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The Sex Files: Trish Stratus Part 3
by JCP


I, Joseph Thomas wake up the next morning around 9:45 and I see Trish gone.
But she left me a message right beside me and I read it.

Joey, I'm headed to Calgary for tonight's house show. I
expect to see you outside the Saddle Dome just after I'm
done with my match against Jazz. I also expect you to
bring a few of your friends. Why? Because they need some
StratuFaction too.

Love and Kisses, Trish Stratus.

After reading the message I get up and take a long hot shower. After my
shower I called three of my good friends Robert Christian, Mark McIntyre and
Mickey Jack and told them to meet me in Calgary tonight.

BEEP BEEP BEEP. The horn was honking and it was Ron again.



We were soon on our way to Calgary, Alberta when once again Ron Sommers is

Ron: You have gone too far this time Joe.

JT: What are you talking about?

Ron: Oh Come on Rob, Mark and Mickey along with you in Trish's bed tonight.

JT: Hey I didn't request that okay? Trish did.

Ron: So she requested that your friends come to Bret Hart's hometown just to
be Stratusfied? C'mon.

JT: If she wants more, she gets more.

Ron: Well what about me? Don't I deserve to be Stratusfied?

JT: You'll get your chance.

Ron: When will that be?

JT: You'll get it alright.

It was a long drive to Calgary but luckilly we made it just in time for the
show. We pulled up as we saw Mark, Mickey and Rob in their car.

Mark: Hey Man what's up?

JT: Are you guys ready?

Mickey: I don't know about you guys but I am. I turn to Ron and told him
"Don't wait up." and Ron got even more MAD at mt as he drove off.

Rob: What the fuck is his problem?

JT: He just can't get his dick some.

Mark: Sucks to be him.

My cellphone rings and it's Trish

JT: Hello

Trish: Hello Joey this is Trish. Are you out by the SaddleDome parking lot?

JT: That we are. I brought over a few of my friends like you asked.

Trish: Great. Meet me outside, I'll be out as soon as possible.

JT: We'll be here.

We waited for an hour and a half, until she came out in her leather jacket
and a pair of hip-hugger jeans.

Trish: Hi guys. Sorry I took so long.

JT: Forget it Trish. Uh these are my friends Mickey, Mark and Rob.

Trish: Nice names.

JT: Well we better get going.

Rob: Which hotel do you wanna go?

Trish: Some Canadian version of Motel 6.

Mickey: Hell we have one of those and I know where it's at.

We drove to the cheapest Motel we could find, checked in and snuck Trish in
without any problems.

Mark: Joey, you're lucky we're not in jail.

JT: Relax Mark ever heard of secret serveice agents off duty?

Trish: Yeah some lie huh?

JT: I take after Eddie Guerrero.

Rob: C'mon let's get inside.

We went in to our room and locked the door so noone could get in our out.

Trish: Alright guys. You got 30 seconds to take off all your clothes.

We dropped all of our clothes and were naked to the bone.

JT: We did what you told us. Now open the mouth and take our dicks in it.

She knelt down beside me and Mickey as she took both of our members into her
mouth. She slowly took the heads of our cocks and closed her mouth on them
before moving forward, trying to force her head down on the two dicks.

Mickey: Wow those lips were made for sucking cock. oooooooooooh.

Mark had got from behind Trish and rubbed the tip of his cock against her
denim covered ass. He stroked the shaft of his rod towards her butt, jacking
off to her luscious ass. Mickey and I continued forcing our dicks deep into
Trish throat. She gagged and gulped as we both began to fuck her throat. The
saliva and slobber began to drip down our dicks as they pulled her off and
passed her over to Mark and Rob.

Rob (talking dirty): Fuck Trish, suck on our dicks like a good little bitch.

Mark: Take it all in your mouth.

They shoved their dicks down her throat. Mark and Rob we're fucking her sexy
mouth, making Trish's eyes water and gasping for air.

Rob: AAAAAAAAAH Give it to us Trish.

Glug, gargle, gulp, Trish was making all sorts of noises as their cocks hit
the back of her throat.

Mark: Good slut give us more.

Mark and Rob continued to fuck Trish's mouth as a mixture of precum and
slobber started dripping down the sides of Trish's mouth.

Mark: MMMMMMMMM You're really into it now huh?

Trish moaned in approval with her mouth filled with two dicks. I came from
behind pulling her hair pushing the back of her head, forcing their dicks
down her throat.

JT: C'mon take it all Trish. Take it all.

Luckily she felt that it was time for them to cum.

Mark: It's cumming Trish, You take it all you hear me?

Trish moaned in approval again as cum started shooting out of both Rob and
Mark's members and into Trish's mouth and down her throat.

JT: Make Sure you lick it clean. I don't want a drop of jizz on them.

She made damn sure there was no cum left on them as they released her from
their massive rods. Trish took a few seconds to catch her breath.

JT: You like sucking cock?

Trish: Oh Yeah.

Mickey: C'mon slut make us cum now.

She went back to giving me and Mickey a double blowjob. Her mouth was full
of our dicks as we grabbed her by the hair making her take all of them in her
mouth. Now we were fucking Trish's mouth. We didn't let her come out for air.
Not until we cum on her like she made Mark and Rob do. She continued to feel
our dicks down her throat and she loved every minute of it. She looked at us
with her seductive eyes as she continued to suck away at out pieces of meat.
The time was right for us to shoot our loads in her mouth.

JT: We're cumming so take it all in your mouth.

Mickey: And Swallow It.

Cum started to fly out and into Trish's mouth and she swallowed the big load.

JT: That's a good slut. Now I think it's time we played with her.

Mickey and I get her to her feet.

Rob takes her jacket off her and tosses it on the chair.

Mark: Let's get this off.

He helps Trish take off her tight black top. Revealing her black lace bra.

I lay her down on the bed and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and put my
hand inside them and started rubbeing her pussy. Mickey made his way across
the back of her jeans and slid his hand in them and began to rub her little

Trish (moaning): oooooooooh UUUUUUUUH FUCK keep doing that (referring to me
rubbing her clit through her sexy black thong).

Trish (moaning more): AAAAAAAAAAAH HUUUUUUUNNNN. Keep playing with my ass

She began to rock bak and forth as the moans got louder as I rubbed her clit
and Mickey rubbed her asshole. We hit the right spots and we kept going at

Trish began to run her hands through blond hair, messing it up as the moans
got louder. Mark and Rob had removed her bra off of her and tossed it to the
floor, thus beginning to suck on her huge tits.

NOW. Fuck my pussy and ass right now.

I peeled off her jeans taking them all the way off and Mickey peeled off her
thong and smacked her tight ass as hard.


Mickey buried his face into Trish's ass. I dropped to the floor, spreaded her
legs and dug my tongue into her wet, juicy cunt. I licked the juices off her
sweet cunt.


I moved up and slid my cock into her wet pussy right in.

Mickey moved Trish to her side and slid his dick into her tight asshole
before laying back on her back.

JT: Mark, Rob move out of the way. I intend to fuck the hell out of her

Mickey: And I intend to do the same to her ass.

I leaned forward resting my hands on the edge of the bed for leverage as I
began pumping into Trish. I stared down at her large breasts, watching them
bounce each time I slammed into her. Mickey's balls started slapping the
back of her pussy from the buttfuck.

Trish (loudly moaning): Oh God OOOOOH YES. OH FUCK ME. FUCK ME HARD and DON'T

JT (moaned): OH SHIT Trish you're beautiful.


I held Trish's legs as I started pumping into her faster and faster. My balls
almost hurt as they slammed so hard against Trish's asshole, where Mickey was
continuing to fuck. When I heard Trish moan the loudest, I pulled my dick out
and rubbed the tip of it against her wet pussy. But she scowled, wanting more
so I stuck it back in there and started to slam into her again.

Mickey and I slammed both of Trish's holes into her.


Mickey (groanng): ME TOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Trish (moaning): Don't Stop fucking me, shoot your loads in me. AAAAAAAAAAAH!

I held my dick deep inside of Trish and exploded with cum deep inside her
pussy as Mickey did the same into her ass. Penetrating our loads inside her,
forcing two orgasms.

Trish: OOOOOOOH THAT WAS GOOD. She said while she collapsed on the bed.

Mark got the chance to stick his rod in her pussy and he started to slam into
Trish. He was fucking her pussy viciously, harder and faster.


The switched positions as Trish was on top bouncing up and down, rocking back
and forth at a steadfire pace. Her tits were jiggling up and down continuing
to bouncce on top of his dick. He actually started to have an orgasm, Trish
got off him and started to stroke the shaft of his cock and cum started to
flu out of his dick and into her mouth.

Now it was Rob's turn as he started fucking Trish's sweet ass. He pumped it
all in to her sexy backside.


Rob (moan of his own): HARDER? You got it.

He fucked her ass even harder and slammed it all into her more viciously.

Trish (moaning): Faster Faster Faster Fuck....UUUUUUH UNNH!


Rob spanked Trish's ass until it was beet red.

Trish (moaning): Cumming yet?


Rob held his dick inside of Trish's ass as it explodes cum all over her ass.
He collapsed on the bed. Trish panting heavilly after the sex she just had.

Trish: Oh God That Was Awesome. Are you feeling energectic?

JT: What do you have in mind?

Trish: Well there is this Fitness Place down the road from here and it has a
nice spa. I think we should all go over there and have some more fun. Like we
did here.

JT: Well we didn't bring our swimming trunks.

Rob: Oh Yes We did I packed yours back home in Tampa.

Trish: I have my gear in my bag.

JT: Well it's settled. Let's Go.

We got dressed and headed out to that Fitness Place, Trish was talking about.


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