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The following story is a work of fiction containing graphic descriptions of
sexual interaction between consenting adults. The names of famous media
personalities have been used in this story purely for entertainment purposes
only. The author does not intend for this story to reflect the actual
lifestyle or behavior of any of the well-known individuals whose names have
been chosen for this work of fiction.

With that said . . . pull out your cocks (or your vibrators), sit back and

The Sexual Adventures of the WWF (Part One)

Dressing Room Drama
By The Thought Police

Life on the road for the superstars of the WWF was much more difficult
than any of them made it seem. When they weren't sacrificing their bodies
in grueling, physical matches almost every night; they were in the gym
making sure their bodies remained in peak shape. Otherwise, they were out
giving dozens of interviews, making public appearances or having meetings
with writers and TV producers.

Traveling to a different city almost daily made it nearly impossible to
have any kind of social life. Smoking, drinking and illegal drugs were all
taboo for these world class athletes. Every wrestler who made it to this
elite level, joined a unique family - a traveling circus of performers whose
only constant in their lives was each other. They turned to each other for
everything from business advice to intimate relationships.

Of course, life in the spotlight, and the adoration of millions of
viewers, made each of them wary of the necessity to protect their image as
a role model for their impressionable young fans. While this billion-dollar
empire made its fortune selling gratuitous sex and violence, the WWF prided
itself on being a family-owned business providing family entertainment.

Life for the former WWF Champion was no exception. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
married his way into the federation's power structure when he shocked the
country by kidnapping the virginal Stephanie McMahon and running off with her
to Las Vegas. When they returned, they were husband and wife. WWF president
Vince McMahon reluctantly accepted his new son-in-law as a powerful ally
against his enemies. What was harder to accept was the sudden transformation
of his daughter from an innocent girl-next-door to a sultry, scantily-clad
sex kitten.

All the wrestlers took notice of the new and improved Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley. Muscle bound hunks were coming out of the woodwork to
shamelessly flirt and throw themselves at the boss's daughter. Triple H
noticed all the attention she was getting. It secretly ate him up inside.

As Hunter moped in his dressing room, imagining the worst about every
sordid rumor concerning his wife, it was impossible for him to focus on his
upcoming match. He lost the championship belt to his arch-rival, The Rock.
He wondered if his marriage was the distraction that finally cost him his

"Excuse me, Triple H," came a soft voice from his dressing room door.
Pissed off at the intrusion, Hunter stood up and violently swung the door

"What the hell do you want?" He barked.

"Hi, Hunter," she said. It was Trish Stratus, wrestling's own version of
Pamela Anderson. She had long blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and deliciously
augmented breasts which she always made sure were on display in her skimpy
low-cut tops.

"Hey, Trish. I didn't mean to be rude," he told her. "Come on in. What
can I do for you?"

"That's perfectly all right, Hunter. I'm sure you have a lot on your
mind. I just wanted to invite you and Stephanie to my suite after the show
tonight. Matt, Jeff and Lita said they'd come down, probably a few others.
We're just gonna sit in the Jacuzzi and relax for a while."

"Really?" He said. "That's sounds great. I could use a little R&R right
about now. Maybe I'll see if X-Pac and Road Dogg want to join in too."

"That's fine with me. The more the merrier," she answered. "Tell me,
Hunter. Is something bothering you? You don't seem like yourself today."

Hunter's head sunk into his chiseled chest. He let out a long, painful
sigh. He motioned for her to sit down and he joined her on the leather

"Honestly, Trish," he began. "I don't feel like myself at all. In fact,
I feel like shit."

"Tell me what's wrong," she cooed, placing her delicate fingers on his
firm thigh.

"Well, it's about Stephanie," he told her. "And frankly, I could really
use a woman's opinion on this."

"Well, I'm certainly a woman," she smiled. He smiled back.

"Yes. I can see that," he replied. "Anyway, I'm really confused about
Stephanie right now. I'm hearing all kinds of crap about her flirting with
other guys. I just don't know who to believe."

"I see," Trish said. "Well, why is it so hard for you to trust her? You
guys seem to get along so well. I can't imagine she'd want to cheat on you."

"I know," he said. "That's what I keep trying to tell myself. But then,
I see her laughing with Kurt Angle or confiding with Chris Jericho. Hell,
I've even heard strange rumors about her and her brother."

"Shane! No way!" Trish scoffed.

"Bizarre, isn't it? At first, I dismissed it. Then I got to thinking
that's there's definitely something odd about their relationship."

"Well, they're McMahons. Of course they're odd," Trish said. "That
doesn't mean Shane and Stephanie are . . ."

"Fucking?" Hunter finished. "I doubt it. But lately she spends a lot
more time with him than she does with me. If I'd known I was going to spend
this much time by myself, I never would have broken up with Chyna."

Suddenly, a light bulb went on in Trish's lurid imagination. She decided
she was perfectly equipped to do away with Hunter's blues for good.

"So," she whispered, her fingernails making small circles up and down
Hunter's leg. "Basically, what you're trying to tell me is that you're
feeling a bit deprived of female companionship. Am I right?"

Hunter looked her in the eye. He wanted to stand up and throw her out on
her ass, but the look she was giving him was so hypnotic.

"Are you kidding me?" He snapped. "Do I look like a guy who's ever been
deprived of anything? I could have any woman I want. Right now, I just
need to know that my wife is still devoted to me. That's all that matters."

"Hunter," Trish oozed. "You don't have to convince me that you're a
desirable man. I already know that. The only person here who doesn't seem
to really believe how desirable you are . . . is you."

"Trish, what are you getting at?" He said.

Trish smiled and stood to her feet. Her ample chest was now positioned
directly in front of Hunter's face. She slipped off her long overcoat and
tossed it on the couch. Slowly, she swung her legs over Hunter's lap,
straddling him with her hands placed on his chest. She leaned her covergirl
face down towards him, letting her red satin lips lightly brush against his
open mouth.

"Hunter," she moaned. "I think all you need is a little confidence boost.
And frankly, I'd love to be the woman who gives it to you."

Suddenly, Hunter's vision went blurry. His head was spinning. This was
one of those fork in the road moments where he knew the decision he made
would change his life forever, for better or worse. He loved Stephanie with
all his heart, but the thrill was definitely fading. Here was Trish Stratus,
a luscious little compact blonde with a Barbie doll face and outrageous
curves. He had her right in his lap. He knew she wanted him. He could
practically smell the moisture between her legs already. Imagine the nerve
of this woman, he thought. Imagine her trying to take advantage of him in a
moment of weakness. Nobody manipulated Triple H. Triple H didn't play
games. Triple H was The Game. And if Trish wanted to play by his rules, he
would show her exactly why he was that damn good.

In that instant, Hunter wrapped his arms around Trish, pressing his lips
against hers. His kiss was full of venom and spite. He nibbled her lips
and hungrily sucked on her tongue. Trish had already begun to pant and moan,
excited by Hunter's heated fervor.

Hunter hiked up the hem of Trish's spandex mini-dress, groping her plump
round asscheeks. He squeezed and kneaded her ass, as her massive tits
smashed against his face. Trish couldn't get her dress off fast enough, as
she yanked it up over the top of her head, tossing it next to her coat. She
let Hunter take off her lacy bra as they continued to French kiss. When the
bra joined her pile of clothes, Hunter went straight for those 36DDs. Each
breast easily fit in the palms of his huge hands. He pushed her tits
together, taking turns shoving each one in his eager mouth. Trish moaned
when Hunter started sucking and biting her nipples.

"Ohhhh yes, bite my nipples." She begged. "I like it rough."

Hunter was barely listening. He just continued sloppily devouring those
big tits like a wild bear. When he stopped, he ordered Trish to sit down on
the floor, between his legs. Trish knew this could only mean one thing.

"You said you wanted to give me a little confidence boost," he taunted.
"Well, if that's true . . . then suck my cock."

Trish heard the order and was all too willing. She helped Hunter pull
off his Speedo, exposing his semi-hard erection. She expected to see him
fully aroused, but Hunter was showing incredible self-control simply to
make Trish work for everything she got.

Trish reached between Hunter's thighs and scooped his balls between her
thumb and forefinger, lifting them up towards his shaft. She leaned
forward, nuzzling her angelic face against Hunter's nutsack. Patiently,
she flicked her tongue over his salty balls. She felt his cock hardening
between her fingers. Slowly, she began to stroke her feathery fingers over
the length of his pole. In her mouth, she sucked his balls back and forth
as she stroked his cock in a light, steady rhythm.

Hunter looked down and watched the horny blonde use her tongue to lick
up and down his shaft. She looked him square in the eye as she placed the
head of his cock between her pouting lips. Trish purred like a kitten as
she started to suck Hunter's cock. She swirled her tongue around the head,
coating the tip with her spit. As she pulled her lips back, strings of
saliva extended from his cock to her mouth. Hunter never imagined Trish
could give such a sloppy blowjob. But he watched and listened to the
sloshing sounds of Trish Stratus slurping and bobbing on his throbbing

"Oh fuck yeah," he grunted. "Suck that dick, bitch! Suck it!"

"Mmmmppphhhh," was all the sound she could make with her mouth stuffed
with big hard cock. She inhaled on the way up and exhaled on the way down,
proving herself to be a talented cocksucker. She wrapped her fingers
around the base of his cock, stroking and twisting her fingers round and
round. Triple H grabbed a fistful of blonde hair, pulling and pushing
her up and down on his dick.

"Faster, baby. Come on!" He threatened. "If you expect me to fuck you,
you better get me harder than that."

Trish shivered at the thought of Hunter's cock in her wet pussy. She
wanted to prove she was up to the challenge. She took a deep breath and
pushed Hunter's cock as far as she could down the back of her throat. She
tried to swallow the whole thing, but it was too much for her. She choked
and gagged, quickly coming up for air. Undaunted, she tried again. She
relaxed her throat muscles as she'd done so many times with Test and Val
Venis, but Hunter was a whole new ball game. Trish was determined to give
him the best head he ever had. Even as her eyes welled up with tears,
Trish worked his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. She rubbed his
balls and traced her fingers around his asshole at the same time. Hunter
was loving it.

"That's right, sweetheart. Deep throat me." He sighed. "Swallow my
fucking cock down your throat."

Trish came up gasping. Hunter's cock was shining with spit from her wet
mouth. Trish used both hands to work the shaft up and down. She leaned in
and rubbed his cock over her tits, squeezing the shaft in between. Hunter
took her cue and bucked his hips up and down.

"Aren't my breasts just perfect for a good tit fuck?" She winked.

"Well, it looks good from here," he answered, as he watched the head of
his cock poke through her ample cleavage.

Stroking Hunter's cock between her tits gave Trish just enough rest,
before she popped his dick back in her mouth again. This time Hunter
watched Trish push his cock so far down her throat, he could feel her tongue
licking his balls when she reached the base. Trish sucked hard on the way
up, making a loud pop when she let go of the tip. She smiled in triumph.
But she wasn't satisfied yet. Again and again, she swallowed his cock down
her throat with lustful pride. Hunter moaned her name out loud. It was
music to her ears.

Trish could feel her pussy getting truly soaked. She reached down and
started fucking her cunt with her own fingers. The more she poked and
probed inside her little pink pussy, the more she moaned and sucked harder
on Hunter's cock. The sensation was getting to be too much even for Triple
H. He told Trish to lie down on the floor so he could watch her play with

Trish kicked off her leather boots and stretched out with her back on
the floor. She peeled off her panties and tossed them in the pile on top of
her bra. Completely nude, she spread her legs for Hunter and showed him the
glistening lips of her slippery cunt. She licked her fingers and slid them
knuckle deep in her tight pink pussy. Hunter watched, stroking his cock, as
Trish masturbated for a captive audience. She used her opposite hand to rub
her clit, as her ass lifted off the carpet. She bucked and moaned, tossing
her blonde hair from side to side. Anyone walking by would have heard her
loud panting and gasping as her fingers disappeared in and out of her slit.

Hunter was enjoying the show, but now he was ready to fuck. He crawled
down between Trish's legs and dipped the swollen head of his cock in the
mouth of her pussy. Trish squealed at the first instant of penetration.
She instinctively wrapped her powerful legs around Hunter's waist. Hunter
steadied himself and then plowed his thick cock in Trish's pussy as deep as
it would go.

"Ohhhhh gawd!" Trish groaned. She'd never been so filled up in her life.
Hunter's cock was hitting places she didn't know were there. As Hunter
relentlessly pounded his cock inside her, Trish clawed at his back, bit him
in the shoulder and called out every obscenity in the book.

"Ohhh God, Hunter! Your cock feels so fucking huge inside me. Ohhh fuck
me!" She begged. "Fuck my pussy, motherfucker! Fuck my pussy hard!"

Triple H needed no encouragement as his pulsing cock pistoned in and out
of Trish's warm tight pussy hole. The wide girth of his shaft stretched
Trish's cunt to the max. Trish was extremely petite and Triple H was
anything but. He easily stood up and lifted Trish in the air, with his cock
still buried inside her. He gripped her by the ass, pushing and pulling her
down on his cock like a ragdoll. Trish felt waves of intense pleasure crash
through her whole body as Hunter impaled her with his fat cock.

"Ohhhh yesssss!" She moaned. "Ohhh God! Hunter, I'm gonna cum! I'm
gonna cum baby. Ohhhhhhhh! Yessssss! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm

Hunter could feel her pussy contract around his shaft. Her pussy muscles
clenched and jerked as her whole body shook with the telltale spasms of
multiple orgasms. As each of them caught their breath, Hunter set Trish back
down on her knees. Once again, his rock hard cock was aimed directly at her
flawless face. Trish opened wide to receive Hunter's dick in her mouth once
more. She wasted no time, slurping, sucking and drooling all over the end of
his cock until her spit was dripping from the head. She licked the underside
of his cock, rubbing the nerve endings horizontally against her soft lips.
She looked up at him with her crystal blue eyes, snarling like a slut as she
slapped his dick against her pink tongue.

"Are you gonna cum in my mouth, baby?" She breathed.

"You're god damn right I am," he shot back. "And you better swallow every

"Hunter," she whispered. "I'd eat your cum with a spoon."

That was all it took. Hunter squeezed his cock over Trish's face, as
Trish opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. With one quick jerk,
Hunter sent a rope of gooey cum streaking across her face. The next shot
landed in her blonde hair. More cum landed on her forehead. Hunter's cum
was dripping down her face, but Trish wanted more. She pulled his hand off
the shaft and started stroking it herself, cupping his balls to milk every
drop of his juice. Hunter couldn't believe what he was seeing. Trish was
a cum-swallowing whore. He watched as Trish deposited his warm sticky load
straight in her mouth. He would never forget the blissful look on her face
when she swallowed that mouthful of cum.

As Trish stood up to get her clothes back on, the dressing room door
suddenly swung open. She tried to cover herself but the evidence was
literally all over her face. Hunter could only stand there in shock as his
wife walked in on them.

"What the fuck!" Stephanie screeched. "Are you out of your fucking
mind? You fucked Trish in our dressing room! I can't fucking believe this!"

With that, Stephanie slammed the door and ran out of the building in

Hunter looked at Trish. Trish looked at Hunter. Neither of them knew
what to say. Trish stumbled around, rushing to get her clothes back on.
Hunter sat down on the couch with his head in his hands. Trish quietly
walked towards the door.

"Hunter, please don't hate me," she told him. "I never expected this to
happen. I'm really sorry. I only wanted us to be friends."

Hunter looked at her and sighed.

"You want to be my friend, Trish." He snapped. "Then do me a favor.
From now on, stay away from me. You got that? Stay the fuck away from me!"

Trish silently nodded and walked out, letting the door close behind her.
If Hunter thought he had problems before, he knew now, his problems had just

End of Part 1

The Thought Police

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