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The following story is a work of fiction containing graphic descriptions of
sexual interaction between consenting adults. The names of famous media
personalities have been used in this story purely for entertainment purposes
only. The author does not intend for this story to reflect the actual
lifestyle or behavior of any of the well-known individuals whose names have
been chosen for this work of fiction.

I'm starting to get a lot more responses after Part 3. People seem to be
getting more into it now. For those who want to read what happens with
Terri and The Kat, I'll continue that storyline in Part 6. In the meantime,
here's some action that should keep you busy for a while.

Just so you know, this story is a bit longer than the last three. The build
up is a bit slower, but I think if you stick with it until the end, the
payoff is worth it. Enjoy!

The Sexual Adventures of the WWF (Part Four)

Trish & Lita's Hot Tub Challenge
By The Thought Police

Trish couldn't believe the day she was having. How could she let
herself get caught having sex with Triple H, she thought. She knew she had
only been working for the federation for a few months. This job was her big
break. The dumbest thing she could do was jeopardize her relationship with
the McMahons. Trish reasoned to herself that she would have to find some way
to get Stephanie to forgive her. In the meantime, she prayed no one else
would find out what happened. It might end up costing her job.

Back at the hotel, Trish found Lita waiting for her in the VIP lounge.
Instead of her usual tank top and cargo pants, Lita was dressed to kill in a
red lycra cat suit, chunky leather heels and numerous tatoos decorating her
shoulders and her toned biceps. As Trish studied Lita from across the room,
she couldn't help appreciating the raw sexual magnetism given off by her
flaming auburn hair and the rebellious curl of her upper lip. From a
distance, Lita looked like a woman nobody would want to mess with. Inside
the ring, she and Trish were bitter rivals. Outside the ring, they were best

"Hey, sexy," Trish joked. "Can I buy you a drink?"

Lita raised one eyebrow, holding back a smile.

"Do I look that easy," she replied.

"In that outfit," Trish sized her up and down. "Honey, you put the
`easy' in `sleazy.' "

"Well," Lita returned. "I may look easy, but that doesn't mean I'm

"Oh, I see," Trish nodded. "Well then, shall we start the bidding?"

"Trust me, honey. You can't afford me." Lita said. "Besides, you're
one to talk about looking easy with those stripper costumes you wear in the

Trish gasped in exaggerated shock.

"I can't believe you just said that," she squeaked. "I should slam your
acrobatic ass right through this table, here in front of all these people."

Lita laughed out loud.

"Yeah, right. That'll happen," she chuckled. "Besides, you might break
a nail, and then we'd have to rush your skanky ass to the emergency room.
We can't have that now, can we?"

Trish rolled her eyes and put up her middle finger. She noticed Test and
Val Venis coming over to join them. She smiled and waved, scooting closer
to Lita to make room for the guys.

Naturally, as Val Venis sat down, he spoke in his gravelly voice, saying
"Hellooooo ladies."

Trish and Lita smiled pleasantly as though it was the first time they'd
ever heard him say that. Between the two gentlemen, Test was definitely the
strong, silent type. He sat quietly, letting Val do most of the talking.

"So, is it just going to be the four of us then," Val asked.

"No, not at all," Lita answered. "Matt and Jeff wanted to go work out
for a little while. They want us to swing by the weight room on the way
upstairs whenever we're ready."

"Ahhhhh," Trish replied. "I was wondering why you were sitting over here
by yourself."

"Well, in that case," Val reasoned. "If we're all here, I guess there's
no reason to sit around. Let's head on out."

With that, the four of them proceeded out of the bar towards the weight
room where Matt and Jeff Hardy were pumping iron. Trish and Lita smiled at
each other as they admired the brothers' form. Matt was doing the bench
press. Jeff was spotting.

"Looking good, guys," said Lita, as the foursome walked into the gym.

"Thanks," Jeff replied. "You want to do a few reps?"

"Oh, no thanks. Not in front of Trish," Lita bragged. "I'd hate to
embarrass her like that."

"Give me a break," Trish smirked. "Like I've never been in a gym before."

"I never said that," Lita answered, pointing her finger across the room.
"But the Stairmaster is over there. This is weightlifting, honey. This is
for serious athletes."

As all the guys groaned in the background, Trish folded her arms in

"You are just determined to piss me off tonight, aren't you?" Trish
fumed. "Well, just so you know, I've had a really fucked up evening. So
I'm really not in the mood for any of your competitive bullshit, okay."

"Trish, come on. Lita was just kidding," Val injected. "Why don't you
tell us what's eating you?"

Trish shook her head.

"No. I'm sorry," Trish told him. "It's not something I can talk about."

"Well," Matt suggested. "Maybe when we get up in that hot tub, you'll be
able to forget whatever it is that's bothering you."

"Yeah, we might want to get her a couple of drinks while we're at it,"
said Lita. "Jesus, Trish. I've never seen you act so sensitive before. I
mean, we always pick on each other."

"Obviously, something you said really hit a nerve," Test noted in Trish's
defense. "I think we should just talk about something else."

"Like what," said Matt.

"How `bout sex," Val suggested.

"What about it," Lita wondered.

"Well," Val continued. "As long as we're on this subject of competition.
I'm just wondering if you ladies could tell us which one of you is better in
the sack."

"Val, come on man," said Jeff. "Chill out with that stuff."

"No, it's okay," Trish responded. "I'll answer that question."

"You will?" Jeff said, turning in surprise.

"Sure," said Trish. "Since the answer is obviously me."

"Excuse me," Lita snapped.

"Obviously, I'm way better in bed," Trish continued. "I mean, I know she
got herself all dolled up to hang out with us tonight. But let's get real.
We all see the way she tumbles around the ring, letting herself get all
sweaty and gross. Do you men really find that sexy? I doubt it. The way
she leaps around with her baggy pants and her tatoos, she acts like one of
the guys. All you've got to do is look at her, and then look at me. Then,
you tell me who the real woman is."

Lita was speechless. But only for a second.

"All right, Trish," Lita replied. "If that's what you really think, then
I wanna challenge you right here, right now. If you really believe you're
that hot . . . I'm gonna make you prove it."

"Bring it on," Trish shrugged.

"Test," Lita requested. "Go stand outside the door and make sure no one
comes in."

Test nodded and quietly stepped out. Lita strolled over to Val Venis.

"Take out your cock," she demanded.

"What?!" Val blurted.

"Come on, Val," she added. "Don't get shy on me just `cuz we're in
public. I'm offering you a chance to get a free blowjob, no strings

Suddenly, Matt and Jeff were unzipping their jeans.

"Be cool, guys," Lita told them. "You'll get your chance later on."
Turning back to Val, she whispered. "Come on, stud. Pull your dick out
where Trish and I can see it."

Val took a moment to look the ladies over. From where he stood, both
women looked deadly serious. They also looked seriously hot. Trish's
enormous tits were practically popping out of her black halter top, while
her silver miniskirt fit snugly around her bulging rump, barely concealing
the cleft of her asscheeks. Of course, Lita wasn't any worse on the eyes,
with her long legs, olive skin and deep brown eyes.

Cautiously, Val turned his head, looking around the room. At the same
time, he lowered his hand to undo his zipper. Gently, he reached in and
pulled his semi-erect penis through his open fly. As the ladies stepped
closer, he instinctively started squeezing and stroking his cock.

"So," he questioned. "What now?"

"It's very simple," Lita explained. "All you have to do is tell us who
you think gives the best head."

"Okay, I'll do my best," he promised. "Who gets to go first?"

"We'll let you choose," Lita said.

"All right," he thought. "Well, Miss Lita, since you issued the
challenge, I think you ought to go first. If you're really any good, you
can make Trish put her mouth where my money is."

Lita's full red lips curled into a clever smile. She dropped to her
knees, running her fingers along Val's inner thighs. He could see the
confidence and determination in her face. Clearly, this assignment wouldn't
be easy. Over the years, Val Venis had dozens of blowjobs, but never quite
under these circumstances. As Lita's soft fingers curved around his shaft,
Val pushed all other thoughts clear from his mind to concentrate on this
provocative experience.

Lita worked both of her warm, soft hands up the length of Val's cock.
First, she closed her left hand around the base of his shaft, sliding her
well-manicured fingers up to the tip. Then, she switched hands, repeating
the same smooth upward stroke. Gradually, she built up speed, alternating
from her left hand to her right. She studied Val's reaction carefully,
noting where his cock was most sensitive. She found that he liked it when
she gave him a little squeeze just under the head of his prick. The added
friction made Val's pelvis jerk. Lita continued her vigorous hand massage
until his hard-on was purple.

"My goodness, Val," Lita teased. "You have quite a nice cock. I can see
why all the ladies love you."

Val couldn't help smiling. A little flattery certainly wouldn't hurt
Lita's chances of winning this little game.

"I really love giving blowjobs," Lita continued, as her hands pumped his
shaft up and down. "The first time I ever sucked a guy's cock, I was only
14 years old. The guy was a friend of my older brother's. He used to hang
around our house all the time. I was kind of nervous about it at first, but
the more he let me do it, the better I got at it. After a while, it started
to get really fun. He would let me experiment on his cock with all different
techniques. Eventually, I got pretty good. Do you want to know the most
important thing I learned about sucking cock?"

"Mmmmmmm," Val moaned. "What's that?"

Lita held the head of his cock up to her mouth. She filled her mouth
with saliva and spit all over the tip.

"Always keep the penis nice and wet," she explained.

Then, slowly, she wrapped her pillowy soft lips around the swollen head
of Val's throbbing cock. She started to moan the instant her tongue made
contact with the pre-cum oozing from the tip. She mixed his semen with her
own spit, combining the fluids into one slippery lubricant. Val's cock was
coated in wet bubbles, as Lita started vacuum sucking his meaty rod. Any
thoughts about being caught giving head in the weight room of a fancy hotel
were long gone once Lita had a cock in her mouth. She made no effort to
muffle the loud slurping sounds of her mouth bobbing and twisting all over
the nine-inch meal between Val's legs.

"Mmmppphhhh!!!! Unngghhh!!! Shhlluurrpp!!! Mmmmppphhh!!! Lita puffed,
gulped and sucked his cock like her life depended on it. Her right hand
gripped the base as her lips stayed fastened to the pulsing head. She pumped
his shaft in her tightened fist, adding more and more suction from her
steaming hot mouth. Matt and Jeff couldn't believe their eyes. In just a
few short minutes, Lita had transformed into the horniest cocksucker they'd
ever seen. Even Test could hear the hungry noises she was making from
outside the door. He just knew Val was getting worked over.

Trish was quietly standing by, anxiously awaiting her turn. Initially,
she wanted to dismiss Lita's challenge. She felt she had nothing to prove.
Yet, the more she watched Lita devouring that fat juicy cock, the more her
mouth watered for a chance to suck on it too. Lita was definitely good, but
Trish had no doubt she was the bigger slut.

"All right, Lita," Trish interrupted. "I think Val's had enough time to
evaluate your technique."

With a mouthful of cock, Lita started to frown. She looked up at Val with
the hungry eyes of a begging little puppy, hoping he'd let her finish. Val
reluctantly shook his head.

"Sorry, Lita," he broke it gently. "Besides, my balls need a chance to
calm down a little. Then, we'll give a Trish her shot."

Lita silently stood up, wiped her mouth and patted Val on the chest. She
said she wanted to go make sure Test wasn't having any trouble, then she went
out to check on him. Matt and Jeff looked at each other, then looked over at
Trish. Trish gave them a glance, flashing a quick smile. Then, she told Val
to drop his pants and have a seat on the bench.

When Val took a seat, Trish flopped down between his legs. Before Val
even knew what hit him, Trish had half his cock down her throat. She cradled
his balls with a free hand, juggling them between her delicate fingers. As
she slid her clenched lips up the shaft, her tongue glided over the sensitive
nerve endings under the tip. She pulled her mouth away, creating a web of
spittle from her bottom lip back to his schlong. Again, she opened wide and
swallowed hard. Val's cock was every bit as big as Hunter's, Trish thought
to herself. She steadied herself, concentrating on her breathing, ignoring
her gag reflex. Down she sucked, long and deep. Each time, it got easier.
Each time, she could feel the head of Val's cock tickling her tonsils. When
she found her rhythm, her head bobbed faster. Val started to moan as Trish
effortlessly swallowed every inch of his enormous cock. All he could hear
was the sound of Trish heavily inhaling and exhaling through her nose. Up and
down, up and down, she furiously puffed and sucked, slurping and sloshing as
his cock disappeared in her mouth. Val was ecstatic.

"Jesus Christ, Trish," he cursed. "God damn, you know how to suck cock."

Trish came up, choking and gasping for air. The fiery look in her eyes
spoke volumes. Lita could beat her in the ring, but she wasn't going to beat
her at sex. She smiled at Val, with pre-cum and drool dripping off her chin.
She leaned down, slapping the length of his shaft across her face. She
pounded his fat cock against her pouty lips and rosy cheeks. Borrowing from
Lita, she spit on the tip and started stroking him really fast. Val threw
his head back, groaning uncontrollably. Lita heard the sounds and came
running back inside.

"Is he gonna cum?" Lita shouted.

"Ohhhhhh fuck yeah!" Val answered.

"Then, move over," she told Trish, kneeling down next to her.

Val stood up over the two eager cum sluts, stroking his cock with abandon.
He looked down to see the blonde and the redhead sticking out their tongues,
with their mouths wide open. Cum started pouring out of his cock like a
waterhose. Trish and Lita sat up, letting the hot jizz squirt all over
their stunning faces. Val did his best to feed them both a healthy dose of
his man-goo, pumping his load into Trish's mouth, then offering more cum to
Lita who greedily swallowed a hot mouthful. As Val stepped away, he watched
Trish and Lita kiss each other madly. His cum was still fresh on their lips,
as they swapped the semen back and forth in their dirty little mouths.

Matt and Jeff looked on with their mouths hanging open. Test was standing
inside the door, openly stroking his cock. Val slumped back down on the
bench covered in sweat.

"Okay, Val," the girls said together. "Tell us who won."

Val furrowed his brows in confusion, looking at them as if they were

"Ladies," he confessed. "I'm sorry, but there's no way I could choose
between you two. All I can say is, between the two of you, that was the best
blowjob I've ever had in my life. Aside from that, it's too hard for me to
pick a winner."

All Lita and Trish could do was sit there and sulk.

"Well," said Trish, looking over at Matt and Jeff. "You guys saw the
whole thing. What do you think?"

The Hardys shrugged.

"To be perfectly honest with you, Trish," Jeff admitted. "Without
first-hand experience, Matt and I can't really give you an informed opinion
on the subject."

Trish and Lita smiled at each other, then smiled at the guys. Matt and
Jeff smiled back. Five minutes later, the six of them were upstairs,
completely naked in Trish's hot tub.

On one side of the tub, Jeff and Lita were wrapped in each other's arms,
kissing hard. Matt came up behind Lita, rubbing his hands down her back and
over her ass. She could feel his hard cock poking her in the butt. She
reached behind, stroking it with her hand. Jeff reached down under the warm
water, pushing his finger between Lita's thighs. He felt his way up to her
pussy and stuck his fingers inside. Lita gasped as Jeff finger-fucked her
tight cunt. Matt reached around, cupping her breasts, running his fingers
over her swollen nipples.

On the other side of the tub, Trish had herself perched on the edge. Val
was in the water with his head buried between her legs. Test was standing
over Trish with his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Her head was
turned to the side, allowing Test to fuck her pretty face.

Down below, Val Venis was feasting on Trish's tender sweet pussy. He
worked his tongue in and out, spreading her lips wide to probe her pink inner
walls. Trish wrapped her firm legs around his head, locking him in place.
Val didn't complain. He eagerly munched on Trish's tasty beaver like an
all-you-can-eat buffet. He tugged on her labia, sucking them in his mouth.
He licked, nibbled and chewed on her pussy until Trish started squirming and
grinding her bush in his face. The more Val lapped at her honey-coated cunt,
the more Trish slurped and slobbered all over the throbbing cock Test was
forcing down her throat.

When Jeff sat up on the edge of the tub, Lita went to work on his cock as
well. She stroked him until he was rock hard, taunting him and teasing him,
telling him what a delicious-looking penis he had. Jeff pushed her head
down, and Lita happily crammed his cock in her wet mouth. Jeff sighed as
Lita's tongue danced up and down his rigid shaft. He grabbed her by the hair
and shoved her mouth over his dick. Lita couldn't go down as far as Trish,
so she started to choke a little. Jeff pulled her back up, but Lita wasn't

"It's okay," she assured him. "I like to be forced a little."

She went back down, letting Jeff place both hands on top of her head. She
opened wide and swallowed deep as Jeff pushed her to the brink. She started
to cough, stopped for a moment, then kept on gobbling his pole. Jeff told
her how good it felt, so Lita devoured every inch she could handle.

Meanwhile, Matt slid up behind Lita, grabbing her by the waist. It didn't
take long for Lita to figure out what he was about to do. He pushed his cock
deep into Lita's pussy, thrusting with all his might. Lita let out a low
raspy grunt, as Matt penetrated from behind. He held her in place, bucking
his hips back and forth, feeling the friction of her tight snatch clenching
and tugging on his dick. Lita tried to keep her mouth around Jeff's cock,
but Matt's hard thrusts were making the warm water splash against her clit.
She couldn't stay focused.

"Uhhhh! Uhhhhh yeah! Ohhh God, Matt! Yesss!! Harder!! C'mon harder!!!"
Lita begged.

Jeff studied the blissful expression on Lita's face, as his brother fucked
her from behind. Her head flew back. Her eyes shut tight. Her lips curled
into a lustful snarl. She tossed her hair in every direction, as she moaned
and panted with sexual pleasure.

On the other side, Val, Test and Trish decided to step out of the tub.
Val laid down on the linoleum floor, so Trish could straddle him. Test knelt
down beside them, rubbing his hands over Trish's butt. Val's massive cock
stood straight up in the air. Trish squatted over the tip, lowering her dewy
slit, guiding the thick throbbing shaft straight up her slutty cunt.

"Aaahhhhh!" She gasped. His gigantic cock felt like a tree trunk going
inside her. "Ohhhh, my God! Your cock is so fucking huge," she told him.
Next to Triple H, she was sure she'd never felt anything like it.

Trish gave her pussy a moment to adjust to the fullness inside her.
Slowly, she eased herself all the way down, letting her hands rest on Val's
thighs. When she gradually raised herself up on her haunches, she could
feel the inner folds of her pussy clinging to Val's iron rod, stretching to
accommodate his massive girth. The excitement of riding such a huge cock
had her moist cooze dripping with pussy juice. She could feel the nectar
running down her thighs.

"Jesus, I'm so fucking wet," Trish told him. "Can you feel how wet I am?"

Val nodded, quietly reflecting on his good fortune. He looked over at
Test who was finding new places on Trish's body to stick his fingers. Trish
grimaced the moment Test slipped his middle finger up her anus. Val could
feel her muscles tightening around his cock. Test wiggled his finger inside
her rectum, sliding it in and out. Trish started swiveling her hips in
circles, letting Test finger fuck her asshole. Val let Trish do all the
work, swiveling and bouncing up and down on his stick.

"Ooohhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Huhh! Huhh!" Trish hollered. "Mmmmmm! Yessss! I
like that finger in my ass! Ohhhhhh God! You guys are making me crazy!"

Val gave Test the thumbs up. Then, he made a suggestion.

"Hey, Test," he wondered. "Do you think she could handle something else
back there?"

Test nodded and smiled.

"It's worth a try," he answered.

Before Trish could protest, Test made her lean forward, placing both her
hands on the floor. Val pulled his cock out of the way, as Test coated his
shaft with the juices oozing from Trish's cunt. As Val re-entered Trish's
pussy, Test pushed his swollen knob through the tiny pink anal ring. Test had
an average-sized cock, giving him little trouble poking the tip up Trish's
asshole. By that point, Trish was feeling so incredibly horny she didn't
care what they did to her as long as they did lots of it.


Lita couldn't help hearing the commotion. So, not to be outdone, she
jumped out of the tub, pulling Matt up too. She told Matt to lie down on
the floor. Then, she squatted over his face.

"Matt," she insisted. "I want you to put your tongue up my ass. I want
you to lick my ass really deep. Get it nice and wet."

Matt took to the task like a duck to water. He grabbed her cheeks,
pulling Lita's ass right over his mouth. His tongue darted straight up her
asshole, slithering in and out, drooling and spitting all over it. As Matt
rimmed Lita's ass, Jeff stepped over, popping his cock back in Lita's mouth.
Lita squeezed the base, blocking the blood flow, forcing his engorged penis
to swell to even larger proportions. With her sultry brown eyes, she looked
up to see Jeff's reaction as she spit on the head of his cock and slapped it
against her tongue. She flicked the tip of her tongue along the underside
of his shaft, making his cock bounce and twitch against her lips. She knew
his cock was as hard as it could get. That's exactly what she wanted.

"Jeff," Lita whispered. "I want you to fuck me in the ass, right now."

The words were barely off her lips before Jeff swooped down behind her,
popping his throbbing cock in the warm wet tunnel his brother prepared for
him. Lita yelped as Jeff savagely buried his bone to the hilt. Her asshole
was stretched wide, but Lita loved it. Matt made himself useful between
Lita's legs, closing his mouth around Lita's clit, sucking for dear life.

HMMPPPHHH!! HMMMPPHHH!! HMMMPPHHH!!! She growled and gasped uncontrollably.

Test and Trish could see across the room as The Hardys fucked Lita
senseless. Lita and Jeff looked back, watching Trish take two cocks at once.
Screams and moans echoed all around them.

Matt was the only guy in the room not fucking anyone. So Jeff pulled Lita
onto the floor. He laid down on his back, setting Lita in a reverse cowgirl
position. She opened her ass, sliding his cock back inside. Jeff held her
legs up by the back of her knees, so Matt could slide in on top. Lita had
never done this before, but if Trish could take two dicks at once, Lita would
sure as hell give it a try.

As Matt drove his cock deep into Lita's pussy, Jeff started rocking her
back and forth with his own dick shoved up her drum-tight ass. Matt pumped
his hips with vigor. His balls smacked against her. Lita could barely make
a sound. The sensation was far too intense. Jeff held his cock in place,
letting their momentum do all the work. He could feel Lita's sphincter
squeezing his shaft, urging him to cum. Matt threw his back into Lita's
pussy, churning his cock inside her like a locomotive. Suddenly, he felt
the familiar electric surge in his balls. He was about to explode.

"Matt," Trish shouted. "Bring your cock over here."

Matt jumped up, leaping over to Trish. She eyed his pulsing prick, now
covered with Lita's juices. She ravenously gulped his cock in her hungry
mouth, savoring the nectar from Lita's freshly-fucked pussy. Matt's cock was
all the way down Trish's throat when he cried out with joy.


Trish didn't flinch when Matt emptied his balls down her gullet. She
sucked out his cum like she was sipping it from a straw, draining his balls
completely. Matt stumbled away with a glazed look on his face, immersing
himself in the hot tub.

When Test pulled his cock from Trish's sore ass, it was Lita who begged
for a taste of his soiled fuck stick. She closed her moist lips around the
dirty dick, sucking it clean. Test didn't hold back as his cum rained down
all over Lita's face. She jerked him off and cradled his nuts until every
drop of warm jizz found a home in her slutty mouth.

Val Venis had the next rocket ready for take off. Trish peeled his cock
from her pussy, dropping down to push his prick through the back of her
skull. She viciously attacked his cock, furiously fucking her own throat
like an addict fiending for a cum fix. Val roared like a lion as a powerful
load erupted from what felt like his toes. Trish couldn't handle the force
of such a violent explosion. She came up choking as streaks of cum splashed
her in the eye, up her nose and all down her chin. Her face was so covered
in cum it was hard to recognize who she was.

On the other side of the room, Lita was letting Jeff stuff her asshole
like a Thanksgiving turkey. With her back towards him, she squatted up and
down on his cock, as Jeff held her by the ass. He smacked her butt, making
sure she kept a nice, steady pace.

THWAAACK! "Come on, bitch! Ride that fucking cock!" Jeff taunted.
THWAAACK! "I want you to fuck your own ass! THWAAACK! Come on! Fuck your
ass with my cock! Do it, bitch!"

Lita was sweating all over him. She was sore and out of breath. Still,
she thought this was her final chance to prove that she could outfuck Trish
any day of the week. She clenched her tight ass muscles around Jeff's cock,
impaling her rectum on his shaft. She felt the sting of Jeff's hand smacking
her asscheeks. She bounced and squeezed as hard as she could.

"Come on, Jeff," she panted. "I want you to shoot your cum in my

"Beg for it," Jeff ordered. "Beg for my cum."

"Mmmmmmmm," Lita moaned. "Please, Jeff. Please cum in my ass."

Suddenly, Jeff closed his eyes. His whole face scrunched together. He
let out an ear-splitting scream. Then, Lita felt the wet surging injection
of hot cum pumping up her ass. She squeezed her rectum around his cock,
milking every ounce of his creamy deposit. Jeff laid beneath her, shaking
and trembling with delight. As she slid off, she could feel the warm trail
of semen dripping from her asshole.

Trish and Lita were spent. They'd given their four companions everything
they had. There was nothing left. All they could think of doing was taking
a hot bath, then going right to sleep. Still, as the men began gathering up
their clothes before making their way out, the ladies had one lingering

"So guys," the girls wondered. "Are you gonna tell us who won the

The guys all looked at each other, smiled and said, "We did."

End of Part 4

The Thought Police

This was probably the story I've had the most fun working on. I just keep
trying to think of ways to make it more and more intense. I hope you liked
it. Part Five is on its way!

Thanks for reading!

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