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The Seduction Part 2
by Zezu (

"Get the fuck back here!" Rena demanded.

I stood there looking at two of the most beautiful in the world, and I
was considering running out of the door. Terri brushed right past me and
started walking towards Rena, they embraced in a kiss and then Rena started
to go down on Terri. Terri gave a soft sigh of pleasure and then looked at

I gave into Terri's look and walked towards Terri. I somehow knew
instantly what she wanted I pulled her trousers down and Terri started to
bend over, she grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them. I shoved my tired
but pulsing cock into Terri's ass.

"Show me a good time stud," she said is a sexy whisper.

Rena was still licking Terri out, while I was banging her ass. She was
fucking loving it, she gave out load screams of enjoyment, and it turned me
on even more. I pulled her top off to reveal odd but lovely tits. From the
back I began playing with her nipples, pulling and tugging them.

I fucked her ass with incredible ease, I was about to cum once again
when both Terri and Rena pulled away from me. Rena wiped her lips and
started to lick Terri's nipples, I took a step towards them, but Terri put
a hand up as if to tell me to stop.

"Stay there and watch, and don't pull yourself off," Terri said.

Terri now lay on the floor and Rena crouched down over her. Rena then
started fingering Terri's hot wet @#%$. I was gagging to wank but I done
what Terri asked and stood there watching in amazement.

"OOOOOHHH OHH yes I'm cumming," Terri gave out a squeel and then shot
her goo all over the carpet. You could hear Rena fingering her wet cunt
from where I was standing.

They both wiped there self clean and started crawling over to me.

"Stay there and enjoy," Rena said.

They both started to give me head licking and sucking my hard cock. I
looked down to see them both clashing tongues while sucking my dick.

I shot my load all over both of them, they then licked my spunk off
each other faces.

I got dressed and started to leave, just as I walked out the door
I heard Rena say, "We'll be in touch"

As I walked out of the door I had no idea what was ahead of me and
my new found passion, SEX.

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