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The Shallow End Of The Pool
by Arcanine878

"I think this is the house...". I parked my car in front of the drive way with all my pool cleaning supplies. I looked at my phone to make sure I had the right address. "Yup! I'm at the right place." I went up to the door and knocked on it. I waited, as no one answered the door. I knocked on it again, and no one still answered. I didn't even hear footsteps through the other side of the door. "This better not be one of those fucking prank calls again, I swear.". Just as I was going to knock on it for the third time, the door swung wide open.

"Fuck...Sorry for making you wait. I just got out of bed." she said.

In front of me was the beautiful Goddess Torrie Wilson, who was wearing her pajamas since she just rolled out of bed.

"Well...are you just gonna stand there? Or are you gonna introduce yourself to me?" Torrie said with a smile.

"Oh sorry..I'm the pool guy. You did call, right?"

"Yea I called. Here, come on in through the house. The pool is on the other side." she said, as she led me through her house.

Torrie's house was amazing. She had many photos and beautiful items everywhere. It was very big too, as there were many rooms to be in. I walked into her backyard, which was even more amazing. Palm trees everywhere, a huge girl, an outdoor shower, and a huge TV on the side. Her pool was nice too. Enough to fit a party in it. If I lived here, I'd be outside almost every day.

"Alright, so you know what to do with my pool. I'm going to leave and come back real quick. I gotta run to the store. If there's any problems, you have my number from when I called for a pool guy." she said, as she touched my shoulder and went on out. Just from her touch I got a little hard. It must be hard living in this huge house alone with just her dogs.

I set all my pool cleaning supplies against a fence. I surveyed the pool a bit. "It's not even that dirty. It's pretty clear to me. but whatever. This will be easy money." I said, as I grabbed my net and took out all the leaves and debris that entered the pool. I then poured the right amount of chlorine in the pool to make sure it gets clean, even though it looked pretty clear. As an extra bonus since I still had a lot of time before she would probably come back, I fine-tuned her filter. "Okay, so this was really easy. It's only been like 10 minutes.." I said to myself, as I packed up all my supplies. "What now...I still have a lot of time left.."

I looked at the house. It looked even bigger from the backyard than it did from the front. "I wonder what it's like to live like a Wilson." I said, as I decided to take an adventure inside the lovely divas house. I went into a kitchen and grabbed a WWE mug she had, and poured some fresh Florida orange juice in the mug, as I traveled through all the rooms. She had an office room, and a huge guest room, with a deluxe bathroom. I would love to be spending my nights here. The living room had many DVDs with a wall-mounted flat screen TV. I then traveled up the long staircase to the upstairs room, where there weren't as many rooms as I thought. She had a room for her dogs, another guest room, and one giant room that took up half of the upstairs. I decided to take a look in the big room.

Just as I thought, it was Torrie's room. Her bed sheets were pink while her pillows were blue, and she had a huge TV just on the other side of the room. She had lamps that made the room bright on each side, and a lot of dressers with miscellaneous items on top. I walked to the other side of her room, and she had a a sliding glass door leading to a balcony with a nice view of the pool. She also had a huge walk in closet and and bathroom with a shower and a bathtub on opposite sides, and a huge mirror surrounded by makeup and beauty supplies.

I decided to rummage through her drawers next to her bed. In one of them, she had a lot of kinky swimsuits and lingerie. A lot of them I have seen her wear on TV. In the other drawer she had loads of sex items and toys. She had a lot of different sized dildos, vibrators, condoms and lube, and some sexy games. I guess she was as kinky and horny as she looked on television. She must be horny everyday if she had this many dildos with her. I closed the drawer as I heard a yell that sounded like it came from the pool. I looked outside the balcony, and regretfully, I see Torrie with a pissed off look, but this time she was a different Torrie. She changed her clothes while she was gone.

She looked incredibly sexy, and I think the fact that she was mad had me more turned on. "Get your ass down here." she commanded. I did as told, and rushed downstairs as fast as I could. I went up to her, and the closer I got, the more I got to see those tits pop out.

"Just what do you think you were doing?" she asked.

"I'm sorry Miss Wilson. I just got extremely bored and I had a lot of extra time and-"

"So you decided to go through my stuff?"

"Yes m-ma'am." I said nervously.

"Well, I could call the cops on you ass and get you fired. But I'm not." Torrie said, as she crossed her arms.

"You're not?!" I said happily.

"Nope. Instead, you're gonna take a dip in my pool."

"But Miss Wilson, I don't have a swimsuit on me."

"Well you better hop on in your birthday suit." she ordered.

I was confused on what was going to happen next, but I knew if she called the police it would look really bad. I can't get in trouble with the police, and I sure as hell can't loose my job. I took off my shirt and pants and threw it to the side. I was hard, but at the same time nervous.

"Well, what are you waiting for. Get in on the steps of the pool." she commanded. I did as told, and went down the steps into the pool, submerging my cock under. The pool was only 3 feet deep on this side. Torrie hopped in the pool after me, and went straight to me, her whole body wet. She looked like a goddess with the pool water dripping down when she up to me. "Since you're going to be a naughty little pool boy, I'm gonna treat you as one." she said, as she grabbed my cock and pointed it up. She started licking the shaft of my cock and going up and down with her tongue and eventually doing circles around the tip of my dick. It felt nice and wet. As she was licking my cock, she played with my balls a little bit, pinching them lightly. After she got my dick nice and wet, she held onto the base of my cock and started sucking on the upper part of my penis while pumping and stroking my cock into her mouth on the lower end. She looked up at me with her round eyes as she sucked. It felt amazing having her suck me off and stroke me with her hands at the same time.

She plopped my dick out of her mouth. I rubbed it around her face while she took off her top, exposing her huge breast.

I rubbed the head of my cock around her nipples, making them erect. She smiled up at me as she grabbed my cock against and did it herself. She got up and we started making out as she continued to stroke me with one hand. I held her waist as I let her continue to pump my hard cock. We were flicking our tongues at each other as we got deeper and deeper into making out in the pool. She licked my neck and then went down on my cock with her tits and started rubbing my cock with her giant breasts. "Ooh you like that, you naughty little pool boy." she said seductively.

"Mmm...yes Torrie." I replied.

"It's not every day a little pool boy like you can fuck a 2x playboy cover girl." she said, as she squeezed her tits harder around my cock and rubbed it. She looked up at me, licking her lips and moaning my name.

I held Torrie's ass and helped her get up. We made out again, while I untied her bottoms, letting it drift to the other side of the pool.

I massaged her pussy a bit, feeling as it hasn't gotten a nice cock in a long time. Her clite felt nice and her lips were tighter than I thought. I sat down on one of the higher steps, my cock almost all the way out of the water. Torrie spread her legs on the sides of me and hopped her pussy around my cock. She rid it slowly, yet powerfully, holding me around my neck. "Oh yes, I wanna fuck you're hard cock." she said as she moaned. She moved her ass in a way no one has ever before, curving her back in and coming straight back down on my cock. Her ass barely slapped against my thighs. I ran my hands down her spine and felt her ass as it bounced up and down. It was one of the best asses I have ever felt. Torrie truly is a goddess when she gets in this kind of state. She moaned louder as I held her closer to my body, her boobs pressing against my chest. I moaned Torrie's name the longer she rid my thick cock.

Torrie switched positions while I remained sitting down. She pointed her back towards me, as she continued riding me up and down, barely splashing against the pool water. The fucking she was giving me felt better in this position than the other, as she leaned her back on me as she rid me. She slammed her pussy all the way down on my cock as I held her tits, rubbing them and squeezing them in my hands. We turned our heads towards each other to lean in for another kiss as she started riding my cock faster. The faster she rode my cock the harder I started squeezing on her titties. We both moaned out loud, hoping none of the neighbors can hear us. Her pussy was extremely warm while we fucked in the cold water.

She got off my penis and held my hand as we walked closer to the wall of the pool by the steps. She leaned over the edge as I stuck my dick in her wet pussy. I wasted no time and went quick in her pussy. She moaned louder as she cupped her breast on the edge of the pool. I held her ass and moved it as I moved my cock through her vagina. My balls were slapping against her soft skin and she sure enjoyed every slap of my testicles. Her mouth was wide open in joy as I continued pulverizing her pussy.

We moved from the wall, closer into the pool as Torrie floated on the water. I held her as I stood up, and fucked her pussy holding her up in the water. She wrapped her legs around my body as I fucked her. It was hard keeping her up as she kept moving from moaning and loving my cock, but I managed to fuck her still. I went slow as I twisted my cock around in her warm pussy, getting myself deeper in her. She moaned on the water as we made ripples form around us with each thrust I make into her sweet pussy. Her pussy felt so good against my dick, as I did all the work while she floated in the water.

Torrie floated away from my cock and she got on her knees on the steps. She grabbed my cock and started to deep-throat it. My cock was clogging her mouth as she managed to stuff it in her tight mouth. She slid it out, and started sucking it as fast as she can, gulping it up and down. I came in her mouth as she was sliding it out. A good portion of my cum landed on her breast and into the pool. She swallowed the load and gave me another kiss as we hopped out the pool.

"So uh, how much do I have to pay for you being here?" she asked.

"Well, I think the sex was a good enough pay, but you know I have to clean the cum out of the pool now, right?

She laughed, as we continued making out, moving into the house.

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