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The Secret Files Of James Stone Part 1: Stephanie McMahon
by James Stone

Here's the scoop. James Stone is a secret agent who retired early. He
decided to use his skills and sneak up on the WWF Divas. He knows all the
secrets and has gadgets he made like the Shirt Rip 2010 (a claw type machine
that pulls off a shirt fast) the first is Stephanie McMahon!!

James Stone fixed his black gloves. He had a black jacket, black boots,
black pants and a ski mask on with some special code breaker sunglasses.

He put on a watch and some small weapons he could wear. Then grabbed a
small backpack. He was going to get Stephanie McMahon tonight!

He walked outside his apartment like it was a normal day. He headed to
the arena where raw was being shown tonight.

He parked his hummer near a tree and walked out. He ran and hid behind a
wall. Two gaurds gaurded the doors that lead to the wrestlers locker rooms.

James looked around and saw a garage door open. A semi was about to drive
through. He ran quickly and jumped on back of the semi, then climbed onto the

No one saw him. He then stood up and just as the truck entered, he jumped
and grabbed a pipe on the roof. He hung there as the trucker yelled to a man
that he had stage lights.

The truck drove on.

James got his watch and used a screw driver. He undid a vent and went in
the vent.

He crawled all the way till he saw he was in a hallway. He pushed in a
walkie talkie in his ear and said, "Steve?"

A sound was heard, "James, you there?"

Steve was James' friend. Steve was about 42 years old. He gave James
directions through the vents till he reached a hall. He was in the hall of
Stephanie's locker room.

James kicked at the vent till the door popped off. James jumped off and
walked down the hall way.

He looked at each door: janitor, dressing, stage wires, closet, Stephanie

James grabbed a piece of glue and stuck it on the door knob.

It dried and came in the shape of a key. He unlocked the door and walked
in locking it.

He walked slowly. He grabbed a gun that shot out cuffs. He peeked around
the corner and saw a huge round ass.

It was covered in a tight black skirt and revealed sexy tan legs. She had
on a tight black shirt and her hair was straight not curly type.

He then looked carefully in the mirror and saw Steph's pretty face. She
was looking through some luggage.

James took a deep breath and jumped on spearing her on the bed. Steph
screamed but James put a piece of tape on her mouth.

Steph grew scared and tossed and turned jiggling her breasts as she tried
to escape.

James used the gun and shot at her wrists. They trapped her hands to the
headboards on her bed. Then he got her sexy legs and shot her ankles.

She was fully trapped. James got up and starred her down. He examined her
sexy tan legs and huge breasts and pretty face.

She was so frightened at the past few seconds she began to sweat.

She yelled and moaned but no luck.

He grabbed a pen which was a laser. It wouldnt hurt her but would cut her

He turned it on and pointed it in the middle of her chest. She got scared
and began to have tears in her eyes as she kicked and tried to escape.

He then pressed cut and it began to cut her tanktop down the middle
slashing each thread.

He finished the cut and then grabbed both sides and ripped it off exposing
her huge tan firm breasts.

They were so huge and firm.

He pulled at her bra till it ripped and he examined her huge boobs. Her
hard nipples and her huge round breast.

She looked down and began to cry watching the man stare at her chest.

He began to sqeeze both and pinched her nipples making her "ahh" a little.

He rubbed her huge tits and watched them bounce. He then rubbed her sexy
tan legs feeling all up on them.

They were so smooth and perfect. So tan and not so muscular and more of
a... a sexy type. He rubbed both legs and then kissed her left leg.

He kissed her cheek and finally talked, "Well, Steph... I got you and have some sexy legs. So... you better just wait and see what

Steph yelled and kicked but was pinned.

He then got his angry attitude.

He bit her hard nipple choking on it and making her sqeal like a girl
being fucked.

He bit hard and strong making her breast red.

She closed her eyes in pain and he bit till a little bit of blood trickled
down her tittie.

He licked her stomach and then reached under her tight skirt. He used the

Soon the skirt was being slashed off.

He pulled it off and examined a sweaty black thong.

He pulled till it snapped and smelled the room.the smell of pussy.

Steph tried to get free but the man rubbed her mid bush pussy and examined
how tan it was.

It was so perfect. He began to lick it and suck on her hair leaving spit
and he began to dip his tongue in and out.

She moaned as he licked dips of pussy juice and wiped his lips.

He ate her fat pussy for 5 minutes before stopping and slapping her tits
and watch her boobs bounce to each smack.

He yelled and then said, "I can't wait to fuck that tight pussy and huge
ass of yours."

I guess I'll get a alittle appetizer.

He unzipped his pants and layed out and huge 8' dick.

He rubbed it making it grow fast. Soon the tip was blasting out.

Steph got scared when she saw it and yelled and banged her head.

He jumped on her stomach and slowly began to fuck her huge breasts. He
moaned at the felling of stephs tan sexy skin on his very sensitive skin.

He fucked her back and forth grabbing her boobs together and yelling.

She grew scared every time she saw the tip of it.

He fucked her and fucked and fucked fast letting her firm breasts do the

He stopped and let his dick poke her in her eye.

She began to have tears and he just slapped her tits and laughed.

The he stuck his dick between her sexy legs and began to move back and
forth letting her legs rub his dick.

He yelled as he felt how firm her legs were and her cummed all over her

He melts everytime he sees them.

He fucked her tan legs for 4 minutes then began to slap that pussy.

He then inserted the monster up her tight pussy and pushed till all of it
jammed up her tight pussy.

He yelled as it was so tight and he began to thrust that tan pussy fast.

Steph moaned and screamed and sqealed at the pain and hornyness.

He fucked her and let pussy juice leak all over the bed.

He cummed and let it drip all over.

He jammed that couchie and fucked it like it was fucked before but wasn't.

He turned a switch on his belt and it made his fucking speed double.

He watched and held the pain of cum as he stared at her huge breasts

He watch her whole body jump.

The whole bed shake and her face which showed she was in serious pain.

The speed tripled and tons of cum and her sexy tasty pussy juice leaked
out like a facaut.

He released her tape cause he knew she didnt know what was going on.

She began to moan and "ahh!" and "OHh AHH!"

He pussy was being blowed out and he yelled at the tightess of her pussy.

He never felt so much pussy be so much tight.

He came again and she had an orgasm. He grabbed her legs and her hips for
leverage as he continued to slam steph.

Steph, Steph, Steph, Steph, Steph.

Poor Steph being fucked up her pussy. Oh well.

James yelled as loads of cum made her pussy and his dick pure white.

Every thing was sticky.

He rubbed her hips and her sexy tanned firm smooth legs and pulled out.
Cum still leaking out.

He yelled as his dick hurt so much.

He looked at her pussy and saw it was white and so red and sore.

Steph just mumbled to herself as she was tramatized by the pain.

He got his dick and made her suck it. She mumbled, "My... daddy bought my
chest and triple h grabbed my ass."

He made her suck since she was loss of memory or just fainted.

He let her spit lick it and he moaned as her white teeth and warm tongue
licked her dick and she gagged as she deep throat it.

She licke for 10 minutes non stop before fully fainting while his dick
still in her mouth.

He uncuffed her and twisted her around.he turned his head getting a better
view of her sexy ass.

He spanked it and pinched it and stuck his tongue up her ass hole licking
it and moaning at how huge it was.

He fucked her ass fast and yelled as he was close to cumming and he yelled
every time her ass smacked into his balls. He fucked her ass fast and yelled.

Then the sounds of police came. He quickly got his stuff and he pulled on
a shirt and short short shorts on Steph.

He picked her up on his shoulder and felt her hge tits dangle on his back.
He smelled her ass and ran out of the arena.

The cops ran on foot towards james. His hummer pulled up and he threw
Steph on back and jumped in closing the doors.

He saw steve driving the hummer and he said, "Lucky Lucky, now give me a
piece of Steph."

Steph just layed on the hummer floor.

James shot a bird at the cops and he pulled a smoke as they headed for the

Steph looked so hot. She was bra-less, she was pantieless and she was
wearing the smallest shortest tightest shorts ever exposing her legs.

James reached down her shirt and played with her breasts as steve drove to
the hideout to do some expierments with Steph.

Epierments like how much she can cum, suck, be fucked, how she can lap

Steve said, "I hope you didn't hurt your dick, cause Steph is first then
its Torrie Wilson"

James said, "Well, Steph is first so we will do her."

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