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The following story is a work of fiction containing graphic descriptions of
sexual interaction between consenting adults. The names of famous media
personalities have been used in this story purely for entertainment purposes
only. The author does not intend for this story to reflect the actual
lifestyle or behavior of any of the well-known individuals whose names have
been chosen for this work of fiction.

The Sexual Adventures of the WWF (Part 3)

Lesbian Kat Fight
By The Thought Police

After a long night of parading around in a thong bikini at another
raucous arena, pro wrestling's horny little she-devil, Terri Runnels, was
ready to call it a night. The show was over. All the WWF superstars were
packing up in preparation for their next tour stop.

Naturally, being the beautiful diva that she was, Terri didn't have to
bother with such chores. She jumped in her limo to be safely escorted to
her hotel for the evening. As she rode along the city streets, she poured
herself a drink, lit up a cigarette and watched a replay of "Raw is War"
on television. Seconds into the video, she was interrupted by her mobile

"Hello!" She blurted.

"Hey Terri!"

Terri recognized the voice immediately. It was The Kat, affectionately
known to her fans as "Miss Kitty," the raven-haired vixen.

"Hey Kitty, how ya doin, babe," Terri answered. "Where are ya?"

"I'm in my hotel room," Kitty told her. "Are you just leaving?"

"Yeah," said Terri. "Some hick newspaper wanted me to pose for a few
pictures. I told them to book it with my agent, but my publicist told me
if I just gave `em five minutes they'd be happy and leave me alone."

"Oh man, I'm sorry," said Kitty. "That's why I bailed out of there

"Yeah, well you're smarter than I am," Terri snipped. "I hate these
fucking backwater towns with all these inbred, truck-driving jerkoffs pawing
at me all the god damn time. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl.
I swear to God, men are such pigs."

"Mmmmm, I see," said Kitty. "Well, it sounds to me like you could use a
woman's touch to balance out all that testosterone."

"Why, Miss Kitty," Terri coyly replied. "Are you propositioning me?"

"Propositioning you? Please," said The Kat. "Only guys do stuff like
that. I'm simply letting you know that my kitty is feeling awfully lonely
tonight. She'd love for you to come over here and pet her for awhile."

"Ahhhhh," Terri nodded. "So that's what your kitty wants?"

"Yes, very much." Miss Kitty purred.

"Do you have any toys for us to play with?" Terri wondered.

"Of course," Kitty assured her. "I have all kinds of goodies we can play

Terri smiled. Her evening was improving already.

"I'll be there in 10 minutes," she said, snapping her phone shut.

Nine minutes later, Miss Kitty opened the door to her hotel room. Terri
pranced into the room wearing a fur coat, which she quickly removed, draping
it over the back of a chair. Underneath, she was wearing pink hot pants
with a matching sports bra and a pair of white platform high heels. She
walked over to the large sectional sofa and made herself at home, helping
herself to a handful of grapes from a large fruit platter she found on the
coffee table.

Miss Kitty walked over to the sofa, carrying two long-stemmed glasses
and a bottle of sparkling white wine. She was wearing a black satin slip
dress that barely covered her ass, clinging to every curve of her supple
and shapely body.

"I thought you might be a little hungry, so I had room service bring up
some fruit for us to nibble on," Kitty explained.

Terri winked, as Kitty handed her a glass of wine. Kitty slid down
onto the sofa, snuggling up next to her little blonde playmate. Their long,
tanned legs were already rubbing up against each other. As Terri raised
her head back to let the sparkling beverage trickle down her throat, Kitty
leaned in and started licking Terri's neck with her tongue. Terri sighed
with pleasure. Kitty started to nibble along Terri's neck and up to her
chin. Their mouths merged. Kitty could still taste the wine in Terri's
mouth. She sucked on Terri's tongue, and then Terri sucked hers. On and
on, they enjoyed the softness and moisture of each other's lips.

Terri reached for the plate of fruit, picking up a small chunk of
watermelon. She lifted a corner of melon up to Kitty's lips. As Kitty bit
down, cool juices went dripping down her chin. Terri swooped down to lick
off the sticky dew. Kitty took the melon and fed it to Terri. As they
kissed, the sweet taste of watermelon passed between their sugary lips.
Soon, juices were dripping down Terri's neck. Kitty sucked all of it off.
Terri moaned with delight as Kitty tortured her with love bites. Both women
felt their pussies cream, the more they teased each other.

Kitty peeled down the straps of her dress, revealing her petite breasts
and her hard pointy nipples. Terri wanted to tease The Kat even more. She
grabbed an orange and ripped it apart with her fingernails. She squeezed
the orange over Kitty's chest, letting the juices dribble all over her tits.
Before Kitty could utter a sound, Terri sucked the orange juice from her
nipples, licking and slurping up every tangy drop.

"God damn! That feels good, Terri," Kitty gasped.

"Mmmmmmm," Terri moaned, with her lips locked around Kitty's nipple.

Kitty arched her back to slip her dress down over her waist, dropping it
down her legs and kicking it off with her foot. She had taken her panties
off the moment she knew Terri was coming over. Terri dropped to her knees
on the carpeted floor. Kitty spread her long legs, lifting her pretty
polished toes in the air. Terri positioned her face at the base of the V,
where Kitty's ass rested on the edge of the sofa. Kitty took the remaining
wine from her glass and poured it down her flat stomach. Terri watched the
cool stream of white wine flow like a waterfall over the puffy lips of
Kitty's clean-shaven pussy. She parted her lips and let the wine pour into
her open mouth. Instead of swallowing, Terri spread Kitty's lips and spit
the wine straight into her cunt. She chased the wine with her tongue,
letting it mix with Kitty's pussy juice, then licking it up. Instead of
eating Kitty's pussy, Terri wanted to drink it. When Kitty looked down, she
saw Terri's glistening wet face as she lapped up her juices.

"Jesus, Terri," Kitty exclaimed. "You are one nasty slut."

"You haven't seen anything yet, baby," Terri assured her.

On that note, Terri picked another handful of grapes from the fruit
platter. Kitty watched as, one by one, Terri slipped about six or seven
seedless grapes into Kitty's soaking wet pussy. Leaving the grapes in their
new resting place, Terri attacked Kitty's clit with her tongue. She swirled
it with amazing speed and precision, flicking, circling and salivating all
at the same time. Kitty was almost numb with pleasure. Then, suddenly,
Terri went down and starting sucking the grapes out of Kitty's cunt. She
held all of them in her mouth. Then, just as quickly, she used her tongue
to push all of them back in. Over and over, she sucked the grapes out and
pushed them back into Kitty's pussy. Kitty went ballistic.

"OHHHHHH MY GOD!!!" Kitty screamed. "OHHH TERRI!!! JESUS CHRIST!!!

Kitty felt like she would cum at any moment. But Terri wasn't done with
her yet. She sucked the grapes from Kitty's pussy and spit them on the
floor. With no warning, she ripped off a banana, shoving it deep in Kitty's


Terri took such pride in her work, twisted and grinding that banana up
Kitty's snatch. Kitty's hands grabbed the edge of the sofa, with all her
muscles clenched tight, ready to erupt. The banana got too soft from the
heat of Kitty's pussy, so Terri improvised, grabbing the wine bottle instead.
The slim bottleneck slipped smoothly up Kitty's tight box. As Terri fucked
her with the bottle, Kitty could feel the wine filling up her vagina. Terri
started sucking Kitty's clit with violent hunger, snarling and growling with
sadistic delight as she violated her lover's cunt with a wine bottle.


Terri could sense Kitty's orgasm about to arrive. She pulled out the
bottle and kept rubbing Kitty's clit. Instantly, Kitty released the wine
she was holding inside. Warm liquid erupted from Kitty's pussy, arching
high in the air and splashing down into Terri's thirsty mouth. With each
surging wave of intense orgasms, Kitty's pussy muscles expelled the fluid,
leaving Terri's face completely drenched.

Moments later, Kitty was still curled up in a fetal position, barely able
to move. While Kitty recovered, Terri used the opportunity to make a phone

"Hi, it's me," she said. "Yes, I'm in her room right now. Uh huh,
everything's going great. Really? No, I don't see why not. All right,
sounds good. Bye."

"What was that about?" Kitty asked.

"You'll find out soon enough," Terri replied.

Kitty raised her eyebrows suspiciously. Then, she motioned for Terri to
come closer.

"Strip," Kitty ordered. "I think it's time I returned the favor."

Terri smiled. Playfully, she began removing her clothes. She pulled off
her tiny sports bra, exposing two perfect globes with tiny tan lines over her
perky pink nipples. She turned around, arching her back to peel down her
pink hot pants. Slowly, she eased them down over her firm, heart-shaped ass.
Underneath the hot pants was a thin tan line along the crevice of her
asscheeks. Terri liked to wear thongs, but not today.

"Shall I keep my shoes on," Terri asked. Kitty nodded.

"Yeah," she told her. "They make you look more like a slut."

Terri put two fingers over her head, wiggling them like a horny little
she-devil. She licked her lips and strutted around the room, taunting and
teasing Miss Kitty.

"Lie down on the floor," Kitty instructed. "I'll be right back."

Terri followed Kitty's instructions, lying on the floor, spread eagle,
waiting to see what Kitty had in store. The Kat returned with a special
bag of tricks containing dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, lubricants and
several different kinds of vibrators. Miss Kitty selected a simple 8-inch
dildo with realistic looking veins and a fleshy skin tone. She kneeled down
over Terri's head, lowering the dildo into the hot blonde's mouth. Terri
took her cue. She sucked and slurped on the rubber cock, twisting and
bobbing her head up and down. Kitty felt obliged to show Terri she could be
just a dominant as her. She forced Terri to take the dildo deep into her

"Yeah, suck that cock you dirty slut," Kitty hissed. "Get it nice and
wet so I can fuck you with it."

Terri slit her eyes in defiance, which only encouraged Kitty to get even
rougher. Kitty straddled Terri's chest, pinning her arms to the floor.
Terri struggled, but Kitty's weight was too much for her to break free.

"Let me go, you stupid bitch," Terri snarled.

Kitty eyes opened wide with contempt. Without hesitation, she cocked her
arm back and slapped Terri across the face. Terri's head swung to one side.
Then, just as suddenly, Terri lifted her head and spit in Kitty's face.
Kitty froze in shock, and then started to laugh.

"Oh Terri," was her cool response. "I love it when you're feisty."

"Shut up and eat my cunt, you filthy piece of shit," Terri growled.
"By the way, you hit like a girl."

Kitty's lip curled into a half-smile, on one side of her mouth. All the
taunting and sarcasm had both of their bodies tingling with excitement.
Terri was usually the most dominant, but Kitty loved it when every now and
then she got to be in control.

Kitty looked at all the toys at her disposable, but she wasn't satisfied.
She wanted to try something different. She grabbed the suitcase where she
kept all her personal cosmetics, pulling out a bottle of baby oil. She
leaned over Terri, dribbling the oil all over her body. Terri closed her
eyes as Kitty smoothed the oil into her skin. Kitty paid special attention
to Terri's breasts and nipples. Terri arched her back, gasping with pleasure
as Kitty ran her oily palms over the tiny bumps of her areolas. Slowly,
Kitty moved her hands down to massage Terri's stomach and upper thighs. She
poured even more baby oil between Terri's legs, making her crotch glisten
with a slick, shiny coating. Gently, Kitty started to rub her hands over
Terri's mound. She squeezed the outer lips of Terri's pussy, massaging her
clit through the tender folds. She could feel Terri's hips undulating
beneath her touch. Taking the plastic bottle in one hand, she poured even
more baby oil in the other. Her right hand was slick and greasy, while her
left returned to rubbing Terri's clit.

"Terri, I want you to relax. Okay, baby?" Kitty advised. "I'm gonna
take my time. So let me know if it starts to hurt."

Terri didn't speak. She closed her eyes, nodding her consent. She
parted her legs wide, as Kitty inserted her forefinger into her pussy. Kitty
worked her finger in and out, feeling the wetness inside. She quickly added
her middle finger, pushing just a bit deeper. Terri had a fairly tight and
shallow pussy. Kitty knew she could only penetrate so far. With the third
finger, she could feel Terri's walls starting to stretch. She could hear
Terri's breathing grow heavier. Kitty stroked Terri's inner walls with her
fingers, probing and exploring her vaginal cavity. Terri took a long deep
breath, when she felt Kitty insert her fourth finger inside her. Kitty left
all four fingers in Terri's pussy for several minutes. Terri felt so open,
so vulnerable. Moments of slight discomfort gave way to moments of intense
pleasure as Kitty continued to rub Terri's clit. Just allowing Kitty to push
her to another level made Terri's juices gush with excitement.

"Are you ready, Terri?" Kitty asked cautiously.

"Yes," Terri answered. "Push it all the way in."

Kitty nodded. She curled the four fingers in Terri's pussy. Then, she
slipped in her thumb. Gently, she pushed her closed hand past the inner
lips, forcing her fist deep into Terri's vagina. Terri told Kitty to keep
her hand perfectly still. She inhaled and exhaled, as her pussy muscles
expanded and contracted against the foreign object inside her.

Kitty could feel Terri's entire pussy gripping and tugging on her fist.
Suddenly, Terri's legs started to shake uncontrollably. Kitty couldn't
believe the pressure she was feeling against her closed hand. It was as if
Terri's pussy didn't want to let go. When Kitty could feel Terri's whole
body start to tremble, she picked up a small pocket vibrator and turned it
on high speed. Terri started to scream louder than Kitty had ever heard
before. Kitty placed the vibrating head against Terri's clit. Terri lost


Kitty eyes bulged as she watched Terri cum over and over again. Each new
orgasm seemed harder than the last. The more Terri came, the harder it was
for her to make any sounds at all. She clenched her eyes tightly, with her
mouth gaping open. Her whole body lurched forward with each jolting spasm.
She could barely catch her breath.

"HUHHH!!! HUHHH!!! HUHHH!!!" She continued panting. It took several
minutes before the shocking sensations began to subside. Still, Kitty didn't
dare pull out her fist until Terri told her it was okay.

Ten minutes later, Terri had Kitty bent over on her hands and knees. She
spread Kitty's bouncing cheeks, swirling her tongue around Kitty's puckered
asshole. She used her spit to make Kitty's rosebud all gooey and wet. When
she was done tasting Kitty's ass, Terri picked up a butt plug and coated it
with lubricant. She didn't hesitate to stick the rubber tube straight into
Kitty's rectum. Kitty squealed for a second, but she held the plug in her
ass like Terri wanted her to do.

"I want you to keep that butt plug in your ass," Terri insisted. "Don't
even think about taking it out without my permission."

Kitty silently nodded. Moments later, there was a knock at door.

"Are you expecting someone?" Kitty asked. Terry cracked a wicked smile.

"As matter of fact, I am." She answered, skipping over to the door.

When the door opened, Kitty was very pleasantly surprised.

"Is she ready for me," the visitor inquired. Terri nodded, gesturing for
the guest to come in.

"I was just getting her warmed up for you," Terri answered, leading her
friend into the room where Miss Kitty was already in position.

Kitty looked up at the new arrival, smiled and said, "Mamacita . . ."

End of Part 3

Note: This subplot will continue in Part six. Part four features Trish and
Lita. Part five will probably feature Tori and Stephanie. But don't worry,
I won't leave you hanging.

The Thought Police

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