good. That gives me time to make you cum again."

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