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The Sex Files: Trish Stratus Part 4
by JCP


After a night with my friends gangbanging Trish, THE NEXT MORNING, I Joseph
Thomas, ditched them to hitch a ride to Vancouver for MONDAY NIGHT RAW. Ron
Sommers looked at me and is MAD as HELL. For three straight nights, Trish and
I had alot of fun,fucking one another and poor Ron was jealous.

JT: Ron what's wrong man? You've been acting strange for the last couple of

Ron: I'll tell you what's wrong,for three straight nights you was with Trish
Stratus,I mean isn't enough enough for you? I want some of her too you know.

JT: Gee Ron I never thought of it that way. I mean she was on my mind the
last couple of nights that I just couldn't help myself.

Ron: Hey man I want you to understand something. I want you to understand
that Trish enjoys the company of men like you and me. I can understand that
you really have something going on with her, that's good for you but what
about me?

JT: Well two nights ago when we went out to dinner, Trish and I talked about

Ron: Well what did she say?

JT: Well she said that you're the most sensitive man, she has ever seen and
she even mentioned that the first time she met you, the both of you were at
a hotel room in Ottawa and ya hit it off real well.

Ron: Yeah we did. That was the time she was a manager of Test and A-Train.

JT: You had a crush on her didn't you?

Ron: You're damn right I did and I was impossible to live with it.

JT: Just like I was impossible to live with what I was doing the last 3

So I think tonight, when her match is over with. I think you and I should get
some StratusFaction.

Ron: You got an idea for tonight?

JT: Shit Yeah!

Ron: Well let me in on it.

I whispered something in Ron's ear about my idea.

Later we arrived at Vancouver and checked in to some cheap-ass motel, once we
got to our room Ron let's me know what's the first step in my master plan to
have Trish not only Stratusfy me, but for Ron as well.

Ron: Alright Joey, we're here so get on the phone and call her.

JT: I don't have her number. Ron pulled out s piece of paper

which had Trish's phone number on there.

Ron: Hopefully she goes for the idea.

JT: She will don't worry.

ring ring ring

At the arena Trish answers her cellphone

Trish: Hello

JT: Hi Trish, Joseph Thomas and Ron Sommers here in

Vancouver, just kicking back for a few hours, before coming to the arena
tonight to see your luscious self.

Trish: I can't wait to see you tonight, I really really want you so bad.

JT: Yeah Trish, I want you too and so does Ron

Trish: Does he really want me?

JT: As much as I do.

Trish: Great. I'm looking forward to it. *smiling from ear to ear*

JT: So Trish, what are we doing tonight?

Trish: I dunno, I think I'll surprise you two tonight.

Ron: Good, We love surprises.

Trish: I'll see you soon.


Later we pull up to the General Motor's Place in Vancouver, just to watch a
couple of matches, including Trish's, However the show was boring so Ron and
I left. While we were leaving some agent approaches us with a note in hand.

Agent: Excuse me sir, but are you Joseph Thomas and Ron Sommers?

JT: Yeah what do you want?

Agent: Trish had asked me to give you this note.

JT: Gee Thanks, Now beat it.

Ron: What does it say Joe?

JT: It says Meet me at the Grand Hotel, I'm in room 222. Love & Kisses

We take the long drive out of the arena and headed towards the hotel Trish
is staying in. During the drive Ron told me that Trish loves the power she
has over guys like us. I was happy to hear that comment and to be perfectly
honest Ron was happy too. We also discussed the outfits she wore over the
years and most of them made us horny. We pulled up to the hotel, asked for
room 222, the bellboy shows us to the room, we arrive there and we sttod
there nervous as a couple of shy bastards that we were in our teens.

I rang the door bell.

ding dong

Trish: Come in.

I opened the door and stepped inside, Ron closed the door behind him.

JT: Trish? Where are you at?

Trish: I'll be right out.

Ron: Oh I know, she wants to make herself beautiful for us.

JT: She did that for me the first two nights.

Trish emerges from the other room wearing a silk black robe.

Trish: Hi guys, I'm glad you showed up.

Ron: I'm glad we came here. This room has everything, the finest foods, the
tastiest wines.

JT: And cable for free.

Trish: Yeah, well you guys go sit down and I'll pour you some wine.

She grabs two glasses and fills them up with white wine and then handed the
drinks to us.

Trish: I got a little surprise for the both of you.

Ron: What kind of a surprise do you have for us Trish?

Trish: Let me show you(said in a low sexxy vioce).

Trish slowly untied her silk black robe, she even teases us with a glimpse
of what's underneath before she lets it slide down her shoulders to the

Ron and I were stunned to see what Trish had on, which was a black tube top
that went from just above her nipples to a few inches above her naval. The
lower half was tightly encased with black fishnet stockings and a small but
sexy black thong. To complete the best damn outfit ever, Trish had on a pair
of black leather thigh high boots which stopped a few inches above her knees.

JT: WOW You really outdid yourself this time Trish. I love it.


She apporached us only to turn her back to us grinding her ass from side to

JT: Oh shit I'm getting a hard-on.

Ron: Man Me Too.

We both unzippied our pants and pulled them all the way off, exposing our
hard pieces of meat. It was a good thing too, cause Trish began to give us a
little show, by grabbing two handsful of her thick round ass cheeks and began
spreading them apart and pushing them together. She then dug her fingers deep
into her buns, making them jiggle for us.

Trish continued to jiggle the flesh of her fine ass between her fingers. She
then kept her legs straight as she bent all the way forward, almost touching
the floor. Trish rubbed the thin strip of her thong material which covered
her asshole and pussy. I got up and politly moved her thin strip of her thong
to the side and pressed the tip of my hard dick into her asshole, then slid
the shaft of my dick in until my balls hit her pussy.

Trish: AAAAAAAAAAAAH (soft moan).

Trish then pulled off her black tube, as Ron got a glimpse of her huge tits.
Ron got up, cupped her right breast and began to suck on her nipple, then
cuped her left breast and sucked on that nipple, making Trish hot and horny.
Trish pushed Ron on the bed and grabbed a hold of his cock, stroked the shaft
a few times before taking it into her mouth, while that was going on, I
pulled my dick out of her asshole and peeled her thong and part of her
fishnet stockings down to her knees before I would spread her buns apart and
bury my face deep inside her asshole. She didn't pay any attention to the
fact that I was eating away at her anus, she was too busy sucking away my
buddy, the All-Canadian Ron Sommers.

Ron (groaning): OOOOOOOH OOOOOOH Trish keep on sucking baby.

Finally Trish felt my attack on her hole that I stuck my two fingers into her
pussy and began to play with it. Trish continued to suck Ron's cock making
his balls hit her chin. By the time she stopped, she took his cock out of her
mouth and then I got my face out of Trish's ass.

Trish (moaning): Ooooooooh I love the way you did my ass Joe.

JT: I want more of that ass.

Ron: And I want that pussy of yours.

We gently laid Trish on her back on the bed as Ron and I stripped Trish of
her fishnet stockings, her thong and her boots. I laid on the bed beside
Trish laying her on her side then slid my stick right into her asshole and
began to rock her on the bed, while Ron had spreaded Trish's legs revealing
her pussy as he teased her with his tongue for a bit before eating her clit
like crazy.

While I was fucking her on the side, I grabbed a hold of her tits and
squeezed them so tight, she was screaming in pleasure. Ron on the other hand
began to finger fuck Trish's moist pussy. He fingerfucked her pussy to the
point where juices were flowing out of it and he had sucked the juices out
of her clit. Now Trish was on all fours as I continued to fuck the hell out
of her tight butt. I slammed and pumped into Trish hard and fast making her
tits jiggle back and forth.

Trish (moaned): UUNnnnnnnnnnnh Aaaaaaaaaaah Oh Fuck My Ass Joe, Fuck me.

JT (grunt): MMMMMMMM FUCK Your ass is so fucking gorgeous.

I couldn't stop pumping into her, I kept right on going and didn't let up one
minute. Trish's moans started getting a little louder.


Then it was time for me to cum

JT: I'm cumming

Trish: Put it in me.

So I let out a big load of cum into that ass. Penetrating it so much that it
caused Trish to have an orgasm.

Trish (moaning): Ron Fuck my pussy.

Ron spreads out her legs, takes his stick and slid it in her pussy before
began pumping into her. He started slowly but then moved faster as Trish
moaned louder.


Ron (moaning): OH SHIT, You got such a fine pussy.

He slamed into Trish even harder and didn't let up one bit. I on the other
hand tired from fucking Trish's backside got a good look at her breasts
bouncing, everytime Ron slammed her hard.

Ron (moaning): OOOOOOOOOH Trish, your pussy makes me horny. OOOOOOOOOOOOH



Ron pulled his dick out of her pussy stroked the shaft a few times before
letting cum squirt into Trish's mouth. Trish swallowed a big load of cum
that Ron Sommers gave her.

JT: You know what Trish? We love you. We love you so much, that I would love
to do a porno movie with you sometime in the future.

Trish: You name the time and place I'll be there.

AND THAT PEOPLE ends The SEX Files: Trish Stratus Series

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