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The following story is a work of fiction containing graphic descriptions of
sexual interaction between consenting adults. The names of famous media
personalities have been used in this story purely for entertainment purposes
only. The author does not intend for this story to reflect the actual
lifestyle or behavior of any of the well-known individuals whose names have
been chosen for this work of fiction.

I hope everyone enjoyed Part one. I had a lot of fun writing it. I'd really
like to write a bunch more of these. So stay tuned. For now, here's Part

The Sexual Adventures of the WWF (Part Two)

Limousine Tag Team
By The Thought Police

Stephanie couldn't believe what she had just seen. Her husband had
brazenly betrayed her by fucking Trish Stratus in their dressing room.
Stephanie was beside herself. She felt sick to her stomach. She ran out
to her limousine, wanting nothing more than to escape the scene of her
humiliation. She didn't know if she'd ever be able to face Triple H

Just as Stephanie was preparing to leave, Kurt Angle, the Olympic Gold
medalist and WWF King of the Ring, was entering the arena at the same time.
He could see from a distance that she was visibly shaken and upset. He
parked immediately and hopped out to see what was wrong.

"Stephanie," he yelled as he ran up to her side. "It's Kurt. Is
everything okay?"

Stephanie attempted a weak smile, but couldn't stop the tears from
running down her cheek. Like a helpless child, she flung herself into
Kurt's embrace, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Oh Kurt," she sobbed. "I've never been so devastated in my entire life."

"Steph," he wondered. "What are you talking about? What happened?"

"It's Hunter, Kurt. Oh God, I don't even know if I should be telling
you about this."

"Steph," he assured her. "You know I'm a man of integrity. If there's
anyone in this company you can trust, I can assure you it's me. It's true.
It's true."

Stephanie nodded, wiping the tears from her eyes. As Kurt tried to
comfort her, Chris Jericho, the former intercontinental champion, noticed
the two of them and walked over to find out what was going on.

"Hey Steph. What's up, Kurt? How you guys doing?" He asked.

"Not good, man." Kurt replied. "Steph is pretty upset. She says it
has something to do with Triple H."

"What?" Chris shouted "That son of a bitch! What the fuck did he do
now? Did he hit you, Steph? I swear, if he touched you, I'll give him a
Y2J beating that he will never ever forget!"

"Chris," said Stephanie. "It's all right. Hunter didn't hit me.
Besides, I don't want you running off doing anything stupid in my defense.
Listen, why don't we sit in the limo so we can talk. I don't want to
attract any more attention standing out here."

"Sure, Steph," said Chris. "That's fine with me. Let's hop in."

As the three of them climbed into the back of the spacious stretch
limousine, Stephanie instructed the driver to pull out of the arena and
cruise around the city for a while. Kurt and Chris let Stephanie know
that they needed to be back in time for their match that night. Stephanie
assured them they'd be back in plenty of time.

"So tell us, Steph," Kurt probed. "Exactly what did Triple H do that
has you so distraught?"

Stephanie sighed. She could barely admit what she had seen to herself,
let alone to her friends. Still, she realized she had to tell someone.
Shane would have been her first choice, but Kurt and Chris had always been
there for her too.

"Guys," she started. "This is really hard for me to talk about. But I
have to tell someone. Just swear to me that you won't breathe a word of
this to anyone, especially not my father."

"We swear, Steph," Kurt promised. Chris nodded along with him. Steph
let out a deep breath and opened her heart.

"I caught Hunter having sex with another woman," she said.

Suddenly, the limo jerked as the driver jammed on the breaks. The three
passengers bounced in their seats, throwing angry looks towards the front

"Hey, watch the fucking road, you moron," Chris blurted.

"Sorry," said the driver.

"Stephanie," Kurt continued. "That's terrible. God, I'm so sorry. You
must be crushed."

"Really," Chris added. "I mean, who would want to cheat on you? You're

"Thank you, Chris," said Stephanie. "But I don't think this has anything
to do with my looks. As long as we've been married, Hunter's never trusted
me. I think somehow he doubts how much I love him."

"Well, Steph," Kurt struggled. "Forgive me for bringing this up but,
after all, you did blow off your engagement to Test so you could marry
Triple H. We all know that's true."

"I know, Kurt," Stephanie confessed. "But I was never in love with Test
to begin with. That was all a ruse to get revenge on my father. I wanted
to be with Hunter all along."

"Well, maybe that's true, Steph," Chris suggested. "But if Hunter knows
you could do something like that to Test, maybe he's afraid you'd do it to
him as well."

"Wow, Chris," Stephanie realized. "I never thought of it like that
before. I think you've got a real point there."

"Chris has a great point there," said Kurt. "But that doesn't give
Hunter the right to go screwing around. Where's the integrity in that?"

"I know, I know," nodded Stephanie. "It makes me so mad I could just
strangle him."

"Well, you know what they say Steph," said Chris. "Don't get mad, get

Kurt smiled.

"I like the way you think, Jericho." Kurt said. "Revenge can be very
intelligent. And that's one of my three I's."

"You guys think I should get revenge on my husband," Stephanie wondered.

"Yes," they said together. "With our help of course."

"How exactly would you help me," asked Mrs. Helmsley

Kurt cleared his throat.

"Well, Steph," Kurt declared. "You know that I'm very fond of telling
people about my three I's. In fact, on many occasions, you and I have
discussed the importance of intelligence and integrity. But the one thing
I've never been able to share with you is my intensity."

"Your intensity," she repeated curiously.

"Yes, that's right," Kurt explained. "I think you would find my
intensity very cathartic at this point in time. And I would do anything
within my power as a man to make you feel better. It's true. It's true."

Stephanie smiled. She was beginning to catch on. She turned her head
and tossed her curly brown locks, piercing her innocent brown eyes into
Chris Jericho.

"And what about you Chris," she asked. "What do you have to say about

"Me," he answered. "Shit, I just think you're a hot looking piece of
ass and I'd love to fuck your brains out."

Stephanie laughed.

"Now that's an honest answer," she giggled. "You guys don't mind sharing
me do you?"

"Hell no," said Chris. "You're more than enough woman for both of us."

Stephanie was pleased with Jericho's candor. She wiggled herself in
between the two men, kissing Jericho full on the mouth. Kurt came up behind
her, kissing her neck and squeezing her breasts through her form-fitting
tank top.

Chris let his tongue explore Stephanie's mouth. She was an excellent
kisser, he thought to himself. He wondered what else she could do with
that soft tongue and those delicate lips of hers. As Chris and Stephanie
continued to suck face, Kurt skillfully positioned himself down behind
Stephanie's ass. He lifted her short black miniskirt and quietly peeled
her lace g-string down to her ankles. Stephanie moaned as she felt Kurt's
tongue sliding down the crack of her ass.

Chris knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to have sex with
Vince McMahon's daughter. He'd been lusting after Stephanie for months.
Now, his fantasy was finally coming true. He helped Stephanie take off her
top, then watched as the pouty brunette slipped out of her bra. Chris
licked his lips at the sight of her pert, all natural breasts. He cupped
them in his hands, kneading them against his palms. Stephanie sighed with
pleasure as Chris rolled her nipples with his fingers. She ran her hands
down his chest, not stopping until she could the feel the firm bulge in his
stretch pants. Chris groaned as sweet, innocent Stephanie fondled his cock
and balls.

In the front seat of the limousine, the driver could hear all the hot
sounds his passengers were making. His curiosity got the best of him. He
decided to find a secluded area where he could pull over. Once the limo was
parked, he fumbled around in the glove compartment for his digital camera.
He wasn't planning to sell the pictures. He just wanted to capture some
images of his sister having a threesome, images he could save for himself.

Stephanie was eager to get her two lovers naked. Chris tugged off his
shoes and his pants. Kurt did the same. Stephanie reclined horizontally on
the seat with her head in Jericho's lap. Kurt kneeled on the limousine
floor, with his face buried between Stephanie's legs.

Stephanie took hold of Chris Jericho's cock, squeezing it with her
fingers, sizing it up. She didn't seem at all disappointed. She kissed
the tip and fluttered her tongue like a humming bird up and down the shaft.
Chris could feel the hot breath of her lustful mouth blowing against his
balls. Those soft pouting lips were kissing and caressing his scrotum.
She rested the back of her head against his stomach, opening her mouth to
let his cock slip between her lips. She moaned, sucking like it was candy.
Chris closed his eyes and threw his head back in ecstasy. Stephanie picked
up her pace, puffing and slurping up and down on his meaty rigid prick.
She alternated between stroking him with her hand and stuffing his cock in
her mouth. Chris couldn't believe how good she was. Clearly, Hunter had
trained her to be the perfect slut. Only now Angle and Jericho were the
recipients of her talents.

While Chris was getting the blowjob of his life, Kurt was busy working
his magic on Stephanie. When Kurt peeled off her lace g-string, what he
found were the softest, pinkest, rose petal pussy lips he had ever seen.
She was completely shaved. Her pussy smelled like cinnamon. Kurt's mouth
watered. Stephanie kept her legs apart to give him access to her moistened
slit. Kurt pressed his whole mouth on Stephanie's cunt, plunging his tongue
right in. He couldn't believe how wet she was. He found himself sipping
the warm juices out of her pussy. He licked her soft pink inner walls until
his tongue felt sore. Stephanie eagerly bucked and thrusted her pelvis into
Kurt's face, panting and squealing like a puppy from the thrill of being
eaten out. The faster Kurt licked her pussy and the harder he sucked on her
clit, the more furiously Stephanie swallowed Jericho's cock down her throat.

Shane couldn't believe what he was seeing. The three of them were two
engrossed in their own pleasure to notice they were being watched. Shane
snapped pictures of his sister choking on hard cock and loving it. He saw
the way Kurt tongue fucked baby sis and how loud she moaned every time he
licked her swollen clit. He'd never seen Stephanie this cock-crazed in his
life. He pulled out his own cock and started stroking it right there in
the front seat.

Kurt was loving the taste of Stephanie's pussy. She was delicious
through and though. He decided to explore her body with his tongue even
more. He pulled open her asscheeks and shoved his tongue straight up her
sweet little butt. Stephanie gasped, her mouth popping off Jericho's
slippery hard-on.

"Ohhhhh fuck," she grunted. "Kurt's licking my asshole. Ohhhh yesss!"

Kurt just moaned and bobbed his head up and down, tongue fucking the
boss's daughter up the ass. He kept his hands busy, rubbing them over
Stephanie's clit or stuffing his fingers inside her snatch. Stephanie had
never experienced so many sensations at once. Kurt was feasting on her
like she was his last meal. His intensity was amazing.

"Ohhhh yes, Kurt. Do it! Fuck my ass with your tongue!" She pleaded.
"Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ohhhh God, that feels sooooo good. Lick my ass, baby!"

Even Chris had to appreciate how hard Kurt was working. Stephanie was
only getting hotter and sluttier by the second. She let Chris take her by
the head and thrust his cock as far down her throat as he wanted. She
wanted Chris to fuck her face.

Shane kept staring, watching Stephanie's eyes glaze over with sexual
lust as her two studs used and abused her. It was all he could do not to
climb back and join them. Stephanie seemed so out of control, she probably
would have fucked him too.

Finally, the threesome agreed to switch positions. Kurt sat up on the
back seat, with Stephanie on her hands and knees between his legs. She was
completely naked except for her strappy high-heeled sandals. She arched
her back and stuck her ass up nice and high. Chris moved around behind her,
sliding his cock in her soaking wet twat like a hot knife through butter.
Her inner walls felt like satin around his shaft. He grabbed her by the
hips, thrusting hard and deep. Stephanie squealed, begging Chris to fuck
her like the filthy slut she was.

As Chris did what he was told, Stephanie went to work on Kurt's rock
hard dick. He wasn't as big as Chris or Triple H, but that was fine with
her. She could swallow Kurt's cock down her throat with ease. She bobbed
up and down like a jackhammer, tossing her curly brown hair in every
direction. The warmth and wetness of her mouth, combined with the soft,
velvety texture of her tongue sent chills running all through Kurt's body.
Clearly, Stephanie loved having a dick in her mouth. She slobbered all
over the head, repeatedly taking his cock out of her mouth just to see how
hard and beautiful it was.

"Do you like having your cock in my mouth," she teased. "Does it feel
better than winning a gold medal?"

"Ohhhhh fuck yeah," Kurt howled. "God, you're the best!"

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned with her ruby lips glued to his knob. "Thank you."

Of course, it was hard for her to maintain a conversation with Chris
fucking her doggystyle. He slapped her ass with a loud smack, as he rocked
his hips back and forth, pumping her full of his long hard dick. Stephanie
pushed her ass back towards him, matching him stroke for stroke. Her cunt
was so tight, Chris wondered how many men she'd really been with. She
almost felt like a virgin. Surely, Hunter had given her pussy a good
workout. Chris couldn't believe what a good grip she kept on his cock. He
started to cry out as he felt the surge of an orgasm building in his balls.

"Yes Chris, cum for me sweety," Stephanie pleaded. "Cum all over my

Chris couldn't take anymore. He pulled out and shot his load against
Stephanie's bubbling butt cheeks. He grunted as each stream erupted from
his cock, splashing against her milky white ass. Stephanie used her
fingers to rub the sticky jizz into her skin. There was so much cum
covering her ass. Stephanie knew Chris must have really enjoyed fucking

With Chris collapsing on the floor of the limo, Stephanie could focus on
finishing off Kurt. She sat up and climbed on his lap, straddling him in
the back seat. She slid down on his cock like a greased fire pole. Shane
watched as his sister rode Kurt up and down. She bounced and swiveled her
hips in slow circles, telling Kurt to keep his hands on his sides. She
wanted to take her time fucking him, feeling every inch of his deep
penetration. Kurt felt like he would cum any moment, but he held back as
long as he could. Stephanie started to quicken her pace. Her breath was
halted, panting and gasping with each downward stroke. She threw her arms
around Kurt's neck and bounced up and down with all her might. Kurt decided
to disobey her request, grabbing her by the ass and taking charge. She
didn't complain.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" She moaned. "Yesssss Kurt! Yesssssss! Fuck me like that!
Just like that! Ohhhhh God! More baby, more!"

Kurt's hunger was ferocious. He'd never met a woman who could match his
intensity. He rolled Stephanie around, laying her down on the back seat
with her legs over his shoulders. With all his strength, Kurt rammed his
dick to the hilt in Stephanie's eager little hole. The limo was filled with
the sound of skin slapping against skin. Their bodies glistened with sweat.
Their moans were loud and carefree. Kurt drove his cock as deep as he could
inside her. Stephanie reached between her legs and rubbed her own clit.
She bit her lower lip as she felt her whole body start to convulse.


Kurt watched as Stephanie screamed like a banshee, her mouth gaping
open, her head tossing from side to side. She never looked more beautiful.
Certainly, in that moment, she had forgotten all about her husband.

Kurt slid out his cock, but Stephanie wasted no time gobbling it back in
her mouth. Kurt sat down and Steph took over bobbing and sucking him to
perfection. She savored the taste of her own pussy on his cock, licking the
juices off with her slithering tongue. Kurt was in awe. What a slut she
was, he thought. What an adorable cock-sucking slut.

"Mmmmmmm, c'mon Kurt," she insisted. "I need to taste your cum."

Kurt promised he'd do anything in his power to make her happy. He
watched her effortlessly swallow his cock again and again. He was getting
close. Shane was too. Stephanie used her girly little fingers to jerk
Kurt off. She stared up at him with those soft brown eyes, as her pouting
lips waited to be covered in sperm. Kurt groaned one last time and
Stephanie smiled devilishly as jets of hot white cum spurted all over her
cute little face.

"Yessssss," she sighed. "Cum all over my face, sweety. I love the way
it feels."

Kurt was in another dimension. His balls were being completely drained
as Stephanie stroked his flaming rod, nursing every ounce of cum out of
those full, heaving balls. She made no effort to wipe the cum off her face,
letting it smudge all of her perfect makeup. The cum that dribbled down on
her hand quickly made its way into Stephanie's mouth, as she sucked the cum
off of each finger one by one.

As Shane watched his sister savor the taste of Kurt's cum, he blasted
his own load all over the driver's seat. In all his excitement, he couldn't
snap that final picture.

"Well, Steph," said Kurt. "I'd say you gave Triple H some serious
payback, wouldn't you?"

"Triple who?" She joked. Kurt smiled.

"Jesus," he continued. "I think you killed Chris. We need to wake him
up. We've still got a match tonight."

"That's all right," said Stephanie. "If he's too tired, we can always
get my brother to fill in. Right, Shane."

Shane poked his head up. Kurt was dumbstruck.

"Shane's been watching us the whole time!" Kurt shouted. "And you knew
about this?"

"Of course," Stephanie replied. "Who do you think drove me here in the
first place?"

"Oh my God," said Kurt. "I can't believe this. You guys are really
sick. I can't believe I actually felt sorry for you."

"Well," she answered. "Don't get any ideas about talking to Hunter or
my father about this. Otherwise, you'll wind up in just as much trouble as
I would."

Kurt gave Stephanie a puzzled look. Then, he looked over at Shane who
was waving the camera.

Chris woke up just in time to see the other McMahon literally in the
driver's seat. There was nothing Jericho could say except . . .

"Ahhhh shit!"

End of Part 2

The Thought Police

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