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Now this is all fictional,just like my last series...

The SEX Files: Torrie Wilson/Dawn Marie
by JCP

It was a gorgeous morning in Los Angeles, the site of SMACKDOWN's forthcoming
pay per view entitled Judgment Day. I just got out of the shower and when I
did, the phone started to ring, my cell phone.


So I go ahead and answer it.

JT: Hello.

I hear this woman giggling in the background and I didn't know what was going
on, UNTIL she knew what I wanted.

????: Is your name Joseph Thomas?

JT: Yes, who may I ask is calling?

It was Torrie Wilson.

JT: Torrie Wilson? How did you reach me?

Torrie: It was through a friend of mine who tells me that you're a huge fan
of wrestling, especially the WWE Divas. So I managed to get your home address
with a plane ticket to come to L.A. just for tonight and watch me face Dawn

JT: All I got to say that it was clever on your part.

Torrie: I know. *just smiles* So after I getdone with me match tonight, how
about you and me go someplace where we could be alone?

At first I was skeptical about the whole thing, but then again, it would lead
into excitment beyond my wildest dreams.

JT: Won't I get in trouble with your husband Billy Kidman?

Torrie: Hey what Billy don't know won't hurt him.

JT: Great. I'll see you tonight.

I drove out of my hotel and straight to the Staples Center of Sunday night's
Judgment Day. I handed the usher my ticket as he let me proceed inside. By
the time the show started, I was anxiously awaiting for Torrie to come out
and there she was in her little pink ring gear, Anyway by the time Kurt Angle
(SMACKDOWN GM) came out, he calls out Torrie Wilson to the ring, thus giving
her another tongue bashing, similar to the one she got several weeks ago and
adding a stipulation for her match with Dawn Marie stating that if she lost,
she was fired. Well in that match, everyone was bored to death with it until
Dawn Marie was losing her pants having her sweet ass exposed, much to the
delight of the fans and myself, well Torrie won that match, BUT before I
would go to TW, I had to go ahead and check out Dawn Marie. When I was
walking backstage I mistakably bumped into Dawn Marie, still trying to pull
up her pants.

DM: OH You startled me.

JT: My apologies.

Then she got to thinking that I was checking out that ass of hers, so she
took me by the hand and lead me into her dressing room.

JT: Why did you bring me back here?

DM: I know you came here for Torrie Wilson, but I know that you was checking
me out as well.

JT: Well I did like the way you was mooning at the crowd, so

It doesn't seem all that bad.

DM: All that bad? I happened to catch a replay of that and I loved it and I'm
sure you did too, but you know what else you're gonna love? You're going to
love this...

She stripped out of her ring pants, showing off her tight (no thong) ass as
she sat next to me rubbing her luscious butt next to my crotch. This gave me
a huge erection on my dick, but I couldn't take it out, not yet because I had
my hands between her legs, opening them up and started caressing her pussy.

She was getting hotter by the minute as she took off her top, in which
showing off her huge rack. Dawn Marie started to play with her tits as I
continued rubbing my hands between her legs, making her moan softly. Then
I had her get up as I dropped my pants off, exposing my foot long stick as
I slowly pushed the tip of it in her asshole, once that was in, I pushed
the entire shaft in there as I began to pump her slowly.

Dawn Marie (moaning): oooooooooooooh shit.

The more she moaned the faster I would go. The faster I went the harder my
dick became from fucking that tight ass of Dawn Marie's.


She couldn't believe the A+ buttfuck she was getting courstesy of me and I
wouldn't stop, I refused to stop until I would cum all over her backside. So
I began to slamfuck her at a rapid pace, letting the moans get even louder
than before.


Much to my surprise she wanted more so there was no other choice, but to give
her more. I continued on the assault as her tits started jiggling from back
to forth, that I grabbed the two melons and squeezed them tight, while she
had her right hand on her pussy, feeling my rod against her backside.

JT (moaning): God Dawn you got such a fine ass. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH SHIT!!!


I still continued to pound on that ass that I smacked her left ass cheek
three times making it beet red and then I smacked her right ass cheek the
same way.


Surprisingly she still wanted more, so I slammed it all into Dawn that she
screamed in pleasure so much that she was going to have an orgasm from the
doggystyle she was recieving.

I pulled my rod out of her rear and stroked the shaft a few times and there
was no cum coming out

JT: Damnit. So I slid my rod back into her butt and once again began to fuck
the hell out of Dawn Marie.


Still determine to cum all over her I had her on all fours, just taking
whatever I can give her. That slam job was so good and hurt so much that my
balls kept on slapping her pussy and it finally got to the point when I was
about to cum.


JT (moaning): I'm about to. Just a few more rough shots into her butt before
she screamed for another orgasm.


I pulled out my rod and a massive load of cum showered all over Dawn Marie
and I loved every minute of it.

I collapsed on the floor just for a few minutes, Dawn collapsed right beside

DM: OH Fuck that was awesome.

JT: I'm glad you liked it, cause I sure did.

A few minutes later I got my pants on and left her dressing room, as Dawn
took a long hot shower. As I was leaving there I bumped into Torrie Wilson

TW: Hi You must be Joseph Thomas.

JT: The one and only. Wanna grab a bite to eat?

TW: Lead the Way!

We went into Little Caesar's and had up slices of pepperoni pizza, then we
went into a drive in movie and saw the movie Van Helsing (It's fiction so I'm
not sure if they still have drive in's in L.A.)

During the movie, Torrie and I got bored just watching it, like if we didn't
like the movie in the first place.

JT: This is boring Torrie, maybe we sould go.

TW: Wait! I have an idea, she climbed in the backseat of my Dodge RAM, I was
puzzled by what was she up to.

JT: What are you doing?

TW: You'll see.

She took off her top revealing a black lace bra and then she took that off
showing off her huge breasts, I climb to the backseat beside her as I placed
my hands on her tits and began to bury my face in them, just sucking them
left and right and nibbling on her nipples.

TW (soft moan): oooooooh Joey.

Torrie than got her hands on my T-shirt and pulled it up over my head, taking
it off as she placed her fingers on my chest pressing down on it having her
nails scratch me from my chest down to by waistline. She then un did my pants
and tugged them to my knees.

TW: Looks like you've been having fun with Dawn Marie earlier.

She said looking at my dick, before she stroked the shaft a few times before
taking it all into her mouth. She bobbed her head slowly from the head of my
dick straight down to my balls. I laid back and watched Torrie give me the

JT (moan): MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Go on Torrie keep on sucking baby. You know what
I like.

Torrie began to bob her head faster taking more and more into her mouth. I
ran my fingers down through her gorgeous blonde hair caressing it as she
continued to suck away. The blowjob got to a point where my dick was extremly
hard, as it was when I was banging Dawn Marie earlier. Soon after Torrie
stopped and took my dick out of her mouth, she stoked the shaft a few times
and it's hard as a rock. She then turned around lifted up her black skirt,
showing off her black lace thong, I pulled it down to her knees as I stick
my hard rock rod into her luscious backside and now I was slamfucking Torrie
Wilson. I would not let up one bit, I was going to fuck her ass, the same
way I did Dawn Marie's.


The more she moaned the harder and faster I would buttfuck her. The force of
my assault made Torrie's tits jiggle


My relentless slamfucking made Torrie scream for more, she screamed at a high
pitched voice, it almost shattered the glass in my Dodge RAM. Shortly after
that, I slowed down and pulled out my dick, I turned her around and peeled
off her thong and placed it by the passenger seat as I spread her legs open
and began to eat her pussy. I buried my tongue deep deep inside her pussy
making her even hotter than before.


JT: I licked and I licked and I licked her pussy from all points inside and

I started to feel the juices come out of her twat that I sucked it out before
more was to come. I then got up for air and then placed my dick inside her

JT (moaning): Now it's time.

TW (moaning): GIVE IT TO ME.

I started to slam her pussy slowly and softly but when I got into the groove
of things I went even harder and faster, not letting one minute for anything.
I was determined to give Torrie all I had.


I fucked her pussy like crazy, that the impact of each thrust made her tits
jiggle even more.


There was no stopping me from drilling Torrie's pussy and making her scream
in pleasure, I kept right on slamming her making my balls slap her ass.

JT (moan): OOOOOOOOOOOH SHIT, You're good Torrie.


We then switched positions and she was on top of me and began to rock me
back and forth and bounced up and down, I looked at her and I just smiled,
I was amused as she continued riding my dick, I started to feel the warmth
of precum shouting to get out, but I wasn't ready to cum yet.

She rode my dick to the point where I had an orgasm.


JT: Put your tits in between my dick.

So she sandwiched the two huge melons with my dick together as she started
to titfuck my dick slowly but firmly.

TW (moaning): OH SHIT, I want a load of cum


Torrie started to titfuck my dick faster and faster, going up and down,
she wouldn't stop until my dick spasmed and a load of cum squirted out and
splattered all over her tits.

She took her cum covered tits and started licking the cum off of them.

We dropped to the seat laying down besides one another.

JT: Damn Torrie you wanted cum, you damn sure got it.

TW: I sure did and thank you for this great night.

Luckilly the movie ended and we were on out way back to the hotel.


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