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The Seduction Part 1
by Zezu (

Life was pretty boring, as a sixteen year old living in a small town,
nothing was that exciting in my life. Next door had been up for sale for a
while. One day a truck came up to the door, I looked out side and to my
amazement, the new next door neighbours were Rena Mero and Marc Mero. I flew
out the door and got their autographs straight away. Rena and Marc gave me
the signature without really looking at me, they probubly didn't know I lived
next door.

A week later, I was playing in my room at night when I looked over to the
Mero house to see a light on. I started looking over being the little peeping
tom that I am and watched for a while. I then suddenly realised that I was
looking at the bathroom, I began to lose interest but then I saw a body move.
I started to watch again then I saw one of the most beautiful things that I
have ever seen, it was Rena coming out of the shower.

I was simply amazed, her tits were huge and she had the most incredible
body. She was drying her hair and looking into the mirror. She then turned
round to look out of the window. I crapped myself and ducked under the window
sill. I then popped my head up to see her looking straight at me. I didn't
know what to do wave or dye.

She gave me a little smile and then dropped her towel. She was standing
there naked. She then grabbed her right tit. I didn't know what was
happening, should I watch or go. Rena then lifted her tit up to her mouth and
licked her nipple. My hard on was going crazy, I had never seen anything like
this ever. She the took her tit out of her mouth and shut the blinds.

The next day I didn't really want to go out incase I met her. It was
school holidays and I peered out the window to see Marc go to work. My
parents had already went to work. I went for a shower and then I heard the
door bell ring. I grabbed a towel and rushed downstairs. I had quite a good
body so I wasn't embarrased about it.

I opened the door to find Rena stading right infront of me. She was
staring right at me, then I noticed that she had a belt in her hand. She
looked absolutely incredible. She was wearing a mini skirt, a black silk
shirt which was cut pretty low, you could see her clevage wanting to burst
out of her top.

"It's not nice, being spied on is it?" she was pretty angry. She began
walked towards me pushing me back. I felt the wall at my back, she came in
close right up to my face.

"You know when you do something wrong you have to be punished," she then
got the belt in her hand and slapped it against the other.

She brushed her head against me, I still only had a towel on. Although I
was frightened, she was so sexy, I couldn't help but get a massive hard-on.
She dropped the belt and began rubbing my belly.

"Why weren't you out with your friends last night?"

She got a hold of the towel and pulled it off me and dropped it on the
floor. My cock was bobbing up and down. She grabbed it and began to bend it
and give me a slow wank.

"Are you a virgin?" she asked still playing with my prick.

I nodded. She gave me a little smile and then let go of my cock.

"Well the next time you really want to see something...." she paused and
kissed me. Her tougue was so soft, she then licked my lips.

"...Knock on my door and ask me," with that she left my house. I stood in
amazement at what had just happened, I stood against the wall wondering what
she meant by what she had said. I picked up the towel and put it around my
waist, walking up the stairs I halted,

"HOLY SHIT!".......


Walking up to her door, I just hoped to god that I was right about this.
If I wasn't I would have looked like an even bigger shit than before.

I knocked on her door. Standing there I thought of turning back, I was
about to turn around when the door opened. Rena was standing there, looking
absolutely amazing. Without words I entered her house not even looking at my

Rena closed the door and leaned against the wall.

"Take off your clothes now," Rena demanded. She had me in her hands, I
was like putty. I done what she wanted and instantly took all my clthes off.

I stood infront of her completely naked. She crouched down and reached
under her skirt. She had her pants in her hand and then she dropped them on
the floor.

"I'm going to teach you everything that I know."

We embraced in a passionate kiss, she was leading me towards her couch
she pushed me on it and pulled up her skirt.

She stradled over my dick and sat on it. She gave a gasp of relief. She
started to slowly bounce up and down on my rock solid cock. I reached up to
feel the most unbelievable tits that I had ever seen. I reached down and took
her top off.

Her tits bounced as I took her blouse off. I examined what was infront of
me and then went in for the kill. I squashed her tits together and then began
to lick her soft nipples. She started bouncing faster on my dick. I knew
that she loved the way that I was about with her tits and nipples. Rena
then began to lick my chest and neck, it felt so good, she was so soft but at
the same time ruff.

Rena stood up and I got up with her, she lay right across the counch and
spread her legs for the 69. It was like the bullseye, my dick just homed in
on it. Rena guided me into her hot, wet snatch. I began pumping her pussy
with great ease, I didn't think that it would be as easy as it was and so

"OOOOOOHHHHHH baby are you sure you haven't done this before?"

I nodded my head and concentrated on the job at hand. I was still groping
and kissing her tits. I was amazed at how long that I had lasted without
sputing my load, but I could feel the tension in my balls.

Rena could see my thrusting was getting harder, "Cum in me baby, it's OK
I'm fixed."

Without hesitation I pumped as hard as I could, I could feel the buzz in
my cock as I spurted my load in Rena's hot cunt. Rena absolutely loved it I
could see it in her face and it turned me on even more.

Rena pushed me away, she got up and went across to the dinner table. She
signalled be to come over to her, she was fingering herself while I came over
to her.

"Listen I'll guide you through this."

Rena then turned away from me and pulled herself over the table, then
grabbing her ass cheeks she presented her magnificent ass to me. She was
still fingering herself and moaning quite loadly. It turned me on soo much.
She grabbed my wet cock and began pulling it towards her asshole. KNOCK

"Thank God, it's about time she got here, come on in," Rena shouted.

"What the fuck's going on?" someone was opening the door...........

The door opened and it was Terri Runnels.

"Jesus Christ Rena you said he was cute but damn!"

I stood looking at Rena and Terri not really knowing what to do.

"Come on. Don't stop now stud," Rena gasped at me.

She then guided by solid cock into her ass, Terri sat on the couch that
we had just fucked on and she pulled up her skirt and started playing with
her box. I was fucking Rena's ass hard and her screams got me even more
worked up. I was about to come again but Rena's screams started to get
louder. Terri got up off her seat and crouched down beside Rena. I squirted
my jizz into Rena's ass, she gave an almighty scream. I looked down and
Terri was eating Rena's twat while she was about to cum.


Rena spurted her goo all over Terri's face and she loved it. I took my
dick out of Rena's ass and she began licking my dick. Terri came over as well
and started licking the cum off my dick as well.

I went over to the door to get my clothes when Rena said, "Were are you
going, were not finished with you yet!"

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