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The Stalker
by Formerly Ty (

Mark Calloway had taken his wife away from the house which was being
stalked for a couple of weeks. He wanted to protect her from the stalker that
had been stalking her for a couple of weeks. He didn't know who it was so he
was irate for a long time. It kept him away from his yard which he had been
in for 10 years. Through all the injuries and arguments he stayed. But this
disturbed him and his wife.

The hotel was a place where Sara could be safe. Thought Undertaker. But
what was about to happen wasn't what he expected.

"Hey Sara" said Undertaker "I'm gonna go for a quick drink."

"Okay baby," said Sara. She kissed her husband for the last time that day.
He was getting his ass whupped by wcw stars in the parking lot and taking to
the hospital.

"Okay the guard will watch you," said Undertaker. She was never informed
of the beating and stayed in the room waiting and yearning for her husband to
come back and give her a good dick-lashing. Her husband never came back, it
got to the point where she would fuck the luggage boy. Soon her desires would
be fufilled as DDP came in with his black mask.

"Who are you?" said Sara hysterically throwing her fists in the air. He
threw her on the bed and with the help of two other wcw stars with masks on,
forced her to her knees.

"Don't worry about who i am,worry about what i am about to do to you
bitch," said DDP in a coarse voice. She was on her knees when DDP removed
his pants and briefs and took out his cock.

"NO!!!!! NO!!!!!!!" screamed Sara. Luckily for DDP, the guards got their
asses kicked and were thrown in the closet. The other two stars, Lance Storm
and Kidman, held the woman back as the cock was forced into her mouth.

"If you bite it bitch I'll beat the shit out of you," said DDP. Sara would
rather suck his cock and ruin her so called beautiful face. She started to
suck on his cock slowly and he was not satisfied.

"Suck my dick bitch now!!!! Faster!!!!" screamed DDP at Sara. She then
realized that her husband walked behind DDP and hid in the closet. He was
badly bruised, but not bleeding. Sara wondered why her husband would allow
her to get raped. Mark always wondered what his wife looked like being
fucked. He had a thing for voyeurism. So he allowed his wife to get raped
and fucked hard.

Sara began to suck even faster causing DDP to smack her,she then went at
a slower pace that satisfied DDP. Her big ose scuffled inside his pubes as it
tickled him to near orasgm as he pulled her off. She then backed up onto the
bed as the Storm and Billy held her down. She was stripped of her clothes and
down to her naked exposed body. She squealed as they covered her mouth. DDP
looked at her juicy pussy.

He softly rubbed it like it was god. Moving down as she struggled, DDP
forced her legs apart and smelled the fresh,home made wet clit.

"I knew you liked this slut" said DDP. He then stuck his finger inside her
smooth clit. Mark saw this and immediatly began to jack off. The moans from
the closet drew the wcw stars attention and came to it. Undertaker was too
bruised to struggle with them as the dragged him on the floor and forced him
to watch his wife get fucked like a slut should.

Back to the bed, Sara was near an orasm but didn't want to give DDP the
impression she liked it and faked her orgasm. He took off his mask and
started to lick her clit as he stuck both index fingers inside. The only
reason why Undertaker didn't struggle was he liked it. His wife was getting
munched and he was the voyeur.

DDP was finished sucking on her clit when he saw her nice firm tits with
hard nipples. He moved up and took both tits into his hands and moved his
tongue around the nipple area. Sara had never experienced what was happening,
but she loved it even more than her husband.

DDP was ready to fuck his favorite woman. He jerked his cock to get it
harder. Then he slowly poked her clit until he was inside her all the way. He
started to jump up and down on her clit and wanted to bruise it. He wanted to
leave a mark and started jumping faster and faster.

"BANG......BANG......BANG......BANG" yelled DDP with every jump and
landing inside her pussy. Sara couldn't take it anymore and started to put
her hips into it,then her clit muscles. DDP was not ready to cum though. He
got Sara and up turned her around showing her nice ass which she earned.

"Nice ass,too bad it'll get the diamond cutter" said DDP. He penetrated
her slowly until there was no more room inside her. Grabbing onto her thighs
as he thrust faster and faster. Controlling her muscles as he thrust inside
her, Sara loved every minute and began to moan for once.

Mark loved it. Loved deeing his wife getting banged. The slut was getting
great reviews by his erect cock which was ready for her. He broke free and
beat the hell out of the stars. DDP sacrificed himself by continually fuckng
Undertaker's wife. Undertaker wanted some also. He spit on his cock and got
under his wife.

She suddenly felt both her holes getting pounded and came on both. The
excitement was infinite for her as she got fucked hard by her husband and
stalker. Soon Lance and Billy came over to his wife. He wasn't aware what was
going on over his head as both wcw stars stuffed her mouth full of nuts. She
loved it. DDP was ready to release,but not before Undertaker who quickly
pulled out his cock and jerked on her stomach.

Her mouth was stuffed as she had two cocks in her hand and mouth. She
jerked them fast into her mouth to orgasm. Her mouth was dry by the time DDP
finished her off. He quickly busted inside her ass. Undertaker was relieved
and tired. DDP, Lance and Billy quickly ran from the room. That is until they
ran into Kane down the hall. He was whupped their ass.

"What's your problem?" yelled Sara at Undertaker.

"What?" replied Undertaker.

"How could you allow me to get raped like that?" said Sara. She left the
room as he raised his arms in unsureness. Kane walked in to see what

"What's wrong?" said Kane.

"They beat my ass and helped me rape my wife" said Undertaker. He left
the room as Kane stoo there stunned and ran after Taker for an explanation.

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