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The Sex Files: Trish Stratus Part 1
by JCP


Hello I'm Joseph Thomas and this is my story.

It started on a cold winter day in The Great White North. I happened to rent
a house in Ottawa, Ontario. My landlord's name was Ron Sommers. Ron and I are
HUGE WWE Fans ,he had connections with friends, every month they tell him
when the WWE (whether it's RAW or SMACKDOWN) would be held. It didn't matter
if it was Toronto, Ontario (Home of my favorite Diva Trish Stratus) Calgary,
Alberta (The home of the legendary Bret Hart) or Vancouver, British Columbia.
Where there were WWE shows in Canada Ron and I would go to either one of the
cities. Anyway Ron comes in one day and he had a surprise for me.

Ron: Joseph, look at what my boss gave me today.

JT: What is it Ron?

Ron: Two Tickets to a Friday Night Show.

JT: Oh That's Nice. Who are you going with?

Ron: I'm not the only one who's going, you are too.

JT: Hey, thanks man.

Ron: Not only that but we got backstage passes to meet and greet the WWE RAW

I jumped up all excited.

JT: Backstage passes? Holy shit! We can meet with any RAW superstar? WOW, I
can't wait.

That Friday, Ron and I drove to Toronto where RAW was held that night. During
the drive, Ron and I were talking.

Ron: Hey Joe, tonight is gonna be a night in heaven, can you imagine meeting
a RAW SuperStar? Like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Rob Van Dam...

JT: Trish Stratus.

Ron: Did you just say Trish Stratus?

JT: Yeah Why?

Ron: Dude, I have connections to that little house of hers in Richmond Hills.
She invites me over to her place, she wears something sexy, she and I get
drunk and we have sex in her bedroom.

JT: You Lucky Bastard.

We pull up to the Air Canada Center, we hand the usher our tickets and took
our seats, which happened to be the front row.

JT: This is great Ron.

Ron: It sure is.

Half way through the show the ring announcer (nameless) announces the
following diva's match. It was Trish Stratus vs Miss Jackie in (of all
matches) a bra and panties match. Well, the match lasted about four and
a half minutes and Trish won the match. Afterwards Ron grabs me and drags
me backstage to meet Trish.

Once we got there she spotted us and approached us.

"I had a feeling you'd be here." Trish said while putting on her robe
covering up her bra and her ring pants.

Ron: Well I'm here. Oh I'd like you to meet a friend of mine.

Trish: I don't believe we'd met.

Ron: Yeah well this is my friend Joseph Thomas.

JT: Hello Trish, it's nice meeting you. I said while holding her hand and
kissed it.

Trish (smiles): Likewise I'm sure.

Ron: Well we better be going now.

Trish: Oh well wait a minute, I just had an idea. How bout you two coming
over to my house tonight and have some fun with me?

Ron (feeling a bulge in his pants): What Time?

Trish: Midnight.

Now I had a bulge in my pants. Well by 11:10PM the show was over and Ron and
I were in the parking lot and just hauled ass.

Ron: Joe, I challenge you to a coin toss the winner gets in Trish's bed.

JT: I accept. Now me heads, you tails. Now don't look.

I flipped the coin and it landed on tails, Ron still had his eyes closed so
I moved the coin from tails to heads.

JT: You can open your eyes now.

Ron looked at the coin and he lost.

Ron: Did you cheat?

JT: Me? No. I don't cheat. (I lied)

Ron: Joseph, don't lie to me!

JT( screaming): ALRIGHT I CHEATED.

Ron: Gimme the coin. I'll call it up in the air. (he flips it) HEADS.

The coin landed on tails.

JT: You Lose.

Ron: Damn.

We pull up to the driveway about 11:45PM and I was getting out.

JT: Alright Ron, I'm going in there now. If I'm not out by 2 in the morning,
go home.

Ron: I'd rather stay out here, if you don't mind.

I go up to the front door, I ring it. DING DONG!

Trish: It's open, come on in.

I open the door and went inside. I locked it behind me and then I looked for
Trish. She had candles lit all over the living room, but she wasn't there. I
looked for her in the kitchen and again she wasn't there.

JT: Trish? Where Are You?

Trish: I'm upstairs in my bedroom.

I ran upstairs, found her bedroom and went in, but she wasn't there. So I
sat down on the bed just waiting for Trish.

JT: Trish, come out from hiding.

Trish: I'll be right out.

She finally appears wearing her zebra print overcoat, underneath it was a
light purple lace bra and matching thong, and she had on black stockings too.
I looked at her and my eyes started popping out and my tongue hit the floor.

Trish: So Joseph, how do I look?

JT: MMMMMMMMMM gorgeous Trish, just gorgeous.

She soon turned her back to me and shedded her overcoat and sat infront of

Trish: Do You like what you see?

JT: Like It? I Love It.

I started to plant soft kisses on her shoulder, then to the back of her neck
and to the other shoulder.

She then commanded me to touch her huge rounded breasts. I grabbed to
handsful of her breasts and squezzed them tight, letting out a soft moan.
She then turned around and shoved me down on the bed and undid my jeans and
pulled them and my boxers all the way off. I then took off my winter jacket
and my t-shirt. now I was fully naked.

Trish stared at my dick just waiting in anticipation to suck on it. She began
to stroke the shaft, making it long for her to suck. By the time it was long
enough, she began to take it all in her mouth. As she took it she was bobbing
a little slow, but started to pick up the speed as I moaned in pleasure.

JT (moaning): Oh Baby.

She then turned around in the 69 position. I pulled down her lace thong,
before I would stick my tongue into her pussy. Trish cointunued bobbing her
head now a little faster on my cock, while I continued to eat her snatch.
Trish suddenly stopped as she can feel my tongue wailing away at her pussy.

We got off the 69 position as I pulled her thong al the way off and slid my
erected dick into her warm pussy. My dick went in with ease, I started out
slowly just to get the feel of it, then after that I started rocking her


I stopped for a minute and focused on her lace bra.

JT: Take your bra off, so I can squeeze your tits even harder.

So she did. I went back to slamfucking her pussy, her tits were jiggling
like crazy.


I grabbed a hold of the bedstand for more leverage as I continued to slam
Trish HARDER and HARDER. I started to slow down, then I took my dick out and
stoked it a few times, BUT no cum came out. She put me on my back seconds
later and straddled her pussy onto my dick,by the time she was on top of me
she started to ride my dick, rocking it back and forth and then jumped up
and down. She was rocking faster and faster, making her tits bounce up and
down, I sat up and dug my face in her tits. I was nibbling away at her
nipples, then started to suck on her breasts.

Trish (moaning): OH JOE Gimme more.

I turned her back around,having fun with her tits until I would once again
fuck her pussy as hard and as fast as I could. I was pussy fucking Trish so
bad that she moaned louder and louder everytime my balls slapped the her ass.


I didn't stop,not for a minute,I kept on slammimg into Trish until it was
time to cum.



I stroked the shaft as I felt the cum getting squirted in her pussy. She
lets out a sobbing moan after she felt the cum going in her.

But when I pulled it out I collapsed on the bed, JUST TIRED.

Trish: Oh God, that was amazing.

We both then closed our eyes and fell into a deep sleep


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