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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The Road Diary Of Trish Stratus Part 7: Hardy Comfort
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Flying high in the clear blue sky, former WWE Diva and impressively
accomplished, seven-time WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus, is sitting
comfortably in one of the first class black leather sits onboard a Frontier
Airlines flight destined for Melbourne, Australia for first the location of
Trish's new reality-travel show, perfectly named "Stratusphere".

Trish Stratus presses her soft lips together as she takes a sip of her Diet
Coke as she relaxes in her seat. Trish sighs and glances around, finding the
majority of the first class cabin vacant, excluding two other people seated
throughout first class. Trish seats her can of Diet Coke down on the tray
table on the back of the seat in front of her and turns to reach into her
traveling bag.

Trish smiles as she slowly pulls out her black bounded notebook, known as her
Road Diary, which chronicles her days traveling with the WWE as their top
Diva. Trish sets the black bounded notebook down on the tray table and
randomly opens her Road Diary, before glancing down at the next entry she has
selected to read through. Trish's eyes lowers as she glances down and the
entry, and an instant frown appears on her face. " asshole..."
Trish says under her breath with bitterness.

* * *

May 5, 2001

Dear Diary,

You know...I don't try to believe that all men are horrible, disgusting
people, but they are! From ex-boyfriend Ron, who made me feel horrible about
living my dream and working for the WWF, to my NOW ex-boyfriend Adam...that's
right Adam and I are no longer together. I can't believe I was blinded...I
should have seen it coming, I mean...It's my life, right? Nothing ever goes
right for me...just when one thing is all fine and dandy, my life goes to
complete hell!

There's a new Diva around the locker room, Stacy Keibler, who previously
worked for World Championship Wrestling, but when Vince bought his
competition Stacy and handful of other individuals came along. I had heard
rumors about Stacy Keibler before hand, and I didn't want to believe them.
I'll all about giving people and chance, you know, and not paying attention
to stupid rumors...well, I sure did find out what a bitch she truly is!

* * *

In the backstage area of the Tulsa Convention Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the
current boyfriend of Trish Stratus, Edge, wearing black jeans and a black WWF
Attitude t-shirt, is talking with the newly acquired WCW Diva Stacy Keibler,
"Yeah, you can expect a lot more physical action in the WWF compared to WCW."
Edge says.

The long-legged, blond beauty, Stacy Keibler, smiles and places her hands
onto her hips as she locks her beautiful, sly eyes with Edge. "That's what
I've heard Adam...I can call you Adam, right?" Stacy asks with a cute laugh
as she stands next to her luggage after just arriving to the arena.

"Yeah.... backstage you can..." Edge laughs a bit, "But in the ring, or in
front of the fans, call me Edge..."

Stacy Keibler laughs and nods her head "Oh yeah...of course..." Stacy presses
her lips together as she seductively looks at Edge before shaking her head
" know...I've watched you a few times on television...and the TV
doesn't do you justice at all..." Stacy says as she noticeably checks out the
boyfriend of Trish Stratus.

"Um thanks...." Edge smiles a bit, "I kinda didn't really get much of a
chance to see you on Nitro... since I was on RAW and we were kicking WCW's

Stacy laughs and easily nods her head "Yeah...yeah..." Stacy pauses and
lightly licks her lips as she remains looking at Edge "So...Adam, do you have
any big plans right now?" Stacy asks with an irresistible smirk.

"Not really... just gonna head to the locker room and get ready for the show
to start..." Edge answers.

Stacy Keibler nods her head "Yeah...I should go get ready too..." Stacy
replies before she casually looks away the surrounding area of the arena "Do
you know where the women's locker room is, by chance?" Stacy asks with a
smirk as she leans down to pick up her luggage.

"Yeah I do...." Edge says, "You just head down this hallway..." Edge says as
he points down the hallway, take the first left and then it's the third door
on the right..."

Stacy cutely frowns and lowers her head "Would you mind showing me?" Stacy
asks before laughing "I'm so bad with directions..."

"Sure, no problem..." Edge says with a smile, "Need a hand with your
luggage?" Edge asks.

"Oh sure..." Stacy Keibler slyly smiles as she hands over the luggage to Edge
and begins to walk side by side with him "So Adam...has anyone ever told you
how god damn hot you are?"

Edge easily caries Stacy's luggage, "Yeah... I get a couple hundred pieces of
fan-mail a month telling me that..." Edge says with a laugh.

"You must have all the ladies after you..." Stacy Keibler says as she
seductively presses her lips together as she walks side by side with Edge,
occasionally locking her beautifully sly eyes with him.

"Ummmm.... I wouldn't say that... maybe most of the ladies are after me..."
Edge says jokingly as he escorts Stacy to the women's locker room.

Stacy pauses for a moment and smirks a bit "You sound like you're
least that's how it seems to me..." Stacy Keibler says as she and Edge walk
right up to the door of the women's locker room.

"Ehhh I'm kinda seeing someone..." Edge says, with a tone of voice indicating
he wants to keep his personal life his own business. "Well here we are..."
Edge says as he sets Stacy's luggage down on the ground.

Stacy raises an eyebrow, causing her beautiful eyes to slightly narrow "Kind
of?" Stacy pauses and laughs "Must not be serious..." Stacy says before
reaches down to pick up her luggage.

"Oh it's serious... I just keep my personal life separated from my
professional life..." Edge replies.

Stacy slightly rolls her eyes before she looks at Edge "If you say so..."
Stacy presses her lips together before she notices that Edge is preparing to
turn away. "Umm...Adam?"

"Yeah?" Edge asks as he stops his turn to look at Stacy.

"Ummm..." Stacy pauses and laughs "This might sound silly, but sometimes the
zipper on my luggage gets stuck...could you help me?" Stacy slyly, but
innocently asks as she opens the door to the women's locker room.

Edge raises an eyebrow, "Um sure.... but if it gets stuck sometimes... you
might want to get some new luggage...." Edge says.

Stacy firmly locks her eyes on Edge and slightly snaps "Are you going to help
me, or not?" Stacy asks once she steps inside of the women's locker room.

"I'll help you out." Edge laughs, "No need to be pushy..." Edge adds as he
picks up Stacy's luggage and carries it into the women's locker room.

Stacy Keibler presses her lips together and places her hands onto her hips as
she steps into the locker room and glances back over her shoulder "You can
put my luggage by the couch..." Stacy says with a sly smirk.

"All right..." Edge says as he walks over to the long leather couch that's
against the west wall of he locker room and he sets down Stacy's luggage.

Stacy takes a step over towards the couch and slides her left hand through
her smooth, long blond hair "You might have you really work that zipper..."
Stacy says as she steps closer to Edge.

"Ok..." Edge laughs a bit as he bends down and he turns Stacy's luggage
around so the he can find he zipper. Edge then starts to unzip Stacy's
luggage as he keeps his back towards her. Stacy slowly traces her soft lips
with her slyl, roaming tongue before she places her hands on Edge's lower
back and firmly pushes him towards the couch inside of the women's locker

"Whoa... hey!" Edge yells in surprise as he turns himself to sit on the couch
as he stumbles towards it after being pushed. Edge looks at Stacy with a
raised eyebrow, "What the hell was that for?"

"Don't act dumb..." Stacy says with a laugh as she smoothly straddles her
perfectly curved body onto Edge's lap. Stacy slyly moves her hands against
the shirt covered chest of Trish Stratus's boyfriend, Edge. "Have you heard
any rumors about me Adam? About being friendly backstage over in WCW?" Stacy
asks with a smile as she lowers her hands down his shirt covered chest
towards his waist.

"I try not to pay attention to the dirt sheets..." Edge says as he starts to
stand up by Stacy pushes him back down.

"'s true...I love giving backstage blowjobs..." Stacy says with a
smirk as she lightly rocks on Edge's lap before she lowers her hands and
reaches down to unbuckle his belt while still positioned on his lap.

"That's nice to know... but I got to be going..." Edge says as he starts to
push away Stacy Keibler's hands away from his belt.

Stacy seductively narrows her eyes and shakes her head with a smirk "I don't
think're not going anywhere, at least not yet..." Stacy says as she
moves to slide down from his lap so that she is kneeling in front of Edge.
Stacy easily slides the belt from around Edge's waist and starts to unbutton
his jeans.

"Hey I'm in a relationship..." Edge says as he tries once again to stop Stacy
Keibler from undoing his jeans. "Quit that!" Edge snaps a bit.

"Like I care?" Stacy says with a sly smirk "So were the majority of the guys
I've blown..." Stacy rolls her eyes and laughs before she starts to eagerly
jerk the jeans down from his tanned and nicely toned waist.

Edge's unharden cock, which is at least eight inches, is exposed as Stacy
pulls his jeans down to his ankles. "This is not WCW... things like that
don't happen in the WWF..." Edge starts to say.

Stacy glances up at Edge and smirks "Yeah...sure they don't..." Stacy Keibler
replies as she seductively licks her lips with anticipation as she gently
places her smooth hands around the unhardened cock and starts to gently move
her hands against his shaft, manipulating his cock to gradually harden at her
sly touch.

"Ahhh shit..." Edge groans as Stacy slowly strokes his cock as it hardens to
a solid thirteen inches in length. "Look ahhh I got to get going... I got to
be somewhere..." Edge says as Stacy keeps stroking his now fully hardened

" have to just stay here..." Stacy says with a smirk as she smoothly
moves her hands against Edge's shaft, stroking his cock perfectly. Stacy
locks her beautiful, sly eyes with Edge as she lowers her head and gently
flicks her tongue against the head of his cock and his piss-slit.

"Mmmmmm fuck..." Edge grits his teeth a bit as Stacy Keibler slyly flicks her
tongue back and forth against the piss slit of his hard, thick cock while she
continues to stroke it with her smooth hands.

Stacy smirks and looks up at Edge "See...not so bad..." Stacy laughs before
leans her head back down and circles her wet tongue around the head of his
cock, while she gently moves her left hand up and down his shaft.

"Look this can be a real bad idea..." Edge says with a moan as Stacy slowly
twirls her tongue around the head of his thirteen inch shaft.

"So?" Stacy Keibler asks before she parts her soft lips and lowers her head
to perfectly devour Edge's cock with her wet, warm mouth. Stacy presses her
moist lips around his thick cock and starts to gradually bob her head on his
shaft to suck his cock.

"Ohhhhh shit.... mmm..." Edge moans as he watches Stacy Keibler bobs her head
slowly up and down on his cock. Edge leans back a bit on the couch as Stacy
presses her lips lightly on his shaft.

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Stacy moans as she smoothly bobs her blond haired head on
Edge's cock as she delicately brushes her lips back and forth on his shaft
while her wet saliva sticks to his cock.

"Ahhhhh... mmm..." Edge licks his teeth slightly as he keeps his eyes on
Stacy while she sucks his dick.

Stacy Keibler slyly looks up and smirks around Edge's cock as she steadily
bobs her head to intensely and eagerly suck on his cock. "Mmmm! Mmmmm!" Stacy
moans as she smoothly turns her head from side to side, while patting her
tongue against his cock.

"Ahhhh... mmmm damn.... fuck.... " Edge moans as Stacy twists and turns her
head on his cock as she takes it deeper into her mouth.

Stacy Keibler lifts her head from Edge's cock and slyly smirks as she holds
his shaft with her left hand "So Adam...have you ever heard those rumors
about me?" Stacy asks with a sly smirk as she delicately slides her tongue
down Edge's rock hard, long shaft.

"Mmmmm... well... ummm I heard that you could be a bit of a.... ahhh
geeze..." Edge moans as Stacy cuts him off as she starts to flick her tongue
against his large ballsack. Stacy slyly laughs as she flicks her tongue back
and forth against his ballsack coating it with her saliva. Stacy slowly
slides her tongue back up his shaft before she opens her mouth to once again
greedily take his thirteen inch cock into her wet mouth.

"Ahhhhh ohhhh shit.... awww fuck..." Edge moans as he puts a hand on Stacy
Keibler's head as she lowers her head all the way down on his cock. "Fuck
you're real good at this..." Edge moans as the door to the women's locker
room door is opened and Edge's girlfriend, Trish Stratus stands in the
doorway with a shocked look on her face. Trish starts to tear up as she
watches Edge get blown by the recently acquired Stacy Keibler and she then
quickly turns to walk away as fast as her legs can move while trying to keep
her composure. Stacy Keibler slyly slaps her tongue against the bottom side
of Edge's rock hard cock as she eagerly twists and turns her head on his
cock, using her perfectly skilled lips to massage his shaft.

"Mmmmmm shit.... ahhh fuck..." Edge moans as he starts to cum inside of
Stacy's mouth as she keeps his dick trapped between her lips.

Stacy presses her lips tightly around his shaft as his cum fills her mouth
before she slowly lifts her head. Stacy tilts her head back to swallow Edge's
cock before she smiles at him "Not so bad, right?"

Stacy licks her lips and laughs "See...and you didn't want one at first..."

"Hey I am in a relationship..." Edge says before he glances at his watch,
"Shit I got to be somewhere..." Edge says as he starts to stand up.

Stacy pouts her lips together "Awww...leaving so soon?"

"Maybe we can hook up later?" Edge says as he stands up and pulls up his

* * *

A short time later in the catering area, after walking in and witnessing
newly acquired WCW Diva Stacy Keibler giving her boyfriend Edge a blowjob
inside of the women's locker room, a heartbroken Trish Stratus is sitting
inside of the vacant catering room as she wipes her eyes with tissues. Edge
enters the catering area and sees Trish from behind. Edge slides a hand
through his hair as he walks up to stand next to Trish, "Hey babe..."
Edge smiles as he put a hand on Trish's shoulder before he leans down to kiss

Trish lifts her blond haired head up slowly from her rolled up tissues and
turns her head as she turns away from Edge, with tears burning down her
cheeks "Leave me alone...I have nothing to say to you..."

"Whoa.... did I miss something?" Edge asks as he's completely oblivious to
the fact Trish caught him getting his dick sucked by Stacy Keibler.

Trish slowly turns to face Edge and stands up from her seat. Trish painfully
narrows her eyes as she looks at Edge completely hurt "I know Adam..." Trish
grits her teeth "I saw you in the women's locker room..."

Edge pauses, "Ok.... look... Trish... that was an accident..." Edge starts to

"An accident!?" Trish yells and throws down her hands "How the hell was that
an accident!?" Trish says as she turns to walk away from Edge.

"Well she asked for help.... and I just let it happened.... it's my fault...
but you know, things like that happen...." Edge says as he tries to keep calm
while trying to explain himself.

"No! They don't just happen Adam!" Trish yells as she turns back to face him
"I thought you were different...after everything I told you about Ron and how
he used to make me feel bad about my career here. I thought you'd be
different...I guess I was wrong!"

"Oh come on Trish... it was a fluke... it's no big deal..." Edge starts to

"Adam! It is a big deal!" Trish yells back before she shakes her head "This
isn't working Adam...whether you meant to hurt me intentionally or
did hurt me! It's, we're over..." Trish pauses and closes her eyes
"I'll send you your things that are at my house..."

"Trish I'm sorry.... we can work this out..." Edge says

"It's too late Adam!" Trish yells before she turns and starts to walk out of
the catering room.

Edge stands in the catering room as he watches Trish leave, "God damn it..."

* * *

Trish Stratus sighs as she glances up from her black bounded notebook and
slowly looks around the slightly vacant first class area of the airplane.
"Such an asshole..." Trish says under her breath.

Trish looks back down at her Road Diary and turns a few pages to another
entry, that happens to chronicle one week later. As Trish turns another page
of the notebook a small photograph slides out. Trish raises an eyebrow as she
glances at the white backing of the photograph. Trish reaches down and turns
the photograph over revealing a picture of herself and Jeff Hardy huddled
close together with their tongues sticking out at the camera. The former
seven-times WWE Women's Champion starts to instantly laugh and smile with

* * *

May 10, 2001

Dear Diary,

Adam called me again tonight...trying to apologize. I'm telling you now it
won't work, it won't EVER work. I am completely done with Adam Copeland. I've
had a past rough couple of days since Adam and I have broken up, I just want
to be alone, you know...maybe it's not the best being alone right now, but I
guess it's a good thing that I have Amy watching my back for me. Thanks to
Amy, I had a special surprise that made me really cheer up
and...I can't believe that I'm going to say this, but I have a crush again...

* * *

One week later at a Holiday Inn located in Phoenix, Arizona, following a WWF
Live Event. Lita, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy are in their hotel room. "Man...
Trish is really upset with Adam..." Matt says as he talks to Lita.

"What happened?" Jeff asks as he was half-paying attention to the
conversation Matt and Lita were having.

Lita laughs and looks at Jeff Hardy "Jeff...weren't you just listening to
Matt and I?" Lita asks the brother of her boyfriend, Jeff, who is flipping
through the channels on the television.

"Eh... not really..." Jeff says as he turns away from the television, "So
what happened with Trish and Adam?"

Matt leans back on the bed he's sitting on, "Trish caught him getting a
blowjob by one of the new chicks from WCW..." Matt says.

"No way!" Jeff says in total shock.

Lita nods her head as she looks over at Jeff "Yes way...she caught Adam
with...ummm that Stacy girl..." Lita replies and then shakes her head "I
can't believe Adam did that to Trish...he seemed so great with her."

"Yeah...." Matt says nodding his head in agreement, "I mean, it ain't that
hard to walk out of the room when someone is trying to do you..."

Jeff laughs a bit, "Yeah... all your ex-girlfriends walked out on you when
you tried..." Jeff says jokingly.

"Shut up..." Matt laughs as he throws a pillow at Jeff, "This is serious

"Yeah Jeff..." Lita says as she sits up on the bed opposite of Jeff Hardy,
that she and Matt happen to be laying on. "Trish is a total mess...she's
really upset and not herself..." Lita says and then looks down a bit "I
mean...I asked her to come eat with Matt and I tonight and she didn't want
to..." Lita pauses and smirks "That's kinda how Matt and I got stuck spending
the night in here with you"

"You mean you two didn't want to hang out with me?" Jeff asks.

"Nope..." Matt says.

"Jerks..." Jeff says jokingly, "But hey... maybe Trish just needs some time
to herself... you know, break ups can be real tough to deal with..." Jeff
says as he sounds rather thoughtful.

Lita shrugs her shoulders "Maybe...but she shouldn't be alone...maybe she
needs someone to, you know, cheer her up and spend time with her..." Lita
says as she starts to trail off before getting a wide smile on her face as
she looks at Jeff Hardy "Jeff..."

Jeff looks at Lita with a raised eyebrow, "Yeah?"

"You're not doing anything tonight...why don't you go ask her out to dinner?"
Lita suggests.

"Me?" Jeff asks, "I don't know..."

"Oh come on Jeff... what, afraid she'll turn you down?" Matt asks.

"No!" Jeff quickly replies, "But what if Trish thinks I'm trying to pick her
up on the rebound?" Jeff asks.

Lita laughs "You're not going to bang her Jeff! You're just going to ask her
out to a friendly dinner."

"Ok... ok... I'll go ask her out to dinner..." Jeff says with a laugh.

"And pay for her dinner too..." Lita says with a nod of her head before she
looks at Matt "Matt...give Jeff some money"

Matt looks at Lita, "Say what?" Matt asks.

"She said give me some money..." Jeff laughs.

Lita laughs "Well...Jeff always is asking you for money"

"Yeah but...." Matt starts to say as he reaches into his pants pocket to take
out his wallet.

"But what? You and Lita aren't eating out..." Jeff says as Matt starts to
take out some twenties to hand to him.

"Yeah but at least I'll be eating her out..." Matt says and manages to laugh
before Lita playfully punches his arm.

"If I let you..." Lita replies with a laugh

* * *

A short time later, Trish is laying down on the bed inside of her own hotel
room as her cell phone starts to ring. Trish Stratus, dressed in a pair of
loosely fitting gray sweatpants and a white tank top, rolls over to the
nightstand as she lays on the bed. Trish reaches over to the nightstand and
lifts her cell phone to answer it without looking at the caller ID.
"Hello..." Trish softly answers in a sweet voice.

"Hey Trish... look... I'm..." The voice of Trish's now ex-boyfriend Edge says
from the other end of the line.

Trish closes her eyes as she lays her head down onto the pillows of the bed
"Adam..." Trish pauses and swallows "I don't want to talk..."

"Aw come on Trish... let's just talk this out..." Edge says, "I'm really

"Adam...saying that you're sorry isn't going to cut it, how would you feel if
you saw me with another guy?"

"Ummmm I did see you with another guy... when we were in Vegas..." Edge
starts to say.

Trish Stratus grits her teeth "Oh don't even compare this to Vegas!" Trish
yells at Edge "Adam! You were there and you knew about it...and you were fine
with it! I can't deal with this Adam..."

"Look it was mistake Trish...." Edge says, "It's not gonna happen again..."

"Good bye Adam..." Trish says before she snaps the cell phone shut and sits
up on the hotel room bed with a sigh. "I'm so done with guys..." Trish says
to herself. Just as Trish puts her cell phone down, there's a knock on the
door to her hotel room. Trish sighs as she stands up from the bed and slides
her left hand through her soft blond hair before she walks over to the door
and unlocks the door before opening.

Out in the hallway, Jeff Hardy, wearing a gray sweat shirt and jeans, smiles,
"Hi Trish..."

Trish smiles softly and slightly raises her eyebrow as she surprised to see
Jeff Hardy standing out in the hallway in front of her hotel room. "Jeff?
Hi...ummm..." Trish laughs as she holds the door open and slides her left
hand through her blond hair again.

"Yeah.. umm... I kinda heard what happened.... and... I thought I could you
know... cheer you up..." Jeff says as he slides a hand through his multi-
colored hair.

Trish presses her lips together and softly laughs "I'm not looking for a
booty call Jeff..." Trish says with a shake of her head.

"A booty call?" Jeff laughs, "No... no... I meant like take you out... maybe
for dinner or something," Jeff says.

"Oh..." Trish smiles and laughs "Dinner would be nice, but I'm not really in
the mood Jeff..."

Jeff smiles, "Ok... um... how about some ice cream? There's a Dairy Queen
right across the street..."

Trish looks her beautiful eyes with Jeff Hardy and smiles "You really want to
take me out for dinner?"

"Yeah...." Jeff nods his head.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip and lowers her blond haired head slightly
"Could you give me like ten minutes?"

"Sure... want me to wait down in the lobby?" Jeff asks with a smile

"Umm...sure." Trish smiles "Give me like ten minutes..."

"Ok..." Jeff smiles, "See you downstairs..."

* * *

An hour later after having dinner and stopping for ice cream, Jeff Hardy is
walking Trish Stratus back to her room, "Man that was some good stuff..."
Jeff smiles.

Trish Stratus smiles and nods her head "Yeah...I think I ate too much
though..." Trish says with a laugh as she walks side by side with Jeff Hardy
in the hallway as they head towards her hotel room. "You didn't
have to pay for my dinner..." Trish says while she is now dressed in a pair
of nicely fitting jeans, that perfectly curve her body, and a black t-shirt.

"Well... I just wanted to show you a good time..." Jeff smiles, "After I
heard what happened with Adam..."

Trish slowly nods her head as she looks at Jeff "Well I appreciate it..."
Trish says with a smile as she and Jeff Hardy approach her hotel room door.

"That's good," Jeff smiles as they reach the door of Trish's hotel room,
"Well... here we are..."

Trish slowly nods her head "Yeah..." Trish looks down and bites down on her
bottom lip and shrugs her shoulders "Do you want to come in for a bit...
unless you have something else going on tonight..."

"I'd love to come in..." Jeff smiles, "I was just gonna go back to my

"Oh..." Trish says with a soft smile as she slides her room key out of her
purse and slides the key into the lock, before pushing the hotel room door
open. "'re welcomed to come in..."

"Thanks Trish..." Jeff Hardy says as he enters Trish's hotel room as she
holds the door open for him.

Trish closes the hotel room door behind her once she has entered the room and
proceeds to slide her shoes off before she walks over where Jeff Hardy has
casually sat down on the bed. Trish smiles as she sits down on the bed next
to him " are things with Beth?" Trish sweetly asks.

Jeff sighs, "Eh me and Beth called things off a while ago. with me being on
the road so much, she didn't want to be involved with someone who wasn't
there with her."

"Oh...I'm sorry Jeff.. I didn't know..." Trish says as she innocently looks
at Jeff Hardy with a soft smile, locking her beautiful eyes with his eyes.

"It's alright Trish... Matt doesn't know yet either..." Jeff smiles as he
looks into Trish's beautiful eyes.

Trish lightly licks her soft, pouty lips as she looks at Jeff Hardy "You're really sweet Jeff..."

"Really?" Jeff smiles as he looks at Trish Stratus.

"Yeah..." Trish quietly replies before she leans over and softly kisses
Jeff's lips, sliding her soft tongue into his warm mouth.

"Mmmm..." Jeff moans in a bit of surprise but her starts to return the kiss
by sliding his tongue against Trish's tongue. Jeff places his right hand on
Trish's left thigh as they move their tongues against each other's.

"Mmmmm..." Trish softly moans back into Jeff Hardy's mouth as she places her
hands onto his sweatshirt covered chest, while she lightly twirls her tongue
against Jeff's tongue while kissing him. Jeff moves his tongue around Trish's
tongue as he moves his hand from her left thigh and towards her flat toned
stomach that's covered by her black t-shirt. Trish gently breaks the kiss
with Jeff and lightly brushes her tongue against his lips before she scouts
back slightly on the bed. Trish innocently smiles as Jeff starts to lift her
black t-shirt to gradually expose her tanned, flat stomach and her black bra
covered tits.

"You're very beautiful...." Jeff says with a smile as he places his hands on
Trish's flat toned stomach before he slides them around to her back to
unclasp her bra. Trish smiles as she raises her arms slightly so that Jeff is
able to pull her black bra from her chest and down her tanned arms while
exposing her perfectly rounded and juicy tanned tits. Trish cutely licks her
lips as she starts to lift Jeff's sweatshirt to reveal his toned and hair
covered upper body.

Jeff lifts his arms up so that Trish can pull his sweatshirt over his head
and off his arms. Jeff places his hands on Trish's waist before he moves them
towards the zipper and button of her jeans. Jeff undoes the button first and
then leans in to kiss Trish's soft lips as he lowers the zipper of her jeans.
Trish closes her eyes as she gently kisses Jeff Hardy back, planting soft
pecks onto his lips as he pulls down her jeans from her tanned waist. Trish
lays back on the hotel room bed as Jeff starts to peel down her black panties
after removing her jeans.

Jeff breaks the kiss with Trish and starts to kiss Trish's neck, then her
tits and then her flat stomach. As Jeff moves downward with his kisses, Jeff
slides Trish's panties down her gorgeously smooth legs and he then moves
between them. "You're so hot Trish..." Jeff says before he starts to lap his
tongue against her pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh Jeff..." Trish softly moans and closes her eyes as she feels
Jeff Hardy's tongue flicking against her wet and warm pussy. Trish grits her
teeth together and lightly grabs the sheets on the hotel room bed with her
hands as she feels his tongue sliding into her pussy.

"Mmmm.... mmm..." Jeff moans lightly as he flicks his tongue gently against
the soft lips of Trish's pussy. He places his left hand on Trish's left leg
and rubs it gently while he uses his right hand to undo his own jeans.

"Mmmm...ohhhh...ohhhh Jeff..." Trish moans as she arches her back slightly as
she feels Jeff's tongue thrusting in and out of her wet pussy.

"Mmmm... mmmmm..." Jeff moans as he rolls his tongue slightly while he darts
it in and out between the lips of Trish's pussy. Jeff lifts his eyes up and
watches Trish arch her gorgeous body while he eats her smoothly shaved pussy.

"Ohhhh...mmmm...ohhhh Jeff" Trish moans as her breathing increases as she
lightly pushes her lower body against Jeff Hardy's face as he circles his
tongue around her pussy.

Jeff slowly lifts his head up Trish Stratus' warm wet pussy, "Wow Trish..."
Jeff says as he lowers jeans from his waist and kicks off his sneakers. Jeff'
Hardy then lowers his black boxers from his waist and his hardening cock
springs free once he gets his shorts past it.

Trish sits up on the hotel room bed and smiles as she looks at the naked Jeff
Hardy "Damn're a stud!"

"No way..." Jeff laughs as he stands up and lays on the bed.

Trish smiles and nods her head "Yes way..." Trish says with a laugh as she
tosses her blond hair back and turns on the bed to face Jeff Hardy. Trish
moves close to Jeff and gently mounts her beautifully tanned body onto his
rock hard cock, lowering down with her pussy.

"Mmmmmm....." Jeff licks his lips as Trish takes his cock inch by inch into
her warm wet and tight pussy. "Ohhh you're so hot Trish..." Jeff moans as he
places his hands on Trish's gorgeous thighs.

"Mmmmm...ohhh Jeff" Trish groans as she lowers herself completely onto his
rock hard cock before she places her hands onto his hair covered chest and
starts to smoothly rock on his shaft, gently grinding her pussy on his solid

"Ohhhh.... ahhh fuck..." Jeff moans as he moves his hands back and forth over
Trish's thighs as she rocks on his thirteen inch dick.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip and locks her beautiful eyes with Jeff
Hardy as she rocks back and forth on his cock, grinding her tanned body
perfectly on his cock. "Ohhh...mmmm Jeff...ohhhh" Trish moans as she smoothly
bounces on his cock.

"Ohhhh.... ahhhh..." Jeff Hardy licks his lips as he watches Trish bounce up
and down on his cock. Jeff keeps his hands on the sides of Trish's thighs as
she gradually gains momentum as she rides him. Trish leans her head down and
softly kisses Jeff Hardy's lips as she continues to rock back and forth on
his cock, increasing the pace and speed of how she moves on his cock.

"Mmmmm..." Jeff moans and he returns Trish's kiss as he starts to thrust his
cock upward into Trish Stratus' tight wet pussy.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Trish moans into Jeff's mouth as she slides her tongue into
his mouth while rocking back and forth on his shaft. Trish gently grabs at
Jeff's hair covered, toned chest as she feels his shaft thrusting up into her

"Mmmm... ahhh... mmm!" Jeff Hardy moans as he starts to turn over on the bed
so that he's on top of the gorgeous blond haired Trish Stratus. Jeff slides
his tongue against Trish's tongue as he smoothly pumps his cock in and out of
her pussy.

"Mmmmm!" Trish moans as she presses her soft lips around Jeff Hardy's tongue,
and lightly sucks on his tongue as she rocks her body underneath Jeff as he
steadily thrust his cock into her warm, tight pussy. "Ohhhh..." Trish moans.

"Mmmmm... ahhh!" Jeff moans as he places his hands on Trish's large juicy
tits as he smoothly increase the pace of his thrusts as he fucks her. Jeff's
rather large ballsack smacks against Trish's smooth skin with each of his
deep thrusts. Trish softly breaks the kiss and looks up at Jeff Hardy as she
wraps her tanned, smooth legs around his waist as she perfectly grinds her
body against Jeff's thrusting body and his rock hard cock.

"Ahhhh.... uhhh yeah...." Jeff Hardy moans as he smiles down at Trish while
he drives his cock in and out of Trish's pussy.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh Jeff!" Trish Stratus moans as she feels Jeff's cock driving
deeper and quicker into her pussy, while sweat starts to drip from his
forehead onto her tanned chest.

"Ahhhh mmmmm! Awww!" Jeff licks his lips as Trish tightens her legs around
his waist so that he slams his cock harder into her pussy. Jeff slides his
hands underneath Trish and lifts her up as he sits on his knees. Jeff holds
Trish against himself as he continues to fuck her pussy.

"Ohhhh Jeff...ohhhh!" Trish moans as she wraps her arms around Jeff's neck as
she rocks against his cock while sitting on his knees as he continues to fuck
her tight, wet pussy.

"Ahhh... uhhh yeah... mmmm!" Jeff moans as he drives his cock into Trish's
pussy. He tilts his head back slightly so that he can look into Trish's eyes
as she rocks on his thirteen inch long shaft.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh Jeff! Ohhhhh!" Trish moans as she grinds her pussy smoothly on
Jeff's cock while he drives his shaft into her.

"Uhhh! Ohhh yeah Trish! Mmmm!" Jeff moans as his cock starts to throb inside
of Trish's pussy as he pumps it deeply into her. Trish locks her eyes with
Jeff and smiles as she leans forward and kisses the side of Jeff's neck as
she continues to rock on his throbbing shaft.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm!" Jeff Hardy moans as he starts to cum inside of Trish's
pussy as he holds her against him while he sits on his knees.

"Ohhh...ohhhh Jeff..." Trish moans as she breaths heavily with sweat dripping
down her tanned body.

"Mmmmm... ohhh damn..." Jeff moans as he lays Trish down on the bed and leans
forward so that he's on top of her. Jeff kisses Trish's soft lips as his cum
spent cock remains halfway inside of her pussy. Trish closes her eyes as she
lays next to Jeff Hardy and softly kisses him back, while sliding her hands
against his sweat, hair covered chest.

"Mmmm..." Jeff breaks the kiss with Trish and smiles at her, "I really
hope... you're feeling better Trish..." Jeff says.

Trish smiles "I am...thanks..."


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