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The Romance That Stephanie Deserves
by Anonymous

Stephanie Mcmahon is the biggest tease. She loves to wear short skirts,
tight, outlining her hips as she moves to the ring, knowing that no one one
will ever get her little cherry. She is not even pretty, guys think he looks
like a perfect fuck whore. Good for fucking, not much else. Has a stinky
pussy and bad breath. There isn't a guy on the planet who wants to wine and
dine the little bitch. All fans want is a shot at her pooper. Well a few fans
were about to get the chance.

Steph made her way out of the back exit of the building, another night of
teasing and flaunting in the books. She felt an eerie chill run over her body
like someone was watching her. "No way." she whispered to herself. "No one
will ever harm me in any way. I am too respected. My daddy makes sure that I
am always safe."

Just then, a hand clamped over her mouth, another hand grabbing one of her
wrists. She twisted, trying to scream, dropping her bag. Someone grabbing her
around the waist, dragging her. She struggled, her free hand slapping the
hand across her mouth, grabbing at the wrist. A van waited, dark inside. She
was shoved inside and immediately scrambled for the door, but two figures
were there. She backed up, shaking with fright. They wore masks.

Behind her, another pair of hands grabbed her upper arms. A muffled voice
said "I've got her - let's go." Stephanie felt the van speed up. There was no
light in the back of the van. She was held on the floor by three pairs of
hands, simply waiting, silent. She was too frightened to move.

In a few minutes, the van seemed to pull off the road, bumping on rocks or
holes, then stopped. Steph was terrified, breathing quickly. A door slammed,
then the back of the van was opened, and another figure entered, wearing
another mask.

Steph pulled against the hands, trying to sit up. The fourth man motioned
with a hand; she was pulled towards the front of the van a little more, then
hands grabbed her wrists, pulling her arms over her head, tight. A second man
scrambled to her legs, grabbing her left ankle and pulling it out and to the
side, holding it tightly. The third man took the right ankle and did the

The fourth man knelt between her open legs. His hand came up, holding a
knife. He leaned forward, placing a hand on the floor beside her, the other
hand flashing the knife before her eyes. She watched it, breathing in short
fast pants.

"Such a tease, Steph," he said in a whisper. He moved the knife again,
touching the tip of it to her chin, slowly running the point down her throat.
The man who held her arms pulled them back further. She was stretched
tightly. The knife man looked back, nodding at the other two; they pulled her
legs even further apart. She moaned. "Please! I have money. My daddy can do
anything I ask. Please dont do this I am saving myself for marriage."

The men laughed. One exclaimed "yeah right you probably sucked every dick
in the business a hundred times each."

Another added "ha ha yeah. Why else do you think you are even acknowledged
in wrestling?"

Steph replied, in a little girl, scared timid voice "no.... I contribute.
I contribute alot. My daddy says so."

The men all looked at one another in silence then all at once exploded

Stephanie's eyes teared up and her bottom lip curled, about to cry from

Then, the knife was again at her throat as the laughing stopped. "Don't
talk," said the knife man. She nodded, her lips quivering in fear. The point
of the knife moved again, along her throat. The man grabbed her blouse,
holding it. With the knife, he slowly began cutting off the buttons, opening
the blouse leisurely. Stephanie shivered, making a little noise. He stopped.
She bit her lip, quiet now. He nodded. The blouse was opened, the buttons cut
off. He moved the tip of the knife over the tops of her breasts, full, pushed
up, moving with her fast breathing. The knife moved over the breasts again,
to the cleavage, then over the bra, rubbing over each nipple. Steph shut her
eyes. In spite of herself, she pushed her breasts up.

"Little slut wants it," whispered another man.

The knife man suddenly grabbed the front of her bra, cutting it swiftly
with his knife. Her newly implanted 36D breasts were spilling out. He used
the knife to push the edges of the bra to the tops of her nipples, then
slowly edged back each side of the ruined bra. Steph watched the knife as it
circled a nipple, dipped under her breast, then the point, touching the
nipple. It dug in a little, and the man moved it slowly back and forth, the
nipple growing harder. Steph moaned again, eyes closing.

She felt the knife moving to the other breast, tormenting it, playing with
it, heard the men breathing, heard one say "damn" softly. She felt herself
beginning to melt beneath her skirt, fear and wanting and lust. The knife
moved again, down her belly, up a rib, back to her navel, circling it, the
point dipping in. She looked up again when she felt the weight of something
on her belly; the knife. His hands moved under her hips, and she was afraid
again, shaking her head. He snatched up the knife, the point at her throat in
an instant.

"Be quiet, whore. Your daddy isnt here to help you now. You spoiled little
bitch" he hissed. She nodded, trembling. The knife was laid on her belly
again, heavy, the handle warm from his hand, the blade ice cold. Each time
she breathed, she felt it, over her navel, dangerous and hot. She didn't

His hands moved under her hips again, fumbling, unzipping the skirt. She
gasped, feeling cold air suddenly on her hips, saw the skirt tossed aside.

"You're right, no panties," whispered the man holding her wrists. She
struggled to move her hands; he held her tighter. She could hear the animal
lust in all of them now, panting, looking at her.

The knife still on her belly, and just below it, her legs wide open, her
shaved pussy, smooth, wet, open. The man picked up the knife again, moving
the flat of the blade against each hip, down the tops of her thighs, circling
until she was half-crazy with fear and wanting.

He placed his hand on her belly, warm, intimate. The hand moved lower,
just above her clit. She was afraid to breathe deeply. He held the knife up
again for her to see, and then she felt the cold flat of the blade laid
against her clit. She jumped, moaning, and couldn't help herself, pushing up
a little with her hips. The knife moved, touching the clit, gently flicking
it to one side, another, then running down the insides of her legs. The only
sound was of the men breathing quickly, and Steph panting.

The man moved his hand, grabbing her clit suddenly, pinching, twisting
it. She bucked; he pushed her hips down. She felts his fingers opening her
lips, pulling them open wide; felt the tip of the knife moving delicately
over the insides of those lips, his fingers holding her open. She was wet
and terrified. She heard a light clinking noise on the floor. He must have
dropped the knife.

She felt it again, a cold flat blade pressed against the inside of one
lip, then another.

"Don't move, slut," said the knife man.

His fingers opened her even wider, the palm of his hand rubbing and
pressing against her clit. She wanted to rub against his hand but did not
dare move. And then -

- she felt something slide just inside her pussy, cold and hard, one of
the men sitting on her leg now and rubbing his crotch, staring at her pussy.
And the cold hardness went in deeper, and she knew it was a tongue. The man
faced her, his eyes glittering through the mask. "Don't move," he whispered.
She stared back, trembling but not moving, fighting her body not to jerk and
spasm in fear.

And she was even wetter, feeling the rough tongue muscle inside her. He
moved it, pressing up a little, and she arched her back a little, it felt
good, and she suddenly loved that her breasts were chilled, her nipples hard,
and that these men could see her. She thought he was about to stop because
his tongue stopped licking. He didn't. He left it there, inside her, kneeling
and unzipping his pants. She strangely got excited, wondering what the guy
was tasting down there. Was she CLEAN? Was she healthy down there? Her
nipples got harder.

He eased up, his legs on each side of her body. He pulled out his cock,
moving his fingers along it, as she watched, feeling the tongue in her pussy,
not daring to move.

"You're going to suck me with your silver spoon fed mouth. You're going
to make me cum," he said softly. She nodded, barely, opening her mouth. Her
tongue flickered on the head, feeling the slit, licking. She looked up. His
eyes were half-closed through the slits on the mask. She jumped; she felt
something around her ankles.

"Cuffs," said the man in a whisper. "You aren't finished."

She licked him, nibbling along his cock, while her legs were tied wide
apart, feeling the knife moving in her pussy, her arms held over her head.
Eventually her wrists were tied, pulled tightly until it was hard to breath,
and he was half-sitting on her chest. She continued, her mouth on him now,
tightening her mouth, moving it forward, back. He groaned.

One of the men knelt by her, unzipping his pants. "I'm gonna fuck me some
pussy now," he laughed softly. She shivered, straining against the ropes, but
enjoying knowing that she was opened wide, that they were all wanting her.

Stephanie continued sucking the knife man, felt the knife being pulled out
of her pussy. She moaned, excited, pushing faster and harder on the man's
cock in her mouth. He had scooted forward; someone was touching her breasts,
twisting the nipples, pinching them.

Fingers at her clit, touching, something big - the man entered, hard
and fast, rough. She lifted her hips some, moaning, hot. The knife man was
groaning, shuddering, pulling out and cumming beside her, splashing it on
her hair. She licked her lips, tasting salt, the other man rough, grunting,
pulling nearly out, slamming back into her. Another man came forward, waving
his cock, telling her to open her mouth.

Sometimes they made her swallow; sometimes they spurted cum on her
breasts, squeezing them together and sliding their cocks through them,
cleaning them, wetting her. Each of them fucked her; fast and hard, or rough;
slow, almost gentle; then rough again. One of them slipped a finger inside
her while they rested, her tied and splayed open while they drank beer and
talked about her, playing with her nipples while they talked. "Damn Steph you
are fat! Look at the rolls on your belly." She was too embarrassed to
respond. "And your feet are HUGE! MY GOSH! Are you a part time clown?" The
men carried on for what could have been hours. The man who played with her
pussy while they drank began to finger fuck her, watching her squirm until
she began pushing against his hand.

"Hey, she can't get enough!" he chuckled.

Steph had never felt so hot in her life. All of them touching her, wanting
her, fucking her. Before she could as herself why, the men began to move her
again. She was untied and uncuffed. They were about to let her go, she

Just then, Stephanie was stood up and bent over at her waist. She was held
standing like this, unable to move or even wiggle away. One man moved in
behind her and started to plant little kisses on her fat ass. His cheek was
rubbing against her fat pale butt as he talked to her anus, almost in a sick
way, seeming try to romance her anal hole. He parted her big butt cheeks and
blew a stream of air directly on the puckered passage. "UHN!!!!!" Stephanie
moaned in shock as her butt cheeks flexed. Another shot of air. Then another.
The men laughed as Stephs' face cringed at this sick dirty game.

"Steph your butt hole smells good baby. OH Come on Steph baby, fart right
in my face. Your butt is nice and stinky. I want to smell more. I LOVE it!"

Steph was so humiliated so didn't know what to do. She had to sit there
and take it.

"My turn!" someone shouted as the men switched positions. Before Steph
could blink a tongue shot right up her butt hole and began to wiggle.

"UHHHHHH UHHHH uhhhuhuh UHHH uh." Steph's low moans were uncontrollable,
her butt hole being massaged and licked in places she never thought she had.
This lasteed atleast 5 long minutes.

The next guy was quick to announce, after massaging her butt briefly and
giving it a kiss or two, "Oh baby I have wanted your fat pale ass for years.
I am gonna fuck you right you up your little tight butthole. How about that?"
he said in a sinister voice.

Stephanie screamed "NOOOO! That would hurt me!!! Don't!" as she attempted
to wiggle away. No use. Her fat ass jiggled, but she was held in place as the
man laughed loudly and lubed up his cock. Steph was gonna get it. The fantasy
that millions of fans have, sticking their dicks up Stephanie's large wide
butt, was about to come true for one lucky man. With the quickness of
lightning, the man ran his cock head up and down her butt hole a few times,
lined it up, then did a little short quick thrust forward, implanting his
head right into Stephanie's virginal poop shute. "Ahhh!" Steph cried, her
left leg uncontrollably shaking in a weak attempt to fend off the anal
attack. Another quick jab of cock up her butt, 2 inches were in. Another
thrust. One more.

"AHHHH ! OUCH!!!" Stephanie squeezed her butt cheeks togetther, her fat
butt dimples showing in front of her butt fucker. The man grabbed her around
the waist in a bear hug, lifted her feet off the ground, and pulled
Stephanie's body backwards, impaling her butt with his thick cock.

"AHHHHHHHhhhhhh......" Stephanie cried a fading moan as her body went limp
and she quit moving. The guy slid the fat brat up and down his cock slowly
and methodically. Her butt was so tight, yet so warm, it felt great. He laid
backwards, pulling steph back with him. Now steph's butt was violated at a
new angle, and it HURT worse!

ITS TOO BIG!!!!" Her fat butt wiggling in protest only got the guy more
aroused. The others watching put their hands on Stephanie's shoulders as she
tried to stand up. He just pushed her back down over and over again as she
kept trying to get off the cock that was up her pink butt. Her face scrunched
up in pain and moronic determination. They laughed as she basically fucked
herself on the big dick. Suddenly she felt a hot fiuid squirt right up her
butt and she sat on his cock all the way, in defeat.

After a minute, she was pulled up and of the cock and an audible POP was
heard from her butt. One guy pushed her on her back and grabbed her legs,
spreading them wide. One guy held one ankle, one had another. They began to
suck her big over sized feet, starting with her big toes. One man got in
between her legs, and slide his cock into her already lubed up butt hole.

"AHH! NOT AGAIN!" she whined in that annoying voice. Her butt flexed
again, dimples showing, as the man spent little time in starting to fuck her
up the butt hard and fast in this awkward position. Her feet bottoms were
licked and sucked at a high rate of speed. The men really violating her in
every way they could think of.

"OWWW!! OUCH!!! MY BUTT!!!! AHHH! OHH!! OH!!!!" Another shot of cum went
right up her butt. "OHHHHhhhhhhh" Steph moaned, long and very weak, the cum
in her butt almost soothing it from how it was stretched. The foot suckers
began to jack off and a zoned out Stephanie got awakened by 2 simultaneous
shots of cum, one up her nose, one right in her mouth, ear, and eye. The men
laughed as hey quickly snapped a polaroid of the "fucked" Stephanie. She
stared at them in shock as the man took out the photo and waved it in front
of her face.

"This isn't blackmail, this is more like.... a season pass.... to YOUR
PERSONAL amusement park.... your body!" The men laughed as Stephanie's eyes
teared up and she got that look on her face like her daddy wouldnt give her
the keys to the Porsche. One more feel of her big tits, as the men opened the
doors to the van and left her standing in a daze, right in the middle of the

Her clothes hit her in the face as they sped off. Stephanie's big chin and
bottom lip quivered as she quickly threw on her rags that once were clothes.
As she walked aimlessly down the road, she reflected on the events, she oddly
felt her pussy soak and wet in excitement. A big smile weas on her face as
she knew would see them all again... real soon.

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