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I have been working on this story for a while now... and frankly I still
don't like how it turned out. This story is practically the reason why I
don't putmuch with dialouge in the stories I write. Just to warn ya, it
really falls apart towards the end.

The Start of the Affair
by Dice

At a hotel somewhere in the on the west coast of the United States, moans of
passion can be heard coming from a hotel room. Inside the hotel room, the
light is off, and the bed is squeeking.

"Ahhh ahhh ahhhh Charlie! I'm CUMMING!" The voice of Jackie Gayda echos
through the room. The squeeking on the bed continues for a few more minuets.

"Yeah?" Charlie asks as she continues to fuck his fiance.

"Can... can you stop... please?"

The squeeking on the bed stops and a few moments later, a bedside lamp is
turned on. On the bed Charlie Haas looks at an exhausted Jackie Gayda who's
breathing heavily. Charlie places a hand on hers.

"Is something wrong honey?"

Jackie shakes her head, "No... I'm... just really tired..." Jackie turns onto
her side and closes her eyes. A moment later Jackie is fast asleep. Charlie
eases himself off the bed and puts on some shorts, slippers & a t-shirt. He
turns off the lamp, kisses Jackie's forehead, then heads out of the hotel

Charlie walks down the hall towards the elevator, hits the button and waits
for it come. He crosses his arms and finally the elevator comes and the doors
open with a ding. Inside the elevator is Dawn Marie, who looks like she's had
wild night. Charlie steps onto the elevator and hits the button for the lobby
while looking at Dawn.

"Hey Dawn... you look like you had fun tonight."

Dawn smiles, "Not really... I just didn't do anything with my hair before
heading out."

"Oh I see..."

"What are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be with Jackie?"

"Oh... well I think I wore here out..."

Dawn gets a big smile on her face, "Really?"

Charlie nods, "Yeah... it kinda sucks... cause I really love her and she
can't keep up with me..."

Dawn steps close to him, "You probably got a load of pent of sexual exergy...
you need an outlet..."

Charlie laughs a bit, "I don't know Dawn... Jackie will be pissed..."

Dawn puts her hands on her hips, "You mean to tell me you tell her everything
you do?"

Charlie shakes his head, "No... I don't... but if she finds out..."

Dawn smiles, "She won't... now come with me..." Dawn takes his hand and the
moment the doors of the elevator open to the floor of Dawn's hotel room. She
pulls him out of the elevator and takes him down the hall towards her hotel

"Dawn... listen... this isn't a good idea..."

Dawn laughs and looks back at him, "If it wasn't, how come you're following

Charlie can't find an arguement as Dawn opens her hotel room door. They both
enter and Dawn kicks the door shut.

"All right Charlie... sit down..." Dawn says as she pushes Charlie down onto
the bed. She then straddles his lap and places her hands on her shoulders.
Charlie turns his head to the side.

"Dawn... I can't do this..." Dawn places her hands on his face and has him
face her.

"But you want to... I can feel something rising down below..." Dawn grinds
her hips to prove her point to him, even though he knows his dick is slowly
becoming erect. Dawn can see that Charlie is really unsure about doing this
with her, which makes Dawn licks her lips as she figures out the best way to
get him to open up.

"I think I know what you need... you need a real woman..." Dawn slowly starts
to slide from his lap and down to the floor. She then runs her hands all over
his crotch, "You need a woman... who can please you..."

"Dawn... listen..."

Dawn stops him by putting a finger on his lips.

"Sssh... don't talk..."

Dawn slowly pulls down his shorts and gets a pleased look on her face when
she sees his cock for the first time.

"My, my Chuckie... you have a big cock... too bad Jackie doesn't know how to
use it..."

Dawn takes hold of his hard dick and starts to stroke it. Charlie moans a
bit, then moves his hands to take hers off him. He starts to stand up, but
Dawn pushes his legs down with his elbows and slaps his hands away with her
other hand.

"Charlie... relax... I'm doing this to help you..."

Dawn resumes stroking him at a slow pace and spits on his cock to slick it up
a bit in order to make her actions seem more pleasurable to him. Dawn looks
up and locks eyes with him.

"Does this feel good Chuckie?"

Charlie just nods his head, "Yes... but... you should stop... I can't do
this.." Charlie's head moves a bit as he looks down at Dawn. He tries not to
think about Dawn, but he finds it more and more difficult has he starts to
look at Dawn's tits which are covered by a blue shirt.

Dawn moves her head above his cock and lets her saliva drip from her tongue
down onto his dick, adding more lubricant to his dick allowing her to jerk
him off at a better pace. Dawn looks up and sees Charlie looking at her tits.
She smiles again as she starts to use both of her hands, switching back and
forth between them.

"You like my tits Chuckie? Are They Better than Jackie's?"

Charlie swallos hard, looking at Dawn then at her breast. Dawn gets up higher
on her knees to give him a better look of her tits. Charlie has a clear view
of her clevage and with the way her shirt fits on her, it looks like a long
dark tunnel.

"Yes..." Charlie says in a low tone. Dawn then grins.

"What was that Chuckie?" Dawn squeezes his shaft.

"Yes... I like you tits..."


"And... they are better Jackies... much bigger..."

"I'm glad you think so... cause I think you're going to love this."

Dawn drops her head down and takes Charlie's cock into her mouth, catching
him totally by surprise. Dawn twists and turns her head around his shaft,
massaging the bottom of his dick with her tongue while moaning heavily.
Charlie starts to breath deeply as Dawn pulls away from his dick. She starts
to just jerk him off again.

"Oh god... that... was..."

Dawn shuts him up by licking from the his balls all the way up to the tip
before wrapping her lips around it again. Charlie then places his hands on
her head and pulls her away from his rock hard cock.

"Get undress..."

Dawn grins and stands up. She slowly rolls down her pants revealing to
Charlie she didn't have any underwear on. Charlie grisn and pulls her onto
the bed. Dawn sits near the edge as Charlie goes to the floor and posistions
himself between her legs. He licks his lips as he sees Dawn's cleanly shaved
cunt, then he buries his face into her love box. Charlie jams his tongue into
her cunt, lapping up all of her sweet juice. Dawn moan as she bucks her hips
against his face.


Charlie reaches behind her and grabs her ass cheeks, pulling her closer so he
can drive his tongue in deeper. Charlie adds to his oral attack by sticking
his fingers into her pussy.

"Ohhh shit... that's it... finger fuck me... you're going to make me fucking
cum... yes!"

Dawn grips his head has hard as she can as his fingers and tongue work their
magic. Dawn throws her head back and presses her pussy as hard as she can
against her face when she starts to cum. Dawn is breathing heavily as she
starts to come down from her orgasm.

"My... my... Charlie... no wonder Jackie can't keep up with you..." Dawn pats
his face, as he starts to frown.

"I wore you out didn't I?"

Dawn shakes her head, "Far from it... I want more... lay down..."

Charlie smiles then stops, "Dawn... I don't have a condom or anything... I
can't risk..."

"Oh come on Charlie... I want to fuck your brains out... I'm on the pill
anyway... WWE policy remember? Besides... you haven't seen my tits yet!" Dawn
pulls off her shirt and tosses it to the side, followed quickly by her bra.

Charlie is speechless as he looks at a pair of breasts that are ten times
better than Jackie's. Dawn smirks at him as he stares at her chest for a few

"Let's make a trade Charlie..."

Charlie shakes his head, "What kind of trade?"

"I'll let you suck on my tits... if..." Dawn cups her own breasts and
squeezes them together.


"If you give me your cock..."

Charlie thinks about it for a long, painful moment. He doesn't want to risk
knocking Dawn up, but as his eyes gaze upon her beauitful body, he starts
caring less and less about it.


Dawn almost jumps up into the air but instead grabs his arms and throws him
down onto the bed. He reaches up for her breasts as she gets over him, but
Dawn stops him.

"Hold on... you'll get them in a moment.. right after my pussy is filled with
your large cock..."

Dawn places his hands on her hips, then she takes one of her hands and
grabs his prick. She aims it straight up towards her pussy and slowly lowers
herself down onto it.

"Ahhh shit..." Charlie moans as Dawn finishes dropping down on him.

"Mmmm Charlie... you dick feels so fucking good in me..."

Dawn starts to grind her hips over the stunned Charlie. She smirks down at
him as she clenches her cunt around his cock, sending a jolt through his

"FUCKING A... Damn..." Charlie says as he hands tightens his hold on her
hips. Dawn Starts bouncing up and down on his cock, as Charlie moves his
left hand from her hip to her breast as he stis up. He take the nipple
into his mouth, flicking his tongue around it before he starts to suck on

"Mmmm yes... suck my tits Chrlie... and fuck... ohhh god... fuck my pussy...
fuck me me hard!"

Charlie starts to drive his cock up into her twat, as Dawn starts to lean
back, rocking her hips harder and faster on his cock. Charlie takes some
control as he rolls over to where he's onto of the hot as hell diva. He
fucked her with out any regret, his cock pistoning in and out of her vagina
smoothly. As Dawn starts to cum she reaches behind his head.

"Fuck... my... ass... NOW!"

Charlie smirks and pulls out of her well fucked pussy and flips her over. He
shoves his prick into her round ass as hard as he can. Dawn reaches between
her legs and starts to finger fuck her self as she pushes back on Charlie's
cock. Charlie gurnts and groans, as he fucks her tight asshole.

"Ahh.. shit... I'm gong to..."

Dawn doesn't have the hear the rest and looks back at him, "Pull out... I
want to suck it from you..."

Charlie pulls out of her ass and stands up on the mattress. Dawn gets up
onto her knees and starts to suck his prick again, tasting her ass and pussy
on it. Charlie was so close to cumming arleady that he starts to cum almost
instantly. His load impresses Dawn for it's more than her mouth can handle.
She pulls her head away and the rest of his load lands on her breasts.

Once he's donw, Dawn looks up at him and shows him the cum in her mouth, then
closes it and swallows.

"All gone... see." Dawn opens her mouth again as she rubs the cum on her tits
into her skin. "I bet Jackie doesn't do that..."

"No... she doesn't..."

Dawn pulls him down next to her, and kisses him on the cheek.

"Now remember... whenever you want a real woman... just come find me... you
shouldn't have to suffer..."

Charlie smiles, "Thanks Dawn..." Then he looks at a clock, "I better get

"Ok..." Dawn smiles as Charlie gets dressed and then leaves. Once he's gone,
Dawn lays down on the bed. She sucks on her fingers a bit then smirks.

"Got him. Hooked. Lined and Sinker."
_ _ _

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