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The Sex Files: Trish Stratus Part 2
by JCP


I, Joseph Thomas woke up around 7:45 the next morning and the first thing I
see was Trish laying ass up face down on the bed. She looks good in that
position,so I went ahead and slapped her on the ass one time,then squeezed
her left bun so tight she woke up with one loud moan.


JT: I hope I didn't bruise you.

Trish: No I love getting my ass pinched first thing in the morning.

JT: I'm sorry. Hey I understand you have a show to do tonight in Montreal.

Trish: That's Right.

JT: So if it's no trouble, you wanna go somewhere with me afterwards?

Trish: Yeah I like that.

JT: Great.

So hours later I find myself riding in Ron Sommers' pick-up truck going to
Montreal for tonight's RAW House Show and Ron is MAD at me.

Ron: Are you out of your fucking mind kid?

JT: She loved last night and she wants more tonight and I already asked her

Ron: You know if I didn't know any better I think you're in love with her.

JT: So what so are you.

Ron: You just gotta get your dick some with Trish. That's bullshit.

JT: That's Me,If it was you you'd act like a pervert.

Ron: It's bad enough you cheated in that coin toss last night and now this?
You are one crazy bastard. But I kinda like that in friends.

JT: I'm sure you do.

Later that night in the Bell Centre in Montreal I'm decked out in a silk
purple dress shirt and black suede pants while Ron had on his Ottawa Senators
Sweatshirt and a pair of bell-bottom jeans. Waiting for the match taking
place between Trish Stratus and Jazz.

JT: Here she comes Ron.

Ron: She looks good in that purple jumpsuit.

The match was a disappointment and Trish lost which was not a total loss to

Later backstage she had on this gorgeous dress (from her recent Babe of the
Year photoshoot) when Chris Jericho and Christian come in.

Jericho: What's going on? Who is this Thomas fella?

Christian: And what the fuck are you doing goin out with him tonight?

Trish: That's none of your damn business and besides he happens to live with
a friend of mine.

Jericho: Ron Sommers. I knew he was behind this. Why can't he mind his own
business just once in his life?

Christian: Maybe he's a fucking alcoholic like Stone Cold is.

Trish: Christian please.

knock knock knock

Jericho answers the door.

Jericho: Well if it isn't Joseph Thomas the lovesick bastard.

JT: And you Chris Jericho the King of The Jackass World......

Trish and Christian laugh at that remark.

Trish: Well we gotta get going.

JT: Don't wait up you two.

They leave. Jericho and Christian babble. Well seconds later Trish and I
were seen outside the arena. It was a cold night I was in my winterjacket,
while Trish had on one of her mink coats. (Hey when you've been Babe of the
Year 3 years straight, hell you can have all the minks you want). We went
to a movie,then had dinner an then went out dancin or as we American thugs
say "Clubbin'". Later in the night Jericho catches up with Lita back in the
hotel room.

Jericho: Hey Lita. Did Trish show up yet?

Lita: No not yet Chris.

Jericho: She's still out with that Joseph Thomas boy.

Lita: He sounds like my kinda man, unlike you a glorified assclown.

Jericho: Oh Really? Well Christian and I are gonna go out there and find
them right fucking now.

Lita: Wait a minute Jericho don't you and Christian do anything stupid.

JT shows up.

JT: Yo Yo Yo chill chill (stealing that from John Cena).

Lita: Excuse me while I g oto bed and try to go to sleep.

Jericho: You bastard. You got some nerve coming out of nowhere and stealing
Trish's heart. Well lemme tell you something, I fucking happen to have a
thing for her in our current storyline.

JT: Oh Yeah that's right. BUT right now I have a thing for her so shut up
and butt out assclown.

Half-Hour later,I have me clothes scattered on the floor and had on my black
bathrobe just waiting for Trish to come out of the bathroom. She tells me
that she wants to look good for me. Which I can understand.

JT: Trish I don't have all night to wait.

Trish: I'll be out in a minute sexy.....

JT: SEX. I bite on a rose I gave her earlier in the evening in anticipation.

Trish then appears wearing her black silk robe,underneath it was her infamous
black lace teddy(remember the table skit in 2000?) She opened up her robe and
showed me what she's made of.

Trish: I have to ask you like I asked last night. Do you like what you see?

JT: Now how couldn't I? Knowing ya look even sexier as you was last night.

Trish: But do you like what you see?

JT: Yeah Oh Yeah.

Trish unties my robs and opens it up.

Trish: Let's see what I'm in for tonight.

As she opens the robe she's sees my dick just 1 foot long. She takes the
shaft of my cock and strokes it a few times before she began to suck on it.

Taking it all into her mouth as I moaned in pleasure. So she bobbed and
bobbed and bobbed her head faster almost forcing me to facefuck her with my
dick. She started to slow down she slowed down before taking my dick out of
her mouth.

JT: No don't stop keep going. Oh wait a minute.

I sit up and pulled the straps down on her lace teddy dropping the top part
and showing off her huge tits.

JT: Don't wanna get that dirty.

Trish agreed. So I lay back down before she would begin to suck my dick
again. Trish opens her mouth and accepts my member between her lips once
again. Once again she takes all of my rod in her mouth and down her throat.
She bobbed her head faster and faster as I moaned in more pleasure. I was
being dominated by her sexual prowess, I couldn't believe the five start
blowjob I was getting from The Canadian Blond Babe. However she slid her
hand on my thigh and onto my dick as she slowly slid it out of her mouth.
She tightly warpped her fingers on the shaft of my dick and started to jack
me off at a feverish pace. She then stuck her tongue out and laps at tht tip
like an animal,while she pumps her fist along my length and then vigorously
sucked on the head while she continued to beat on my member. She slowed down
a bit and let's go of my shaft. She tentativly sucks on the tip of my dick
and slwoly moves down to her chin touching my balls. I then grabbed a handful
of her lucious blond hair forcing a long, slow deep-throated blow-job. It was
so long that the pleasure of it weakened me forcing to let go of her hair and
laid it down on the bed. Trish comes up and slides my dick right out of her

Trish: I want it in my mouth.

She said while stroking the shaft of my dick, which then exploded with cum.
Trish made sure she got all of the cum off my dick, which she did.

JT: Oh God that felt good.

Trish: But I'm not done yet.

She stripped out of her teddy revealing her clean shaved pussy. She quickly
got on top of me straddling my dick with her open twat. Before you know it
she was rocking me up and down and side to side. I looked at her, enjoying
what I'm seeing. Trish went faster and faster riding my dick like crazy. Her
tits were bouncing a whole lot while she was on top of me rocking me so hard.
I sat up and begen to nibble away at her huge tits. Sucking, licking and
nibbling at the nipples working through the cleavage and all around her huge
jugs. Her moans got louder from rocking my dick and from the boob job I was
giving her. I turned her around and she was on her back, legs spread open
wanting me to bang her pussy so bad.

Trish: I'm ready for it, I'm ready for that hard cock of yours shoved inside
my pussy. Fuck Me...

I place the head of my member in her clit,before taking it all in.

Trish (moanng): Huuuuuh. Stick it in me.

So I placed her hands down on the bed while I stuck my rod in there and began
to pump into her slowly.


Trish moaned and talked dirty making the scene hot in the room.

JT: AAAAAAAH Your pussy feels good. I picked up the pace slamming into her

my pussy harder baby. HARDER.

She moaned as the impact of me pussyfucking her made her breasts bounce.
I reached forawrd and held her mid-section for more leverage as I continued
to pound her pussy harder and faster.


I would not stop or let up for one minute I kept on slamming that pussy even
harder making my balls hurt after having them slap her pussy. She then turned
me back around and once again she was on top. She again started to rock my
dick like she did before. She bounced up and down,as she kept on rockig me I
slid my hands across the back and grabbed a hold of her beautiful, but right
round cheeks, holding them tight as Trish continued to ride him.

JT (moan): Oh shit Trish you're fucking hot...

Trish (moaning): You are too. OOOOOOOH.

Soon she got off of me and grabbed the shaft of my cock and jacked me off
again making more cum come out. But to no avail.

JT: Get on all fours,I want to fuck that sweet ass of yours.

She did what I said,I got from behind her and slid my rod into her little

I pushed my cock deep into her ass and pulled it out. I did that a few more
times before I started pumping into her tight backside.


So I did what Trish commanded I pumped into her ass as fast as I could that
my balls smacked the back of her warm wet pussy with every thrust.

Trish (moaning louder): Faster Baby Faster. I continued to buttfuck her real

*SMACK* I laid a good solid smack on Trish's right bun and grabbed a hanfdul
of her flesh in my hand. *SMACK* Did the same to the left bun. I squeezed
both of Trish's buns as I continued to drill her doggystyle in the ass.

JT (moaning): AAAAAAh Your ass feels good Trish.

Trish (moaning): FFFFFFFFUCK you like my ass,FUCK ME.

*SMACK, SMACK, SMACK* I laid out a spanking on Trish during the brutal
buttfuck she was recieveing. Luckilly the time came before I would shoot my
load into her ass.

JT (moaning): I'm gonna cum OOOOOOOH SHIT.

Trish (moaning): Put it in me AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

A Big load came out and into her ass, penetrating all of it.

Then I took my dick out and collapsed on the bed as Trish collapsed beside

Trish (panting): Oh That was Good.

JT (trying to catch his breath): Even better then last night.

Trish: Boy you have impressed me these last two night and I want more of you.
I want more of you tomorrow night.

JT: You do?

Trish nods her hed in a yes fashion.

JT: I do too.

We both fell asleep after our little conversation.


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