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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The Road Diary Of Trish Stratus Part 9: Happy Hardy-ween
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada, at the home of former WWE Diva and
impressively achieved seven-time WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus and her
husband Ron; the retired Canadian native is in her lavished kitchen at the
counter slicing a juicy, bright red tomato on a cutting board as she begins
to prepare dinner for that evening dinner between her and her husband, Ron.

Trish Stratus cradles the phone against her neck as she leans her head to
left, pressing her the phone tightly between her neck and head as she talks
on the phone. "So what time do you think you're getting home?" Trish asks her
husband over the phone as she slices the tomato and proceeds to drop the
sliced tomatoes into an oven baking pan with various other ingredients.

Ron sighs over the phone "I don't know, I got a big project I'm working
on...I'm working a the blue prints of a new shopping center that is going up
in town. I'll try to be home like, 6:00, 6:30." Ron replies before asking "So
what are you making for dinner?"

Trish smiles and cutely laughs "Oh you know, my famous lasagna."

"Excellent!" Ron replies excitedly over the phone.

Trish laughs a bit "Geeze if you were only that excited when we have sex..."
Trish replies joking.

"Hey, hun...sorry but, you're a great cook." Ron replies.

"Say Ron, you know Halloween is coming up soon, and I was thinking about
throwing a Halloween party here at the house, costumes and all!" Trish says
as she slides the oven baking pan into the oven and closes the door.

"Yeah? Sounds good...listen Trish I have a meeting coming up, I'll see you
when I get home..." Ron replies.

"Ok...Love you..." Trish says before Ron clicks off the line and she raises
an eyebrow, glancing down at the phone. Trish sighs and shakes her head
before she sets down the phone and walks over to the kitchen table, while the
dinner starts cooking. Trish tosses her blond hair back as she sits down at
the table and flips open the black bounded notebook, known as her Road Diary.

* * *

October 25, 2001

Dear Diary,

It's one of my most favorite holidays coming up, just a few days away in
fact, Halloween! These past weekend, since there were no house shows
scheduled, all of the performers got a much needed break! About time!
Haha...just kidding I love my job. But it's always nice to have a few days

Anyway, my...ummm...kind-of-ish boyfriend? and really, VERY close friend Jeff
Hardy and I went to his brother's house for his annual Halloween party. I
went as this like psychotic, back-from-the-dead killer cheerleader, very hot!
At least that's what Jeff thought, and well, umm, Matt too.

The party was awesome, well most of it was, until my ex-boyfriend and king
jerk, Adam showed up with his friend Jason. I had no idea that Adam was going
to be there and neither did Jeff, who by the way was very pissed off. I was
pissed off too. Matt came to talk to me after seeing how upset I got, and I
hate to say this because Amy is my best friend, but I've always found Matt to
be really charming and handsome, and I had been drinking a bit and things
just happened...

* * *

At the home of Jeff Hardy, Jeff is up in his bedroom, looking at an 1995
promo picture of Shawn Michaels as he puts on some silver earrings as he gets
ready for his brother's annual Halloween party, "Matt didn't think I'd have
the guts to wear this." Jeff says with a laugh and he's wearing red and white
wrestling tights, red chaps and a red leather vest that shows off his
slightly hairy chest. Jeff picks up a pair of sunglasses and puts them on,
when there's a knock on the open bedroom door. "Yeah?" Jeff asks as he turns
his head to look at the doorway.

The door to Jeff Hardy's bedroom opens and his very close friend, possibly
more than friend, Trish Stratus, cutely peeks her pig-tails styled blond
haired head into his bedroom with her soft lips together "Hey Jeff, are you
done?" Trish asks as she opens the door completely to enter his bedroom,
dressed in a short blue cheerleading skirt with a white cheerleading top that
is torn and has a blood-stained appearance. Trish places her left hand on her
tanned, curved hip as she holds a plastic butcher's knife in her right hand
as her slender, tanned neck is covered with blood-like make-up.

Jeff Hardy nods his head, "Yeah I am..." Jeff says as he checks out Trish,
"Now I look like HBK... but you're the real show stopper in that costume..."
Jeff says as he looks at Trish from head to toe.

Trish laughs a bit and tosses the plastic butcher's knife onto Jeff Hardy's
bed and places her right hand on to her other hip and cutely shakes her hips
a bit with a laugh "So you like it?"

"Yeah I do.... you really look awesome," Jeff says with a smile.

"Thank you Jeff..." Trish smiles and nods her head as she cutely checks out
Jeff's costume. "You look pretty hot..." Trish presses her soft, pouty lips
together as she takes a step forward to Jeff "If I didn't know, I'd say you
were HBK..." Trish says as she locks her beautiful, sweet eyes with her close

"Thanks Trish... I'm really looking forward to showing Matt this costume...
he didn't think I would wear it," Jeff says with a laugh, "But you... man...
you're really hot..." Jeff says as he licks his lips a bit.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip as she keeps her hands onto her perfectly
curved, nicely tanned hips while she takes a step closer to Jeff "I don't
look that hot..." Trish says as she innocently looks up at him.

"Yeah you do... cheerleaders are always hot... and you're double hot!" Jeff
Hardy says as he licks his lips a bit.

Trish rubs her soft, moist lips together as she places her hands onto Jeff's
nicely hair covered stomach and looks sweetly up at him. "You know, I used to
think Shawn Michaels was so frickin' hot."

"Really? Well... I hope that I'm hotter..." Jeff says as Trish slides her
hand against his stomach.

Trish raises her eyebrow slightly and smiles at Jeff "What time is Matt's

"Six-Thirty..." Jeff answers.

Trish nods her head slowly " we have a bit of time..." Trish says as
she moves her soft hands up his slightly hair covered chest.

"Yeah we do... " Jeff says as he licks his lips, "You got something in mind
to fill the time?" Jeff asks. Trish bites down on her bottom lip and nods her
head as her blond pig-tails cutely bounces. Trish lowers her hands back down
to Jeff's slightly hair covered stomach before she reaches his waist, where
she begins to lower the red and white wrestling tights of his costume.

"I think I like what you got in mind..." Jeff says as Trish lowers his red
and white wrestling tights far enough for his thick long cock to be
unleashed. Trish smiles at Jeff Hardy as she lowers herself down onto her
knees in front of him, gently wrapping her hands around his thick, long and
hardening cock. Trish presses her soft lips together as she starts to lightly
pump her hands along his shaft.

"Mmmm...." Jeff lightly moans as Trish uses both of her hand to stroke his
cock until it's fully harden and pointing straight at her. Trish leans her
head forward and gently kisses the head of Jeff's cock with soft, moist lips
before delicately brushing her wet tongue against the head of his cock,
gliding her tongue across his piss-slit.

"Ohhh..." Jeff moans again as Trish Stratus flicks her tongue up and down
against his dick's piss-slit. Trish lifts her beautiful, sweet eyes and looks
up at Jeff Hardy as she circles her wet tongue against the head of his cock
before opening her mouth wider and lowers her head. Jeff's cock enters her
wet, warm mouth and she presses her lips smoothly around his shaft and starts
to bob her head to suck.

"Ahhhh... mmmm...." Jeff Hardy moans as he looks down at Trish Stratus as she
bobs her head smoothly along the upper half of his cock.

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Trish moans as she gently bobs her head along Jeff's cock,
lapping her wet tongue against the head of his cock while her lips brush back
and forth against his cock.

"Ohhhh... mmmm yeah Trish..." Jeff moans as he gently takes hold of Trish's
blond pigtails as she laps her tongue against his cock as she blows him.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm..." Trish moans as she rocks her head forward on Jeff's cock as
her wet saliva gently drips down his shaft. Trish closes her eyes and starts
to bob her head at a quicker pace as Jeff holds onto her soft blond pigtails
with his hands.

"Mmmmm.... ohhh fuck... mmm!" Jeff moans as he's loving the way Trish is
sucking his cock. Jeff keeps holding onto Trish's pigtails as she begins to
cutely turn her head on his dick. Trish's soft, moist lips grind against Jeff
Hardy's cock as she starts to suddenly bob her head on Jeff's cock at a
quick, smooth pace while her wet tongue playfully smacks against his thick

"Mmmm... ahhh... ohhh damn Trish... ahhh!" Jeff moans as he starts to breath
deeply as Trish takes his cock almost completely into her mouth as she pats
her tongue against the bottom side of his dick.

Trish places her hands onto Jeff's waist as she starts to rock forward on her
knees while sucking on Jeff Hardy's cock. "Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Trish sweetly
moans as his cock quickly and deeply enters her saliva dripping, incredibly
warm mouth.

"Ohhh.... ahhh!" Jeff moans as Trish deeply sucks on his cock as it starts to
throb inside of her saliva dripping mouth. Trish slowly lifts her head from
Jeff's cock and cutely smiles up at him before she taps her tongue against
the tender, sensitive area directly underneath the head of his cock.

"Ahhhh... aww Trish!" Jeff moans as he starts to cum as Trish taps the
extremely sensitive area that's right underneath the tip of his cock. Trish
laughs a bit as she lifts her tongue to collect the cum from Jeff's cock as
it start to erupt from his piss-slit. Trish closes her eyes as she cleans the
head of his cock with her tongue.

"Ohhh shit Trish.... you're incredible..." Jeff moans as Trish laps up the
remaining drops of cum from his piss-slit. Trish presses her soft lips
together before she scouts back on her knees while Jeff Hardy charmingly
bends down and helps Trish up from the floor of his bedroom.

"So are you already to go?" Jeff asks with a smile as Trish puts her hands on
his arms after he helps her up.

Trish slowly nods her head and smiles at Jeff Hardy "Yeah..." Trish pauses
and presses her soft lips together "Umm...Jeff?"

"Yeah Trish?" Jeff asks.

Trish shyly lowers her head and blushes "I really...umm, like spending time
with you."

"Same here... you're a blast to be with," Jeff smiles.

* * *

Later on at Matt Hardy's home, the Halloween party Matt is throwing is in
full swing with friends of Matt having a good time. Shannon Moore, who's
dressed as a cowboy, is talking Molly Holly, wearing a Wonder Woman costume,
and Torrie Wilson, who's dressed as Malibu Barbie. Shane Helms is dressed as
the Green Lantern, is talking with Jeff Hardy as Lita looks into a mirror as
she fixes the black wig of her Elvira costume. Over by the snack table, Matt,
as Zorro, is pouring a drink for Trish Stratus. "Man Trish. your costume is
awesome," Matt says as he hands Trish her drink.

Trish presses her soft lips together and laughs a bit "Thanks Matt...and
you're let me guess Zorro?" Trish asks as she cutely raises an eyebrow while
to takes a sip of the drink that Matt poured for her.

Matt nods his head, "Yup..." Matt says as he adjusts the large black hat.
Matt's costume consists of a black mask over the eyes, a tight fitting top
and pants with a fairly large cape draped over his shoulders. "I think I
should play him in the next movie... I look a lot better than Antonio
Banderas..." Matt laughs a bit.

Trish laughs a bit and nods her head "Oh yeah...of course Matt..." Trish says
with a wink as she picks up a handful of chex mix from the snack table
"Thanks a lot though for inviting me..." Trish says with a smile.

"It's no problem..." Matt smiles, "You're one of my friends and I always
invite friends to this party every year...." Matt says.

Meanwhile, over by the stairs in Matt Hardy's living room, Shane Helms takes
a sip from his bottle of Budweiser beer as he talks with his long time friend
Jeff Hardy. Shane Helms bites down on he bottom lip as he shakes his head and
looks over at Trish Stratus. "Mmm...mmm...damn Trish is one fine looking
girl." Shane Helms says as he takes another sip of his beer "You came with
her, right Jeff?"

"Yeah I did...." Jeff nods his head as he glances at Trish and then at Shane,
"Why?" Jeff asks.

Shane shrugs his shoulders " reason..." Shane replies before he
excitedly smiles and turns to Jeff "So man, what it's like tappin' her?"

Jeff raises an eyebrow, "What?" Jeff asks as Shane catches him off guard with
his question.

Shane laughs "You know man, what's it like banging her?" Shane Helms asks.

"Hey you know I never talk about stuff like that..." Jeff says as he tries to
avoid the question.

Shane Helms laughs and points at Jeff "Whoa man! You are! You're banging
Trish!" Shane says in a slightly loud voice, causing Shannon Moore to
overhear Shane Helms, who walks over to him and Jeff Hardy.

"Who's Jeff banging?" Shannon Moore as he peeks his head into the middle of
the conversation between Shane Helms and Jeff Hardy.

"No one... Shane shut up!" Jeff says as he grits his teeth a bit.

Shane Helms laughs and turns to Shannon, smacking a hand against his hand
"Shannon, man, Jeff here is banging Trish!" Shane Helms says as Shannon
Moore's eyes appear to bulge from his head and his mouth opens in shock.

Shannon Moore turns, looking at Jeff in awe. "No way! No fucking way! You
are!? What's she like!?" Shannon Moore asks eagerly.

Jeff bites his tongue, "She's great.... now... if you two idiots don't
mind... can we talk about something else?" Jeff says as Shane and Shannon are
both blocking any chance he has to step away.

Shannon Moore licks his lips and shakes his head at he take a glances over at
Trish who is now talking to her best friend Lita. Shannon Moore leans closer
to Jeff "So how long have you been banging her, Jeff?" Shannon asks before
Shane Helms rolls his eyes and slightly pushes Shannon away and steps to Jeff

"Shannon, shut up. Listen...what is important is how does she like it, Jeff?
I bet she's a doggystyle-type of girl!" Shane Helms says before licking his
lips "Man, gotta love those type of girls!"

"Hey... I gotta go to the bathroom... so if you two horn dogs don't mind..."
Jeff says as he starts to try and move between Shane and Shannon in order to
get past them.

Meanwhile, back over at the snack table, Lita catches Trish Stratus stealing
a glance over at Jeff Hardy before she smiles in the direction of Jeff. Trish
turns back to Lita, causing her blond pigtails to slightly bounce "What Amy?"
Trish asks as Lita was saying something to her. Lita is dressed in a short
black dressed that shows off her juicy, delicious appearing cleavage and
black wig to cover her fiery red hair.

"I asked if you wanted to help with the Trick or Treaters... Matt always gets
a couple of kids that come for candy..." Lita says before she places her
hands on her hips, "But I guess you got your mind on someone..." Lita says
with a smirk.

Trish raises an eyebrow as she looks at her best friend "What are you talking
about?" Trish asks as she rubs her left hand against the back of her neck.

"You were checking out Jeff..." Lita says with a smirk as Molly Holly wanders

"Hey did you see Jeff's costume? He's so hot!" Molly says.

"He's not as hot at Matt, Nora," Lita says before she looks at Trish, "What
do you think?"

Trish casually looks away from Lita and Molly, rubbing her soft lips together
"I...ummm...think Jeff looks...decent..." Trish says as she uncomfortably
folds her hands against her toned, smooth and gorgeously tanned stomach.

"Just decent?" Molly and Lita asks at the exact same time. "He's looks really
great..." Molly then says with a cute sigh.

"Ooo careful Trish... sounds like Nora has a crush on Jeff..." Lita laughs.

Molly looks at Trish, "You and Jeff are together?" Molly asks in total

Trish looks quickly back at Molly Holly and shakes her blond pigtailed style
head. "No, no, no...Jeff is just a friend, just strictly a friend..." Trish
replies as she sets her plastic cup containing her drink down on the snack

"Oh..." Molly nods her head before she looks at Jeff, "He's sooo good
looking..." Molly says.

Lita laughs, "Whoa Molly... I think Trish is gonna get jealous..." Lita says
as the doorbell rings.

"Whatever...I am not..." Trish says as she quickly reaches for the bowl of
candy "And...I believe that would be the trick or treaters" Trish replies as
she turns away to avoid further conversation about Jeff Hardy while she
proceeds to walk towards the front door of Matt's home and opens the door to
greet the possible trick or treaters.

"Trick or Treat Bro..." Edge, dressed as Hulk Hogan, starts to say before he
sees Trish inside of Matt's house and he instantly stops talking.

Christian, who's dressed as a Vampire, cringes a bit as he simply says, "Ummm
hi Trish..." Christian says as he's aware of the way Trish and Edge broke up.
Trish's eyes widen and her mouth hangs open slightly as her appears frozen at
the sight of her former boyfriend Edge. Trish closer her eyes and tosses the
candy bowl onto the couch near the front door, causing some of the candy bars
to spill out before she turns away and immediately starts to walk away from
the front door.

Matt, being the closest to the door, sees Trish walking quickly away from the
door, "Hey what's going on?" Matt asks as Edge and Christian enter.

Jeff then sees Edge as he comes out of the bathroom, "Matt, what the hell is
he doing here?" Jeff yells as he walks towards his brother.

Matt Hardy turns around to face his brother and raises an eyebrow "Adam?"
Matt nods his head a bit "Look I now you're pissed at him with what happened
between him and Trish...but I didn't intend to invite him cause I knew Trish
would be here, I just invited Jason, and Adam ended up finding out, I
couldn't be an ass then and not invite him."

"Yeah you could've!" Jeff snaps, "Fuck, if I was throwing a party and someone
who did some shit to you or Amy found out about it, I wouldn't invite them!"

Matt sighs and rolls his eyes slightly "Jeff it's no big deal, so what Adam's
here...I bet Trish doesn't even care." Matt says despite an upset Trish
Stratus quickly walking away from her former boyfriend Edge and out of the
living room where the Halloween party is taking place.

"Yeah... Trish freaking out and walking away from him is her way of not
caring that he's here! Fuck... you're as dense as a rock!" Jeff yells as he
shakes his head.

Matt raises his hands up "Jeff, look, just calm down...I'll make sure Adam
and Trish stay completely away from each other..." Matt says trying to make a
deal with his younger brother.

"He shouldn't even be here to start with!" Jeff snaps before he turns to
storm towards and then up the stairs.

Lita walks up behind her boyfriend Matt and raises an eyebrow "What was that

Matt sighs, "Adam showed up and well... Jeff has just gone nuts because Trish
is upset..." Matt says. "I told him I couldn't be an ass to Adam, he is one
of my best friends..."

Lita bites down on her bottom lip "Yeah...I know Matt, it's tough having Jeff
and Trish on one side with Adam on the other side. I mean, I don't agree with
what Adam did, but he's still a friend." Lita says, seeming to be a on common
ground with her boyfriend. Lita then raises an eyebrow "Is that why I saw
Trish going down into the basement then?"

"Yeah..." Matt nods his head, "I was going to head down there to see if Trish
is alright and apologize for Adam being here..."

Lita nods her head and looks at Matt "Do you want me to talk to Jeff?"

"If you don't mind... yeah I do..." Matt says as he nods his head, "Maybe
he'll be chilled out talking to you."

* * *

Upstairs in Matt Hardy's bedroom, Jeff is pacing back and forth, still pissed
off at his brother for inviting Edge. "Man. what type of idiot is he?! Fuck!"
Jeff yells as he kicks the side of Matt's waterbed.

The door to Matt Hardy's bedroom opens and Lita slowly peeks her head into
the room. "Jeff?" Lita says as she quietly enters the bedroom, closing the
door behind her.

"What?" Jeff says as he slightly snaps at Lita without realizing she is there
until he turns to look at her. "Oh sorry Amy..." Jeff says.

Lita softly smiles at the brother of her boyfriend as she walks over to him,
while he angrily paces back and forth "Are you doing ok up here?" Lita asks
as she lifts the black haired wig off of her head with her right hand to
unleash her feisty and fiery red hair.

"Yeah... I'm just..." Jeff shakes his head a bit, "If I wanted to know how
big of an idiot Matt could be I just found out..."

Lita softly sighs and folds her arms below her large, juicy, cleavage
revealing chest of her Halloween costume top. "You're really upset about Adam
being here, aren't you?" Lita says before lightly shrugging her shoulders "I
don't agree with what he did to Trish, but Matt is still friends with
Adam..." Lita begins to say before she lightly tosses her red hair back. "And
to be fair for Matt, he honestly wasn't going to even invite him because he
knew how upset Trish would be if he came, and he also knew that you'd be
upset do have feelings for Trish."

"Trish is my friend... last thing I want is for her to deal with Adam... you
know she's gone out of her way to avoid speaking to him since they split,"
Jeff says.

Lita nods her head slowly as she places her hands onto Jeff's arms, lightly
forcing him to sit down on Matt Hardy's waterbed before she then sits down on
the bed next to Jeff. Lita looks over and smiles "And because you have
feelings for her Mr. Jeffery..." Lita says in a slightly firm tone. "...You
don't like seeing her upset"

"Of course I don't like seeing her upset... if something like that happened
to you I'd be the same way," Jeff says as Lita sits next to him on the

Lita laughs a bit "Thanks Jeff...but you still didn't admit that you have
feelings for her..." Lita smiles and looks at Jeff Hardy "It's no secret
Jeff, at least not anymore..."

"What? I'm not denying anything, she's a close friend..." Jeff says.

Lita laughs and presses her sultry, moist lips together "That you have very
special feelings for..." Lita begins to reply.

"So? It doesn't mean anything, I just don't like her to be upset."

Lita turns on the waterbed and places her hands on top of Jeff's hands as she
looks directly into his eyes "Matt's going down to talk with Trish, will you
calm down already and come back to the party?"

"I'll come down when I'm good and ready..." Jeff replies as Lita gently rubs
his hands.

Lita frowns a bit "Jeff...come on, come back down..." Lita says as she scoots
a bit closer on the waterbed towards Jeff.

"Amy... I just told you that I'll come back down when I'm ready..." Jeff says
as he doesn't notice that Lita has scooted ever closer to him.

Lita slyly lowers her head and smiles "Anything I can do to cheer you up a

Jeff looks at Lita with a confused look on his face, "Huh?"

Lita smiles as she leans closer to the younger brother of her boyfriend
" and Matt are a lot alike, and there's only one thing that will
get Matt from being all pissed off..." Lita says with a slightly sly laugh
before she kisses the side of Jeff's neck.

"Whoa... Amy..." Jeff says as Lita kisses the side of his neck, "You're with
Matt..." Jeff says as he starts to move a bit away from Lita.

Lita smiles a bit "Yeah, so? We've banged before with and without Matt being
there..." Lita says as she moves her hands onto his slightly hairy, toned

"Yeah but..." Jeff starts to say as Lita moves her hands over his slightly
hairy chest and then down to his stomach.

"But what Jeff?" Lita asks as she locks her sultry, seductive eyes on her
boyfriend's younger brother as she lowers her hands to the waist of his
Halloween costume, consisting of the red and white wrestling tights in
replica to Shawn Michaels's attire in 1995.

"Ummmm.... I don't know..." Jeff says as Lita slides the tights of his
costume down far enough for his cock to be freed.

Lita smiles and slyly winks at Jeff "Just relax..." Lita says before she
slides off of Matt's waterbed in order to kneel in front of Jeff Hardy as she
places her hands around his shaft and starts to steadily stroke his shaft in
order to harden it.

"Mmmmm damn..." Jeff moans as Lita moves her hands up and down on his
hardening cock. Jeff leans back on the waterbed and places his hands behind
him as he watches Lita stroke his cock. Lita seductively narrows her eyes as
she leans her fiery red haired head forward and she flicks her pierced tongue
against the head of Jeff's cock before she opens her mouth and eagerly
devours his cock with her perfectly wet and skilled mouth.

"Ahhhh... mmmm..." Jeff Hardy licks his lips as Lita starts to bob her head
up and down on his rock hard cock while she uses her hands to pull the tights
and boots off of Jeff's legs.

Lita locks her eyes with Jeff Hardy as she smoothly bobs her head on his
cock, gently slapping her tongue against his cock. "Mmmmm...mmmm" Lita moans
as she lightly twists her head his cock, while she sucks him.

"Ohhh shit... mmmmm Amy..." Jeff moans as he watches Lita twist her head from
side to side on his cock as she blows him.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Lita groans as she drags the stud of her tongue ring against
Jeff's shaft as she continues to bob her head on his cock, gradually
increasing the speed of how she sucks him.

"Ahhhh.... ahhh fuck!" Jeff moans as he feels Lita's tongue ring going
against his cock as she bobs her head at a brisk pace on his dick.

Lita's sultry, moist lips roughly brush back and forth on his cock, as she
rapidly moves her red haired head. "Mmmmm! Ohhhhh! Mmmmm!" Lita moans as she
takes him deeper into her mouth.

"Ahhhh.... ohhh shit Amy... ahhh!" Jeff moans as Lita lowers her head all the
way down on his cock. Jeff feels Lita's warm saliva dripping from his cock
and down to his ballsack.

Lita slowly lifts her head from Jeff's cock, dragging her pierced tongue
against his shaft. "Mmmm Jeff..." Lita moans presses her moist lips together
as her wet saliva drips from his cock.

"Damn Amy..." Jeff licks his lips, "You know I can't go down stairs with this
thing hard as a rock..." Jeff says with a laugh

Lita laughs as she stands up from the floor in Matt's bedroom before she
crawls onto the waterbed and seductively lays down onto the bed as she starts
to lowers her short, sexy black dress as part of her Halloween costume
" better get to work then, Jeff."

"Thanks for the suggestion..." Jeff says as he watches Lita lay her head on
the pillow's at the top of the waterbed. Jeff kneels on the waterbed and
licks his lips as he sees Lita's neatly shaved pussy as she kicks off her
short, black dress from her legs. Jeff then lowers his head and begins to
flick his tongue against Lita's pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhh Jeff..." Lita groans as she bites down on her bottom lip as she
feels Jeff's tongue dragging against her wet, warm pussy, while he spreads
her legs further apart. Jeff keeps his hands on Lita's legs as he moves his
tongue up and down against her soft wet pussy lips. The younger Hardy brother
starts to bob his head up and down whenever he wants to move his tongue
against the top half or bottom half of Lita's pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh...ohhhh shit" Lita moans as her breathing increases as she
starts to push her wet pussy against Jeff's face while he rapidly flicks his
tongue against his cunt.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Jeff moans as he tilts his head from side to side as he
pushes his tongue past her pussy lips. Jeff thrusts his tongue in and out of
Lita's pussy as she grinds herself against his face.

"Ohhhh yeah...mmmm Jeff...ohhhh fuck!" Lita moans as she arches her back,
feeling Jeff's tongue digging into her wet pussy, while rapidly thrusting his
tongue in and out of her pussy.

"Mmmm! Mmmm!" Jeff moans as eats the pussy of his brother's girlfriend. Jeff
then lifts his head up from Lita's pussy and grins, "You know... you and
Trish each have a pussy I can eat all day..." Jeff says.

Lita smirks "Oh really? So you are banging Trish?" Lita replies with a laugh
as she sits up on the bed and licks her sultry, moist lips "Lay the fuck down
Jeff..." Lita says with a smirk

Jeff licks his lips, "Matt wasn't kidding... you are getting bossy..." Jeff
says as he lays down on the waterbed.

Lita laughs and tosses her fiery red hair back "Shut up Jeff..." Lita says
with a playfully smirk before she moves to straddle Jeff's waist as he lays
on the waterbed with his rock hard cock sticking directly up as she firmly
mounts herself onto his cock. "Mmmm fuck..." Lita groans as she places her
hands onto his toned, slightly hairy chest and starts to rock back and forth
on his shaft.

"Ahhh damn..." Jeff moans as he puts his hands on Lita's waist as she rocks
on his cock. Jeff licks his lips as he begins to thrust his large cock up
into her pussy.

Lita tilts her head back and smirks as she starts to smoothly rock back and
forth on his cock, grinding her wet, tight pussy against his shaft. "Ohhhhh
mmmm yeah Jeff!" Lita moans as she lightly rakes her fingernails against
Jeff's slightly hairy, toned chest while the waterbed splashes and moves
beneath them.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm fuck... ahhh yeah!" Jeff Hardy moans as he thrusts his
cock up into Lita's pussy as she bounces on his stiff dick.

Lita looks down and locks her beautiful, seductive eyes with the younger
brother of her boyfriend while she continues to rock back and forth on his
rock hard cock, smoothly bouncing and grinding on his cock. "Mmmmm...ohhh
yeah Jeff!"

"Ahhh shit... mmmm fuck Amy!" Jeff moans as he drives his cock into Lita's
pussy as she rides him. Jeff grabs Lita's large juicy tits before he turns
over so that he's on top of her.

Lita licks her teeth as she wraps her smooth, gorgeously tanned legs around
Jeff's toned waist as he rapidly pumps his cock into her pussy while she lays
underneath him. "Mmmm! Ohhhh...ohhhh Jeff!" Lita moans as she starts
sweating, while pushing eagerly against Jeff's thrusting cock.

"Ahhhh.... ohhh yeah... mmmmm!" Jeff moans as he pumps his cock deeply into
Lita's tight wet pussy. Jeff's balls smack against Lita's smooth skin as he
fucks her on Matt's waterbed.

Lita licks her sultry lips as she moves back and forth underneath Jeff's body
as he sharply drives his cock into her tight, wet pussy. "Ohhhh! Ohhhhh
Jeff!" Lita moans as she places her hands onto his arms.

"Awww.... shit... mmmm fuck!" Jeff Hardy rams his cock repeatedly into Lita's
pussy as it starts to throb. "Ahhh... shit... Amy!" Jeff moans as he starts
to cum inside of Lita's tight wet pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh Jeff..." Lita moans and licks her lips as she tightens her legs
around his waist as his cum unloads into her pussy.

"Ahhhh.... fuck... mmmm..." Jeff moans as he holds his cum spent cock inside
of Lita's wet pussy.

Lita smiles as she rolls out from underneath Jeff "So...are you coming back

"Yeah...." Jeff nods his head, "Although the party up here was a lot more
fun..." Jeff says with a grin.

* * *

Downstairs in the basement and entertainment room of Matt Hardy's home, Matt
is coming down the stairs as he takes off his mask and hat before he peeks
into the room to see an upset Trish Stratus standing by the pool table,
rolling the pool balls over the table. Matt places his mask into the hat as
he enters the room, "Hey Trish... are you ok?" Matt asks as he places his hat
on a chair as he walks over to her.

Trish slowly lifts her head up as she rolls another pool ball down the table.
"Yeah...I'm fine..." Trish softly replies as she looks back down.

"You sure?" Matt asks as he takes off the cape of his costume and places it
on the edge of the pool table, "I know Adam being here is kinda difficult...
I hope you're not mad at me for him being here..."

Trish presses her soft lips together as she lifts her head up once again and
takes a deep breath "He doesn't even care about what he did to me..." Trish
says as she turns her head away from Matt.

"I don't think that's true... he was going to come down here... but Jay and I
convinced him that may not have been a good idea," Matt says before adding,
"Didn't want you to beat him up with one of the pool cues..." Matt looks at
Trish to see if she laughs at his joke.

Trish sighs as she slowly turns around to face Matt Hardy with her arms
folded against her large chest. Trish pouts her lips together and sadly looks
down. "I'm not mad at you Matt..." Trish pauses for a moment and sighs "It's
just..." Trish pauses again and shakes her head "No...nevermind, you don't
want to hear it..."

"Trish, we're friends... you can talk to me..." Matt says as he leans against
the pool table.

Trish presses her soft, pouty lips together and lowers her blond pigtail
styled haired head and takes a deep breath "When Adam cheated on me, I always
thought he did that because of me, like there was something wrong with me."
Trish says as she sadly looks up at Matt Hardy "Like I wasn't good enough for

"Now you know that's not true... you're awesome Trish... Adam's just... you
know, a horn dog, if anything it was Adam's fault..." Matt says.

Trish closes her eyes and slowly shakes her head "Adam used to tell me how
great I was...but we know what happened there..."

Matt places his right hand on Trish's left hand, "Trish you are great...
you're very beautiful... athletic..." Matt smiles. Trish slowly opens her
eyes and presses her soft lips together as she quietly and innocently looks
up at the older brother of Jeff Hardy, Matt, locking her eyes with him.

"Seriously Trish... there is nothing... nothing wrong with you..." Matt says
as he looks into Trish's beautiful eyes.

Trish lightly shrugs her shoulders "That's what you say..."

"Well I do mean what I say..." Matt says before he suddenly lean forward and
kisses Trish's lips. After a second, Matt breaks the kiss, "Oh shit... sorry
Trish..." Matt says.

Trish remains motionless as she looks directly at Matt Hardy with her soft
lips pursed together after Matt kissed her. Trish lightly wets her lips and
slowly shakes her head "No's fine, really..." Trish replies as she
places her hands onto his chest, keeping him from turning away.

Matt looks down a little, "I'm sorry Trish... it's just that you know...."
Matt starts to say, "You're just so great..."

"Matt...Matt, it's ok, really..." Trish says before she leans up slightly and
softly presses her soft, moist lips against Matt's firm lips, as she parts
her mouth and slides her tongue into Matt's mouth while she keeps her hands
gently moving against his costume covered chest.

"Mmm..." Matt moans a bit as he feels Trish's tongue sliding against his
inside of his mouth. Matt places his hands on Trish's waist as he moves his
tongue against her's. Trish closes her eyes as she slides her hands up
against his chest while she gently smacks her wet tongue against Matt's
tongue while she continues to kiss the older brother of her close friend.
Trish Stratus casually steps back against the pool table as she kisses him

"Mmmm....." Matt moans into Trish's mouth before he breaks the kiss and lifts
her up onto the edge of his pool table. Matt smiles at Trish as he starts to
lift up her white cheerleading top. Trish raises her smooth, tanned arms and
lowers her head slightly as Matt removes her white, slightly torn
cheerleading top to expose her large and juicy, perfectly rounded, tanned,
perky tits.

"See Trish... you're perfect..." Matt says as he gently places his hands on
Trish's large juicy tits. He slides his hands to her toned stomach and then
to her cheerleading skirt which he starts to slide down from her hips.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip as she lowers her beautiful eyes, watching
Matt Hardy tugging her short cheerleading skirt as part of her Halloween
costume down from her tanned, curved hips before he lowers the skirt down her
tanned, smooth legs. "Matt...should we be doing this? What about Amy?" Trish
nervously and cutely asks.

Matt smiles, "Trish it's fine..." Matt says as he finishes removing Trish's
short cheerleading skirt before he begins to slide off her blue thong, "Amy
is checking on Jeff..." Matt says, "And you know how she likes to cheer
people up..." Matt says before he leans forward and kisses Trish's soft lips.
Trish closes her eyes as Matt kisses her lips and in return Trish wraps her
arms gently around Matt's neck as she pulls him closer to her and deeper into
the kiss. Trish parts her mouth once again and slides her tongue into Matt's
mouth, while she gently moans into his mouth.

"Mmmm..." Matt moans as he slides his tongue against Trish's tongue. He uses
his hands to lower the pants portion of his costume, freeing his nicely sized
cock which is already hardening. As Trish and Matt kiss, Trish can feel
Matt's cock brushing against her smooth legs. Trish Stratus sweetly laughs
into Matt's mouth as she continues to kiss him, massaging her tongue against
his tongue as she feels the head of his cock brushing back and forth against
her smooth, gorgeously tanned legs.

Matt breaks the kiss with Trish and smiles, "What's so funny?" Matt asks as
Trish cutely laughs.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip and blushes " was just
tickling..." Trish says as she motions her head down to Matt's semi-hard,
impressively long and thick cock.

"Oh..." Matt laughs a bit as he places his hands on Trish's thighs to spread
her legs apart. Matt then lowers his head down and starts to lightly flick
his tongue against her soft pussy.

"Ohhhhh...mmmm Matt" Trish moans and softly laughs as she feels Matt's tongue
brushing and lapping against her wet, warm and soft pussy as he moves his
hands against her smooth, tanned thighs.

"Mmmm... mmm..." Matt moans as he laps his tongue from side to side against
Trish's pussy. Matt moves his hands over Trish's thighs and then down her

Trish sits on the edge of the pool table and leans back slightly, placing her
hands behind her on the pool table as she feels his tongue starting to dart
in and out of her wet pussy. "Ohhhh...ohhhh shit Matt"

"Mmmm... mmmm..." Matt glances up at Trish as eats her deliciously wet pussy.
Matt flicks his tongue around in a circular motion inside of Trish's pussy.

Trish grits her teeth as she looks down at Matt Hardy as he guides his mouth
against her pussy, skillfully munching on her wet, warm pussy. "Ohhhh...mmm
Matt...ohhhh!!!" Trish moans and lightly grinds her pussy forward against his
face and tongue.

Matt Hardy slowly lifts his head up from Trish's pussy, "Mmmm... you're so
beautiful Trish..." Matt says.

Trish sweetly smiles and then presses her soft lips together "Thanks Matt..."
Trish shyly lowers her head "Umm...could you help me down?"

"Sure..." Matt Hardy says as he eases Trish off of the pool table and down to
the floor. Trish licks her soft, luscious lips and lightly tosses her blond
pigtails back as she gently slides her hands down his toned stomach before
she gently grips his cock with her soft hands and lowers herself down onto
her knees in front of him, while he leans against the pool table.

"Mmmm...." Matt moans as Trish holds his thick cock with her soft hands
before she leans forward and presses her soft pouty lips against his the tip
of his dick.

"Mmmm..." Trish Stratus delicately kisses the head of Matt Hardy's cock
before she gently brushes her soft, wet tongue against the head of his cock.
Trish closes her eyes as she taps her tongue against his piss-slit before she
opens her mouth and wraps her soothing lips around his cock.

"Ahhhh.... ohhh Trish..." Matt moans as Trish flicks her tongue against the
piss slit of his cock while she sucks on the tip of his cock.

"Mmmmm...mmmm...mmmmm" Trish moans and presses her soft lips tighter around
Matt's cock as she starts to smoothly and perfectly lift and lower her head
on his shaft, while her soft lips brush against his thick shaft.

"Ohhhh... mmmm yeah Trish..." Matt Hardy moans as he places his left hand on
Trish's head as she takes his cock inch by inch past her pouty soft lips.

Trish lifts her beautiful and sweet eyes as she starts to steadily bob her
head on Matt's cock with her wet saliva dripping on his cock. "Mmmmm! Mmmmm!"
Trish moans as she takes him deeper into her wet mouth.

"Ohhhh.... ohhh fuck... mmmm!" Matt moans as he tilts his head back as Trish
completely deep throats his long, hard and thick cock.

"Mmmmmm!" Trish groans as she lightly turns her head from side to side on his
cock, while she deep throats his shaft before slowly lifts her head with a
cute smile on her face.

"Ohhhh shit Trish...." Matt says with a smile as Trish briefly pats the head
of his cock with her tongue before she starts to stand up.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip as she steps up to the pool table,
standing next to Matt Hardy "How do you want me?" Trish asks with a cute,
seductive laugh.

Matt licks his lips, "How about you bend over the pool table..." Matt says as
he looks at Trish from head to toe, admiring her gorgeous body.

Trish cutely presses her soft, pouty lips together and raises an eyebrow "You
want me over the pool table?" Trish asks with a laugh as she turns around and
starts to bend over the pool table.

"Oh yeah..." Matt nods his head as he moves behind Trish as she sways her
juicy ass from side to side. Matt steps closer to Trish and places his hands
on her hips before he pushes his large saliva coated dick into her warm tight

"Mmmm...ohhhh shit Matt" Trish seductively groans as she feels Matt's rock
hard, thick and long cock enter her tight pussy from behind. Trish feels his
hands rubbing against her curved, tanned hips before he starts to swiftly
pump his cock into her from behind.

"Awww.... ohhh yeah Trish..." Matt moans as he moves his hands over Trish's
hips as he thrusts his cock at a brisk pace in and out of her pussy. Trish
bites down bottom lip as she keeps her pigtail styled blond haired head up as
she rocks back and forth against the side of the pool table as she feels
Matt's cock swiftly thrusting into her wet pussy.

"Mmmm... ahhh damn!" Matt moans as he drives his cock quicker and more firmly
into Trish's pussy. Matt's balls smack against Trish's smooth tanned skin as
she pushes back towards him.

Trish licks her lips as her tanned, nicely rounded and juicy ass smacks
against his toned waist as he smoothly guides her back against his cock.
"Ohhhh...ohhhh shit Matt!"

"Ahhh... ohhh Trish... mmm!" Matt moans as he drills Trish's wet pussy with
his large cock. The older Hardy brother then pulls his cock out of Trish's
pussy and helps her up on to the pool table once again. Trish smiles and
laughs as she glances over her shoulder to look back at Matt Hardy while she
sits on her hands and knees on the green covered pool table.

Matt climbs up onto the pool table and smiles, "You're very hot Trish..."
Matt says as he lays on the green covered surface.

Trish smiles "Thanks're pretty hot too..." Trish says with a wink
as she moves to Matt as he lays on the pool table and gently mounts herself
into his rock hard cock, taking him into her wet pussy.

"Ahhh... ohhhh.... yeah... Matt moans as Trish starts to rock back and forth
on his cock as she lowers herself all the way down on his shaft.

Trish gently grits her teeth together and places her hands down on Matt's
smooth and toned chest as she rocks back and forth on his cock, lightly
grinding against his cock. "Ohhhh...mmmm Matt"

"Awww Trish... mmmm..." Matt moans as he places his hands on Trish's hips as
she grinds herself on his cock. Matt begins to thrust his cock upward into
Trish's tight wet pussy, which makes her bounce slightly on his dick.

"Mmmm ohhhh Matt!" Trish moans as she rocks back and forth quicker on his
cock, while she leans forward and delicately kisses her lips, sliding her
tongue into his warm mouth.

"Mmmm!" Matt moans as he slides his tongue against Trish's tongue. Matt
thrusts his cock upward into her pussy. Matt slides his hands from Trish's
hips and puts them on her perfectly round ass cheeks.

Trish closes her eyes as she gently pats her tongue against his tongue while
kissing him. "Mmmm..." Trish moans into his mouth as she rocks back on his
cock, feeling his hands roaming against her tanned ass.

"Mmmmm... mmmm!" Matt moans as he and Trish flick their tongues against each
other's. Matt steadily thrusts his cock up into Trish's pussy as squeezes her
round ass.

Trish lifts her head, breaking the kiss, and tosses her pigtails back,
licking her lips as she sharply rocks forward on Matt's cock. "Ohhhhh...
ohhhhh fuck!" Trish moans as she gently rakes her fingernails against his
toned chest.

"Ahhh... awww..." Matt moans as he turns on pool table so that he and Trish
are laying on their sides. Trish lifts her right leg and drapes it over
Matt's legs as he rapidly thrusts his cock into her.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh fuck Matt!" Trish moans as she rapidly feels Matt's cock
slamming into her tight, wet pussy.

"Ohhhh... fuck... ohh yeah Trish!" Matt moans as he rams his cock sharply
into Trish's pussy as their bodies press against each other.

Trish begins to lightly sweat as she grinds against Matt's toned body as she
feels his entire cock entering her wet and warm pussy. "Ohhh shit

"Ahhh... ohhh fuck... ahhh!" Matt groans as he starts to cum inside of
Trish's wet and tight pussy.

Trish licks her lips and smiles as she feels his cock throbbing and unloading
into her wet pussy "Mmmm...shit Matt" Trish groans before she kisses Matt's
firm lips.

"Mmmm!" Matt moans as he kisses Trish back before they break the kiss,
"Ohhh.... damn Trish...."

Trish smiles and takes a breath "That was intense..."

"Yeah...." Matt smiles, "You want to go back up to the party?" Matt asks.

Trish slowly nods her head as she sits up on the pool table "Yeah, sure..."
Trish says with a smile before she blushes "Gosh, I hope no one heard us down

"I doubt that... I closed the door when I came down here..." Matt says.

Trish slowly shakes her head and raises her hands to her forehead "I hope no
one did..." Trish says with a laugh. "That'd be embarrassing..."

"Yeah..." Matt laughs, "But seriously... do you feel better?"

Trish smiles and nods her head "Yeah I do, thanks Matt"


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