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The Road Diary Of Trish Stratus Part 20: Twisted Fate
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada, at the home of former WWE Diva and
impressively achieved seven-time WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus and her
husband Ron; the retired Canadian native is located in the master bathroom of
her beautiful and rather large home as she sits and relaxes in the large
bathtub with large suds of foamy soap floating around her. Trish tilts her
head back slightly and groans a bit "This feels so good..." Trish says she
lifts her hands from the soapy water and slides her hands through her soft,
gorgeous, long blonde hair before tying her hair into a ponytail with a hair

Trish presses her soft and moist lips together as she glances at the edge of
the bathtub, where her black bounded notebook, known as her Road Diary, sits.
Trish smiles a bit as she reaches over to with her left hand and starts to
open the cover of the notebook. "Hmmmm..." Trish says as she thinks about
which entry to read. "Oh...I remember this..." Trish says with a light laugh.

* * *

May 30, 2005

Dear Diary,

I'm really amazed how life can take such an unexpected, sudden twist and
turn. My best friend, Amy, is now seeing...or should I say screwing my ex,
Adam...I could really care less, I don't have feeling for Adam anymore, but
it's just, you know, weird. To make matters worse, Amy, as well as Adam,
ended up hurting a very close friend of mine in the process. Years ago when
Jeff and I were together, I became real close friends with his older brother
Matt. Matt was with Amy and they were happy together...that was until Matt
came down with an injury that forced him to miss a few months of action in
the ring and allowing that disgusting snake of a person, Adam, make his
approach on Amy. I never really knew what was going on at the time, however,
I figured something was...Adam and Amy were having an affair behind Matt's
back. When Matt found, he was devastated! I really can't blame him either. He
had planned on proposing to Amy on their seventh anniversary, I knew this
because Matt wanted my help and advice with how to pop the "big question" to
Amy. When Matt found out his whole life started a long and somewhat quick
downward spiral. Maybe he did overreact a bit too much, although if I were in
Matt's shoes and I found out that my best friend and the love of my life were
involved, I'd probably react the same way. Some of Matt' actions ended up
costing him his job with the WWE and I felt that he was in need of some
serious help.

While the RAW crew was on a tour of the east coast this past weekend, I
decided to make a little detour trip and drop by the house of Matt Hardy to
see how he was doing and try to offer the best support I could for a friend
in great pain. After enough pushing I was able to convince Matt to get out of
the house and have dinner with me at a place Matt absolutely loves "The China
Garden". As I sat there at dinner with Matt, I was reminded of how sweet and
caring of a person Matt truly was. I started feeling that love-sick puppy
feeling I got whenever I was around Matt when I was dating his younger
brother Jeff. Matt always treated me nicely and when Jeff was going through
some problems of his own, Matt was always there for me. At that moment, I
knew I, I craved Matt Hardy.

* * *

At the home of Matt Hardy, he and Trish are returning from dinner at "The
China Garden" are walking up the front door. Matt is wearing jeans and a
loose fitting long sleeved shirt and he looks at Trish, "Thanks for dropping
in Trish...." Matt says with a smile as they reach the front door of his

Trish Stratus softly smiles and sweetly looks at Matt Hardy "Oh Matt...I was
happy to stop by..." Trish says as she lightly touches Matt's arm with her
left hand as she stands at the doorway of his home with him. Trish presses
her soft, pouty lips together and glances down for a moment, dressed in a
pair of nicely fitting jeans and a red top snuggly fit against her large

Matt smiles at Trish and he casually checks her out, "It was really great to
go out with a hot..." Matt lightly trails off as he sees Trish smile at him.

Trish blushes a bit and cutely laughs, locking her beautiful eyes with Matt.
"I probably should get going back to the hotel..." Trish says as she bites
down on her bottom lip and starts to turn away.

Matt lightly bites his own tongue, "Well you know... ummm I know it's late...
but we didn't really get to eat dessert..."

Trish pauses and turns her head back to look at Matt Hardy and cutely raises
an eyebrow "You're hungry for dessert after all that Chinese food?" Trish
asks with a cute, sweet laugh.

Matt smiles, "Well you known Chinese food never really fills you up..."

Trish turns back to completely face Matt and gently folds her arms against
her flat stomach. "I really should be going Matt..."

"Are you sure... I mean I do have some coffee cake..." Matt smiles.

Trish pauses for a moment and looks deeply into Matt's pained eyes before she
slowly nods her head and smiles "I guess I could come in for a few

"Great..." Matt Hardy smiles as he turns to unlock the front door to his
home. Matt left a couple of lights on, so when he lets Trish enter first,
she's not walking into a dark house.

Trish enters the house and walks over into the living room of his nice sized
home and proceeds to sit down on the couch. Trish turns her head and glances
at the mantle above the fireplace, noticing a picture of Matt, along with his
younger brother Jeff and their father, Gilbert. Trish presses her lips
together and slowly turns her head away from the framed picture.
"'s Jeff doing?"

"Oh Jeff... well.... he's just... ummm... he's just as he always is...." Matt
says as he closes the front door and locks it. Matt tosses his keys into a
tray that's on a table near the door before he walks over to the couch where
Trish is.

Trish slowly nods her head as Matt sits down next to her on the couch "I
tried calling him a few months ago...and he basically told me it was best I
didn't call anymore..." Trish says as she looks down sadly and shrugs her
shoulders "I don't think I ever did anything wrong when him and I were

"You didn't do anything... Jeff.. .well... Jeff has been on a weird trip long
before you him and went out..." Matt says with a sigh. "I'm actually waiting
for him to screw up where he is so that maybe that'll straighten him out a

Trish turns her head back and looks at Matt with a sweet smile on her face "I
remember you used to always look out for me when I was with know
making sure he was treating me good and everything..." Trish pauses and
laughs "It was almost like you were dating me through Jeff..."

Matt smiles at Trish, "To be honest... and considering how things are now...
I kinda wish I was dating you..." Matt says as he appears to be somewhat
joking and somewhat serious.

Trish's eyes widen a bit and she laughs "What?" Trish presses her soft lips
together and turns a bit towards Matt so that her knees are pressing against
Matt's leg "What do you mean?"

Matt pauses, "I mean... that... with how things went down with me and Amy...
I kinda wish I was with someone who wouldn't have done that..." Matt says as
he places his hand between himself and Trish, but his hand ends up laying on
top of Trish's left thigh.

Trish takes a deep breath as her eyes deeply lock with Matt Hardy as she
feels his hand against her left thigh. "Matt...what Amy did..." Trish says
before she pauses and sees the wounded soul of Matt Hardy and proceeds to
step out of her boundaries to kiss Matt Hardy on the lips.

"Mmmm..." Matt moans in surprise as Trish kisses him and after a few moments
he starts to return Trish's kiss. Trish closes her eyes and places her hands
onto Matt's shirt covered chest as she leans closer into him, kissing his
firm lips with her soft and moist lips. Matt places his hands on Trish's hips
as he feels Trish's tongue pressing against his lips. Matt parts his lips to
allow Trish's tongue to enter his mouth.

"Mmmmmm..." Trish softly moans into Matt's mouth as she twirls her tongue
gently against Matt's tongue while she continues to kiss sensually. As the
pair continue their lustful embrace, Matt can sense Trish's breathing become
more rapid and heavy.

"Mmmmmm..." Matt moans into Trish's mouth as he flicks his tongue against
Trish's tongue as he moves his hands back and forth against her hips. Matt
slides one hand around Trish and begins to rub her lower back.

Trish suddenly breaks the kiss with Matt, her breathing deep and heavy. "Oh
my god Matt..." Trish says in a lustful whisper as she lightly pulls at his
shirt covered chest.

Matt licks his lips, "You... took the words right out of my mouth..." Matt
replies as he and Trish lock eyes.

Trish lowers her blonde haired head and blushes a bit as she lightly moves
her soft hands against his shirt covered chest "Ummm...Matt?"

"Yeah?" Matt replies as he continues to move one hand against Trish's lower
back while keeping the other on her waist.

"You don't happen to still have that you?" Trish asks with a
curious raised eyebrow.

Matt nods his head and smiles, "Yeah I do..."

* * *

A few minutes later inside of Matt's bedroom, a shirtless Matt Hardy has
kicked off his sneakers as he unbuckling his belt so that he'll be able to
undo his jeans while he looks at Trish who already removed her jeans, but
she's a little occupied in pulling her tight fitting top up over her large,
juicy tits. Trish, positioned down on her knees in front of Matt Hardy inside
of his bedroom, lifts her shirt off of her upper body, shaking her blonde
hair from side to side as her gorgeously tanned and nicely firm, juicy tits
become exposed.

"Oh damn..." Matt says with a smile, as he looks Trish's large, juicy tits as
she kneels on the floor. Matt finally gets his jeans unbuttoned and he starts
to push them down from his waist, uncovering his strong legs and more
importantly his nicely large, decently thick and rapidly hardening cock.
Trish tilts her head back slightly to look up at Matt Hardy with a smile as
she watches his cock become unveiled, like a prize piece of artwork. Trish
licks her pouty and luscious lips as she places her left hand around the base
of his hardening shaft and begins to smoothly guide her hand against his
thick shaft.

"Ahh..." Matt lightly moans as Trish lightly strokes his cock with her left
hand while she looks up at him. Matt smiles down at Trish as she gives him
enough time to step out of his jeans before she brings her right hand to his
cock as well. Trish sits up higher on her knees as she smoothly strokes her
soft hands against his hard, thick cock before she opens her nicely warm and
wet mouth as she guides the upper half of his cock into her incredible mouth.
Matt licks his lips as Trish pumps both of her hands on the lower half of his
cock while she starts to bob her head lightly on the upper half of his shaft.

"Mmmmm...ohhhhh" Trish softly moans around Matt's cock as she smoothly lifts
and lowers her head on his cock, lapping her soft tongue against his cock
while she moves her hands smoothly on the base.

"Mmmm.... ahhh..." Matt moans and licks his lips as Trish works her tongue
against his shaft while she sucks and strokes it.

"Mmmm...mmmmm..." Trish moans as she slides her wet tongue against the bottom
side of his shaft as she starts to bob her head at a quicker pace, focusing
her lips to press tighter around his shaft. Trish removes her right hand from
Matt's shaft and places it onto his thigh as she starts to rock forward on
her knees towards him in order to take his cock deeper into her mouth.

"Ahhh yeah... mmmm fuck Trish..." Matt moans as Trish takes his cock further
into her warm, wet and Stratusfying mouth.

"Mmmmm...mmmm...mmmmmm" Trish Stratus moans as she gently slaps her wet
tongue against the bottom side of his cock while she seductively lifts her
eyes and looks up at Matt Hardy as she passes another inch of his cock into
her mouth. Matt places his right hand on Trish's head and pushes her
beautiful blond hair back as she looks up at him and smiles as she
seductively swallows his cock. Trish slowly lifts her head up from Matt's
cock, leaving a string of wet saliva rolling down his long shaft. Trish
sweetly smiles up at Matt before she scoots back on her knees and proceeds to
stand up from the floor of his bedroom.

Matt smiles at Trish, "Man you're the best Trish..." Matt says with a smile.

Trish laughs as she stands in front of Matt Hardy and raises an eyebrow
"What? Because I sucked your dick?"

Matt smiles, "Well there's that... but give the best blowjobs I've ever
had..." Matt replies.

Trish laughs again as she takes a step towards Matt Hardy. "I don't know
about that..." Trish replies as she places her hands onto Matt's strong arms
and lightly kisses him on the lips.

"I do..." Matt replies in between kisses as he places his hands onto Trish's
waist and lifts her up a bit so that he can put her on top of his waterbed.
Trish lays down on the comfortable, soft waterbed and props herself up onto
her elbows as Matt kneels onto the waterbed to join her. Matt smiles at Trish
as he pushes her legs apart while lifting just her left leg up into the air.
Matt rests Trish's left leg on his left shoulder just as he lowers his head
to brush his tongue against Trish's perfectly shaved pussy.

"Ohhhhh...mmm shit Matt..." Trish moans as she feels Matt's tongue brushing
against her soft, wet, shaved pussy as she tilts her head back and closes her
eyes. Matt begins to rub Trish's perfectly tanned thighs as he brushes his
tongue lightly against Trish's pussy, guiding it up and down smoothly before
switching his tongue movements to go from side to side.

"Ohhhh...ohhhhh shit...mmm Matt" Trish moans as she enjoys the feeling of
Matt's long and firm tongue working around inside of her wet, warm pussy.

"Mmmmm..." Matt moans against Trish's pussy as he grinds his handsome face
against Trish's pussy as he twirls his tongue around inside of her pussy.
When Trish starts to rotate her hips and push herself against his face, Matt
starts to bob his head slightly so that his tongue is constantly going in and
out of her pussy.

"Ohhhh...mmmm...ohhh yeah Matt..." Trish moans as she slightly rocks forward
on the waterbed to push her pussy against his mouth and tongue.

Matt bobs his head between Trish's legs for a few moments more as he tongue
fucks her hot pussy. Matt then lifts his head up and grins at Trish, "So
sweet..." Matt says as he comments on how Trish's pussy tastes as he proceeds
to straddle her right leg that is laying on waterbed while her left leg is
still on his shoulder. With Matt on her right leg, Trish has to turn herself
to keep from being completely pinned as Matt starts to push his cock into her

"Ohhhhhh shit Matt!" Trish, laying on her side, moans and grits her teeth as
she feels Matt's long and thick cock sliding into her tight pussy, slightly
stretching her sweet snatch. Trish rubs her lips together as Matt begins to
rock forward on his knees to thrust his cock forward into her pussy.

"Mmmm yeah..." Matt moans as he slowly thrusts his cock in and out of Trish's
pussy. Matt wraps his left arm around Trish's left leg as his ballsack glides
against Trish's right leg as he fucks her.

"Ohhhh...Matt...ohhhh!" Trish moans as she feels Matt's cock deeply ramming
into her warm, tight pussy as he holds onto her smooth, tanned left leg.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm fuck... ahh..." Matt licks his lips as he thrusts his cock
a bit quicker in and out Trish's wet cunt. Matt places his right hand on
Trish's flat stomach as Trish starts to buck herself against his pistoning

"Ohhhh...ohhhhh mmm like that?" Trish sweetly asks as she grinds
her pussy against his shaft and begins to push back eagerly against his cock.

"Ohhhh yeah.... mmm fuck..." Matt moans as he thrusts his cock in and out of
Trish's pussy while he holds onto Trish's left leg. Trish locks her beautiful
eyes with Matt Hardy and licks her lips in his direction as she grinds her
pussy forward against his cock, sweat starts to perspirate on her forehead.

"Ahhh... mmmm..." Matt smiles at Trish as sweat begins to drip from his
forehead. Matt pulls his cock out of Trish's hot and wet snatch and lets go
of her left leg. Once he's off of her right leg, Trish begins to move towards
the center of Matt's waterbed.

Trish reaches the center of the waterbed and sweetly smiles at Matt Hardy
"This is kind of like that Halloween party you had..." Trish says with a
laugh as she rolls over onto her stomach and pushes herself onto her hands
and knees, arching her body perfectly for Matt.

"Yeah... except this time... there's no chance of someone possibly walking in
on us...." Matt laughs a bit as he scoots on the waterbed to position himself
directly behind Trish. Matt places his hands on Trish's lightly sweat coated
waist as he pushes his hard cock back into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh mmmm..." Trish moans and rocks forward on her knees after Matt Hardy
thrusts his cock into her pussy from behind. "Ohhh...mmm remember that ski
trip?" Trish asks as Matt starts to pull Trish back against his cock.

"Ohhhhh yeah... ahhh fuck I was a bit pissed when Jeff came out of the
bedroom..." Matt admits as he pushes Trish back and forth in front of him as
he pumps his cock into her Stratusfying snatch.

Trish glances over her shoulder and cutely laughs "Why?" Trish asks as she
starts to smoothly rock back on her knees to guide her nicely rounded, tanned
ass back against Matt's toned waist to push back on his cock.

"Cause I was loving fucking you alone..." Matt grunts and smiles at Trish as
he increases the pace of his thrusts. Matt's ballsack smacks between Trish's
thighs with each of his deep thrusts.

"Ohhhhhh..." Trish moans and tosses her blond haired head back and laughs
again "I thought you and Jeff liked tagging me?" Trish replies as she starts
to rock back on her knees at a quicker pace as the waterbed splashes back and
forth underneath as Matt drills her pussy from behind.

"Awww... mmmm that was fun... but there's nothing like fucking you one on
one..." Matt groans as he sharply thrusts his cock into Trish's pussy.

"Well...ohhh...I' think that" Trish moans and heavily
breaths as sweat drips off of her tanned body as Matt continues to slam his
cock into her wet pussy from behind, rocking her forward on her knees. Matt
Hardy licks his lips as he pounds Trish's hot pussy as he moves his sweaty
hands to the sides of Trish's legs as he drives his cock balls deep into
Trish's hot pussy.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhh Matt! Ohhhhh shit!" Trish moans as she feels Matt's deeply
and rapidly pounding into her pussy, causing her to sharply rock forward on
her knees, sweat dripping off of her body.

"Ahhh... ohhh yeah..." Matt groans as he wraps his arms around Trish's hot,
tanned body before he urns over on the bed so that he's laying underneath
Trish. Trish bends her legs so that her knees are flat on the waterbed as
Matt begins to lift her up and down on his cock. Trish Stratus grits her
teeth and places her hands back onto Matt's toned stomach as she starts to
bounce up and down on his cock as she feels his long cock ramming up into
her pussy ass well.

"Ahhh... aww yeah... ahhh..." Matt moans as he helps Trish bounce up and down
on his long, hard cock. Trish bites down on her bottom lip as she smoothly
rocks back on his cock, grinding her tanned ass cheeks against his toned
waist and crotch as she bounces up and down on his cock smoothly.

"Ahhhh... mmmm fuck Trish... ohhh yeah..." Matt Hardy moans as he begins to
thrust his cock up into Trish's hot and wet pussy while she continues to
bounce on him at a perfect pace.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh Matt!" Trish moans as she bounces quickly on his shaft,
slamming down smoothly on his cock before she grinds herself on his cock once
lowering her body. Matt licks his lips as Trish continues to bounce on his
pistoning cock as sweat rolls down his toned and tanned body. Matt tries to
get a firm hold of Trish's hips, but she keeps slipping through his sweaty
hands as he tries to bounce her faster on his shaft.

"Ohhhh...mmmm...ohhh shit Matt..." Trish moans and grits her teeth tightly as
she begins to cum. Matt groans as his cock starts to throb inside of Trish's
hot pussy as she cums all over his shaft.

Trish glances over her shoulder and looks down at Matt Hardy as he lays
beneath her. "Ohhhh...Matt...ohhhh..." Trish moans as sweat drips from her
face and body.

"Ahhh... mmm..." Matt moans as Trish settles on his cock before she proceeds
to turn around to face him. Matt turns over on the bed so that he's once
again on top of Trish. After Trish wraps her legs around his cock, Matt
resumes thrusting his throbbing cock in and out of Trish's dripping wet cunt.
Trish lays her blonde haired head down on Matt's pillow as he thrusts his
cock deeply into her tight and wet pussy as he clenches his eyes shut, trying
to hold out as long as he can, thrusting and driving his cock into her pussy.

"Ohhhh Trish... ahhh... aww..." Matt grits his teeth together as Trish grinds
herself lightly on his thrusting cock.

Trish places her hands onto Matt's sweaty, toned chest as she rocks her sweat
covered body underneath Matt, feeling his shaft thrusting quickly and deeply
into her pussy. "Ohhhh Matt...ohhh...mmmmm!"

Matt suddenly lowers his head and deeply kisses Trish's pouty lips as he
starts to cum inside of her hot, wet pussy. "Mmmmmm!" Matt moans as he fills
Trish's pussy with his warm load.

"Mmmmmmm!" Trish groans into Matt's mouth as she feels the sudden warm gush
of his cum filling inside of her pussy. Trish closes her eyes and gently taps
her tongue against his tongue.

"Mmmmm..." Matt moans inside of Trish's mouth as he pumps his cum spraying
cock into Trish's wet pussy. Trish slowly breaks the deep kiss with Matt
Hardy before planting a softer kiss upon his firm lips as she lightly grinds
her pussy against his throbbing cock inside of her pussy after unloading his

"Mmmm ahhh..." Matt moans as he looks down at Trish after he's finished

Trish cutely smiles and locks her beautiful eyes with Matt Hardy "Well...I'm
glad I came for a visit today..."

Matt smiles down at Trish, "Me too..." Matt replies, "Do you... want to stay
the night?" Matt asks.

Trish pauses for a moment and blushes a bit " you...want me to?"

"Yeah I do..." Matt nods his head and smiles.

Trish nods her head and then smiles "I think I can stay..." Trish says softly
before she seductively bites down on her bottom lip "Is there a reason you
want me to stay?"

Matt smiles, "Well... there are a couple of reasons..." Matt replies before
he kisses Trish's lips again.

Trish softly kiss Matt back before she smiles at him "Like...."

"Like... I don't know... maybe round two?" Matt says jokingly.

Trish laughs and lays her head back on the pillow once again " you
still have that hot tub?"

"Yeah I do..." Matt nods his head, "Why do you ask?"

Trish smirks a bit "Well...."

* * *

The following morning at the home of Matt Hardy, Trish Stratus is downstairs
in the kitchen making some breakfast for herself and Matt as he happens to be
showering. Trish presses her lips together as she stands by the stove turning
the sizzling bacon frying in the pan, while dressed in her stunning black
panties and one of Matt's t-shirts which hangs on her tanned body like a
skirt. As Trish is cooking, she hears the front door opening and closing
after a few moments.

Trish raises an eyebrow "Matt? Are you done with the shower already?" Trish
asks as she turns over the last piece of sizzling bacon in the frying pan and
turns to face the entrance to the kitchen and the sight before her cause her
to completely pause and open her mouth with shock.

Standing in the entrance to the kitchen is a unusually thin and worn-down
Jeff Hardy, Trish's ex-boyfriend. Jeff looks at Trish with a raised eyebrow,
"Matt?" Jeff asks as he gets an angry look on his face as he figures out that
Trish has slept with his brother. "What the fuck is going on..."

Trish bites down on her bottom lip and takes a step away from the stove and
starts to approach Jeff Hardy "'s nothing really..."

"Nothing?! You're here half naked... what are you fucking Matt every night
now?" Jeff snaps at Trish.

Meanwhile, Matt Hardy doesn't hear what Jeff has said while he's is coming
down the stairs drying off his hair with a towel. Matt enters the kitchen and
sees Jeff, "Hey Jeff... when did you get in?" Matt asks.

Jeff turns and looks at Matt, "You fucking asshole..." Jeff snaps at Matt
before he angrily pushes Matt so that he can storm past him.

Matt looks at Trish with a confused look, "Did I miss something?"

Trish lowers her head and closes her eyes a bit "I don't think he was know...seeing me here like this..." Trish says as she motions
with her hands at the lower half of her body.

Matt sighs, "So he threw a temper tantrum.... Jesus Christ..." Matt says as
he rolls his eyes, "Don't worry Trish I'll talk to him..." Matt says.

Trish folds her arms against her chest and shakes her head "Why does he even
care? It's like I'm dating him anymore..."

Matt shrugs his shoulders, "You got me... all I know is that he can be a brat
at times..."

Trish takes a deep breath "Well...breakfast is almost done..." Trish pauses
and shrugs her shoulders "There's enough for him too..."

Matt looks out of the kitchen at the open front door, "I think he left..."


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