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Knockouts: Lisa Marie "Tara" Varon and Brooke "Tessmacher" Adams

The Sinister Seduction Of Brooke Tessmacher
by Number One (

Former WWE Diva turned TNA Knockout Tara has accomplished a lot in 11 years
as an in-ring competitor. Overall, she is a six-time champion, holding the
prestigious Women's Championship in WWE on two occasions and winning the
Knockouts Championship four times. However, despite the numerous solitary
accomplishments, Tara is immensely proud to be one-half of the Knockouts Tag
Team Champions with another Diva-turned-Knockout, Brooke Tessmacher. The duo
defeated Mexican America mavens Sarita and Rosita to win the titles back in

Tara proudly shows off her championship gold everywhere she goes, and she was
doing so as she was walking to the Knockouts locker room. She looked around
the room thoroughly, checking for other Knockouts. Seeing no one, Tara
steadily walked in. She opened her locker and took out her black leather
trenchcoat. With one swoop with her coat, the lovely vixen was out of her
ring attire and into an eye-popping, all-black outfit consisting of a
strapless top, tight leather pants, and boots.

"So sexy," Tara said as she admired herself in a full-length mirror. "But
there's one thing missing." The curvaceous Knockout watched in wicked glee as
her canine teeth elongated, becoming a pair of sharp and deadly fangs. Other
than being a heavily decorated competitor, Tara is an evil vampire beauty --
with a huge crush on her tag team partner, Brooke Tessmacher. Now that she is
in her true form, the veteran Knockout set her focus on one thing: making
Brooke her vampire bride.

"After tonight, dear Brooke," Tara said as she gave a firm pose in front of
the mirror, "you will be more than my tag team partner. You will be one of
the many who worship the true greatness that is Tara." Little did Tara know
that standing outside the locker room was her in-ring partner and crush,
Brooke Tessmacher. She saw and heard everything, including Tara's evil
cackle. The petite Knockout had just learned that the woman she holds the tag
team titles with is a wicked vampire seductress, and as she walked away from
the scene, she had mixed feelings of shock and fear, but she was also a bit

Regardless of her myriad of emotions, Brooke casually left the arena and
tried to ignore what she just witnessed. She cautiously turned around one
last time to see of she was being followed by Tara. She did not see her
partner, but she heard the villainous Knockout's voice from right behind her.

"Hello, Brooke."

"Oh. Hey Tara," Brooke said nervously as Tara brought herself closer to her.
"You know," she commented, "it's not polite to eavesdrop on others."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Brooke deceptively replied.

"Don't lie to me, Brooke," said Tara. "I could sense your presence --
literally feel you watching me from outside. I'm glad you enjoyed the view,
sweetie, because tonight's the night that I will make you mine!" At that
moment, Tara's eyes glowed a bright and ominous shade of red, and she
intensely stared at the object of her affection. Brooke's attempts to avoid
her partner's hypnotic gaze were futile at best, and she ended up passing out
into the arms of the evil Tara.

Brooke finally awoke from her fainting spell, and quickly noticed that her
surroundings were much different. She was lying on a king-sized bed, and she
was fully nude. The petite beauty didn't have to wonder where she was,
because she had already figured out that she was in Tara's dark domain.
"Tara?!" Brooke shouted as loud as possible. "Tara!" Her call heard, the
wicked Tara slowly walked into her bedroom, chuckling evilly at her intended
lover. The seductive vampiress wasn't wearing much, either -- only a pair of
leather boots and a devilish smirk on her face.

"You look gorgeous, Brooke," Tara said as she lustfully gazed at the young
vixen. "I knew I made the right decision in choosing you as my tag team
partner. I see a lot of myself in you, Brooke. You are a naughty, wicked
little she-devil, and I plan on bringing more of that out of you."

"Well?" asked Brooke. "What are you waiting for? Show me your fangs." Tara
laughed at her partner's odd request. "I see you want to get right to the
point," she said coyly. "Be patient, my dear. That time will come." The co-
holders of the Knockouts Tag Team Championship started making out with each
other in romantic and heated fashion. They rolled around the bed a number of
times until the 5'4" Brooke was on top of the dominant Tara. The villainous
vixen was a tad displeased at being at the bottom, but Brooke paid her no
mind as she started pleasuring her by licking and sucking on her lover's
luscious breasts in pure hedonistic fashion.

"Ahhhhh...aahhhh...," Tara softly moaned in ecstasy, much to the delight of
Brooke--who gave her a sly wink. Tara delivered an ominous glare at her take-
charge lover, who slowly moved herself down to the veteran Knockout's
gorgeous pussy. She wasted no time placing her soft lips on to Tara's lower
ones and French-kissing her snatch.

"OHHHHH! OHHHHH!!!" Tara screamed loudly and erotically as Brooke was working
her sexual magic on her delectable pussy. " little bitch!
Ohhh...GOD!" Tara was immensely overcome with orgasmic pleasure as Brooke's
tongue was working every orifice of her tight snatch. But while she was going
wild with ecstasy, she still wanted to assert her dominance. The supernatural
beauty grabbed her partner in lust by her dark locks and tossed her down on
the floor--abruptly taking away Brooke's sexual upper hand.

"What's the matter, Tara?" teased Brooke. "I thought we were having fun." The
sinister vampiress rose up and walked closer to her smirking lover. "You were
having all the fun, sweetie," she said, "but it's my turn now. I always knew
you were a nasty little slut. Now it's time for me to put you in your proper
place, which is on your knees taking it up your cute little ass!" With that
said, Tara opened her dresser drawer and pulled out a strap-on with a six-
inch dildo attached. Brooke stared in awe as she watched her evil lover place
the object around her waist and simply stand over her, with a firm pose.

"Now, Brooke," said Tara, "bend over." Brooke did as her partner instructed
and pointed her sexy posterior towards her. Tara gently stroked her lover's
gorgeous waist with both hands before pulling her closer and inserting
herself into her tight entrance.

"Ahhhh! AAAHHH!!!" Brooke screamed in utter ecstasy, much to Tara's delight.
But the wicked beauty wasn't that pleased with her lover's orgasms. "I'm
sorry, Brooke," she said, "but that little shriek of yours isn't good
enough." She wanted to her a bit of anguish in her voice, and to make sure
she got that, she fucked her harder and with more intensity.

"OHHHH!!! OHHH GOD!!!" Brooke shouted as Tara was destroying her tight pussy.
Half of a ruler's length was going in and out of her narrow region with full
force, and though Brooke was feeling a bit of pain, she felt some pleasure as


Not only was the petite Knockout enjoying being on the receiving end of this
heated anal pleasure, the evil Tara was turned on as well. Her eyes displayed
an ominous red glow and her fangs elongated in a fit of ecstatic pleasure.
The dominant villainess grabbed Brooke by her hair and nearly pulled her all
the way up, all the while still performing her hedonistic act. "Good," said
Tara. "That is exactly what I want from you, Brooke -- total submission. And
now, my pet...," she continued, "'s time." Tara gently kissed the right
side of her neck, right before sinking her sharp fangs inside her throat.

"Ahhhhh...aaahhhh," Brooke softly moaned as Tara slowly siphoned her humanity
away. The lovely brunette grew a set of fangs of her own and her complexion
changed from a beautiful peach color, into a ghostly, pale shade of white.
Tara simply gleamed at her creation, but she wasn't half as elated as Brooke.
The young beauty saw her reflection in the mirror and started laughing
maniacally at what she saw. She had become a wicked vampiress, just like
Tara, and she leapt towards her tag team partner and lover and pinned her
down on her bed, hissing and snarling at her as she stared at her.

"Is this what you want, Tara?" Brooke coyly asked her wicked lover and tag
team partner. Tara cackled fiendishly at the demonic Knockout, while gently
stroking her tender baby face. "Oh yes, baby," she answered softly. "And you
look so beautiful." Brooke moved closer to Tara in an attempt to embrace her
romantically, but the vampiric beauty swiftly stopped her. "Not so fast," she

"What's wrong?" asked Brooke.

"There's one more thing I want from you, Brooke," Tara said sternly. "You
have to promise that you will always love, honor, and -- most importantly --
obey your evil mistress."

"Of course I will," Brooke replied. With that answer, the Knockouts Tag Team
Champions passionately made out with each other -- a session that was
interrupted by Brooke sinking her newly acquired fangs into Tara. After
sampling the blood of her devilish companion, Brooke licked her lips in a
lustful manner and stared at Tara with deep adoration. "I love you, Tara,"
she said, "and thank you for making me your bride."

"I love you, too, baby," replied Tara.

The End

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