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The Seduction Part 3
by Zezu (

It had been a while since I had lost my virginity to Rena Mero and Terri
Runnels. I had not heard from Rena or seen her for about a month.

One day while I was walked to the shopping center I heard some sreams
coming from the Mero house. I thought I was hearing things until I heard it
again. I walked down the path to inquire about what was happening. I heard a
scream again but this time is sounded different. I looked through the window
to see Rena spread of all fours being fucked up the ass by her husband Marc.
I had a wonderful side on view to this spectacular show.

I was getting a bit paranoid since I was looking through someone's window,
so I decided to go but just then Rena turned around and saw me! I didn't know
what to do, again I had been caught looking at her in a difficult situation.
But she just smiled at me and kept on going. While being fucked off Marc she
kept looking at me, then she mouthed the words,

"I'll call you!"

She then turned away. I left and went to the shops.

Every day I made sure a stayed in the house waiting for this call, but it
never came. About a week or so later I had forgotten all about it when I
checked my emails, when the addy came up, she had sent
me a email. It read:

'Hi Big Boy,
Your not to good at this hiding are you, anyway it was more
exciting knowing that someone was watching. I enjoyed the last
time, was it good for you too. Just wanted to say that I told an
old friends about our escapade and she wants to meet you. At 4pm
on Saturday go to 521 Alexandra Street, just down the road from
us. Hope you enjoy

RENA XXX'.....

Come Saturday I was very nervous. The first thing was that I didn't know
who see was and second I hoped that I could do as well as I did the last
time. I knew the area pretty well and it took be about 20mins to get there.
I walked up to the door and chapped the knocker. Somebody was coming to the
door. The door opened and in front of me stood the second most awesome babe
to hit the WWF, Trish Stratus. All she had on was a tight t-shirt, with her
nipples popping out and she was wearing a tight pair of shorts.

"Hey...look your bang on time," she then came up close to my ear and said.
"I like a man you cums on time," and then she giggled. It took me a while to
get the joke.

"Hey he's here!" Trish shouted into her house.

She then took my hand and I followed her into her house. She took me out
to the back garden were the Lovely Kat lay naked in the jacuzzi, drinking a

"Hey, Rena never said he was cute," Kat said.

"I know," Trish answered, "Listen we've heard alot about you and we want
to have a good time so... get your clothes off'

I stood there, my body not responding, but I soon started to take my
clothes off until I was left with my boxers. I had a full erection which both
of them could clearly see.

"Well, Rena was right about one thing," I didn't know what she meant but
I took off my shorts.

"Bring him over here!" the Kat shouted.

I walked over to the jacuzzi and felt Trish grab my ass cheek. I stepped
into the hot bath and kissed the Kat. Her hands were everywhere on my chest,
my ass and my cock. Trish then came over with a bottle of champagne and
poured it all over her t-shirt. She slid her shorts off and stepped into the
jacuzzi. We were all touching and kissing each other. Both of there bodies
looked great in the water. Kat then took a hold of my throbing cock and put
in up her cunt. It felt stranger than when I fucked Rena but maybe it was
because of the water. Trish then took her top off and put her tits in my
face. I caressed and licked her nipples and she gave a soft sigh. I then
picked up the bottle of champagne and pured it over her naked body and then
licked it off! The Kat was getting louder, she was quite vocal, which turned
me on even more.

Trish pulled away from me and put her attension on the Kat. The both
kissed softly and Trish started playing about with the Kat's nipples. I could
feel the Kat confulsing already around my cock. She gave out a scream of
absolute pleasure and came in the jacuzzi. She was bouncing harder and harder
and I thought that she was going to snap my cock.

She stopped and came off of me. Trish gave me another kiss and then sat
on me, she guided my cock up her hot tight ass.She also had a tendency to
bounce which put enourmous pressure on my cock.

The Kat then went under water and started to give Trish head. Trish was
not so loud, but she gave soft "Yes." from time to time. She then grabeed me
head and hair and started licking my ear, still bouncing on my cock. The Kat
came up for air from time to time but was still giving Trish head. It was not
long till Trish came alos in the tub and when she did she burst into life
griding her ass into my groin and her goo all over the Kat face.

"Now it's ur turn big boy," Trish said to me. She then squeezed her tits
together as if wanting to give me a titty fuck. I was just about to put my
dick in her tit's when the Kat got a hold of it and started to lick it
softly, although she was just teasing. The Kat then placed my dick in between
Trish's tits. It was amazing looking at Trish's face you could see that she
was loving it. I told her that I was about to cum and she opened her mouth
wide, the Kat then bent over beside her and opened her mouth as well. I shot
my load and over trish's chest and got some in both of their mouths. They
both washed it down with the leftover champagne.

As I got dressed next to the jacuzzi, Trish and Kat were still going at
it. I was about to walk out the door when Trish both shouted,

"It's OK, I know you'll be cumming soon"

As I left I didn't know what was goin to happen on my next adventure. I
just wished it involved they two.

To Be Continued...

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