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The Signature
by Formerly Ty (

Eric is an avid 16 year old wwf fan. The reason why he loves wwf is one
of his favorite divas Chyna. From her feud with Jeff Jarret and her stint
with DX,he fell in love with her. When everybody thought she was a
she-male,he desired to be in bed with her strong,muscular body. He wanted
to make her wet. People would laugh at him when he talked about how much
he loved Chyna. They would call him "she man lover" and fudgepacker.

Eric would go home and cry. But every time he did,Raw,Smackdown! or any
other event came on television and it cheered him up thinking how hot
would she be looking tonight. She would come out with her usual black
leather S&M looking outfit. He wanted to be beat by her rough hands. She
came out and did a promo,everytime she moved he would rub his hard-on
till it was fully erect. Then he would jerk faster and faster as her
promo time ran out. But by the time she was halfway done,he would have
semen on his boxers,stomach and bed sheets. The kleenex cleaned him off.
It was his usual jerkoff whenever Chyna came out.

One day, Eric went on the internet to browse, nothing more, and found
Chyna's official website. One section showed her signings. She would soon
be in Rhode Island with Trish and Stephanie and they would be signing
autographs. Eric couldn't believe it,his favorite wwf star would be in
his hometown and signing autographs. This could be his chance to get her
with him. He soon started to beg his parents to take him to the mall that
day. They couldn't take him though. But his friend Adam was going,so he
asked Adam. The friend agreed,they would have a great time.

The day came, Eric woke up at 6:00 am. The signing would be at 9:00. The
mall is about 3 miles away. He got dressed and thought about Chyna since
he woke up. Eric just remembered what he purchased a couple of weeks ago
on the internet,phermones. A cologne which attracts the opposite sex,he
took it with him. Adam was outside waiting for Eric. Eric came down with
his wrestling attire which Chyna would soon sign. They made it to the
mall to see about thousands of people. Eric was dissapointed that he
probably wouldn't have the chance to meet his Chyna doll.

But there was three booths so they decided to go to Trish's booth
first,then Stephs. When they finally got to Chyna there were about 10
people in back of them. Adam got to Chyna and she quickly signed his
t-shirt and shook his hand. Eric quickly sprayed the phermones on his
neck and underarms. He was there,he saw Chyna's big voluptuous body and
her muscles bulging from her blouse. He made his way towards her and went
to shook her hand when she got up and hugged him. He told her his name
and she slowly moved back and kissed him with her soft lips. "The
phermones are working!!" thought Eric excitedly.

Chyna looked at him in a weird way. She signed his shirt and winked. Her
body was wet with desire for this young'un. She gave him back his t-shirt
after she signed it. Eric went away after Chyna winked at him. Eric and
Adam saw their t-shirts and books which were signed by all three divas.
Adam made a move on Eric which was caused by the phermones. Eric then
noticed something on his t-shirt which Chyna signed. It wasn't a
signature,it was an invitaton. The invitation said: "Meet me in the

"Adam...don't wait for me okay" said Eric.

"But how are you gonna get home" responded Adam.

"I'll take a cab" said Eric. Adam walked out the mall without his friend.
After 10 minutes the signing was finished. Chyna and the other divas went
to the lounge before the had to leave. Eric thought why would Chyna
invite him to the lounge. But he didn't want to think of it and walked
towards the lounge. There was a bulky bodyguard.

"Hey, my name is Eric and i got this invitation...." Said Eric before
the guard opened the door for him. He entered the door and saw nothing but
T&A. Chyna,Trish and Stephanie sit on the couches with their legs crossed
talking to each other when they see Eric roll into the room. They look at
him,Trish giggles and bites her index nail. Steph gives him a dirty look
that says she wants him bad. Trish wearing a black t-shirt and silver
skirt,Steph wearing a leather black skirt and white blouse.

"Sit down right here baby" said Chyna. Eric sat down near his new friend
and she put her hand on his thighs.

"So Eric,how old are you?" asked Trish softly.

" don't know" said Eric hesitantly.

"You don't know how old you are..don't be shy baby" said Trish.

"16" said Eric. Trish got up and took off her t-shirt showing her pink

"Have you ever seen breasts in front of your face baby" said Trish
seductively. Eric couldn't respond,he was speechless.

"Steph baby, could you help me with this bra?" said Trish. Stephanie got
up and went behind Trish. Steph couldn't take it off. While Steph was
trying to take it off Trish took off her skirt. She lay her hands right
beside Eric's thighs and bent over. Steph struggled to get the bra off
and it looked like she was fucking Trish in the ass with Trish bent over
and Steph grabbing Trish's sides. Eric got hard instantly. His cock shot
straight up in Trish's face, bulging between his jeans.

"Ohhhh...i see we got you hard!" said Trish giggling. Chyna pushed him
back and ran her fingers against his chest. Eric unzipped his jeans and
revealed his cock coming out of his boxers. Trish saw this and helped him
pull his jeans off. His cock shot out from the hole in his boxers. Trish
and Chyna saw his pubic hair,fully grown. Chyna started to rub it as did

"This feels good Eric,do you like it" said Trish. Eric moaned in extasy.
Chyna rubbed his balls which was full of hair. She ignored the balls and
bent over,sucking his balls with his hair. Trish ran her tongue around
the tip of the head and licked his hole. Eric loved this and couldn't do
anything cause this was his first time in a long time. Stephanie finally
got the bra off. She then took off Trish's panties and started to rub her

"I want to eat you" said Eric.

"No,no,no" said Trish. We will do everything,you just sit back and
relax...slllllllppppp" said Trish while sucking his cock. Eric was
dissapointed,he wanted to taste Trish,but he couldn't. He couldn't
believe the phermones were working. Chyna licked and sucked on his balls.
Stephanie stuck her wet fingers inside Trish's tight clit and began to
fingerfuck her. Trish's blonde hair trickled against Eric's pubic hair
and tickled him. Chyna then left Eric's balls for Trish's clit and helped

Trish, with her seductive eyes looked up at Eric with his dick in her
hand and jerked while smiling at him. Eric knew he could hold his load
inside for a couple of more minutes since he mastered it while
masturbating to Chyna every monday and thursday. Trish wrapped her tongue
around his cock once again and jerked it inside her mouth. Her cheeks
bulged in faster and faster whle sucking his hard cock. Eric felt himself

"OHHHH yessssss!!!" moaned Eric. He blew his load inside Trish's lovely
mouth. She spit it out onto the couch. Eric never knew his semen would be
in Trish's mouth,only on his stomach after Raw or Smackdown! Trish lay
her head on Eric's stomach while she gave him time to reload. She was
getting her clit eaten out by Steph and Chyna. Trish moaned in Eric's
face,Eric thought this was his chance. He kissed her and she responded by
giving him her tongue. She palmed his cheek with one hand while holding
on his thigh.

Chyna stuck her tongue inside Trish's ass while Steph kept fingering
Trish. Trish felt her orgasm building up and told them to stop. She got
up and started to flick her own clit in Eric's face. She flicked it with
her index finger faster and faster. Steph and Chyna helped her and licked

"ohhhh yessss Eric!!!!!!" screamed Trish as it squirted right in his
face. It was all over his face as Steph and Chyna licked his face. He
licked some himself but didn't like the taste.

"Eric. I know you're a big fan of me" said Chyna "so i'm gonna give you a
signature you'll never forget" She took her clothes off and showed her
nice big breasts. Steph and Trish were tired out and kissed on the couch.
Steph took her clothes off also and laid back for Trish. Trish moved to
Steph's clit and started to flick. Steph pinched her nipples and moaned
from Trish's expert tongue. Eric knew how Steph was feeling. Chyna soon
sat on Eric's fully reloaded cock and sat down slowly on it.

"This is nothing like Hunter" said Chyna. Eric didn't know what she was
talking about and just grabbed her sides. She grabbed the back of the
couch and held on for the ride as she rode his cock. Steph couldn't hold
it any longer. Trish flicked her to death and Steph felt refreshed. She
flicked faster and faster till Steph grabbed the back of her head and
forced her into it. Eric felt himself cumming. Luckily it was pre-cum. He
wanted it to last forever. Chyna rode faster and faster. She soon started
to slap Eric's thighs hard. She left welts on him.

Eric could feel the inside of her walls and slapped her ass. She was
hysterical and she rode faster, faster on his cock. She felt the hairs
tickling her clit. She felt Eric was about to blow his load. She kept
riding faster and faster until Eric squirmed until his air ducts let it
go. Steph couldn't hold her juices and came on Trish's big tits.

"ohhhhh yessss it's cumming!!!!" screamed Eric as Chyna rode his 16 year
old cock. He kept slammin into her and she got up. The divas surrounded
him and jerked him. Steph sucked him off good until he exploded in her
mouth. She shared it with everyone else and they kissed and swallowed his
teenage sperm.

Eric had the time of his life. He finally got Chyna with a little extra
on the side. But he really wanted to taste some pussy. He now knew what
the invitation was for: a signature by his favorite diva which would
never be forgotten.

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