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This is a continuation to my previous story The Sexual Desire for Trish
Stratus, Part 1. This is for all those who kept urging me the write the

Thanks to Jack Murdoch for providing some ideas which I've used.

As this was written in a hurry please ignore grammatical and spelling

The Sexual Desire for Trish Stratus, Part 2
by Surfomaniac

It was one week after the monster Viscera had saved the glamorous blonde
bombshell and WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus from the hands of Kane.
Viscera's payment was in the form of Trish going on a date with him which was
absolutely not possible in normal circumstances.

Trish was yet to fully recover from the brutal fucking she received from WWE
RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff. She was totally used by Eric in all
possible ways and she still felt humiliated to the guts. Now much to her
dislike, the buxom babe was present for her date with Viscera, in an English
restaurant. Trish was dressed in a white top having the top buttons undone to
tease with her sexy black lace bra while showing of some cleavage, black
trousers sticking to her perfect ass with the 100% Stratusfaction guaranteed
belt and her blonde flowing hair covering her highly made-up face, looking
lovely as ever.

Viscera had not yet showed up and Trish wanting to finish the fiasco as early
as possible was clearly upset. "God, what am I going to do?" the busty babe
mutters as she takes some deep breaths. "Hey, hey! You didn't happen to see a
500 pound black man with a white Mohawk and all black and crazy eyes, did
you?" she asks Drew, the person in charge at the eatery. As he shakes his
head Trish grabs Drew's hand and has a look at his watch. As she sees that
Viscera is late, Trish is over joyous that now she doesn't have to have this
stupid date with the crazy Viscera. "OK, listen Drew, if this guy that I just
described shows up, you tell him I was waiting..."

Trish abruptly stops her sentence as Drew's glance goes over her onto
Viscera, the 500 pounder was standing right behind her sexy ass.

"Hey, Viscera! How are you?" Trish asks turning around to face the giant,
clearly in a high pitched tone indicating that she's not the least bit happy.
"I was waiting for you, I was concerned. You're late" she adds in her sexy

Viscera first takes a good long stare at Trish body, starting from her hot
sexy fuck face, to her chest and half-exposed bra and below. Trish was
looking so sexy that Viscera felt a small tingle in his groin as the blood
started to flow there.

"I had to go to the uh, drug store".

"Oh, are you sick, because of the weather, cause you know we could just
cancel, like totally and just call it a night, you know? We could relax, no
problem" Trish asked with all hope.

"I'm not sick baby. You see I didn't go to the pharmacy for medication. I
went to pick up a little protection" Viscera replied while pulling out a long
strip of condoms.

Seeing the condoms left Trish's mouth open, totally flabbergasted. She
couldn't believe that Viscera was all prepared to fuck her. Fuck her, her,
the reigning Women's Champion and 3 times Babe of the Year, the one and only
big boobed and tight assed Trish Stratus.

"Hahahehe...right" was all Trish could manage.

"Maitre'd... 2 please, somewhere ... very ... romantic" the horny Viscera

"Anywhere's fine...doesn't matter" muttered Trish all apprehensive of what is
in store for her in the night.

As Trish and Viscera are seated, Trish looks over the menu while Viscera
looks all over Trish. Viscera could not believe that he was on a date with
Trish Stratus, his sexual desire for years. Looking at her perfect hair
framing her perfect face, her large tits bulging against her shirt almost
hitting the table he started getting highly aroused. Trish Stratus was
sitting next to him and he couldn't resist a boner. With his right hand
resting against his cock he slowly grabs a large lock of Trish's beautiful,
silky, blonde hair in his left hand. "You know Trish, your hair ... it looks
beautiful tonight" Viscera says as he feels her hair. "Thank you ... yours
looks .....". Trish stops mid-way with no words to express. "Speaking of
great, you know what else feels great? The way you took care of Kane last
week. I mean I told you to go in there and destroy him and you did just
that." "Oh yeah!!" adds Viscera pleased to hear praise from Trish, albeit

"Excuse me, are you ready to order?" the waiter interrupts.

"Hello love, I'd like to have some baggers and mashes please" Trish mocks him
in a British accent.

Viscera laughs and Trish asks if he liked the joke. Viscera says "It's pretty
good, but the reason that I'm laughing is because I'm a bagger and I like to
mash" as he provocatively humps his hips towards Trish with his hand over his
head, in a perverse way of wanting to fuck her there itself.

Trish is totally taken aback by this and asks for just a salad, suddenly
losing her appetite.

"You know Trish, I'm really glad that you agreed to this, because eating
always gets me in the mood" Viscera hornily comments as he leans towards
Trish's beautiful face and inhales her wonderful smell.

Trish getting cheezed off by Viscera's lewdness adds "Well, you must be the
horniest guy on the planet then" with a laugh.

As Viscera seems a bit pissed off by this, she quickly adds that she was just
kidding not wanting to get on his nerves.

"Horniest guy on the planet huh? Waiter, see this page right here, that's me
right there dawg, I'll take it" Viscera says ordering everything on the menu

Trish, again baffled and speechless could only smirk. Viscera again moves
closer to Trish and suggestively asks "You're gonna eat those rolls?"

"No. No, you can have 'em" says Trish, clearly pissed off.

As Viscera greedily eats those rolls, smirking hornily at the blonde diva,
Trish can do nothing but fake a laugh at him. Clearly disgusted by his
demeaning behavior Trish pulls her shirt together temporarily blocking the
view of her perfect cleavage.

As Trish completes her salad and Viscera finishes off around 10 dishes, Trish
is bored to the limit and again tries to start a conversation. "Hey Viscera,
what does Viscera mean by the way?"

"It means inner organs .... But my outer organs aren't too bad either"
Viscera adds as he is now rock hard after talking dirty to the voluptuous
diva for over an hour.

"Oh uh uh, oh hmm, uh Viscera, ok, here's the thing, I know you want to get
down to bidness and all but how about this? How about a playboy playmate huh?
I can take that Christy Hemme and just knock her out and you can just do, I
don't know, like whatever. You know what I mean?"

Just as Trish completes some music begins to hit and Viscera being clever
asks Trish to dance, knowing that it would be a perfect chance to rub hi
hard-on over her perfect body.

"C'mon let's dance Trish".

"Oh no no, no no"

"Oh c'mon, c'mon" Viscera urges Trish pulling her arm.

"Oh no no, ah no no, my feet hurt" Trish tries a lame excuse.

Viscera starts dancing while shaking his enormous body and in the process
collides with the waiter causing him to drop all the dishes he had picked up.

"Uh, check please" Viscera asks not quite sure of what exactly went wrong.

As Viscera and Trish are wrapping up their meal with a glass of wine, Viscera
is not extremely horny after having sat next to Trish Stratus for over 3
hours and talking dirty to her.

"Well, I guess that's just about over".

"All done".

"You know what that means" Viscera says as he pulls out a bottle of Listerine
from his jacket.

"What is that?" Trish asks now getting really irritated.

As Viscera gargles with the Listerine, Trish can't help being embarrassed and
doesn't know where to look.

"So Trish, are you ready?"

"Uh, I'm ready, but first I want to tell you something".



Trish calls Viscera over to her and as he leans forward slaps him right
across the face.

Pulling Viscera close to her she exclaims "Listen. Listen to me. I have a 7
foot monster after me. Okay? Lita, I can take care of her. I have done that
before. But if Kane gets a hold of me, do you understand, then I am dead.
Alright? What I need you to do on a Sunday is destroy Kane. Alright? I don't
even want him to ever .. ever think about me again, you understand me? "Now
after Backlash, we can do whatever. But until you do the deed, we don't. Do
you understand me?"

Viscera is a bit taken aback by Trish's outburst and adjusting his tie he
says "Hmm.. ya.. I understand".

"Good" Trish is happy that she managed to get her point through.

"Believe me when I get through with Kane at Backlash, he'll never bother you

"Good" says Trish, now a bit happy.

"You wanna pay me afterwards, hey that's cool. But, uh, I did take you out
tonight, so, uh, tonight I'm gonna take a little advance" Viscera says as he
leans towards Trish to kiss her, unable to control his horniness.

"Whoa, ho ho, hey, hey, hey, you want an advance, you want a little advance,
alright" Trish pulls herself away from Viscera and starts to unbutton her
shirt. "Here, I'll give you an advance. I'll give you an advance right now.
You want an advance huh" Trish continues to sexily unbutton her shirt. "Yeah,
how's that?" Trish asks opening her shirt and flashing her bra covered huge
tits to Viscera.

"Oh yeah" Viscera moans. "Kane, you're a dead man!"

"There you had your advance now let's fucking leave".

"Hold on a second Trish. That advance is no good for me".

"No good? What do you mean no good you lousy freak? I just exposed my chest
to you, you fucking prick, let'f fucking go".

"Fuck you Trish. I said that's not good enough. Your boobs are huge and juicy
but what the fuck use are they wrapped up in your lace bra? Now listen here
Trish, listen good. I said I needed an advance on fucking the hell out of
you. And that for me is you getting your pretty little head on my hard cock
here and suck my cock clean with that hell of a fiery mouth of yours. And if
you don't give me the best blowjob I've had in my life, well I can let Kane
chokeslam you to hell. The choice is yours, you fucking cocktease".

"Why you fucking basterd. You mother fucker. Fuck you".

"No no Trish. I'll fuck you a week from today. Now let me experience how good
that mouth of yours really feels on my cock. I've heard a lot you know?"

"Why you son of a bitch" Trish abuses, buttoning her shirt back.

"Keep the fucking shirt open, you bitch. Let me see those jugs you got. Now
fucking come on here beside me or suffer at the hands of Kane. I mean it".

Trish sensing the tone, slowly went back to sit next to Viscera her shirt

Viscera grabs a hold of Trish's wonderful boobs and squeezes them a little.
His cock ached like it had never done before. He was fucking caressing
Trish's breasts. As Viscera continued to rub his hands over Trish's rack she
could not believe this was happening. Her plan had surely started to backfire
and she couldn't do a thing about it. As Trish was left disgusted with
Viscera enjoying her large bra covered titties, the restaurant manager Drew
walked in to ask they if they had had a good time when what he saw left him
shocked. This 500 pound monster was actually fondling the tits of the one and
only Trish Stratus. He himself being a huge fan of Trish, or rather a fan of
Trish's tits, couldn't help but get aroused as his cock shot up straight. He
quickly went back and ordered the waiters not to approach the couple again as
they were having a private talk. He himself crept slowly back and hid behind
a wall, just out of sight. As he saw Viscera going down on Trish's tits, he
slowly lets his cock lose from his pants and started stroking it along. He
could see that Trish was hating this and it just aroused him more. He
continued tugging at his now fully hard penis.

Viscera slowly took off Trish's shirt and went for her bra.

"What the fuck are you doing? Let's go to a hotel and I'll service you. What
the fuck is the meaning of this?" exclaimed Trish.

"Bitch. Cocktease. We do this and we do this my way. And we do this right
here. You understand me? I don't care if the whole WWE camera crew comeover
and tape you sucking my hard cock".

Viscera snapped Trish's bra off her chest. As Trish's massive boobs and large
brown nipples were in full view, Viscera couldn't help but exclain "Oh my
fucking God!!"

Drew couldn't believe what he was witnessing. Trish Stratus' boobs in full
view. He quickly took out his cell and switched to camera mode, zoomed in so
that he could capture Trish's face and her large rack and snapped a couple of
photos. This wassurely the best day of his life.

Viscera leaned in to Trish and kissed her roughly a couple of time before
beginning to lower his pants and letting out his monster cock. As his cock
was free Trish glanced down and what she saw sickened her to the stomach.
Viscera's cock was huge, long and fat and Trish couldn't imagine how anyone
could fuck that.

"Now, Trish, pleasure me to your mouth's content" Viscera teased her as he
ran his fingers over Trish's lips. Drew continued to masturbate behind the
wall, this being truly better than any clip from his large collection of

"Trish...NOW" Viscera finally commanded which led to Trish taking holding his
cock with her right hand. Trish slowly started to rub her hand up and down
Viscera's already rock hard cock. She took her left hand and started jerking
him off with both her soft palms rubbing them up and down the length of
Viscera's cock.

"Oh aahh yes Trish aahh yes!" Viscera moaned. "Look at me Trish".

Trish Stratus faced Viscera and he loved the look of disgust on her face.
Drew could barely control it any longer and her pulled his pants up and
approached the couple.

"Hey, hey, hey, what the hell is going on here. I'll have you reported to the
police for indecent behavior in a public place. You are in deep trouble

"Hey, hey fella, calm down, we can work something out here" Viscera said.
"How about Trish Stratus here giving us both a bit of her lovely head. How
about that eh? You wouldn't get that ever would ya?"

"Are you fucking out of your mind Viscera? How can you even think about this
you fucking basterd. I'm not gonna suck off anyone here. Both of you just
fuck off".

"Now, now Trish" Drew started. "Now don't be such a cry baby, c'mon you can
suck another dick. C'mon it will save your face, won't it? Otherwise I go to
the police and report both of you and then the world would know that Trish
Stratus was about to give head to Viscera after their date with her tits in
the open".

"Now, you look here mister. You look here. You don't know who you're messing
with. I'm Trish Stratus, the WWE Women's Champion. You fucking don't mess
with me".

"I don't give a crap who the fuck you are. For me, you are right now a blonde
haired cock tease with huge knockers. Sorry, let me correct myself, are right
now a blonde haired cock tease with huge knockers along with having your
topless pics in my camera" Drew adds as he shows Trish the pictures.

"Gimme those you fucking pervert" Trish makes a grab for the phone.

Drew quickly turns it off.

Trish grabs it from his hand and switches it on again. The mobile starts and
asks for the PIN. "Oh FUCK" Trish says.

So now bitch, take off your pants, get on your knees and give the both of us
the best blowjobs we've ever received.

Viscera gets up from his seat, his cock hanging out, his trousers off as her
comes to the middle of the room and high-fives Drews. "Way to go!"

"Fucking assholes" Trish exclaims as she starts to take off her trousers.
Viscera and Drew stroke their cocks as they watch Trish in increased levels
of undress, now with just her panties on. Seeing her toned thighs with the
right amount of meat gets them even hornier.

"Completely nude honey or the pics go over the internet".

Trish totally disgusted removes her panties and stands there completely
naked. Viscera and Drew can't believe this is actually happening and as Trish
turns around, getting a glance at her bare ass forces them to drag Trish to
the middle of the room and on her knees. "Get to work, honey" Viscera smirks
at Trish as Drew feels her tits.

Trish starts rubbing her hands over Viscera cock and the sensations from her
soft palms excite Viscera greatly. As she continues to stroke Viscera's
shaft, Drew starts rubbing his hands over her breasts squeezing them as he
stands behind her. Drew pinches and pulls on Trish large brown nipples
causing them to harden a little. Trish strokes Viscera off a few more times.

"Start talking dirty Trish. Start talking dirty like the dirty cock tease you
are. Do it Trish, now".

Trish grabs the base of Viscera's cock with her left hand and quickly strokes
his shaft with her right hand in quick thrusts. "Oh Yeah, Viscera, give it to
me. Give it to me, Viscera" she lets out in that sexy voice of hers.

Viscera and Drew both get 2 seats from the table in the middle of the room
and sit on them. Trish grabs Viscera's cock, gets it close to her mouth and
spits on it. Then she rubs the spit all over his cock before taking it in her
mouth. As Viscera sits with his cock in the air, Trish puts a firm grip on
the base of his cock using both her hands and starts to bob her hot sexy fuck
face up and down his penis.

"Oh you have such a big fucking dick. Oh you want me to suck that hard, don't
you?" Trish looks up sexily at Viscera. She runs her hands through her hair
and throws them back. She grabs her own tits and starts to caress them. "Oh
you fucking love these tits don't you?" she asks as she spits down on her
right tit and rubs it all over her boob. "Oh you want to fucking make me suck
your cock for you, Vis?" she adds as she again grabs his dick and jerks it
hard. Viscera reaches over and grabs her wet right tit and plays around with
the tit flesh. Trish engulfs Viscera cock in her mouth and bobs her head on
it for around 9-10 times before she presses her mouth on his dick and pulls
his cock out with a loud pop. She again takes in his cock and pops it out a
couple of times more as Viscera reaches over and strokes her amazingly smooth
back and grabs her ass cheeks as he squeezes them. Trish throws her beautiful
blonde hair back as she grabs Viscera's cock with her right hand and expertly
moves her mouth on it. She starts sucking and jerking him off in
synchronization and then sensations from her soft hand and wet mouth in
harmony make Viscera moan hard. "Oh Trish ya Baby, yeah Baby, of yeah!!"
Viscera grabs Trish's neck and positions her face so that her mouth is wide
open above his cock. As he sits in the chair he holds Trish in control and
starts thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth fucking it. Trish also bobs
her face over his cock as she grabs the base of his cock with her left hand.
Viscera thrusts fast into Trish's mouth as he keeps fucking her beautiful
face. Viscera runs both his hand through Trish's wonderful hair feeling the
silky blonde lock and grabs her hair in his hand in a ponytail. Using this
grip he begins to force Trish's face down on his cock. As the length of
Viscera's cock fucks Trish's face she can't help but choke a little. "Mmpphh,
Mmpphhhh". Trish keeps slurping around his cock a few more times before Drew
stands before her. Viscera lifts Trish's head with her hair as his cock exits
her warm mouth.

"Oh you fuckers wanna blowjob, fuck you fuckers won't be able to hold out
long. It's fucking Trish Stratus that's blowing you, fucking jerks" Trish

As Drew positions his dick at Trish's face she again flips her hair back
ready to service him. Drew grabs hold of his dick and slaps it on Trish's
beautiful, hot and sexy fuck face. He slaps his cock hard across Trish's face
and rubs it all over it. He rubs it across her lips as she opens them and
takes his cock into her mouth. Without touching his cock with her hands Trish
begins to bob her head freely up and down his shaft. She begins to suck his
cock in high speed bobbing her head up and down the length. As she lifts her
head she spits on his dick and massages his cock with her hands spreading the
spit all over his 9 inches. She returns to sucking his cock with her
experienced mouth and Drew grabs a hold of her hair so that they don't cover
her face and he could watch the WWE Women's Champion servicing his cock with
her world famous head. As Drew grabbed Trish's head he forced his cock deeper
into her mouth until 6 inches were in. Holding Trish in that pose for
sometime he further pushed her head as the entire 9 inches of his manhood
were inside Trish Stratus' mouth, her bottom lip resting on his balls. He
held Trish in that position grabbing her hair tight in a ponytail and caused
her to choke. Trish's muffled groans were ignored as he looked down on Trish
Stratus, having his entire cock in her mouth down her throat. He waited until
Trish looked up at him with pleading eyes and roughly pulled her head of his
cock causing a loud pop. "AAAHH-HUHHHH-AAH-HUHHH-HUHHHHHHH" Trish coughed
loud. "That's for telling us how long we can hold it off, you bitch. You
couldn't hold it in for 20 seconds even, Trish Stratus". "AAAHH-HUHHHH-AAH-
HUHHH" Trish coughed again. "Carry on bitch".

Trish regaining her composure grabbed both Dirk and Viscera's cocks in one
hand each and began fiercely stroking them like woman possessed. "Oh you
fuckers, you fucking asked for it. Take that you perverts" Trish exclaimed as
she tightly grabbed their cocks and jerked them off.

"Aaah Aahhh" both Dirk and Viscera moaned as Trish engulfed Dirk's cock again
with force and started to move her gorgeous blonde head up and down his shaft
at a fast pace. She let out a lot of spit giving Dirk a real wet blowjob
moving her precious mouth all over his dick. As she lifted her head she
licked his cock head with her tongue as she resumed the best blowjob Drew had
ever had.

"Oh fuck you Trish yeah. Oh Trish, fuck girl, I never thought that you could
give head this good. Oh I imagined this but oh God fuck, you are much, much
more. Fuck man, now I know what makes a Woman's Champ. Oh baby oh".

Trish fucking sucked Drew's cock like her life depended on it. She brushed
her hair behind her ear as she had her fuck face being violated. Trish
withdrew her mouth with a loud gasp and brought out her lovely wet tongue to
lick the underside of Drew's cock. As she licked it a line of spit was formed
between her tongue and his cock and she approached and licked his balls and
sucked on each one of his balls in turn.

"Oh baby fuck YEAH!" Drew shouted.

Trish now started with single sucks on Drew's cock, taking it in her mouth
and pulling it out. She carried this on for 4 to 5 times sucking hard each
time, draining Drew.

"Hey, hey, you slut. He's not gonna save you from Kane. Fucking I am" Viscera
chipped in standing next to Trish.

Trish grabbed both their cocks stroking them hard again before giving her
head to Viscera.

"Oh you liked that, didn't you?" Trish asked Drew as she saw him continuing
to stroke his cock hard looking at her.

"Oh fuck yeah".

"C'mon you fat monster. You're fucking gonna get some Stratusfaction" Trish
said as she kneeled in front of Viscera with her mouth all open. Viscera
grabbed her sexy fuck face in place as her started to fuck it. Trish was all
open for having her face fully fucked and Viscera was giving it to her. He
started fucking her mouth as he would have fucked her cunt, thrusting in and
out of her open mouth hitting the back of her throat".

"Mmmmppphhh, Mmmmmpphhhh, Mmmmmmmppppppppp" groaned Trish and hearing this
caused Drew to keep stroking harder.

"Oh am gonna fuck your Stratusfying mouth like its never been fucked before,
Trish" shouted Viscera as he kept her head steady in one place as he screwed

Trish' mouth was taking a beating and she was being violently used but she
was not gonna get these fuckers the joy of having destroyed her while raping
her. Trish took thrust after thrust as Viscera's cock entered her mouth and

After a good 5 minutes of brutal face fucking Viscera pulled out and moaned
in pleasure ..."Oh FUCK YEAH".

"AAAHH-HUHHHH-AAH-HUHHH-HUHHHHHHH" Trish started couging again. But she again
called out to Drew, "Come here you sick freak".

As Drew came over she grabbed both their cocks and started bobbing her
beautiful head on each in turn. She sucked Drew's cock, gave it 5 good
thrusts then went over to Viscera's shaft and did the same. She sucked one
and stroked the other and her experienced mouth and hands were at their best.
She took Drew's cock and directed it to the inside of her cheek. She
pleasured his cock with the insides of her cheek before pulling it out with a
huge pop. She spat on Viscera's cock and fucked her head on it then sucked
Drew's shaft with fast and strong thrusts.

Drew took Trish and laid her flat on her back. Trish opened her mouth as Drew
kneeled beside her face and inserted his cock in Trish's inviting mouth. He
fucked Trish's mouth in that position really hard, driving his cock past her
lips and into her amazing mouth literally raping her fuck face.

As Drew finished violating Trish's mouth he picked her up and made her kneel
again. "It's time for a tit-fuck Trish. Your fucking stratusfying titties
need to be fucked by both our cocks. Trish held her huge tits together as
Drew got some oil from the corner table and poured it all over Trish's chest.
Her big boobs glistened as she rubbed them together. Drew took his cock and
positioned it right in between Trish's breasts. Trish pressed her boobs
against his cock as he began fucking her tit flesh. "Oh fuck yeah, FUCK, I'm
fucking the tits of Trish Stratus, oh yeah!" Drew exclaimed. After around 10
thrusts Viscera took his place as Trish's boobs were fucked by him. Viscera
rubbed his cock in between her lubricated mounds and Trish just kneeled
there, pressing her boobs, taking the fucking her tits were getting. As Drew
and Viscera fucked her massive chest, their loads were almost about to

"Fuck let's see how much of a champion you are Trish. Can you take 2 cocks in
your Stratusfying mouth as they are about to explode?" Drew asked.

Before Trish could say anything both of them had their cocks inside Trish's

"Hmmphh" Trish groaned as her was able to get just a bit more than both their
cockheads inside her mouth. Seeing her Stratusfying fuck face filled with two
cocks got both Viscera and Drew over the edge. They held Trish's head on her
cock as they both shot huge amounts of cum straight into Trish's mouth. There
was no option for Trish but to take the two loads of cum straight in. Splurt
after splurt of their huge loads entered Trish's mouth as she was forced to
take it all. As they pulled out their spent dicks Trish's mouth was a
reservoir of sperms after having swallowed a lot of cum.

Disgusted she spit out all the rest of the cum on the floor. "Oh you fuckers.
To hell with you!" she screamed.

Viscera and Drew both approached her as Drew rubbed his cock in between her
thunder tits and Viscera using her silky, blonde hair to wrap his cock in it,
both cleaning the extra cum off their cocks in the process.

"Trish, I assure you the photos would not be leaked. You have my word for it.
They would just be used for my masturbatory pleasure henceforth".

Trish didn't have any fight left to argue.

"After Backlash, Trish, when I defeat and destroy Kane, it's gonna be your
pussy and ass which would be mine. Be ready, you WWE Women's Champion of
CockTeasers" Kane said rubbing his spent cock all over Trish's juicy ass.

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