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All people are not truly represented, well maybe they are, I don't know how
they act in real life. I want response to continue this series. I know very
little of the world of Indie 'rasslin' and so the backstage environment is a
figment of my imagination.

The Rookie Part 1: Total Nonstop Action
by Ryan Man (

Ryan Burn Man sat in the locker room of the TNA Asylum, he had been called
in from ECCW (NWA Canada) where he had spent the last few weeks wrestling,
for a tryout on Xplosion. He was a very young rookie, only 22 years old and
a pro for 3. He considered himself a fairly talented young man; he had
trained with the Hart Brothers in Ontario with strong martial arts and
technical history. He had also worked a few month stint in Mexico, learning
the Lucha Libre style from guys like Rey Mysterio(pre-wwe days) and Juvi
Guerrera, although not as talented as they, he had learned a few tricks.

He was 5'11 and 235 lbs. with 5% body fat. He was a naturally thick guy
(someone who really was big boned), he had dyed his hair yellow-blonde with
orange tips (to suit his Burn Man nickname). He wore black tights with flame
decals along the legs, a black vest also with flame decals, and red knee and
elbow pads. He jumped as someone entered the locker room, he had chosen this
one especially for it's lack of use.

Jeff Jarrett walked into the locker room, "Nervous, kid?" he asked.

"Yeah," Ryan responded.

Jarrett smiled, "Don't worry, you'll do fine. You have Jerry Lynn working
with you in the main event; you won't have a bad match with him."

"Thanks, Mr. Jarrett."

"Call me Jeff, I also told Jerry to let you call a few moves."

"Really? Great, I hope I can show you what I can do."

Jarrett smiled at his eagerness, "I'm sure you can," he turned to leave,
"See you kid."

Ryan made his way to the ring; some random music was played for him from a
production CD (Sounds vaguely like Jericho's WCW theme...) he shook the
thoughts from his head and looked at Jerry Lynn. He went to shake Jerry's
hand, as Jerry reached his out, Ryan pulled his away. The crowd began booing
Ryan, before the bell could ring he grabbed a microphone.

"Take a seat bitch." he told Jerry Lynn, he looked out and began addressing
the crowd, "It's been my dream to be a wrestler, a 'rassler, since I was
little boy. The years of training and working my way around the world, and
now to be right here in front of all you people," slight cheers, "Makes me
absolutely sick." heavy boos, "This is the worst bunch of inbred, no good,

Ryan was cut off by a fist from Jerry, the two worked back and forth for
about 15 minutes (Author note: I won't bore you with wrestling scenes, I
don't think I could write them). Jerry reversed Burn Man's modified
sharpshooter (the Ring of Fire) and hit his cradle piledriver.

Ryan toweled off his hair as he got out of the shower; he had come right
back after his match and hadn't gotten a word back. He heard a knock at the
dressing room door, he grabbed a towel and opened it, pleasantly surprised
to see Trinity. One of the hottest women in TNA, she was about his height
and well-sculpted, but not overly built. Her long black hair flowed down her
back highlighting her pretty face. She had breasts that were large, but not
enourmous, her toned abs and legs were the stuff dreams were made of and she
had an ass that wouldn't quit. She wore a bra-top and faux leather pants
(her wrestling attire) and a thong strap stuck out.

"Hey, uh, Trinity, what's up?" He said, trying not to sound like a moron.

"Hey, Ryan right?" He nodded, "That was a nice match you had."

"Thanks, Jerry's a great worker."

"Yeah he is," She smiled at him, "How about helping me with some

"Sure, when?"

She licked her lips and pulled his towel away, "I was thinking of right now."

She pushed him down on the bench and got down on her knees between his legs.
She began rubbing her hand up and down his growing erection. She tugged
lightly at his hafada (piercing at the base of the penis, where the shaft
meets the sack) and suckled on the head. She opened her mouth and dropped it
over his cock, swallowing all six inches. She bobbed her head up and down,
flicking her tongue back and forth; causing jolts of pleasure to course
through Ryan's body.

She pulled her head off of his cock, meeting with a groan of complaint from
Ryan. "Don't worry," Trinity smiled, "You'll enjoy EVERYTHING, I have to
offer, but you have to give a little back."

He grinned at her, looking at his crotch, "I'll give more than a little

Ryan laid Trinity down on the bench and began passionately kissing her, their
tongues intertwining. He moved his lusting lips down her neck and down to her
mid-size tits. He reached behind her and undid her bra-top; revealing the
beautiful breasts to the lights of the locker room. He gently kissed his way
down the curve of her left tit first, up again, and down the right. Using his
tongue he traced his way around each silver-dollar sized areola and let it
undulate on the point of her nipple like a snake.

As Trinity moaned her approval he worked his way down once again, gently
tracing around her belly-button. He reached her waistband and began tugging
her faux leather pants down, she raised her ass allowing him easy access.
With the pants he also peeled away her tasty-looking thong, revealing an
even tastier-looking shaved snatch (gotta love alliteration). He moved back
up and kissed the inside of her thighs, righ, then left. He moved in and
planted kisses moving up from the base of her pussy-lips, his mouth jumped
above her clit, teasing her more. He rubbed a single finger up and down her
pussy, moistening it, and slowly pushed it in.

Trinity moaned with every stroke his finger made; his magic mouth working
wonders on her clit. He gently nibbled at her snatch sucking up the
delicious juices. Her leg tensed up and she came to a mind-blowing orgasm,
"Oh RYAAAAAAAAAAN!" she screamed. He moved his body up and kissed her once
more. She could taste her juices on his mouth; she loved her own sweet

"Time for the mainevent," she grinned at him, he stood revealing his still
throbbing erection as she rolled her hips to him in a 'fuck me' motion.

He pressed into her, slowly pushing his hard cock into her willing cunt.

"Oh yeah," she moaned, "I want it all!"

He thrust into her, filling her with his man meat. He let her tight walls
contract and milk his cock for all she was worth (which was quite a bit). He
pulled his cock almost all the way out and pushed in again harder this time,
forcing her luscious tits to bounce from the impact. He sped up the motions
moving at a rapid pace. He brutally fucked her, slamming into her as hard as
he could.

"Fuck me!" she cried.

"What?" he managed to respond between grunts.

"Fuck me!"


"FUCK ME!" Trinity cried at the top of her lungs.

His mouth latched on to a breast and suckled on the nipple like a new born.
His hands grabbed her firm, toned ass and helped him fuck her that much
harder. Her tits bounced and shook alluringly as he filled her with his man

"Do you want my cum, you little slut!" Her cried abover her moans.

"Yes, fill me up!"



He gave one final thrust, shooting his sperm as the orgasmic pleasure shot
through him. She tensed again as she orgasmed at the same moment. Her pussy
tightened up and milked every last drop of cum from his deflating cock. The
shifted so that she lay on top of him; she gave him a sultry smirk, "I think
I'll give you a BIG reccomendation."

Ryan simply smiled as he drank in the scent of sex, sweat and purfume
emanating from her body.

The End...?!?!, no it's definitely ? Yeah, that's the ticket...?

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