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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

The Road Diary Of Trish Stratus Part 37: Spring Breakout!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, at the home of former WWE Diva and
impressively achieved seven-time WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus and her
husband Ron; the retired Canadian native lays in her bed wide awake in the
middle of the night. Trish turns her brunette head and glances over at her
husband, who is in a deep sleep and a distance away from her in the bed.

Trish sighs softly and sits up in the bed, pushing the covers off of her.
Trish quietly slips out of the bed and blinks her eyes a bit to comfortable
within the darkened room. Trish steps away from the bed and starts to
approach her dresser. Trish glances over her shoulder and looks back at her
husband, Ron, who remains asleep in the bed. Trish places her hands onto the
top drawer of the dresser and quietly opens it before she reaches inside.
Trish blindly moves her hand around inside of the dresser drawer until she
feels the covered of her black bounded note book, known as her Road Diary.
Trish smiles to herself before she pulls the diary out of the dresser drawer
and steps back. With the Road Diary in hand, the former WWE Diva makes her
way quietly out of the bedroom.

* * *

March 30, 2005

Dear Diary,

I do not consider myself a heavy drinker. I maybe will drink three to four
times a year. However, when I do drink it does not always turn out so good. I
tend to end up drinking a bit too much...actually more than I would like to
have. A few of my co-Divas dragged me a long for a little Spring Break
celebration. I did not really want to go, but after enough pleading I finally
gave in to Torrie and Candice, under one condition...they would stick by my
and make sure that I don't do anything stupid. that was going to
happen. Apparently, Torrie and Candice became more interested in watching a
muscle contest than watching over me. Yeah...they pretty much ditched me. So,
here I am at a place I do not really know with tons of activity going on.
Talk about a mad house...I don't really remember much of what happened after
I lost Torrie and Candice, I do know one thing though...a drunk Trish, is a
naughty Trish....

* * *

At a night club in South Padre Island, Texas, Trish Stratus is walking around
the crowded space looking for Torrie and Candice, but is having no luck
finding them. As she works her way through the crowd, she is nearly knocked
down by someone walking backwards. The individual turns around and it is Rob
Conway, "Oh hey!" Conway says over the music that's playing. Nearby at the
bar, Christian, Chris Masters, Carlito and Shelton Benjamin all notice Trish
and make room as Conway escorts her over to where they.

"Hey Trish, what are you doing here?" Carlito asks.

"Yeah, like shouldn't you be getting ready for WrestleMania this Sunday in
LA?" Shelton asks.

"Shouldn't we all be doing that..." Christian laughs

"Lay off guys, we don't have to be in LA until like Friday, this is
Tuesday..." Masters says as he sticks up for Trish.

Trish, dressed in a nicely tight fitting jeans and white top, presses her
lips together and places her hands onto her gorgeously curved hips. "Well...
honestly guys I got dragged here by Torrie and Candice..." Trish starts to

Carlito looks around, "Really? I don't see them anywhere..." Carlito says.

"Yeah Trish if you're just here to check out hot college guys it's cool..."
Masters says teasingly.

Trish laughs and playfully pushes Chris Masters. "I am so not here for that!
I didn't even want to come here...and then they totally ditched me!" Trish
says loudly over the music.

Christian smirks, "Well you can hang out with us..."

Trish shakes her head blond haired head for a moment and takes a step back
away from the bar. "I actually think I'm just going to head out..." Trish
says and presses her lips together. "This isn't really my thing..."

"Come on Trish hang out with us, it's Spring Break you gotta let loose..."
Shelton says.

"Yeah Trish, and besides, you're gonna have a hell of a time getting a
cab..." Conway adds.

Trish starts to shake her head again. "No...I don't know..."

"Why not Trish? You've been going off about having to work with Christy
because of Amy's injury, you need to relax," Christian smiles.

Trish raises an eyebrow and glances at Christian before she sighs
"Alright...maybe one drink..."

Carlito pours some alcohol into a shot glass and then hands it to Trish,
"Here ya go Trish..." Carlito grins.

Trish raises the glass up and takes a sniff of the drink before she glances
up at Carlito. "Ummm...what is this?"

Carlito grins, "Vodka..." Carlito answers.

Trish laughs and shakes her head. "I think there's more than just vodka..."
Trish says before Christian places his hand underneath the glass and pushes
the glass up to her mouth.

* * *

Later on after being put in the VIP area of the club by the owner when many
realized WWE Superstars were in attendance, Trish Stratus is slurping up
tequila that's dripping down Chris Masters's incredibly muscular upper body
as Christian, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito and Rob Conway cheer her on, "Get
every drop Trish!" Shelton says.

Trish closes her eyes as she drags her soft, wet tongue against the
indentations of his muscular abs as she perfectly collects the drops of

"Mmm damn you've done this before..." Masters says as Trish's tongue slides
over his abs as she slurps the last few drops of tequila.

Trish Stratus lifts her head away from Chris Masters's impressive abs and
stands straight up, pressing her lips together and turns around to face the
four other Superstars, with her beautiful eyes in a drunken haze. "Who's

"Right here Trish.." Rob Conway says as he pulls off his shirt revealing his
muscular upper body.

Trish smiles and nods her head. "Nice..." Trish says as she walks over to Rob

"Thanks.." Conway says as he takes a shot glass full of rum and proceeds to
pour it just above his abs after Trish reaches him.

Trish leans her blond haired head down and places her hands onto his tanned,
muscular waist and starts to move her tongue against the dripping rum off of
his muscular abs.

"Ohhhh yeah...." Conway groans as he feels Trish's tongue tracing over his
muscular abs.

"I'm gonna be next..." Carlito says as he takes off his shirt.

Shelton looks at Carlito's somewhat flat stomach, "Man it's gonna splatter on
the floor before Trish can lap it up..." Shelton says.

Trish circles her tongue around Rob Conway's belly button, lapping up the
remaining drops of rum before she lifts her head away and licks her lips.

"Trish you're better than a vacuum cleaner..." Conway says as Trish smiles up
at him.

"I know Trish loves vodka..." Carlito says as he pours a shot glass full of
vodka and eagerly waves for Trish to come towards him.

Trish raises an eyebrow and smirks at Carlito. "You want a turn now?" Trish
asks with a laugh as she starts to walk over to him.

"You bet I do..." Carlito says with a grin.

Trish nods her head blond haired head and smiles. "Alright bud...lets go!"

Carlito pours the vodka on his own stomach and Trish starts to perfectly lap
it up without any of it dripping to the floor.

"Mmmmmmm..." Trish softly moans as she drags her tongue against Carlito's
toned stomach as she collects the vodka.

"Damn Trish, we're gonna call you Hoover..." Shelton says jokingly.

Trish turns her head and glances over at Shelton Benjamin with a laugh.
"What!? No way..."

"Yeah she's more like Bounty... like the paper towel she gets up all the
liquid..." Christian says teasingly.

Trish tilts her head back and laughs. "Oh you guys are too funny!"

"Hey you guys want to get out of here.... since the club is gonna close in
like an hour..." Masters says.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip "Ummm...go where?"

"How about the beach?" Christian suggests.

"Good idea... we can find a liquor store and grab a case of beer..." Conway

Trish raises her hands up and shakes her head. "No...I should really get

"Come on Trish... it's not like Vince is gonna come looking for us..."
Carlito says.

"He might call to see where you're at," Shelton says to Carlito.

"But...I should find Candice...and ummmm" Trish pauses and squints her eyes
slightly. "Who the hell was I with tonight..."

"I think you said it was Torrie... and they ditched ya..." Conway says as he
rubs the back of his head.

"Yeah Trish... we'll make sure you get back to hotel before morning..."
Christian grins.

Trish Stratus turns and looks at Christian. "Ummmm...well...just make sure
nothing happens to me."

* * *

Some time later, Trish Stratus, Rob Conway, Shelton Benjamin , Christian,
Carlito and Chris Masters are on a vacant South Padre Island beach. "Damn
it's the middle of the night and it's hot as hell out here..." Christian

"That's cause Trish is out here..." Conway says.

"Puerto Rico is hotter than this at night..." Carlito adds.

Trish crosses her arms against her chest and shrugs her shoulders. "I kind of
like it out here..."

Shelton opens the case of beer they bought, "Who wants one?" Shelton asks.

"Right here..." Masters says and Shelton tosses him a can.

Trish laughs a bit. "How can you guys keep drinking?" Trish asks slightly
slurring her words.

"Oh you want to do something else Trish?" Christian asks slyly

Trish raises an eyebrow and looks at Christian. "Like what?"

"I don't know... you seemed like you wanted to do something else..."
Christian says.

Conway laughs a bit, "We could go skinny dipping..."

Trish bites down on her bottom lip and looks at Rob Conway. "Skinny dipping?

"Yeah... sure..." Conway nods his head, "Unlike Carlito I don't got anything
to hide..." Conway adds.

"Hey neither do I dumbass!" Carlito snaps.

Trish laughs and looks at Carlito. "From what I hear...." Trish begins to say
before Christian wraps his arms around Trish, hugging the gorgeous beauty
from behind. Trish raises an eyebrow and glances back over her shoulder at
Christian. "What are you doing?"

Christian smiles, "Just giving you a hug..." Christian says innocently

"Ummmm...why?" Trish asks before she starts to feel his crotch grinding into
her jeans covered ass.

Cause you're... so.... huggable..." Christian says with a bit of a laugh as
Trish slightly grinds her ass back against his crotch.

"Jay..." Trish says before she starts to laugh. "Jay come on...stop..." Trish
says before she stumbles forward slightly. "I'm gonna fall..."

"Whoa... no you're not..." Christians says as he makes sure to get a better
hold of Trish as she ends up leaning all the way forward with hands in the

"Jay...come on..." Trish says with a slurred laugh. "Stop it..." Trish says
as feels his crotch grinding and lightly pumping against her jeans covered

"What's wrong Trish I'm just trying to help you up..." Christian laughs as he
continues to lightly grind against Trish while trying to get her up to her

Trish struggles free from Christian's hold and turns around to push him away
from her. "You're such an asshole..." Trish replies with another slurred
laugh before she stumbles slightly.

"Who me?" Christian says innocently. "Yeah he didn't do anything I wouldn't
do..." Masters says with a smirk.

Trish turns her head and glances at Chris Masters. "'re like a
pervert too?" Trish asks as she looks at him with her drunken hazed eyes with
her attention drawn away from Christian.

"Who are you calling a pervert?" Christian says jokingly as he gently takes
Trish by the hair and brings her head towards his pants covered bulging

"Jay!" Trish slightly yells as she stumbles forward to Christian, placing her
hands onto his waist in an attempt to keep her balance, before she ends up
falling onto her knees in the sand in front of Christian, with her head
playfully pushed down to the crotch of his pants.

"Damn..." Shelton laughs as Christian lightly bobs Trish's head against his
own crotch.

Trish glances up at Christian as he bunches her blond hair into a ponytail as
he moves her head against the crotch of his pants with her lips brushing
against the material that covers his impressive bulge.

"You alright Trish?" Conway asks when Trish gets a bit quiet as Christian
smirks down at her while he moves her head playfully against his crotch.

Trish manages to lift her head back slightly and looks up at Christian as she
remains down on her knees in front of him, and with Christian keeping hold of
her head. "Are really gonna make me suck your dick?" Trish asks
with a drunken laugh.

"Make you? Nah.... cause I know you probably want too..." Christian says with
a grin.

"How do you know that?" Carlito asks.

"She hasn't punched me in the nuts yet..." Christian answers

Trish raises an eyebrow and laughs as she glances up at Christian before she
lifts her left hand and balls her hand into a fist. Christian's eyes widen at
the thought of Trish actually punching him below the belt, however, he is
pleasantly surprised when she starts to unbuckle his belt with her opposite

"Fuck...." Shelton laughs a bit as he's clearly surprised that Trish is
unbuckling Christian's belt. After she has his belt undone, Christian licks
his lips as Trish undoes his pants and pulls them down from his waist to free
his long and thick cock.

Trish glances up and seductively, drunkenly smiles at Christian. "You
purposely got be drunk..." Trish says with a slurred laugh as she places her
left hand around Christian's shaft and starts to smoothly stroke his shaft.

"No I didn't... I didn't hand you one drink..." Christian replies as Trish
strokes his hardening cock while the other four Superstars watch with

Trish presses her lips together and curiously glances up at Christian before
she moves her hand down to the base of his cock and lowers her blond head as
she starts to slide her wet tongue softly against the head of his cock.

"Mmmmmm..." Christian moans as Trish slides her tongue over the head of his
now fully harden cock.

Trish closes her eyes as she starts to lap her wet tongue around the head of
Christian's cock, while she starts to move her hand once again along the
length of his shaft.

"Ohhhh yeah..." Christian moans as Trish playfully slaps her tongue against
the head of his cock while she works the shaft with her hand.

Trish rubs her soft and pouty lips against the head of Christian's shaft
before she opens her mouth and slowly takes him in. Trish wraps her lips
around Christian's cock and starts to smoothly bob her head.

"Ahhhh mmmm..." Christian moans as Trish bobs her blond haired head smoothly
on his cock.

"Damn she is hot as hell..." Carlito says as Masters nods his head in

"Mmmmmm...mmmmm...mmmm..." Trish moans and closes her eyes as she smoothly
bobs her head on Christian's cock, sucking him like a pro, despite being
heavily under the influence of numerous alcoholic beverages throughout the

"Mmmmmm fuck..." Christian moans as he proceeds to take off his shirt as
Trish sucks and slurps on his rock hard cock.

"Mmmmmm...mmmmmm..." Trish moans as she lightly rocks forward in the sand
while on her knees, swiftly bobbing her head on his cock as she takes him
deeper into her mouth.

"Mmmmmm damn Trish... awwww..." Christian groans as Trish takes his nearly
his entire cock into her mouth while he slides his fingers through her hair.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm!" Trish moans as she slaps her tongue against the bottom
side of Christian's cock as her wet saliva drips down on his cock, while she
sucks him perfectly.

"Mmmmm Trish you know there are other guys here with us..." Christian says as
Trish sucks and slurps on on his stiff cock.

Trish slowly and smooth unwraps her lips from around his cock and lifts her
blond haired head up to look at Christian. Trish rubs her lips together.
"What?" Trish asks.

Christian smiles, "Don't you want to be nice to the other guys here..."
Christian says as he motions to Carlito, Shelton, Masters and Conway who are
watching Trish as she continues to stroke Christian's shaft.

Trish turns her head to glance back at Chris Masters, Carlito, Shelton
Benjamin and Rob Conway before she looks back at Christian. Trish drunkenly
shrugs her shoulders. "Ummm... I don't know..."

Christian motions for the other guys to lower their pants, "Come on Trish
check them out..." Christian says as the other guys one at time lower their
pants to free their large, meaty cocks.

Trish Stratus turns on her knees to face the four remaining Superstars and
licks her lips as she looks at the four additional exposed cocks. "They sure
do look good..." Trish says, with a nod of her head.

Trish Stratus turns on her knees to face the four remaining Superstars and
licks her lips as she looks at the four additional exposed cocks. "They sure
do look good..." Trish says, with a nod of her head.

Trish raises her arms up as he removes her top and exposes her nicely
rounded, tanned and large tits. "Oh yeah!" Trish says with a laugh and nod of
her head.

"I got something big and black for your to try Trish..." Shelton says as he
approaches Trish first.

"Awesome!" Trish says with a smile and a laugh as she places her right hand
around his shaft and guides his black cock into her mouth. Trish wraps her
pouty lips around Shelton's black cock and steadily starts to bob her head.

"Mmmmm fuck.." Shelton moans as Trish eagerly bobs her head on his big black

Carlito comes over and takes Trish's left hand and places it on his stiff
cock, "This is gonna be real cool..." Carlito says as Trish starts to stroke
his cock.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmm...mmmmm...." Trish moans softly as she rocks her blond haired
head back and forth against Shelton's black cock, while holding his shaft at
the base with her right hand. As Trish expertly sucks on Shelton's cock, she
smoothly works her left hand along Carlito's shaft.

"Ohhhh fuck..." Shelton groans as Trish sucks and slurps on his cock. Carlito
licks his lips as Trish strokes his dick with her left hand. Behind Trish,
Christian reaches around her to undo her jeans and tug them from her hips.

Trish sits up slightly on her knees as Christian tugs her jeans down from her
hips and waist, and then down her stunning legs. Trish lifts her head off of
Shelton's black cock and turns to Carlito's cock, taking him into her mouth.
As Trish starts to now suck on Carlito's cock, she continues to work both of
her hands on his and Shelton's shafts.

"Ohhh fuck... Trish is in the wrong business...' Carlito moans as Trish
rapidly bobs her head on his cock. Christian smirks as he guides his cock
into Trish's hot wet pussy after he removes her jeans.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." Trish moans around Carlito's cock as she rocks forward on her
knees as Christian starts to pump into her from behind. Trish closes her eyes
and swiftly bobs her head, while lowering her head further down on Carlito's
cock. Trish lowers her right hand down to Shelton's large black ballsack and
smoothly rubs them.

"Ahhhh... mmmm..." Christian groans as he pumps his cock in and out of
Trish's twat as she rocks back against him. Christ Masters moves to Trish's
left and even as she sucks Carlito's dick, Trish notices Masters and reaches
with her left hand to grab his dick.

As Carlito now stands in the middle, Trish Stratus swiftly bobs her head on
his cock, with her lips swiftly brushing back and forth, while she uses her
talented hands to stroke the cocks of Masters and Shelton. Trish's gorgeous
body rocks back and forth on her knees with Christian pumping deeply into

"Mmmmm damn...." Masters moans as Trish skillfully strokes his huge cock.
Carlito tilts his head back as Trish sucks his cock at a brisk pace while
lets go of Shelton's cock to place her right hand on Conway's when he moves
close enough.

Trish lifts her head off of Carlito's cock and glances up at him for a moment
before she turns her head to the cock of Chris Masters, taking him into her
mouth, while she strokes the bottom of his cock and the length of Rob
Conway's cock with her hands. "Mmmmmm...mmmmm..." Trish moans as she
skillfully moves her head on Masters's cock with her nicely toned, rounded,
tanned ass smacking against Christian's toned waist.

"Ahhh yeah... mmmmm fuck..." Christian groans as he hammers Trish's pussy
with stiff and quick thrusts.

"Ohhh yeah..." Masters moans as Trish bobs her head on his cock.

"Mmmmmmmmm...MMMMMMMM Gahhhhhhh!" Trish moans and starts to gag lightly
around the cock of Masters as she swiftly rocks her head down on his cock,
taking him as deep as possible.

"Ohhh damn she's hot as fuck..." Conway groans as he hears Trish gagging on
Masters's dick while she jerks him off. Christian pulls out of Trish's twat
and moves aside, allowing Shelton to get behind her. Shelton smirks as he
slides his big black dick into Trish's pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" Trish groans loudly around Masters's cock as she feels
Shelton's large black cock entering her tight, wet pussy from behind. Trish
slowly lifts her head off of Masters's cock and turns her head to take
Conway's cock now into her mouth.

"Ahhhhh shit.... mmmmm...." Shelton groans as he thrusts his cock in and out
of Trish's tight white snatch. Conway places a hand on Trish's head as she
begins to suck his dick.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmmm...mmmm..." Trish moans as she smoothly bobs her head up
and down on Rob Conway's cock, with her lips brushing sensually on his shaft.
The stunning Canadian native rocks sharply forward on her knees with Shelton
pumping into her from behind.

"Mmmmmm that's it Trish..." Conway moans as he lightly thrusts his cock
forward into Trish's mouth while Shelton hammers her pussy from behind.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmm...gahhhh...gahhh..." Trish moans and starts to lightly gag as
the head of Conway's cock smacks against the back of her mouth.

"Ahhhhh awwww shit..." Shelton groans as he thrusts his cock deep into
Trish's pussy before he pulls out. Carlito takes his place behind Trish and
slams his dick into her pussy as she gags on Conway's large tool.

"MMMMMMMM!" Trish moans suddenly around Conway's cock as she deeply takes his
cock into her mouth, after sharply rocking forward, when Carlito rams into
her from behind and swiftly thrusts into her.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmmm!" Conway moans after Trish deep throats his cock as a
result of Carlito fucking her from behind.

Conway pulls out of Trish's mouth as Christian moves in front of her again,
"Having fun Trish?" Christian asks.

Trish lifts her beautiful and drunken hazed eyes as she looks up at
Christian, nodding her head. "Mmmm..ohhhhhh yeah..." Trish moans as she rocks
back and forth while on her knees with Carlito pumping into her. Christian
grins down at Trish before he guides his cock into her mouth.

"Ohhhh ahhhh awww..." Carlito grunts as he continues to fuck Trish from
behind before he choose to pull out. Chris Masters goes behind Trish and he
works his large cock into Trish's tight snatch as Christian lightly fucks
Trish's mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Trish moans as she rocks forward on her knees with Chris
Masters placing his strong hands onto her hips in order to drive his cock
swiftly into her snatch, while her head bobs back and forth on Christian's

"Ohhhh yeah Trish... suck my dick..." Christian moans as Trish bobs her head
swiftly on his pole. Master licks his lips as he pounds Trish's snatch with
firm thrusts that drive Trish to rock back eagerly against him.

"Mmmmm...mmmmmm...mmmmm" Trish moans seductively around his cock as she
places both of her hands onto his toned waist, while she slobbers her saliva
all over his dick. Trish's toned, tanned and nicely juicy and rounded ass
smacks steadily against the muscular waist of Chris Masters as he swiftly
hammers her from behind.

"Ahhhh shit... mmmmm..." Masters grunts as he plows his cock deep into
Trish's twat. "Damn... Trish prefers muscle guys...." Carlito says with a
laugh as he watches how Trish rocks back against The Masterpiece while she
sucks and slurps on Christian's dick.

"Mmmmmmmm...." Trish moans before she starts to lift her head off of
Christian's cock with her wet saliva dripping down his shaft.

"My turn Chris..." Conway says as Masters pulls out of Trish's snatch. "Not a
problem..." Masters says. As Conway kneels behind Trish he guides his large
cock into her pussy as she looks back at him.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhh shit..." Trish moans and licks hers as she sits up on her
knees and smoothly pushes back against Conway as he pumps firmly into her
from behind.

"Awwww yeah... mmmmmm..." Conway groans as he reaches around to Trish to grab
her large tits as he pumps his cock into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm....ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhh" Trish moans and presses her luscious lips
together as she rocks back and forth while on her knees.

"Ahhh yeah you like that Trish?" Conway asks as he hammers Trish's soaking
wet pussy while he squeezes her tits.

"Mmmmmmm....ohhhhhh...ohhhhhh yeah!" Trish moans and tilts her head back as
she sharply moves back against his cock.

Shelton lays on the warm sand, "How about we take this up a notch..." Shelton
suggests as Trish sees his big black cock pointing upward before Conway pulls
out of her pussy.

Trish licks her lips and smiles "Mmmmmm...perfect..." Trish says before she
moves to straddle Shelton, lowering herself down on his rock hard black cock.

"Mmmmmm..." Shelton moans as Trish begins to rock on his cock. Carlito goes
behind Trish and as she leans forward to place her hands on Shelton's chest,
Carlito guides his cock into her tight ass.

"Mmmmmmmmm...ohhhhh yeah..." Trish moans and closes her eyes as she rocks
forward on Shelton's black cock, feeling Carlito pump his cock into her ass
from behind. "Ohhhhhhhh...mmmmm!"

"Ahhhh mmmmm...." Carlito moans as he thrusts his cock in and out of Trish's
gorgeous ass while Shelton thrusts up into her pussy. Chris Masters steps in
front of Trish and guides his huge cock into her wide open mouth.

Trish happily wraps her pouty, luscious lips around Chris Masters's cock and
smoothly bobs her head, taking him deep into her mouth, while she rocks back
and forth between Shelton and Carlito, grinding between them.

"Ahhhh mmmmm..." Shelton groans as he firmly pumps his cock up into Trish's
pussy while Carlito fucks her ass. Masters licks his lips as Trish sucks and
slurps on his cock.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm!" Trish moans as she lifts her hands off of Shelton's
muscular black chest and places them onto Masters's muscular waist as she
bobs her head swiftly and skillfully, while she rocks and grinds between
Carlito and Shelton.

"Hey Carlito lean forward a bit..." Christian says as he kneels behind him.

"Huh... okay..." Carlito says as he lens forward over Trish while he
continues to fuck her ass. Christian grits his teeth as he slides his cock
under Carlito to where he can push it into Trish's already stuffed ass.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM!" Trish moans loudly around Chris Masters's cock and digs
her fingernails into his muscular waist as she feels Christian's cock
entering her stuffed asshole as now a total of four cocks work over her at

"Don't leave me out..." Conway says as he takes Trish's right hand to have
her grab his cock as Christian and Carlito fuck her ass, Shelton thrusts up
into her pussy and as Trish bobs her head on Masters' dick.

"Mmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Trish moans as she quickly works her hand back and
forth against Conway's shaft as she repeatedly rocks forward on Shelton's
black cock as Christian and Carlito work over her ass, causing her take
Master's cock deeper into her mouth, with her gorgeous body dripping with

"Ahhhh shit... mmmm..." Shelton groans as Trish grinds herself on his cock.
Carlito and Christian alternate thrusts as they fuck Trish's ass with their
large cocks. Trish pulls Conway closer so that she can attempt to take his
cock into her mouth along side Masters's large tool.

Trish presses her lips tightly around the cock of Chris Masters as she starts
to cum suddenly on Shelton's black cock as he continues to drill up into her
pussy, sending her back against the cocks of Christian and Carlito in her

"Mmmmm shit..." Carlito grits his teeth as Trish sharply rocks back against
his cock causing to grind roughly against Christian's dick. Gradually the
large meaty cocks of all five Superstars begin to throb as Trish moves jerks
off Conway, blows Masters, rides Shelton and gets her ass fucked by Christian
and Carlito.

Trish lifts her head off of Chris Masters's cock and licks her lips as she
sits up slightly on Shelton Benjamin's cock, swiftly rocking as Christian and
Carlito firmly hammer her ass with alternating thrusts.

"Mmmm awwww...." Christian moans as he pulls out of Trish's ass, followed by
Carlito a few moments later. Masters lifts Trish off of Shelton and kneels
her on the sand as he and the other Superstars stand in front of Trish
stroking their large throbbing dicks.

Trish presses her luscious and pouty lips together as she sits up eagerly on
her knees with sweat dripping down her face, as she watches each of the five
Superstars intently as their stroke their own cocks.

The five well hung studs all smirk down at Trish as they stroke their
pulsating cocks. One by one, all five men begin to cum, spraying their hot
sticky loads all over Trish's gorgeous face and tits.

Trish closes her eyes as the warm cum splatters her face and starts to drip
down, as the cum on her tits perfectly coats her tanned skin.

"Don't you just love Spring Break Trish?" Christian asks as he continues to
stroke his cum spraying cock.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip and nods her head before laughing. "Is
that where I am?"

"Yes it is..." Christian grins.

Trish laughs and shrugs her shoulders "Oh...well that's good to know..."
Trish says before she starts to stand up from the sandy ground.

"I think we should get Trish back to her hotel..." Shelton says.

"Yeah..." Carlito adds before Trish moves towards Christian and leans against
him. Carlito raises an eyebrow, "Oh maybe he can take her back and we go find
some other hottie..." Carlito adds.

Trish closes her eyes with her head against Christian's chest and softly
groans. "Fuck...I think I have an early flight tomorrow...or today...whatever
day it is..." Trish says with a slur of her words.

Christian smiles, "Don't worry guys I'll take care of Trish..." Christian

Trish opens her eyes and glances up at Christian as he puts his arm around
her. "You will?" Trish asks skeptically.

"Well yeah you need a ride back to your hotel... and maybe to the airport..."
Christian says as the other Superstars get dressed.

Trish tiredly turns her head against Christian's chest. "No funny business,

"No funny business..." Christian nods his head.

Trish nods her head and then drunkenly laughs "This was fuckin'


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