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The Seduction Part 4
by Zezu (

It had been a long time since I had seen or had contact with Rena Mero
aka Sable my next door neighbour, about a year in fact. Now I was 18 and had
a steady girlfriend, but I missed what Rena gave me and took away from me.
She took away my virginity with a threesome with her and Terri Runnels. Then
she organised another threesome this time with Trish Status and The Kat.

I was at college and was a fair hit with the ladies but since I had a
girlfriend I couldn't act on the requests of some of the girls. One day while
walking to collage, I walked by Rena's house as I usually do every morning,
when I heard Rena scream my name. I turned round to see her dresses in her
sports gear.

"Hiya, I haven't seen you for a while," Rena was still as beautiful as
ever, "We will have to get together sometimes and get back to old times."

I thought about what she said but then I realised that I wasn't going to
be her puppet anymore and I had a girlfriend who would do the sort of stuff
that rena was dishing out.

"No thanks Rena, I've got a girlfriend now."

"Oh yes the blonde girl, yes she's very pretty and has some nice tits,
well if you don't wanna then it doesn't matter."

She was about to walk away when she turned back;

"You look like you work out, were to you train?" she asked.

"I just train in the house, I've got some free weights and a benchpress."

"Well," Rena said "If you want to I can get you into an exclusive gym
were all the stars go, you know something like a reward for all the sex you
gave me and my friends."

"OK, when can I come with you."

"How about Saturday, thats when it most busy and you can get some

"OK, see you on Saturday."

I wasn't really nervous or anything like I was on my past adventures. The
Friday night came and I had an empty house so I invited my g/f over. We
obviously fooled around and then she gave me a blow job. At that point she
though I was loving what she was doing but I was thinking about what Rena
and Terri done to me that afternoon, and I missed it alot.

The Saturday morning came and I got all my stuff ready, I had been to the
gym before but not the one she was talking about. I went over to her house
and we drove there together. As she opened the door to the gym I could see
loads of celebs, but there was one funny thing, they were all men. I could
see names like Nicholas Cage, Tom Cruise and Will Smith but I saw no pussy.

Rena signed me in and showed me into the dressing rooms, they were mixed
dressing rooms, but I still didn't see any women. We both had a hard workout,
Rena was fucking fit, but she looked happy that I could keep up with her. I
was just about to hit the showers when Rena said;

"No No No you have to come with me first."

Walking there I asked her the question.

"Rena, how come there are no women here?"

"You'll see."

We both walked towards the sauna. There was a men's sauna and a women's
sauna. I walked towards the men's sauna but was pulled back.

"Listen to me, this is your final assesment."

She dragged me into a little room were there was another door leading to
the sauna.

"But I can't..."

"SSSSSSHHHHH it's OK everyone knows that I was bringing you here. Right
take ur clothes off and hang them up."

I took all my clothes off but there was no towel to put round my waist.
Rena was totally naked and walked into the sauna. I thought about turning
back but knowing Rena was in there naked made me want to see who was in

I stepped into the room and the heat hit me.

"Close the door would you hunny, and someone take away some of this
steam," a voice said infront of me.

Instantly, most of the steam was sucked out of the room and infront of
me lay naked celebrities fucking, sucking and kissing each other. I glanced
around the room, I saw Trish and the Kat playing with each other's pussy,
Jenna Jameson fucking Chyna with a strap on and Christina Aguilera and
Britney Spears kissing Drew Barrymore's nipples. I saw Rena signal me to come
her way, I walked forward passing some of the most awesome women in the world
having a lesbain gang bang. I instantly had a hard on. Rena stood up and sat
me down , then she called for Britney and Christina to come over and join us.

I almost had a heart attack. They say either side of me and Rena grabbed
both of their heads and pushed them towards my raging cock. They were both
licking my balls to start with but then they moved up by shaft and Britney
continued and started licking my pubes. Christina was fucking hot and had a
great pair of tits so I got myself a feel and grabbed her right tit, she
looked at me angrily and grabbed my hand, but then pushed it towards her
smooth cunt asking me to pat and finger it.

Britney was now giving me a full blowjob, bobbing up and down on my cock.
Rena grabbed both of their heads again and put them together, they moved away
making out with one another. Rena turned round and spread her ass cheeks and
sat on my lubricated cock. Grinding away, I grabbed her amazing tits and
started to kiss her neck and ears. Rena as I knew was very vocal and was
already shouting and moaning. I moved her tits to her mouth and seen one of
the most amazing thing in my life, she started to lick her nipple. It turned
me on so much. I knew I was about to come and started to bounce Rena to help
her go as fast as possible, she gave a loud scream as I shot my load into her
ass, she loved it and soon after came all over my thighs and the floor. Rena
sat off of me and moved away to another group and lesbians. I was left alone
looking at the delights infront of me, I moved towards all of the groups but
was rejected or not even noticed by all of them. I decided to leave, I had
had my moment of glory and walked out of the door.

As I put my clothes on someone else came through the door, I was Stephanie

"Where are you going stud, wait there your the one Rena was teaching
weren't you. Well maybe you can show me what you learned from her."

She took all her clothes off and stood there waiting to be aroused. I
looked at her, she was beautiful, but I was in control. I walked towards her
and looked her in the eye and in a moment of madness flicked her nipple hard.
Steph screamed in pain and I left the room and the gym with a smile on my

Walking home I knew what I had learned from Rena, something that she was
very good at, the art of Seduction and being in control. The only thing that
I knew was that I would never be manipulated again. UNLESS RENA LICKED HER

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