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The Rise Of Eve Torres The Jezebel Part 1
by PerilEyes

It happened after another successful Monday Night Raw. The fans cleared out
of the arena and the wrestlers began to do so as well. For Eve Torres, it
wasn't the best night. She was booked to lose the Diva's Championship to Brie
Bella. While she wanted to be happy for the other girl, she couldn't help but
lament not being WWE's "go-to girl" anymore. Alas, she tried to shrug it off
and got herself ready to leave.

As it happened, Eve was the last woman in the divas locker room. Her packing
took a bit longer than she intended, so in order to save time she instructed
her travel mates - Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox - to fetch their rental car and
wait for her at the back entrance of the arena.

She was putting the final item in her bag when she heard the door slam open.
She jumped and turned to see who was making such an unruly entrance.

It was The Miz, the WWE Champion. Understandably shocked to see him, she
politely inquired about his presence.

"Miz! You totally scared me. You haven't left yet?"

The superstar curiously locked the door. His vocal delivery was dry and
emotionless. "I can't take it, Eve. Three weeks..."

Understandably confused at his cryptic, ambiguous words and odd behaviour,
Eve nervously laughed. "You're...scaring me..."

Miz slowly approach her. His face was ironclad. His voice was low and
unmistakably sinister. "Three weeks without even a little
and I suffer for it..." He stepped directly in front of her and cocked his
head. "I see the way you look at me. All the autograph signings we do, the
ring want me, Eve!"

"What?!" Eve exclaimed. Sure, she could admit that Miz was an attractive guy,
but to suggest that she `wanted' him was just ridiculous!

"Don't act so clueless, Eve. You and I both know what's happening."

"Miz, I don't know what you're talking about and, frankly, I'm leaving now."
She grabbed the handle on her suitcase and attempted to walk past him. Miz
grabbed her arm just as she stepped beyond him and pulled her to face him.
His face was nothing but intensity.

"I'm the WWE champion and I get what I want!!!"

"You're taking this a little too seriously. You need to let go of me before

"SHUT UP!! JUST SHUT UP!!!" The pussy starved champion ordered. He firmly
held her forearm between them. "You are going to fuck me like your job
depends on it...because believe me: it does!"

Eve's pretty eyes widened. "You wouldn't. You can't!"

"I can do what I want. I'm the WWE champion and you're...well, you're just a
diva. Tell me which one of us Vince values more. Personally, I don't think
he'd like it too much if one of his bitches wasn't playing nice with his
champ. In fact, he says I get whoever I want, whenever I want, however I

"You can't do this to me! It's cold, it's callous..."

"'s life."

Eve tried to plead her way through a hopeless situation. "Miz, don't do this.
I have a man. You have Maryse. It's wrong. We shouldn't. Don't do thisss..."

"Well then, looks like you got a decision to make: you can get down on your
knees or you can book a flight back to Denver."

"Please..." She said again. Miz remained stern.

So this was it: blackmail and extortion. Her fabulous gig as a WWE diva on
the line. What was a woman to do? She never banked on this happening when she
signed up for the Diva Search and certainly didn't expect it when she was
picked to join the roster. She sighed and slowly sank down. With her jeans on
the ground, she looked up. Her vision was met with the face of a victorious

"I know I shouldn't have to tell you what to do now..."

Eve tilted her head to face Miz's crotch - his bulging crotch. She could see
her nervous arm reach out for it, pull down the zipper, and undo the button.
She hesitated for a second before reaching inside his underwear and
retrieving his member. She allowed the thick, semi-erect organ to flop down
against his thigh.

The former Divas Champion looked up to her tormenter as if to say something.
Miz spoke before she could though. "Well?"

Eve refocused on his dick. She took the phallic member in her right hand and
instantly noted its size. It wasn't even completely hard. This wasn't Eve
first time dishing a blowjob, so instinctively she began to jack off his
cock. Eve's tiny, moisturized hand around Miz's tanned, veiny dick provided
an interesting juxtaposition. Here we had something so gentle and fragile
wrapped around something so vulgar and potent. High above, a cocky grin had
settled onto his face.

When it was hard enough, Eve brought her lips closer to the dick. She could
see the pre-cum forming around the tip, so she licked the end. Miz's entire
body shivered. Then she took the plunge. With her pink lips wide and round,
she pushed them onto Miz's cock and began to slide up and down it. He let out
a prolonged moan. Eve worked his cock like she only knew how. This wasn't her
first rodeo and she knew what to do. Gradually, she slid more and more of his
meat into her mouth, marvelling at its girth.

Amongst it all, she somehow returned to her moral convictions. Reality kicked
back in and it told her that what she was doing was wrong. She was blowing a
man that wasn't Rener Gracie, her boyfriend. Sure, it came because she forced
into it, but Eve ultimately had a choice. She could've walked away. Miz gave
her that option. Of course, even that path meant dire consequences and a
return to a much more plain lifestyle, but it was a choice nonetheless. Why
didn't she walk away?

Her hand unbuttoned her own jeans and slid under her silky blue panties. She
rubbed her pussy lips and slipped a finger between them. Miz held her head
and guided it further up his dick. The experience was now as coercive as the
situation itself. He forced her on to his cock in a manner and pace that she
wasn't unfamiliar with (she had relations in the past with guys who liked it
that way), but there was an aggression to the WWE Champion that she had never
seen in him or any man for that matter. Before she knew it, she had more than
half his dick inside her. Then came slurping...and eventually the gagging.

"I always knew you belonged on your knees, Eve. That's where sluts like you
make their living."

Eve wanted to spit his cock out and mouth off to him right there in a
different way. But she didn't. It wasn't the fact that she was performing
under duress either. Somehow her attitude had morphed. She already knew that
she liked the act itself. The question now was how much. Yes, Miz had called
her a slut and, given the vulgarity of this forced blowjob, she was behaving
as just that. The curious - scary even - thing was that she didn't mind.

"I don't care what Maryse says, you are hot slut. I am a man and I have the
right to admit that. Fuck her if she wants to be a little French bitch about

Miz continued on his quest to furious face fuck the sexy maiden of WWE. His
cock muffled her cries and moans. He pushed further until his whole dick was
in her mouth to the point where it touched the back of her throat. Amongst
the inherent peril of the situation, Eve seemed to manage. In fact, the
danger and crudeness were turn-ons.

With Miz's pace intensified and his grunts more frequent, it was clear an end
was going to come soon. "Oh yeah....oh yeah... that's right..." he repeated
and over. It was fast burning candle wick. The prospect of release was closer
than ever.

"Whhhhhpppppphhhhhh...." came Eve's muted cry. Her fingers were coated with
preliminary pussy juice. She too waited for it.

In the middle of her own arousal, Miz finally came. "I'M CUMMMMMING!!!

With that Eve's mouth flooded with his sweet, white spunk. She violently
coughed and cum exploded out of the corners of her lips. Miz pulled out and
the brunette diva swallowed the great load in her mouth. She felt the hot
mess travel down her throat and settle deep in her belly. The rest of it
formed a shiny border around her mouth.

Her eyes glimmered. She grinned as she looked up at him. "So, we going to

Miz raised an eyebrow. "You want to fuck?" He asked, genuinely surprised and
impressed at Eve's willingness.

Eve titled her head and maintained her devious smirk. "I'm on birth control."
That was all Miz needed to know. He helped her to her feet and proceeded to
throw her against the locker room wall.

What came next was some sort out of body experience for Eve. She could see
herself moaning from Miz's thrusts. She could see him caressing her breasts
after he pulled her shirt above them. Above all, she could see them fuck each
other rather reckless in an empty locker room.

In those moments, a switch went off inside of Eve. Beyond the extreme
pleasure between her legs, a new outlook on life was born. She thought about
Maryse - her own good friend who seemingly wasn't giving Miz any lately - and
how Miz was really enjoying fucking someone that wasn't her. That spoke to
Eve. The former diva's champion wasn't stupid enough to deny the French-
Canadian's hotness, but if only for today, Eve trumped Maryse. If Maryse
wasn't fucking him, Eve would gladly do it. Maybe he would prefer the foxy
Latina over the French poodle anyways.

Beyond that, she realized that she just wanted and needed to be fucked more
often. She recognized that she craved attention...attention from men that
weren't always named Rener Gracie. Miz knew how to fuck on a level quite
foreign to her. And she loved it. Waiting weeks at a time to go home and get
fucked by Rener, only to find that he was `too tired' or off running the
Gracie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy...this didn't cut it for her anymore! She
had needs too, damn it! She was tired of being on someone else's schedule!
She was tired of being the good, loyal girl! She was patient and civil up
until now, but that bottled up sexual tension and emotions did her more harm
than good. She just needed a fuckin' release!

This wanton disregard for consequences fuelled Miz and Eve's intensity. At
the core of it all were two sexually attractive individuals fucking each
other in an empty arena. This is what people were meant to do. Fidelity was a
myth, especially in the wrestling business. Long, gruelling trips, extended
time away from loved made things impossible to manage.

"More...more...more....oh yeah..." Eve moaned. Miz reacted with low,
grunts while he rattled her pussy. He squeezed her enhanced tit and knew this
was how a woman like Eve was meant to be treated. Give them a little cock and
they all submit.

"Mmmm...fuck like that you slut...." he growled. Eve replied with
another moan. Her pussy was taking a beat and she would need her escape as

Miz raged on by violently humping Eve against that wall. His grunts and
growls - indicative of a true alpha male - proved his aggression and desire
to please a womanly being like Eve Torres. His cock urged to cum. He worked
at an even more frantic pace now.

"Oh oh oh oh....ooooooooooooh yeah........" the Latina wailed.


"Beg me to cum, whore..." Miz snarled.

"Cum in me....I neeeeed ittttt...."

Miz squeezed her tit causing Eve to squeal. "Better than that!"

"Please....please Miz....I need you to cum in me...make me into a slut...."

"You want it?"

Eve screamed frustratingly. "YESSSSSS!!"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Miz let out a shout of his own that reverberated
throughout the room. There was no attention paid to the fact that someone -
other wrestlers, arena workers, agents - could hear them by now.

Eve felt his hot cum file into her body for the second time in the night.
Soon after, she let out a prolonged yelp of her own, signifying her own
orgasm. She stood on her toes as they curled in her boots. Her body tensed
up. She was panting heavily. Miz continued to pump inside for a few moments,
stirring both their juices inside her pussy like some kind of adulterous,
wicked sex cocktail.

He pulled out of her and began to fix his clothing while Eve leaned against
the wall, still breathing hard from the earth shattering explosion in her
body. Miz watched her the entire time with a keen and cocky grin on his face.
She was a mess: shirt pulled up around her breasts, pants and underwear
around her knees and cum dripping out of her cunt. Yes, she looked more like
a street whore than a WWE diva.

Miz exited as curiously as he entered. He slipped out of the room without
uttering a single word. Eve took another moment to catch her breath and then
cleaned herself up. She smoothed out her blouse and did up her pants- cum
soaked panties and all. There would be no time for shower. Plus, she liked
the feeling of cum against her thighs. She reapplied her makeup and grinned
at the reflection she saw in the washroom mirror.

Grabbing her suitcase, she wheeled it out of the arena. Waiting at the back
entrance was her rental car. She slipped her luggage into the truck and
entered into the passenger seat beside Kelly Kelly. Alicia Fox was in the
seat right behind Eve.

"Well, that didn't take a long time at all..." Kelly sarcastically pointed
with some humour to her voice. "Everything alright?"

Eve grinned. "Yeah, everything's awesome."

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