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The Sexual Desire for Trish Stratus, Part 1
by Surfomaniac

On Monday Night RAW, on the 11th of April 2005, the Big Red monster Kane
chased the buxom blonde bombshell Trish Stratus all over the arena with
just one intent, to teach the bitch a lesson she won't forget. Trish
was making life a living hell for Kane's wife Lita, and Kane wanted to
silence the WWE Women's Champion once and for all.

Trish ran for all she was worth and somehow managed to escape Kane. She
reached the passage way near her dressing room and after making sure
that Kane was not pursuing her, entered her locker room and locked the

Next to Trish's room was the dressing room of the 400 pound Viscera.
Viscera, probably the scariest and ugliest wrestler the WWE has seen,
had an incredible lust for the beautiful Trish. Every time he saw
Trish, he felt his cock hardening and had that incredible urge to fuck
her. Viscera wanted to fuck Trish hard and this was his fantasy for a
long time. He simply loved how sexy Trish was. Her enormous tits, nice
full ass, sexy blonde hair and hot sexy fuck face made him horny often.

So as Viscera entered the passageway and he saw Trish all sweaty and
scared, a tingle ran down to his groin and he started to harden. He
watched Trish as she entered her dressing room, all horrified. He
wondered what had scared her so much. He also felt angry that Trish had
not so much as even glanced at his direction. It infuriated Viscera
that Trish had never acknowledged him, not so much as said `Hi'. This
made Viscera want Trish all the very more. He just wanted to own her
and do all sorts of things to her which he had imagined for a long

Viscera entered his dressing room and noticed that he had a bulge in
his pants. He snickered at how easily Trish could make him horny. His
cock was actually pulsating. Viscera quickly reached for the drawer and
took out a full length poster of Trish. He always had a huge collection
of Trish's posters and magazines, as he new that they could be required
at the oddest of times. This poster was one of Trish in a tight grey
top that started half way down her boobs showing great cleavage, and a
white skirt. Trish was in a crouching position with her left hand
holding a strand of her gorgeous blonde hair. Viscera just gazed at the
poster transfixed. He placed the picture on the floor and fully
undressed. He looked at his cock, it was rock hard at 15 inches in
front of Trish's picture. Viscera took his cock in his left hand and
began to stroke it. He looked at Trish, she was so hot, a real sex
goddess thought Viscera. He took his cock and touched Trish's face in
the picture. He rubbed his cock all over Trish's hot face. Knowing that
Trish was just in the next room made him all the more horny. He took
his cock and started to rub it on Trish's big breasts in the poster.
They looked so big, so fleshy, so delicious.

"Aaaah! AAAAAH!" Viscera moaned slightly, not being too loud. He bent
down and licked the poster, he licked all over. Then Viscera just took
his cock in his hand, and furiously started beating on the large rod.
He continuously stared at Trish's picture and formed images of him
fucking the blonde babe. He stroked so hard, that loud noises were
produced due to the hand beating the cock. He imagined Trish giving him
a blowjob; those large pouty lips wrapped around his cock, fucking
Trish's large tits, making Trish bounce on his cock, fucking her large

"Oh fuck Trish, oh yeah baby, take that cock you slut, take that you
cock-teasing whore", Viscera muttered. He had the view of fucking Trish
doggy style which drove him over the edge and he started cumming all
over Trish's picture. Viscera always was able to blow huge loads. He
shot a lot of cum everytime he ejaculated and he could do that
regularly without many breaks in between. It was like God's gift to
him. He shot such a large load that it entirely covered the full-length
picture of Trish. There was cum right from Trish's hair, on her face,
on her large boobs, on her abdomen, crotch, legs and arms. Viscera's
cum covered the entire pic and Trish was almost not to be seen. Viscera
looked at the picture and what he had done to it. It gave him immense
pleasure to have treated Trish in this manner. It was kind of like he
had degraded the proud Women's Champion.

On the next Monday Night RAW, 18th April 2005, the beautiful Trish
Stratus was walking around the backstage area. Trish was dressed in a
tight black low-cut sleeveless top, which displayed her infamously
large cleavage nicely and tight black spandex pants. Her long silky
blonde hair was ironed straight, she looked super hot. Trish was a
nervous wreck, expecting Kane to jump on her at any time and have his
way with her.

"Hey, Big Tits!" someone shouted from behind her. Trish looked around
to find the proud Randy Orton glaring at her.

"Excuse me; what did you just call me?" Trish asked, although she had
clearly heard the remark.

"What? I didn't call you. You thought I called you Big Tits. No way
baby. I was calling out to Torrie there on the far side. If I needed to
call you, I would have screamed Fucking Large Mammoth Tits, wouldn't I?
Randy said with a horny grin on his face.

"Fuck off, Randy!" screamed Trish.

"I'd rather fuck you Trish, I'd rather fuck you!"

Trish turned around disgusted and walked away from Randy.

"Hey, you have a Fucking Large Mammoth ass as well. Now I have two
names for you, bitch!" yelled Randy from behind her.

Trish ignored him. She got a lot of this from pervert male wrestlers.
She just ignored them accepting it as a part of the business.

Trish knew she had to go out to the ring later and issue an apology to
Lita. That was one way of trying to please Kane and cool him down. But
she needed a backup plan. She needed someone who could watch her back
and protect her from Kane. She needed someone who could physically
handle Kane; whilst he being a low card wrestler so that he would be
available at all times.

Trish was thinking about her options when she saw the big Viscera
approaching her from the other side of the hallway. Viscera stopped
dead when he saw Trish. Wow, she's looking hot today he thought.

One look at Viscera and Trish knew she had her man. She gently
approached him. Viscera couldn't even move as he saw Trish nearing him.

"Hi Viscera"

Viscera felt his balls tense up, on hearing Trish speak his name. He
didn't reply.

Trish continued, "Mmm. I was wondering if you had some time, could you
please do me a favour?" with all the teasing power she had.

Viscera just tilted his head which Trish took as yes.

"Well, as you know, I am having a bit of trouble with Kane and Lita.
Now Kane is a very dangerous person and he scares me to death. If he
ever gets his hands on me, there is no knowing till what limits he
would go. So, I was thinking if you could be a gentleman, and you know,
just have my back against Kane. I mean, like protect me from him?"
Trish asked, and fluttered her eyes a bit. How easy it was for her to
persuade men.

"Um hmmp" Viscera muttered.

"Excuse me?"

"Hmmmm.Ok, Trish, ye can rely on me"

Viscera's glance headed downwards and rested on Trish's deep cleavage.
Trish was all too accustomed to this and didn't bother to comment.

"So, can I hope to see you help me out with any trouble Kane may cause


"Thanks, Vis. I really owe you!"

Saying this Trish started to leave, feeling a bit secure, both due to
Viscera being on her side and getting away from him at the moment.

Viscera for a moment was dumbstruck. The proud Trish Stratus who had
never once before even spoken to him was now asking for his help in her
time of need. How he hated her, how he wanted to fuck her even more.
Viscera watched Trish walking away, he watched that large ass walking
away, when he suddenly spoke. "Trish!"

Trish turned around slightly surprised.

"Hey, I was thinking, if I'm going to be of some `elp to ye, you should
also be of some `elp to me. I mean, I would like something in return.
Ye know, like some favour in the future."

Trish contemplated how she could be of any help to this beast, but this
was no time to argue. She was due to meet Lita in the ring in 5 minutes
and anything could happen involving Kane. She needed Viscera. "Oh yes,
Vis, sure, you can count on me. Anything!"

Saying this Trish headed towards the ring.

Viscera decided to follow her, just once word echoing in his mind.

Trish's laughter echoed inside the arena as the WWE Women's Champion
headed out to the ring. The way Trish looked, it was hard for the men
to keep their cocks flaccid.

Backstage, Viscera stayed close to the entrance, just out of sight.

Trish got in the ring and took the mic. A huge chant of `Trish is a
slut!' echoed through the arena. Trish hated when the crowd did that.
It made her feel so cheap. But she had to accept it all as part of her
job. As always, the teenagers in the front row started snapping pics of
hers. Again some of them took zoomed-in pics of her cleavage with their
high res cameras.

Trish called out Lita and apologized to her. Lita however had nothing
to do with Trish, she gladly called Trish a bitch.

But then to Trish's horror there was a huge blast of red fireworks as
Kane started heading to the ring with just one thing in mind. Lita used
her crutches to knock Trish off her feet as Kane approached the ring.
Trish, horrified, ran for her life, out of the ring and up the aisle.
Kane pursued her. Trish however tripped over herself on the aisle. As
Kane got a hold of Trish, Viscera ran out to the ring and started
hitting Kane for all he was worth. Viscera completely took out Kane and
then turned to see Trish with a relieved look on her face.

The horniness all came back to Viscera, he started feeling hard again
and just looking at Trish standing there a few feet apart, he
momentarily lost himself. He had this huge desire to fuck Trish right
there, right then. Trish approached Viscera and patted him on the
chest. Having Trish's hands on him made Viscera completely dazed by
horniness and he picked the beautiful Trish in his arms and started
carrying her out of the arena. Trish was shocked, not knowing what
Viscera's intentions were. Viscera's cock was throbbing. As he has
Trish in his arms, he tried to grope Trish's big right breast. Trish
noticed this and started arguing. They reached the backstage area, when
Trish screamed, "Put me down! PUT ME DOWN!!"

Viscera put Trish on her feet against the wall. He was so horny right
now, that if this was an empty alley, he would have raped Trish right
there. Trish was against the wall with the huge body of Viscera
covering her. She had nowhere to go.

"Um, Vis, uh, you were great out there. I don't think Kane has ever
experienced pain like that. You were the man" she slapped him again on
the chest. "Thank you. Awesome!" Trish tried to squeeze away form

Viscera quickly pulled her back by grabbing hold of her right arm and
again cornered her against the wall. Viscera ran his left hand along
Trish's right arm, feeling the nice flesh. He felt all over Trish's
right arm. It felt so nice, so soft.

"Glad to be of service" said Viscera, still caressing Trish.

"Umm, thank you, yeah!" Trish managed to mutter.

Viscera was extremely horny now. He couldn't wait any longer. He
exclaimed, looking straight into Trish's gorgeous, hot, sexy fuck face,
"but I'll be even more glad, when you service me."

Trish was totally off balance now, "What do you mean by, service, umm,
service you?"

Viscera continued to caress Trish's hot fleshy bare right arm. "Ye know
the deal we made."

"Um, ah, yeah"

"It was like, I do something for you.."

"Um, right"

".and you DO something for me" Viscera said leaning closer to Trish.

Trish held her hands to keep Viscera from squashing her body against
the wall.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, what I meant, you know."

"Maybe we go out next week"

"What I was talking about is ah .." Viscera's hand was again moving
along Trish's arm " know, discuss Kane and Lita. And you know, I'm
talking strictly bidness" Trish said, glancing at Viscera's hand on her

"Strictly bidness, eh?"


Viscera tightened his grip over Trish' arm. "Well, you know me Trish. I
like to mix bidness .." Viscera glanced slightly at Trish's ass ".with
a whole lot of pleasure".

"Oh well, actually, it's just that I don't know you at all. So just,
you know, it's just awkward" Trish managed to blurt.

"Oh OK, OK. Maybe you want to handle Kane and Lita all on your own."
Viscera said, knowing this would get Trish thinking.

"Ah no, no, no, no. Ofcourse not. I need you. And you know what, it's
cool, it's cool, we can hang out." Trish again noticed Viscera's hand
kind of molesting her arm. "Just let's take it slow. You know what I am
saying big man, we'll take it slow."

"Yeah, we'll take it slow."


"We'll take it real slow."


"Like all night long type slow."

"Oh yeah, sure. OK so, thanks again and uh, I'll see ya" saying this,
Trish tried to wriggle out of Viscera's presence.

Viscera grabbed Trish by her long, sexy, blonde hair and pulled her
back. Viscera leaned in to kiss Trish. Trish managed to scream "Oh my.
before Viscera had his lips entangled with hers. Viscera's tongue
entered Trish's mouth as he smooched the smirk off his all time biggest
fuck fantasized woman. He held her tight and kissed her hard. When he
finally let go Trish was shocked. Viscera, the ugly, large freak had
kissed her, her, the Women's Champion and all time greatest diva. She
was totally at a loss to think.

"See you later Trish" said Viscera although his cock was saying the

"Yeah, see you later." Trish said as she cleaned her mouth, almost

Trish headed towards her dressing room, totally shocked as to what she
had got herself into. Ok, she had escaped Kane but now she had Viscera
all hot for her. What had got into Viscera, she thought. "Does he
actually expect me to have sex with him. No, never, I can never do it.
The guy is a freak. Yuck." Just the thought made Trish uneasy.

Trish turned the hallway, when a young assistant called out to her.
"Ms. Stratus!"

Trish turned towards the young man, "Yes?"

"The General Manager would like to have a word with you, now."

Trish was a bit surprised. What could Eric want from her? She hated the
prospect of facing Eric. The guy couldn't talk without leering at her.
It was like he spoke to her tits, not to her. Anyways, he was the boss,
she had to go meet him.

"I'll see him right away."

"Thank you, Ms. Stratus."

After 5 minutes Trish found herself knocking on the doors of the
General Managers' office.


Trish entered Eric's office. The GM was seated behind his desk. He
smirked when he saw that Trish had arrived.

"Ah, Trish, how nice to see you. And I do mean NICE."

Eric couldn't help but pass crude, pervert remarks at Trish. It gave
him immense pleasure to talk like that to the sexiest diva in WWE
history. Made him think he owned her.

"What is it, Eric?" Trish asked, all too used to Eric's verbal

Hearing Trish's sexy voice aroused Eric. He knew exactly how he would
handle Trish and what his plans were for her right now.

"Oh well, if you want to get straight to the point, I'll not comment
about how good your chest looks in that top. I always wonder how you
manage to wrestle so well, with those large lumps of flesh hanging from
your chest?"

"Just tell me what it is, Eric. Otherwise I'm leaving." Trish started
to leave, irritated.

"Wait up, Trish. I have something important to tell you."

Trish halted.

"I hear from the medical staff that you have a herniated disk, in that
wonderful back of yours, and you can't wrestle for a few weeks. Is that


"So now that you have some free time, you feel like sleeping around
with the likes of Viscera."

"What? I'm not sleeping around with that ugly, fat moron" screamed
Trish, now really angry.

"Not, eh? Well certainly people thought so when he saved your large,
round butt from Kane."

"All can go to hell!"

"Now, now, Trish. No need to get unnecessarily worked up. I have
another issue which you may reserve your energy and stamina for" said
Eric, looking up and down Trish's hot body, staring at her large boobs.

"And what may that be?"

"Well, now that you are unable to wrestle for a few weeks, I feel that
you are not entitled to hold on to the gold on your shoulder."

"WHAT? Hey, I wrestled just last week. You are gonna strip me off my
title just cause I won't be able to wrestle a few weeks? This is

"Hey, hey, whoever thought of stripping you of your title? All I think
of is stripping you."

"Oh c'mon Eric. Stop that shit."

"No I won't. Now that you mentioned it, stripping you off your title
isn't such a bad idea."

"There's no way!"

"Way!" said Eric. "I can do whatever I please."

"Hey you can't do that. I mean, this title means the life to me. I
can't just let it go without a fight."

"Hmm.means the life to you eh?" Eric queried, leering away at Trish.
"You know what means the life to me? It means wanting to fuck you,
Trish. It means wanting to fuck you. That's life. Remember that fateful
day around two years back? We had made a pact, a match between you and
me, if you win, you get a title shot, if I win, I get to have my way
with you. I'm sure you remember Trish, I won that match and you have
still not let me anywhere near you. I won that match, I have the right
to fuck you."

"How dare you?" Trish was horrified.

"You don't deserve to be Women's Champion, Trish. Not when you can't
defend your title."

"Tell me, you don't mean to strip me off my title. I don't believe it."

"I won't strip you of your title, sexy woman, if you strip those
clothes off yourself and pleasure me to my heart's content.

"WHAT? How dare you? I will report this to Mr. Mcmahon. I would sue

"Mr. Mcmahon" Eric laughed. "Who do you think suggested this to me?"


"Possible, hot lips."

"What happens if I am stripped of the title."

"Well, you don't get a title shot for a year and you would have to be
in some of the most sexually provoking angles in the history of RAW.
Now you have two options, you blonde fuck doll, you either walk out of
that door with the title on your shoulder for the last time this year,
or you head to the door and lock it for obvious reasons. Remember, you
walk out and you would be humiliated on every other RAW show. And don't
even think of quitting. You have signed a contract till September

Trish was completely at a loss for words. She dumbly walked to the door
and latched it. Eric felt his semi-hard cock turn rock hard.

"What do you want me to do?" Trish asked, almost in tears.

"Aaah, now that's a tough question, ain't it? There's so much a woman
like you can do. But not to worry, everything would be done to you,
Trish, everything. Well, let me see that top taken off Trish. I hate to
see your tits being subjected to such pressure."

Trish looked disgusted but began to take her top off.

"Please do it sexily Trish. I need to be convinced that a bitch like
you still needs to be Women's Champion."

Trish started to lift her top gently, and tried to pass a sexy look at
Eric, but immediately lost the urge. God, what the hell was happening
to her. This can't be true. But it was. Almost in tears, the blonde
diva lifted the top above her large tits.

"OH YEAH!" screamed Eric. What a sight this was, Trish with her top
over her fabulous boobs.

Trish took another deep breadth before taking her top off completely.
There she stood in front of the general manager of RAW, her huge tits
covered by her lovely brassiere.

"It feels great to be me now, Trish"

Trish waited for a while, trying to buy time.

"What the fuck are you waiting for, you fucking cocktease? You listen
here, you stupid, big titted, large assed, blonde Women's Champion, you
comply with me here. You do whatever I want you to do. You understand,
you bitch? My cock wants to see you naked, you do it. Otherwise, your
kiss with Viscera tonight, would be turned into Viscera fucking your
ass, you get that?"

Trish was in tears; finally Eric had managed to break her.

"Do you get that, you bitch?"

Trish nodded. She began stripping off her pants. She saw Eric
unbuttoning his belt and taking his pants off too. Trish slipped her
tights off her sexy legs and stepped out of them. When she looked up
she was shocked to see Eric, already with his pants off, undressing
completely. Next thing she knew, he was standing in front of her,
completely nude, his cock at attention. She noticed the size, larger
than expected, a good 11 inches or so.

"Now, that's more like it, Trish. Wow, you are a wonder, Trish. That
body of yours, I wonder how many times I must have masturbated over
your posters, I wonder how many men in the world jerk off to you daily.
Do you ever think of that, Trish? Do you ever think about how many men
across the globe have their cocks hard for you?"

Trish didn't answer.

Eric approached her in the middle of the room. He got his hand to her
face and caressed her cheek. He felt all over her face and rested his
thumb in between her lips.

"Answer me, you sexy thing. Do you ever think how many cocks are hard
for your big breasts and large ass, thinking about what it would be
like to fuck you in bed?"


"Yes, I do, yes, sometimes."

Eric's thumb entered her mouth as she spoke.

"OH YEAH, you do."

He took his thumb out and began sliding his index finger, starting from
the center of her large, pouty lips, up to her nose, tracing it, then
moving across her forehead and onto her hair. He reached behind her and
continued feeling Trish with his finger, down her long, blonde hair. He
held his finger in her hair as he leaned closer and smelt it.

"Oh, yeah, you smell lovely, Trish."

He continued to trace her with his finger, down the center of her back
and reached her thong panties.

"Oh millions dream of this, but I'm the one doing it. It feels great to
be me now."

With his other hand, he began sliding her thong down her legs. The
index finger tracing Trish was now placed directly above her butt
crack. Eric kneeled down and got his face right in Trish's ass.

"Oh fucking Lord, this is the view! My fucking mind is going crazy
Trish. I mean, your ass is a work of art."

He leaned in and kissed both her ass cheeks, one at a time. Then his
index finger continued its journey down her ass crack. He held it near
her anus and then continued. He rested his finger right below her legs.
He then again came to the front to face Trish. Tears were flowing out
of her beautiful eyes. Eric managed to get his finger to her pussy. He
slightly pressed and entered her cunt. He looked at Trish. She was
looking straight ahead, a disgusted look on her face. Eric inserted his
finger further in.

"This office has seen the likes of Torrie, Lita, Stacy and every other
diva in the locker room fucked senseless. All except you, Trish. You
are the one diva of this company, not yet to be fucked by me in this
office. All is going to change soon."

His finger left Trish's cunt and he noticed it was just a bit wet. He
started to feel her upwards, felt her abs, her belly button and moved
up until he reached the center of her gigantic boobs, still being held
in the bra.

"Now what the fuck is this bra still doing on you, Trish? Fucking take
it off!"

Trish reached the back of her bra and unclipped it and let it fall to
the ground.

"Good God, Almighty! I always imagined what this would be like, how
your tits would look like naked. Oh, this is so much better than that.
Oh, the way you've teased us, Trish. All these years, the way you've
flaunted that deep cleavage, the way you've teased us with your bending
acts. Why didn't you ever show them to us in all their glory? Never
mind that now" he said, as his finger rose upwards to her neck and back
to rest on her lips, completing the full trip.

Eric took his hands and grabbed both of Trish's tits. Trish looked at
him. Eric loved it. He loved seeing the humiliation in Trish's face,
her boobs in his hands. Loved seeing how this proud female, who thought
she was the queen of the WWE, was being treated by him, was being felt
by him. He continued looking at Trish, straight in her eyes as he toyed
around with her tit meat. He felt her tits all around and felt her
large nipples. He gently squeezed her tits and then increased the
pressure; saw her face wincing a bit in pain. He raised his hands to
Trish's face and intertwined his fingers in her hair. He held huge
chunks of Trish's gorgeous hair and brought her face close to his. With
another look straight in her eyes, he joined his lips with hers and
kissed her like a hungry dog. He kissed and licked and bit her lips,
devouring the taste. He held her head tight with her hair and his
tongue entered her mouth and Eric was kissing the hell out of Trish.
His tongue got hers and he wanted to kiss that hot face off Trish's
neck. He kissed and he licked Trish's face to his cock's content before
letting go.

Trish was completely dazed. She had just been kissed as if Eric wanted
to bite the lips off her.

"What the hell are you doing, Eric?" She screamed. "You crazy, you

"Oh, shut the fuck up, you fuck doll. I've not even started yet."

"This is not worth it, you bastard."

"Oh you would rather do this in front of thousands of people in the
ring, would you?"

"Fuck your blackmail."

"I mean it."

The look in his eyes swore that he meant it.

"Now Trish, my lips devoured yours. Now my cock is jealous, it wants
its share. It wants your large lips around it. So honey, get down on
your knees, where you belong."

Trish went down on her knees, knowing she was totally helpless.

"It's finally happening. Trish Stratus is on her knees in front of me,
my cock pointing at her hot sexy face. Now listen here Trish honey, I
want that incredible mouth of yours to do incredible things to my cock.
I want you to look at me with those incredible eyes while you perform
those incredible things. You get that, Trish? Do you get it, my bitch?"


Trish took Eric's cock into her soft hands and pressed on it a little.

"Look at me, Trish!"

Trish looked upwards and slowly started stroking Eric's cock. She
tugged at it and ran her hand over its length. Then she got her mouth
to it and took a part of it in.

"Oh yeah, finally, oh yeah."

Eric had a good hold of Trish's hair and he started to play around with
it, messing up the perfect style. Trish sucked the tip of his cock and
then slowly started to bob her head on Eric's dick. Continuously
looking at Eric, she started to gulp in more of the man meat. Eric held
her head and started to maneuver it on his cock. Eric wanted to get the
best that Trish could offer. Eric felt Trish's mouth and tongue on his
cock and started to moan, "Oh baby, suck it, Trish, suck it with that
wondrous mouth of yours. Oh yeah baby, Stratusfaction!" Trish's lips
wrapped tightly along Eric's shaft. "Fuck Trish, those lips of yours
are sure meant to be wrapped around a dick." Eric continues to play
around with Trish's hair, enjoying the feel of the silky, blonde
strands in his hands. Trish's head continues to bob on Eric's cock,
saliva dripping on it and out of her mouth. She had around 6 inches in.
"C'mon Trish, you are a six time Women's Champion. That mouth can
surely take more than that." Saying this Eric forced Trish's sexy face
on his dick, causing around 9 inches to enter her hot mouth and hit her

"Mmmphh." Trish gagged on Eric's cock. Eric held Trish's hair in a
ponytail, and started to ram her head on his cock, every time pulling
her back to leave just his cockhead in her mouth and then ramming it
back inside. The force with which Eric was handling Trish's head caused
the entire 11 inches of his dick to enter Trish's mouth, enter her
throat, her lips reaching unto his balls. Trish's eyes were watering
but still Eric was looking at her, at her condition. He couldn't ever
imagine the sensations going through his dick as Trish Stratus was
working it with her wet mouth. He felt the softness of her tongue on
his hard cock. He loved the sight of Trish Stratus having his entire
cock past her lips. Trish was gagging and couldn't breathe. Eric eased
her, gave her a couple of seconds worth of air and again banged her
head on his cock. Eric was relentless. He rammed Trish's head
forcefully, back and forth. The impact of his cock hitting her throat
could almost be heard. The pleasure that yielded from Trish's mouth on
to Eric's cock was mind blowing. Eric was raping Trish's mouth and was
loving every moment of it.

"Mmmhhpp. Mmmhhhpp. Please.. Mmphhh" Trish begged for Eric to stop.

But Eric wouldn't stop, not yet. Trish had teased him enough for him to
let her go this easy. He took his cock and started to pump it on the
underside of Trish's cheek. Trish's cheek bulged as Eric felt the

"Oh yeah, Trish. Oh yeah. Oh the times I've imagined this.Oh yeah

Eric loved the feel of Trish's hair in his hands and suddenly had this
crazy desire to feel her hair all over his cock. He was shocked at what
he wished for. It was weird. But he wanted it. Trish Stratus had such
sexy hair he wanted to do something special with them.

"I wanna fuck your hair Trish"

Trish thought she didn't hear correctly, "What?"

"I wanna feel your hair all around my cock and fuck it."

"Are you fucking crazy Eric. Goddamn pervert."

"Stop the protests bitch. Your hair is so blonde, so silky, its gonna
be fucked. Now get up on the table there and let your hair free along
the side."

Trish hesitated.

"FUCKING DO IT" Eric screamed.

Trish went up to the table, laid on it with her head close to the edge
and let her hair fall along the side. Eric went up to her and grabbed
huge chunks of her blonde locks in one hand. With the other her grabbed
his cock and began inserting it into Trish's hair. Wow, it was better
than he thought. The silky softness of Trish's hair felt extremely
great on his cock. He took chunks of her hair and wrapped them tightly
over his cock. Trish just lay on the table, feeling degraded. Eric
moved his cock inside Trish's free flowing hair. He was just getting a
hairjob from Trish Stratus, one sexual act he never dreamt of before.
He let her hair free and without the help of his hands managed to get
his stiff cock inside the blonde locks. He messed her hair around with
his cock for a while. So much pleasure. But now he needed flesh again.

"Blowjob time again, hot lips!"

Trish didn't respond.

"You stupid bitch, I'm gonna tear that mouth of yours apart."

He pulled Trish off the table on her knees and forced his cock deep
into her mouth. Trish gagged due to the reflex and Eric relentlessly
began thrusting it inside her mouth and throat fucking her. He held her
head tight and violated her mouth bad. He held her ears and bounced her
head on his cock. It was an amazing scene, Eric handling the super sexy
and nude Trish Stratus by her ears and absolutely raping her mouth.

Eric felt his cum building and knew it was too early to blow. Trish
Stratus was going to pleasure him for a long time.

He reluctantly withdrew his cock and released Trish as she dropped to
the floor, clutching her throat, gasping for air.

Eric was so crazy for Trish now. Looking at her struggling on the floor
got out the beast in him. He turned Trish on her back and taking his
cock in his hand, brought it close to her face. "Look at this, Trish.
Look at how hard it is. Look at what you've done to me, Trish. This is
how hard you have made me. It is your creation, Trish. And now, your
creation is gonna fuck you bad. Your tits are mine for the moment,

Saying this, Eric positioned his hard cock in between Trish's enormous
boobs. Her boobs covered his cock, towering over it. He grabbed a firm
hold of her tits and squeezed them on his cock. The soft flesh of
Trish's tits pleasured Eric as it squeezed his dick. Then he started to
fuck Trish's tits like a man possessed. He began to grind his cock in
between Trish's tit flesh with such force that Trish thought he would
pull them right out of her chest.

"AAAAAAAH. Stop, oh god, fuck, stop. Aaah." Trish screamed.

"Oh you deserve this, Trish. This is for all the times your large
cleavage has caused men to lust over you. This was meant to be, Trish.
Your tits deserve this."

Eric's desire for Trish's tits got the better of him as he started
screaming all sorts of obscenities in reference to Trish's big breasts
as he fucked them.

"Oh Trish, these large mounds of flesh on your chest, fuck Trish, I'm
fucking the best tits in the business. Your boobs are just the best
fuck toys a man could get. They are like these objects; you possess
objects to harden the penises of this world."

Trish felt her boobs being attacked by this man who was clearly not in
the right frame of mind. She lay there, ashamed, feeling Eric's cock in
between her large boobs.

"Tell me why you never exposed them before, Trish. Tell me, why did you
always show so much cleavage, for me to get mad, to desire your tits
so? Why did you tease my cock so much." He kept on pumping Trish's tits
at a brisk pace, continuing to talk. "You know, when you enter the ring
and bend down, to give the world a glimpse of your sexy rack, I take my
cock in my hand and rub it hard. Sometimes, when you are really showing
it off, I order a cameraman to always focus on your tits. Yeah Trish,
one camera is always zoomed in on your rack. It's not broadcasted,
expect on my T.V. So for the entire time of your match I am jacking
away looking at those tits of yours."

Trish couldn't believe what she was hearing. This pervert used to
assign camera's on her boobs?

"You are the sickest man I've ever met, Eric. I hate you."

"Oh yes, fuck Trish, give me those tits! Oh, I love your tit-meat,

As he fucked Trish's breasts for a good fifteen minutes and again felt
his cum rise, he suddenly quit. "Not yet, not yet."

He grabbed Trish by her hair and carried her to a large couch at the
side. He flung Trish over the couch and then jumped on her.

"Fuck off, Eric. Enough is enough."

"Fuck off? Now is the time I fuck you, bitch!"

Eric grabbed Trish's sexy thighs and caressed them, feeling the flesh.
He spread them apart, exposing the one thing he had dreamt of for a
long long time.

"It's time, Eric Bischoff is ready to fuck the gorgeous Trish Stratus

Saying this, and looking into Trish's eyes, Eric entered her tight
pussy. He started thrusting his cock inside of Trish's cunt. He loved
every moment of it. Her pussy quickly clamped on his dick and he loved
the feel of her wet insides.

"Aaahh, yes, oh God!" he moaned.

Trish was pinned to the couch as Eric spread her thighs further apart,
gaining easier access to Trish's love hole. He increased his pace as he
pumped his cock in and out of Trish's soft vagina. He viewed the sight.
His dick entering and exiting the one cunt he desired more than ever;
he glanced at Trish's face, her eyes were closed and he could feel her
body respond to the sex. He watched Trish's pretty face, he knew her
body was not listening to her mind, he knew she was lost, she was
hooked on to the fucking he was giving her. He knew he owned Trish now.

Slam, slam, slam he fucked the beautiful Women's Champ. Trish couldn't
help but get wet. The force with which Eric's cock was fucking her,
drove her senseless.

"OH God. Fuck. AAAHHH. AAAAHHH. MMMPPPP." Trish screamed.

"Oh yes, goddamn slut you. Oh moaning are we. AAAHH. Nothing but a
cheap slut you are, Trish. Say you like it. Say that I'm pleasuring
you. That Eric Bischoff is pleasuring the hottest piece of flesh in
this building. Say it, you whore."

"Oh, you bastard, you filth. God, fuck you, you cheap son of a bitch.

Eric lifted her legs up his shoulders and brutally fucked her open
cunt. He devoured Trish and relished her.

"I'll give you Stratusfaction, you blonde fuck! I'll rip open that
tight pussy for you. He grabbed a hold of her tits as he fucked the
beautiful Trish Stratus hard. He squeezed the large tits and felt
Trish's face twitch. Her hands were holding her head, trying to think
correctly, but her brain was concentrating on the cock penetrating her
vagina. She started to play around with her hair, messing them as she
felt Eric's cock own her pussy, own her.

The impact was loud as his waist hit her crotch, as his balls hit her
ass. In and out he went, fucking Trish's insides. He leaned over and
kissed her mouth.

"MMM. Oh God, yeah. YEAHHH" Trish couldn't hold it back. She couldn't
contain it any longer, her body gave way as an enormous orgasm overtook
her. She came hard on Eric's cock and screamed in pleasure. Her juices
oozed out onto Eric's cock, down her thighs.

"What the fuck, did the gorgeous Trish Stratus just explode? Did I make
the sexiest babe in wrestling history cum? Oh yes, I did, cause
underneath, our Women's Champion is just a big boobed, blonde slut with
a large fleshy ass. Speaking of that large, fleshy ass, Trish Stratus,
it reminds me that your backside needs to be fucked, fucked hard" he
said, still fucking her now dripping wet cunt.

"No Eric, that's one thing you won't do. I forbid it. No. NO."

"You forbid me? Did I hear correct? You fucking slut, I just made your
cunt explode on my cock and you say you forbid me from fucking that
round butt of yours? Don't fucking make the rules around here, Trish
Stratus. Right now you are a fucking nobody, understand? Now, I'm gonna
rip that hole up your pretty ass and you are gonna feel every bit of
it, do you get it, Ms. 3 Times Slut of the Year?"

He withdrew his cock from her cunt and turned her around on all fours,
that magnificent ass in front of him, Trish's asshole exposed.

"No Eric, no, anything but this. You can't do this to me. I'm Trish
Stratus, goddamit."

"No Trish. To me, you are just a sexy blonde slut, a big boobed sex
siren, a tasty assed cock tease. Your ass is mine, Trish Stratus!"

Eric rammed his cock up Trish's asshole as she screamt in pain.

"OH FUCK! AAAAHHHHH. OH God, that hurts, AAAAHHHH." Trish screamed in

Eric fucked Trish's ass hard as he reached for her long blonde hair and
pulled her head back. In front of them was a large mirror and it
reflected the image of Trish, looking straight into it, Eric behind
her, gripping her hair with his cock up her ass. Trish's injured back
was stretched and it hurt bad.

Eric brutally fucked Trish, in and out of her ass hole as she almost
passed out from the pain. He let go of her hair and grabbed her hips as
he forced her ass on his cock. He felt Trish's large ass tense against
his cock and heard her screams as he violated her backside.

"Please stop, please, it hurts so, AAAHHHHH, please, oh please" Trish
was wailing out.

"Scream out loud bitch, let the people out there know what's going on

He fucked Trish's sore ass for another five minutes, before he really
couldn't hold his cum back anymore.

"Aaah! There's one thing I've always wanted; to unleash my cum over
that gorgeous face of yours, Trish!" He pulled out of Trish's ass and
grabbed her hair to position her hot and sexy face in front of his
cock. With one last look at her, he unloaded the cum built over the
time spent in fucking Trish in all holes. Spurt after spurt of Eric's
cum lands on Trish's beautiful face. Some of it lands on her neck and
tits. Few drops fly onto her hair. Trish's entire face is covered in
man fluid.

"That's a scene. Consider that face on the cover of the next RAW
magazine, Trish." Eric laughs, grabbing her tits again.

"Oh you sick son of a bitch. What the fuck have you done to my face."

Eric steps over to his desk. He gets out a camera. "I've just applied
the right amount of make-up and made you photogenic, Trish." he says,
before clicking snaps of her cum covered face and nude body.

"OH FUCK! How dare you. Give me that camera, you bastard."

"Fucking relax, hot stuff. Nothing's gonna leak out. This is just to
keep your hot mouth shut. Any word of what happened here and this leaks
out to the world. Ofcourse, it will remind me of this wonderful day in
my life. And one last thing, big tits." He reached across to his desk
again and got out a scissor.

"What the hell is that for" Trish asked, surprised.

Eric reached over to her, grabbed a small strand of her beautiful,
gorgeous blonde hair and cut it off with the scissor.

"What the hell?"

"Relax, Trish. It's not gonna spoil your look. Hell, I would never
spoil your look. Just a mememto for me. This strand of your lovely
hair, your bra and panties stay right here, with me. They are three of
your things I'll enjoy smelling" he said, laughing loudly. "Now, get
that hot ass of yours off the couch, and wash yourself in there" he
said, pointing to the washroom.

Trish lifted herself from the couch, disgusted with what just took
place. Her ass hurt bad. She entered the washroom and cleaned herself,
washing all the cum off. She entered the room again and put on her top
and tights, not bothering with the bra and panties.

"It was the best fuck I ever had, Trish. You are a better lay than any
other diva." Eric was smelling the strand of Trish's hair he had cut.

Trish gave him a scornful look as she headed towards the door and
unlocked it.

"I'm hard for you again, already" Eric shouted, but Trish had already
limped out.

Trish felt extremely dirty as she headed back to her dressing room. She
felt so cheap, so degraded. Her ass ached as she walked. She could feel
her asshole stretched as if Eric's cock was still up it.

As she limped to her dressing room, she came across Chris Jericho.

"Hey, Trish! You're walking all funny, like you've just had a cock up
your ass" Jericho was laughing.

"Just get lost, Chris! I'm in no mood for jokes."

"I'm not joking. I really feel you've had a cock up your ass."

Trish got this often. The male stars of the industry just couldn't stop
making passes at her. Usually, it was just someone staring up her body,
but people like Jericho and Orton always got verbal.

"I guess she could have two" Randy Orton had appeared out of nowhere.

Jericho was standing in front of Trish as Orton was close to her back.
Trish was almost sandwiched between the two.

"Would you two fuckheads just leave me alone? I'm disgusted with this,
ok? You two make me sick, always leering at me, staring me down,
talking trash! Enough is enough ok? Just get the fuck out of my
presence." Trish was clearly annoyed.

"Hey Chris, what did you do to annoy her like that? I was clearly
complimenting her large ass, for the two cocks it can so easily take,
what the fuck were you saying?"

"Mmmm, I don't know Randy. Perhaps, I insulted her by stating that it
was just the solitary cock up her butt. She's walking funny, you see
Randy? What do you reckon?"

"I reckon she tried to take in three. That would explain the funny
walk." Randy leaned closer to Trish, brushing his cock up Trish's ass.

Trish turned around and slapped him straight on the face. As she turned
around Jericho leaned in and poked her ass with his semi hard cock.
Trish looked slightly at him, before Randy and Chris both had a hold on
one of her arm.

"You don't go around slapping us Trish." Randy barked. "You may be the
Women's Champion, but we are far more important people in this company.
You are just a sex symbol for men to jack off to. We like to see blonde
chicks, with big tits and ass and you fit the buck perfectly. So,
remember your role honey." Randy and Chris were both caressing Trish's
bare, fleshy arms. "I loved that slap, Trish. Your soft hand on my face
felt good."

"Oh Trish, you're so full of flesh, these arms are so fleshy, there's
so much of you that can be fucked." Chris Jericho was clearly enjoying

"Fucking let her go, Chris. As much as I would like to plug my cock
into her holes, this is not the time. Vince wants to have a word,
that's why I was looking for you."

"Screw Vince, Randy. Look at this female meat in between us. It doesn't
come better than this."

"Let's go you horny son of a bitch." Randy laughed.

Trish struggled free from their grasp, "You fucking perverts, the only
way you'd get anywhere close to me is over my dead body."

Randy and Chris were walking away as Chris shouted, "How would you like
to die Trish?" Both of them hollered in laughter as they left.

Trish was again crying as she reached her dressing room. She was sick
and tired of being the sexual fantasy of every man in the arena. She
latched the door as she sat on her couch and wept. She wept for a long
time for what took place earlier tonight. She wanted to get out of this
place as quick as possible. She quickly undressed her bra and pantyless
body and entered the shower. She felt so dirty that she needed about
half an hour for the water to make her feel clean again. The water
poured down her body, cleaning her face, over her tits, down her back,
over her ass. She cried as her tears mixed with the water.

After completing the shower, she returned to her dressing room. She was
drying her nude body with the towel when she heard some grunting from
the adjoining room. She couldn't care less, someone must be getting
fucked, it happened all the time. She took the hair dryer and switched
it on, blowing her wet hair. One of the things she had to do, she
always had to look great, part of her job, part of her contract. She
dried her hair, and then started styling them again, so that they again
framed her perfect face and made her look oh so sensual.

As she was about to put on a new set of bra and panties, she heard the
grunt again. It was more of a moan.


She headed closer to the wall.


Trish stopped dead in her tracks.


Trish couldn't believe it. Was someone actually stroking off to her, in
the room next to hers? Didn't they know she was in the next room and
could hear everything?


Trish has no idea who it was that was jacking off to her in the other
room, she could not recognize the voice. But she was stunned; not
because someone was jacking off to some pic of hers, but because she
just felt a tinge of arousal. She was a bit aroused by the fact that
she was causing such sexual pleasure to the man in the other room.


Trish suddenly was totally aroused and gently touched her nude body.
She ran her hands through her now perfect hair before reaching down and
touching her boobs.


Trish began fondling her own tits. She couldn't believe what was
happening to her. She pulled on her own nipples and enjoyed her own
boobs. She pressed her tits and felt the flesh as she caressed her


Trish brought her hands down to her pussy as she inserted the middle
finger of her right hand in.


Trish shocked herself by nodding a bit as a response to the question
she'd just heard. It made her insert her index finger too and the two
fingers were now moving in and out of her wet snatch. Flicking the
clitoris and entering in.


Trish frantically began masturbating in her locker room, her nude body
flat on the floor, on her injured back, her eyes shut tight. Her legs
were separated as she pleasured herself. Her fingers were feeling her
insides as she increased the pace.


"Yes" Trish whispered, "Yes" as she shoved her fingers in and out of
her cunt. She was completely absorbed in herself. Her thighs spread
wide as she jerked herself off.


"Aaaahh! Aaaah!" Trish let go her moans as she imagined the guy from
the other room fucking her, cumming for her, as she fingered herself.
"AAAAHHHH" Trish moaned a final time as she felt her juices flow from
her pussy, her nude, perfect body shaking due to the orgasm. Her juices
flowed and flowed as she heard the noises stop from the other room.
Someone was satisfied there, Trish had pleasured him, Stratusfied him.
She pulled her own fingers out of her pussy and lay on the floor for a
while. "What has got into me?" she thought. She had cummed in less than
5 minutes. "I just masturbated while listening to someone blow his load
over some picture or video of me." Trish was too dazed, she was too
exhausted. She got up, satisfied, ashamed. She reached the washroom and
cleaned her hands, she cleaned the mess on the floor. She was ashamed
of herself. Ashamed of everything.

Trish looked at the time. God, she should get going. She quickly put on
her push up bra, thong panties and dressed up in another tight, white
tank top and tight light blue jeans. She walked up to her bag, packed
all her belongings, and looked for her title belt.

"Where the hell is my belt?" It struck her like a hammer; she had
forgotten her belt in Bischoff's office. "Oh fuck, how could I be so
stupid? Now, I'd have to go and again face that prick. No way is he
gonna send someone with the belt and miss a chance at glaring at my
tits. Shit Trish, you stupid girl."

Trish needed to be out of the arena quickly. She got her bag and headed
out of her room, still cursing herself. She stopped at the adjoining
room and looked at the door. It didn't state who the room belonged to.
She had the urge to know who had just virtually ejaculated over her and
fucked her, but thought otherwise and with the guilt reappearing,
headed to Eric's office.

She reached the office and fearing the worst, knocked.


Trish entered the office and stood there, closing the door behind her.

Eric looked up.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? If it isn't Ms. Great Boobs
herself. What can I do for you, stupid Stratus? Well, I guess you are
not here to get yourself fucked again, are you?"

"Look Eric, just give me my title belt and I'm leaving ok?"

"Give you your belt, you say? The same belt for which you lowered
yourself to be fucked by me?"

"Just give it to me, Eric." Trish's voice rose.

"Wait a minute! You are a stupid blonde, aren't you? You're attractive
and a cock tease, but you are stupid. You are fucking stupid."

"Shut up, Eric. I did what I had to, to retain the title, now give me
my belt."

"Hmm. You did what you had to, didn't you? Let me see, you got stripped
nude in this office, your precious mouth got fucked by my cock, your
lovely pouty lips wrapped around them.." Eric was looking straight at

"Just give me the belt"

" your big, huge, gigantic and marvelous tits fucked, aah, what a
tit-fuck it was, got your cunt banged and ass pumped. The WWE Women's
Champion, the sexy Trish Stratus, got the fuck of her life, right here
in this office a coupla hours back. Why? So that she could keep her
precious title." Eric laughed loudly before continuing. "The stupid and
hot WWE Women's Champion, left my office without taking the thing she
got herself fucked for. Well, Trish, I may be a perverted son of a
bitch, but I am a perverted son of a bitch who keeps his word."

He opened his drawer and took out Trish's title belt.

"You allowed yourself to be fucked by me in order to keep this belt.
Here you go, Trish." He flung the title belt to her as Trish caught it.
The moment she caught it, she felt something sticky on her hands.
Looking at the belt made her crazy.

"You rotten piece of shit. You fucking bastard. What the fuck did you
do with my belt. You bloody sprayed your sick cum on it?"

"Now, now, Trish! Didn't I tell you I was hard for you again, just
before you left? I was Trish, I wanted to fuck you again, but you
stormed out. I then noticed your title belt still in my office and did
I go crazy laughing? I thought, I fucked Trish Stratus to allow her to
keep the belt and the stupid, blonde fuck left without collecting it.
You know Trish, I was hard and your stupidity made me crazy to fuck you
again. I couldn't wait till you returned looking for it. I took it in
my hands and looked at it. WWE Women's Champion, TRISH STRATUS! It made
me horny as hell, reading that, reading your name, `TRISH STRATUS',
knowing that the only thing which allowed your name to remain there,
was me fucking you hard. I read the name again, `TRISH STRATUS', got my
cock out and ejaculated all over your precious title belt, on your
title, WWE Women's Champion and your name, `TRISH STRATUS'. I liked how
it looked, my cum all over your title belt and I love the look on your
face now."

Trish was speechless and dumbfounded. She was so in shock, that she
just mutely opened the door and left the office, with her bag and cum
soaked title belt.

To be continued.

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