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The Road Diary Of Trish Stratus Part 21: The Biggest Mistake...
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada, at the home of former WWE Diva and
impressively achieved seven-time WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus and her
husband Ron; the retired Canadian native is located in the basement of her
beautiful and rather large home as she sits back and relaxes in the large hot
tub in the basement. Trish presses her eyes and presses her soft, moist lips
together as she feels the warm, relaxing water surround her in the hot tub.

Trish softly sighs, "Now this feels so good..." Trish says as she opens her eyes
and lightly tosses her blond hair back, while she shifts her gorgeously tanned
body in the hot tub. Trish, dressed in a two-piece black bikini, turns around to
the nearby counter and picks up her black bounded note known as her Road Diary
from when she performed with the WWE.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip as she opens the cover of her diary and flips
through the pages until she lands on the next entry.

* * *

September 22, 2003

Dear Diary,

Everyone makes mistakes in their lifetime. I unfortunately have already made a
few in my life. However, last night I think I may have made the biggest mistake
of my life yet...Earlier in the day, I got a call from my ex-boyfriend of a few
years, Ron, who did a sympathy plea to try and make me get back with him. Sorry!
Sympathy pleas don't work with me, especially from someone like him. So, of
course I was feeling down and pissed and in the mood to have anything to cheer
me up and convince myself that hooking up with someone, hell anyone, would be my
way of "getting back" at Ron. That someone turned out to be Dave Batista, who
would satisfy my vengeance driven anger against Ron. I, however, turned out to
be part of a cruel joke, specifically, a bet. I have never been treated, in my
whole life, how I was treated last night...thinking about it just makes me

* * *

In the backstage area of the MCI Center in Washington, DC, Randy Orton, Batista
and Mark Jindrak are hanging out in a hallway as a Divas tag match between Molly
Holly and Gail Kim versus Trish Stratus and Lita takes place in the ring. Orton
smirks, "Man you should've seen this blond chick I had last night after the pay-
per-view... mmmm she was sweet..." Orton says.

"I did see that blond..." Batista says with a laugh as he's wearing a tight
fitting black shirt and slacks, "But she was nothing like those co-eds that were
all over me a few weeks ago in Louisiana..."

Mark Jindrak folds his arms, "I bet none of them can touch Jackie and what she
did with me..."

"Jackie who?" Orton asks as he and Batista look at Jindrak.

"Jackie Gayda... you know the chick that had THAT match with Trish, Bradshaw and
that college guy..." Jindrak answers.

"Ohhhhh yeah she's fucking hot... I wonder how'd she was in bed... but I bet she
screws anywhere... and it's obvious she screws anyone..." Orton laughs as he
teases Jindrak who good naturedly gives Orton the finger.

"I've had a night with Jackie... she ain't that great..." Batista says with a

"But you know who'd I'd really love to fuck at least once?" Jindrak asks.

"Mae Young?" Orton answers with a laugh.

"FUCK! NO!" Jindrak replies with a disgusted look on his face, "Trish

"Oh yeah... I'd really love to pound Trish's ass... hell I'll just settle for
playing with those tits of hers..." Randy replies with a grin.

"Trish is hot..." Batista says as he strokes his chin, "I think I'll hook up
with her sometime..."

Orton and Jindrak both look at Batista and laugh, "Are you kidding me Dave?
Trish is way out of your league..." Orton says.

Batista smirks, "Hey I can get Trish any time I want!"

"Bullshit..." Jindrak laughs.

"Hey I know the type of girl Trish is... she's a dumb blond with great fake tits
that just loves to get fucked by guys like me..." Batista smirks, "All I have to
do is just be nice and she'll be all over me.

As the faint sounds of Lita's theme music playing in the arena can be heard,
signaling the end of the Divas match, Jindrak smirks, "All right Dave... how
about we make a bet... $100 says Trish will shoot you down..."

"Hell I'll get in on that..." Randy Orton says.

Batista smirks, "All right so... I get Trish you each pay me $100?"

"Yeah... and if you don't... like we know you will... you pay us each $100..."
Mark Jindrak says.

"Deal..." Batista says, "This is going to be the easiest $200 I've ever made
cause I heard Trish loves to play around with the locker room.

Randy Orton laughs as he turns his head a bit and he spots Trish Stratus and
Molly Holly walking down the hallway, "Well here she comes Dave..."

Batista looks down the hall and smirks, "Watch and learn boys..." Batista says
to Orton and Jindrak as he starts to walk down the hallway towards Trish and

Rivals in the wrestling ring and friends outside of the wrestling ring, Molly
Holly and Trish Stratus, walking side by side down the hallway after competing
in a tag team match versus each other, are heading in the direction of the
women's locker room, happening to pass by where the group of men, consisting of
Batista, Randy Orton and Mark Jindrak, have gather. Trish wipes her sweat
covered forehead with the back of her left hand as she takes deep, calming
breaths after just participating in the match. "Geeze I'm sorry about that stiff
kick in the right..." Trish says with a soft laugh, dressed in a pair of her
tight black leather-styled pants and a her tight black top.

Molly Holly good naturally laughs "Oh it's me, it happens." Molly
replies before smiling a bit. "Besides I'll just pay you back next time..."
Molly teases and lightly pushes Trish a bit who in turn laughs.

Batista walks up to Trish by stepping in front of her, "What's up Trish..."
Batista says with a smirk as he completely ignores Molly Holly.

Trish Stratus, almost running into Batista, stops immediately and lifts her
blonde haired head up to look at him with a raised eyebrow. Trish presses her
soft lips together as a drop of sweat trickles down her beautiful face.
"Ummm...nothing much..." Trish says with an unsure look on her face and happens
to glance at her friend Molly Holly for support.

Molly simply rolls her eyes as she glances back at Trish and shrugs her
shoulders. "Well I'll catch up with you in the locker room Trish...looks like
you're busy at the moment..." Molly replies with a playful smile on her face and
proceeds to walk away from Trish and Batista, leaving the stunning multi-time
Women's Champion alone with a look like she could literally kill Molly for
abandoning her.

Batista smirks as he sees Trish looking at Molly, "Don't let that bother you
she's just jealous that I'm talking to you..." Batista says.

Trish laughs a bit and slowly nods her head a bit as she places her hands onto
her nicely shaped hips as she stands just inches away from Batista. "Right..."
Trish says before she rubs her lips together and turns her blonde haired head
away from Batista for a moment to look away. "Can I help you something?"

"You know... I've notice you checking me out lately..." Batista says, "Not that
I blame you... I am pretty damn impressive..." Batista adds with a smirk, "And
since you're a hot woman... I figure you might be interested in going out after
the show is over..."

Trish raises an eyebrow as she looks at Batista. "You want to go out after the
show?" Trish asks.

"Yeah... you know a little dinner... a few drinks...." Batista says with a
confident smirk as he looks at Trish.

Trish laughs a bit and removes her hands from her nicely shaped hips.
"Right...and what's the catch?" Trish asks as she looks suspiciously at Batista.

"No catch... just giving you a chance to see that I'm all class..." Batista
says, "And you know, I'm a big fan of saying whatever happens... happens..."

Trish slowly nods her blonde haired head after steadily locking her eyes with
Batista to confirm whether he was indeed serious or not. Trish relaxes a bit and
softly smiles. "Ok...ok..." Trish replies as she rubs the back of her neck with
her left hand. "Let just go shower and change...I should be ready by the time
the show is over."

"Sounds good..." Batista smirks as he casually checks Trish out as she starts to
step around him.

Trish smiles a bit. "Yeah...see you later..." Trish says after she manages to
step around the powerful and muscular Batista to continue on her way down the

* * *

Later on in the night after RAW is over, Batista, wearing a jacket, a short
sleeved black shirt and black pants, and Trish are returning to the hotel after
having drinks and dinner. Batista is walking Trish to her hotel room, "So that
was pretty good right?" Batista asks.

Trish Stratus nods her head as she walks along side Batista towards her hotel.
"Yeah... it was actually fun, Dave" Trish replies as she is dressed in a pair of
nicely fitting jeans and white top with a black jacket over her top.

"Yeah..." Batista nods his head, "Cause it's not everyday people like us just go
out and let the night just happen..." Batista says as he sees that he and Trish
are getting closer to her hotel room.

Trish laughs a bit "Yeah...I really can't remember the last time someone
actually took me out to eat.." Trish replies as her hotel room becomes a closer

Batista smirks, "Like I said... I got class..." Batista says as he and Trish
reaches their hotel room door. Batista slides a hand into his jacket pocket as
he sees that his chances with Trish are dwindling.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip and innocently glances up at Batista
" be honest Dave..." Trish begins to say in a sweet tone as she opens
the zipper on her purse with her right hand to remove her room key

"Yeah?" Batista asks as he takes a half step towards Trish.

"I really didn't have a high opinion of you before tonight...I've heard a few
things..." Trish says as she lightly shrugs her shoulders and then glances up at
Batista. "But...I think my opinion has changed" Trish replies with a sweet laugh
as she turns to the hotel room door and slides the key card into the lock,
unlocking the door before she turns the handle and opens the door.

Batista smirks, "And what did you hear?" Batista asks before he adds, "That I'm
an animal?"

Trish glances back over her shoulder to sweetly smile at Batista. "Well... could say that" Trish says with a laugh before she turns to lean
against the open door to her hotel room. "Well have a good night..." Trish
smiles. "Thank you for tonight..."

Batista smirks as he steps even closer to Trish, "The night's not over... cause
you heard right..." Batista says as he suddenly puts his hands on Trish's arms
and forcefully kisses the blond haired Diva while pushing her into her hotel

"MMMMMM!" Trish suddenly moans against Batista's firm lips as he roughly kisses
her soft, pouty lips as he pushes her against the wall inside of her hotel room
and manages to kick the door shut with his foot.

"Mmmmm!" Batista moans against Trish's mouth as he forces his tongue past her
lips while he pushes starts to pull Trish's black jacket off of her arms. Trish
raises her hands and places them onto his muscular shirt covered chest as she
tries to push the muscular Batista away from her as his lips roughly grinds
against her lips as he forcefully kisses her. Batista continues to roughly kiss
Trish as he works his tongue in and out of her mouth. With her jacket stuck at
her wrists as she keeps her hands on his muscular shirt and jacket covered
chest, Batista reaches behind Trish and grabs both of her ass cheeks through the
material of her jeans.

Trish manages to push her head away from Batista, breaking the kiss and gritting
her teeth as she tries to push the muscular Batista away from her. "What the
hell was that!?" Trish snaps slightly.

"You like it..." Batista smirks as grabs Trish's right wrist with his right
hand, "And you know you've been wanting that..." Batista says as he uses his
left hand to finish pulling of Trish's jacket.

" stop..." Trish weakly replies as she raises her hands up after
Batista removes her black jacket completely from her body.

Batista smirks at Trish, "You don't want me to stop..." Batista says as he takes
off his jacket and then his shirt, revealing his extremely muscular upper body.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip as she unsteadily looks at Batista, while she
remains standing against the wall. "I...I think you should leave..." Trish
replies before Batista places his strong hands onto her hips before sliding them
to the front of her jeans.

"No you don't..." Batista says with a smirk as he unsnaps the button of Trish's
jeans and roughly pushes them down from Trish's waist. Batista then brings his
hands up to the bottom of Trish's top and quickly lifts it up, forcing Trish to
raise her arms up.

"Dave...please...I..." Trish Stratus begins to say as her arms are forced to
lift up as Batista removes her white top, exposing her nicely large, tanned
chest, covered with her white laced bra.

"You want it... a beautiful girl like you wants to get fucked by an guy who's a
total animal..." Batista smirks as grabs Trish's bra with both hands and easily
jerks it from Trish's body, revealing her large, juicy tits that are rising and
falling as Trish is breathing heavily as she's cornered by Batista.

Trish swallows a bit and slowly lowers her head as she stands defenseless
against the tall and overpowering Batista. "I don't feel comfortable with this
Dave..." Trish says as he raises his hands to grope her large, juicy tits.

"Your body is telling me different Trish..." Batista says as he moves his strong
hands over Trish's tits, "Mmmmm you're so fucking hot..." Batista says, "Why
don't you feel what I got going on..." Batista says as he lowers his right hand
to take Trish's left hand to slide it into his pants. Trish closes her eyes and
gently presses her soft lips together as her left hand brushing against the
material of his boxer briefs, feeling the thick and incredible bulge underneath.

"You like that Trish?" Batista asks as he leans forward and kisses Trish's lips
forcefully as he uses his left hand to undo his pants so that they fall from his
waist, revealing his boxer briefs. Trish gently presses her soft tongue back
against Batista's firm tongue as she lightly moves her left hand against the
crotch of his white boxer briefs.

"Mmmmm..." Batista moans into Trish's mouth as he moves his tongue against
Trish's tongue as uses his hands to push his boxer briefs from his muscular
waist. Within a few moments, Trish's left hand's fingertips are now brushing
against Batista's incredibly thick cock. Trish gently twirls her wet tongue
against Batista's firm tongue as she lightly kisses back against his forceful
kiss. Trish's soft fingers tenderly slide up and down against his thick, long

Batista breaks the kiss with Trish who is breathing heavily while she continues
to slide her fingers gently against his dick, "See I was right..." Batista
smirks at Trish. Trish gently bites down on her bottom lip as she locks her
beautiful eyes with the intense eyes of Batista as she gently moves her hand
back and forth along the length of his monstrously thick, meaty shaft.

"Get down there..." Batista groans as he puts his strong hands onto Trish's
shoulders and pushes her down to her knees. Trish softly smiles and nods her
blonde haired head as she kneels down onto her kneels on the hotel room floor in
front of Batista after having his strong hands on her shoulders giving her an
encouragement boost.

"Yeah... mmmm..." Batista groans as Trish pumps both of her hands along the
length of his thick rock hard cock while he keeps his hands on her shoulders.
Trish sits forward on her knees as she keeps her left hand steady around the
base of his thick cock before she opens her mouth slightly and slips her soft,
wet tongue out of her mouth, gently sliding her tongue against the throbbing,
thick head of his cock.

"Mmmmm get it in your mouth..." Batista grunts as he moves his hips forward and
pushes his cock against Trish's soft tongue.

"Mmmmm..." Trish moans as her soft, wet tongue pats against his piss-slit before
she is slightly forced to take the top portion of his shaft into her mouth after
he thrusts his cock forward. Trish Stratus closes her eyes and presses her lips
softly around his meaty cock and begins to slowly bob her head, lust overtaking
her resistance towards Batista.

"Ahhhh come on... go faster..." Batista groans as he keeps moving his hips back
and forth to thrust his cock in and out of Trish's mouth as she slowly bobs her
head on his dick. Trish obediently starts to bob her blonde haired head at a
gradually quickening pace, her soft lips brushing back and forth against his
monstrous cock as she twirls her tongue against his shaft.

"Ahhh yeah that's it... mmmm fuck..." Batista groans as he keeps pumping his
thick cock in and out of Trish's warm and wet mouth.

"Mmmmmm...mmmmmm...mmmmm" Trish seductively moans as she bobs her head
steadily on Batista's cock, her saliva coating his shaft, while she lightly
rocks back and forth on her knees as she sucks his cock.

"Yeah.... yeah suck that fucking cock..." Batista groans as he grabs the sides
of Trish's head to have her increase the pace of her bobbing.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm! Gahhhhh..." Trish groans and moans as her blonde haired head
starts to bob at a quicker pace as he pumps his cock deeper into her mouth.
Trish turns her head from side to side as she grinds her pouty lips on his

"Ahhhhh yeah you're real cock hungry aren't you?!" Batista moans as he shoves
his cock deeper into Trish's mouth.

"Mmmmmm! Gahhhhh!" Trish groans as she lifts her eyes up to glance up at Batista
as the head of his shaft rubs against the back of her hot, wet mouth.

"Ahhh yeah... mmmm fuck..." Batista groans as he continues to fuck Trish's
mouth for a few more moments before he jerks it out of her saliva filled mouth.

"Mmmmmm...." Trish moans as some saliva drips down her chin and his cock drips
with saliva. Batista takes a step back and bends down to roughly pull Trish up
from the floor. Grabbing hold of her left arm, Batista roughly pulls her over to
the bed. Batista lays on the bed and pulls Trish on top of him. Trish stumbles a
bit after being roughly jerked and lands directly on top of Batista's muscular,
dark skinned body as she finds herself with her blonde haired head once again
near his monstrous cock.

"Don't just lay there..." Batista snaps at Trish before her roughly forces Trish
to turn around so that her pussy is above his head. Trish narrows her eyes
slightly at the tone of Batista's voice and places her left hand around his
cock, holding it up, before she slides her wet tongue up and down his long shaft
as her body is pressed against his muscular body. Batista places his strong
hands on Trish's waist as he lifts his head up to begin flicking his tongue
against Trish's perfectly shaved pussy which catches Trish off-guard.

"Ohhhhhh...mmmmmm shit..." Trish moans as she lightly rocks forward on Batista's
muscular body as the firm touch of his tongue gives her encouragement once again
to guide the head of Batista's cock back into her wet mouth.

"Mmmm..." Batista groans as Trish resumes bobbing her head on his thick cock.
Batista continues to move his rough tongue back and forth against Trish's wet
pussy as she rocks back and forth on top of his muscular body.

"Mmmmmm...mmmmmm...mmmmm..." Trish moans as she places her right hand onto
his muscular thigh and starts to lightly move her hand against his leg as she
smoothly lifts and lowers her blonde haired head, sliding her tender tongue
against his shaft as she rocks back against Batista's tongue working inside of
her pussy. Batista moves his tongue in and out of Trish's pussy as he squeezes
her sexy hips with his strong hands whenever she pushes herself back against his
face while she sucks and strokes his cock. Trish starts to slightly grind her
lower body back against Batista's face and tongue, swaying her perfectly shaped
and nicely juicy, tanned ass from side to side. Trish presses her lips tighter
around Batista's cock and smoothly lowers her blonde haired head further down
on his large cock.

"Mmmmm..." Batista groans as he lowers his head from Trish's pussy as she takes
his cock deeper into her mouth. "Ride it..." Batista says with a moan.

Trish slowly lifts her head from Batista's cock with a cute smack of her pouty
lips as she sits up on Batista's muscular body and smiles back at him over her
shoulder. "You really want that?" Trish asks with a laugh as she starts to turn
around to position herself for Batista's desire.

"What do you think?!" Batista snaps slightly at Trish as he grabs Trish's hips
firmly to lift her up slightly in order to mount her on his fat shaft.

"Ohhhhhh!" Trish moans, gritting her teeth together, as her gorgeously tanned
and toned body roughly is forced on top of his monstrous cock. "Ohhhh...geeze
cool down..." Trish moans as she places her soft hands onto his muscular chest
and begins to lightly rock back and forth on his cock.

"Ahhhh... awww..." Batista groans as he starts to thrust his cock upward into
Trish's tight pussy as she rocks back and forth to build her own momentum.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhh shit..." Trish moans as she rapidly bounces up and down on his
large cock as he drives his cock up into her tight, wet pussy as she rocks back
on his cock.

"Mmmmm ahhhh yeah.... awww..." Batista moans as he drives his cock sharply up
into Trish Stratus' hot pussy as she bounces up and down on his shaft. Trish
closes her eyes and tilts her blonde haired head back as she rapidly drops of
his cock, her tanned body smacking down on his muscular waist and thighs as his
cock rams up into her pussy.

"Yeah... awww fucking ride that cock..." Batista grunts as he keeps pumping his
fat cock up into Trish's pussy while she rocks and bounces on it.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhh" Trish moans as she slides her hands forward against his
muscular chest, towards his strong shoulders as she bounces up and down on his

"Ahhhhh ahhhh fuck... get on all fours..." Batista groans as he easily lifts
Trish off of his cock and drops her next to him on the bed. Trish rubs her
pouty, soft lips together as she tosses her blond hair back as she settles
herself onto her hands and knees, perfectly sticking her incredible gorgeous ass
into the air. Batista sits up on the bed and then gets on his knees behind
Trish. The Animal again grabs Trish's waist before he shoves his incredibly
thick cock back into Trish's pussy, causing Trish's arms to buckle as Batista
starts ramming his cock into her from behind.

"Ohhhhh shit!" Trish says as the front of her body collapses onto the bed, her
head hitting against the center of the mattress as she rocks back on her knees,
being forcefully pulled back against Batista's massive cock and his muscular

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm fuck..." Batista grunts as he drives his cock forcefully
into Trish's pussy while he pulls her back against him so that her ass smacks
against his waist.

"Ohhhhhh...shit..." Trish groans and grits her teeth as she sharply rocks
forward on her knees as her face grinds against the mattress of the bed.
"Hey...easy..." Trish weakly moans.

"Shut up... you know you like it..." Batista groans as he slams every inch of
his fat cock into Trish's hot pussy. Trish closes her eyes and slightly lifts
her blonde haired head from the bed as she is roughly jerked back against
Batista's cock, feeling his entire monstrous cock penetrating her pussy as her
ass smacks loudly against his muscular chest. Sweat starts to drip from
Batista's muscular body as he continues to pound Trish's pussy with extremely
intense thrusts.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ahhhh!" Trish Stratus lustfully moans as her hands tightly
grip the bed sheets as she rocks forward as he continues to deeply ram his shaft
into her pussy from behind.

"Ahhhh... awww.... turn the fuck over..." Batista grunts as he suddenly pulls
his cock out of Trish's pussy and lets go of her. Trish bites down on her bottom
lip and is about to reply to Batista's rudeness, but thinks otherwise and
obediently turns over onto her back, smoothly laying out onto the bed. Batista
wipes some sweat from his forehead before he grabs Trish's legs to lift them up,
The Animal then positions Trish's legs onto his strong shoulders before he grabs
Trish's hips to pull her forward so that her legs are now bent over his
shoulders and her pussy is right against his cock. Batista then forces his cock
back into Trish's pussy and resumes fucking the blond haired Diva.

"Ohhhhhh shit!" Trish groans as Batista roughly slams his cock back into her
pussy with her gorgeous legs draped over his muscular shoulders.

"Ahhhhh... awwww yeah... mmmmm fuck!" Batista grunts as he drives his cock
deeply into Trish Stratus's cunt.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!" Trish moans and tilts her head back against the bed as she
roughly moves back and forth on the bed as the powerful Batista roughly slams
his cock into her wet, tight pussy.

"Ahhhh fuck... mmm fuck... ahhh....yeah!" Batista groans as he drives his cock
roughly and deeply into Trish's hot pussy.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhhh shit!" Trish moans and tightly grits her teeth as Batista
starts to bend forward as he roughly rams his cock into her pussy, causing her
body to sandwich together with her own knees pressing against her tanned,
slender shoulders.

"Yeah... mmmm yeah you fucking like that don't ya!" Batista grunts as he
slightly spits at Trish as he speaks while he fucks her roughly.

" hurts..." Trish groans as she feels the warm spit
of Batista hitting against her face as he roughly pulls Trish's body towards his
cock as he slams his shaft deeply into her. Batista smirks after hearing Trish's
reply as he increases the pace of his thrusts he deeply fucks her hot pussy.
"Ohhhhhh...owwww...ohhhh hurts!" Trish moans as she feels her
own knees hitting against her shoulders as he deeply and roughly pumps his shaft
into her pussy.

Batista leans back up and pulls his cock out of Trish's wet pussy, "Turn over!"
Batista snaps at Trish.

Trish Stratus bites down on her bottom lip and innocently looks up at Batista
after being yelled at. "What?" Trish asks as she remains on her back.

"I said turn the fuck over!" Batista snaps again as he turns Trish over on to
her stomach, "I'm not done with you yet..." Batista grunts as he pulls Trish up
onto all fours again, "Cause your ass is just begging to be fucked..." Batista
says as he guides hsi cock between Trish's tanned, juicy ass cheeks and pushes
it firmly into her asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuck!" Trish loudly moans as Batista's cock stretches her tight
asshole out and causes her to suddenly jolt forward on her knees after he
thrusts into her.

"Ahhhh yeah..." Batista groans as he reaches forward with his left hand to grab
hold of Trish's sweat dampened blond hair. Batista jerks Trish's head back as he
starts pumping his cock in and out of her asshole.

"Ohhhhh....owwww...Dave...please...ohhhhh!" Trish moans as she roughly jerked
back against Batista's cock as he deeply rams her ass with his cock, tightening
the grip of her blonde hair with his hand.

"Mmmmm yeah you fucking like that...' Batista grunts as he drives his cock
roughly into Trish's asshole. As he yanks Trish's head back by her hair with his
left hand, Batista slips his right hand underneath her to push his fingers into
her wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhh!" Trish moans as she closes her eyes as she roughly rocks
back on her knees against Batista's muscular waist as he sharply drives his cock
into her ass, making her sweat covered body shake and rock with the intense
thrusts he is using.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm fuck you're a little slut..." Batista grunts as he pounds
Trish's ass and finger fucks her wet pussy at the same time.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhhhh shit...ohhhhh!" Trish moans as sweat drips from her
gorgeously tanned and toned body as he deeply slams his cock into her ass.

"Mmmmmm shit.... ahhh... awww..." Batista groans as he starts to cum inside of
Trish's asshole. Batista roughly jerks Trish's head back by her hair as he fills
her ass with his spunk.

"Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhh..." Trish moans, gritting her teeth, as her neck strains back
while his warm cum fills her asshole.

"Mmmmm fuck this was the easiest $200 I've ever made..." Batista laughs as he
lets go of Trish's hair and pushes her forward so that his cock falls out of her
cum filled asshole.

Trish Stratus pauses for a moment and presses her soft lips together before she
glances back at Batista "What did you just say?" Trish softly asks as she turns
to sit on the bed.

Batista smirks at Trish as he gets off the bed to get his pants, "I said this
was the easiest $200 I've ever made..." Batista replies, "Seriously... women
like you are so easy to get into bed... a little dinner.. a few drinks and all I
got to do is just corner you... hell you didn't even put up a fight... fucking
whore...' Batista laughs as he starts to get dressed.

Trish's beautiful eyes widen with disbelief and suddenly swell with hurt. "So I
was just a quest for you!?" Trish slightly snaps.

"Quest? Don't flatter yourself... you weren't that hard..." Batista laughs.

Trish grits her teeth, grabbing the bed sheet off of the bed to covered herself
up, before she stands up from the bed. "You son of a bitch..." Trish begins to
say with a hurt look on her face.

Batista smirks at Trish, "Hey if you ever want a repeat performance of the best
fucking of your life... just ask..." Batista laughs as he grabs his jacket from
the floor.

"Don't count on it ever being a repeat!" Trish fires back and folds her arms
against her chest.

"Oh you know you loved it..." Batista smirks, "I had you practically begging for
me to 'slow down'..."

"Yeah...because you were hurting me!"

Batista smirks, "So I'm too much of a man for the biggest whore from Canada..."

Trish narrows her eyes as she holds the bed sheet against her naked body and
shakes her head "You don't talk to me like! You don't talk to any girl like
that..." Trish says as she starts to get a bit more upset. "I'm going to Linda
about this..."

"Go ahead.., go tell her that you're a slut..." Batista smirks, "Besides I'm one
of Paul's boys... you know nothing will happen to me..." Batista laughs as he
starts to head for the hotel room door.

Trish shakes her head and glares at Batista. "She won't care who the hell you
are...when I go to her about this..."

Batista smirks back at Trish, "Are you sure about that?"

"What's that suppose to mean?" Trish asks a bit

Batista smirks, "Simple... you go to Linda... and I tell the whole locker room
how much of an easy slut you are to nail..."

"Get out..." Trish says coldly.

"Keep it in mind..." Batista smirks as he heads to the door, opens it and then


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