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The Stephanie Saga Part 1: Eat The Rich
by Adam

Things were great. With Raw's latest storyline being less than sensational
and ratings-grabbing, and coming off of Smackdown's success at No Mercy,
Stephanie McMahon was on top of the world. She sat in her leather chair,
contemplating how perfect her life was; her money, her cars, her stable of
superstars, her money, her power, her mansion, and best of all, her money.
Thoughts of her own power and wealth were the biggest aphrodisiac of all to
Ms. McMahon, other than having a hard, rigid cock in her mouth, that is.
Yes indeed, things were great. As she thought of her perfect life, and had
delusions of grandeur and daydreams of owning the entire company like daddy
did, her right hand moved underneath her desk and onto her leg. It began a
slow, sensuous journey up her beautiful leg until it made it to her shapely
thigh. Her fingertips traced into her inner thigh and up her short skirt,
before settling on her thong-clad pussy. Stephanie rubbed her slit through
her underwear, closing her eyes and moaning as she did so. Growing bolder,
her other hand reached down and, along with her right hand, she grabbed the
waistband of her underwear and yanked them down to her ankles in one quick,
practiced motion. She moved her right hand back to her yearning slit,
before tracing up and down her pink pussy with her middle finger. She
slowly pushed it inside her hotbox, while simultaneously adding her index
and ring fingers. She slowly moved the three fingers in and out of her hot
center, wishing desperately for a man's presence. She pictured Hunter, and
as she did so, used her left hand to unbutton her shirt and reach under her
blouse. She grabbed her right breast and gave it a hard squeeze, just as
Hunter always used to. She ran her smooth palm over her soft nipple, making
it as hard and pointy as an eraser. As occupied as she was, she didn't hear
the door open. She didn't hear the door slowly close and click shut. She
didn't hear anything, until the man cleared his throat.

"Miss me, Ms. McMahon?"

Stephanie looked up in shock to see the man she despised more than anyone
else, aside from Eric Bischoff.

Gripping her blouse shut with both of her hands, she screamed at her

"What the hell do you want, Heyman? Get the fuck out of my office, you litte
troll, and take your ape Lesnar with you!"

"But Ms. McMahon...Stephanie..." Heyman replied, "you just looked so lonely,
and surely two big, strong, burly men such as my client, The Next Big Thing
Brock Lesnar and myself can be of service. After all. You are the...'biggest'
person in our company." Heyman snickered at his own perverse sense of humor.
He straightened his tie as Brock took his shirt off, overconfident (as
always) that he would be pinning somebody before the night was over.

Stephanie opened her mouth to yell again, but Brock put his palm on her
mouth, before grabbing the back of her head and pulling her to her feet,
exposing her thong panties around her ankles. Her hands immediately left
her blouse to cover her mound. Heyman broke the silence.

"Now, Stephanie, here's the deal. You're a businesswoman. I'm a businessman.
Brock is the most sought after man in sports-entertainment today. If you
don't pleasure us in every vile and disgusting way I can think of, we walk
out of our contract and sign with Bischoff. He's already found a clause to
release us from our Smackdown contract, and he offered us a certain Miss
Stacy "Legs" Keibler if we sign with him." Heyman paused, eying her large
mammaries. "But being blunt, Miss McMahon, the thought of your lips around
my dick while I hold those massive jugs has me ready to blow my load right
now, so I'd be willing to stay right where I am. The balls are in your court,

The smug look on Heyman's face made Stephanie blush with anger and shame.
Looking down, she saw his erection poking his slacks, and new that she
couldn't lose these two men. Brock was "The Next Big Thing," and Heyman's
twisted knowledge of the business was what made Lesnar as motivated and
deadly as he was. She knew what she had to do. Stephanie finished unbuttoning
her blouse, and let Brock move away from her, his jaw agape in shock at the
sheer size of her breasts. She took the blouse off and dropped it on the
floor, before resigning herself to her fate and slowly dropping to her knees.
She had passed the point of no return.

Brock removed his athletic warm-up pants and his boxers, before stepping in
front of Stephanie. Her eyes widened at his massively thick member. It had
to be 6 inches around, and at least 10 inches long. She doubted she could
adequately service it. She closed her eyes and tried, though. Parting her
soft pink lips, Stephanie snaked her tongue across the tip of his cock,
causing him to shudder in anticipation. She then used her tongue to trail
the entire length of the underside of his hard member. When she reached the
base, she swirled her tongue around it, before moving her head back and
opening her mouth wide. Just as she was about to taste his cock, she opened
her eyes to see Heyman, still wearing his shirt and jacket and hat, with his
small fat cock in her face. He reached down and wrapped his hands in her
dark mane, tugging slightly on her hair to urge her along.

"Go ahead, princess," he huskily whispered, "suck it real good, baby.
Brock'll take care of you."

Stephanie took the 4 inch penis in her mouth with ease, occasionally pausing
to swirl her tongue around it, but concentrating mainly on sucking his
member, trying to get him off so that she could focus on Brock. Heyman moaned
and grunted, grunted and moaned as his prick was in the warmest, wettest
mouth it had ever entered (it was, in fact, the only mouth it had ever
entered, since Francine and Dawn Marie refused to let him defile their mouths
or pussies with his dirty cock, but that was his little secret).

As usual, while Heyman was reaping the fruit, Lesnar was doing all the work.
While Stephanie gave Heyman his first blowjob, Brock had worked his face
undnerneath Steph's business skirt and between her gorgeously-shaped legs.
He rested his hands on her wide hips, and began to lap at her slit like an
animal. His tongue caused her to moan around Heyman's dong, a vibrating
sensation that Heyman loved. When Stephanie's hips started bucking against
his face, Brock knew it was time to go for the kill. Moving his hands
slightly over so that they were cupping her marvellously round buttocks,
Brock squeezed, leaving his fingerprints in her booty. His powerful squeeze
caused Stephanie to thrust forward violently, and pushing her clitoris
between his teeth (he had perfected that move on Molly, but that's another
story...). Despite his animalistic appearance and attitude, The Next Big
Thing was very gently with her clit, nibbling slightly and almost teasing
the Billion Dollar Princess. His mouth was giving her pleasure Hunter had
never been able to.

As Brock was eating Stephanie, Heyman was struggling not to come. He pounded
his chubby in and out of her mouth, thrusting it all the way to her tonsils,
and pulling it out so that just the head remained. He rammed in and out, in
and out, in and out, causing her to gag slightly. His hands balled up into
fists in her beautiful brown hair, and with all of his lower body strength,
he shoved his penis in one more time before shooting his semen into her
mouth. Disgustedly, Stephanie swallowed his filthy load, grimacing as she
did so. Heyman nearly collapsed on the floor after the intense orgasmic
experience, his balls completely drained. He looked over at his client eating
her sweet, sweet pussy, however, and immediately began to show signs of life
again. *Wow,* he thought *that viagra shit really does work...* He reached
into his jacket and pulled out a pen and a document he had written up prior
to making his visit to her office...

Freed of her unwilling gag, Stephanie was free to moan as loud as she could,
which she did. She bounced up and down on Lesnar's face, as his hands roughly
massaged her large backside. Lost in ecstacy, she signed the document that
Heyman held before her, assuming it was a permanent copy of Brock's Smackdown
contract. She couldn't be further from the truth...

As Brock nibbled away at her clit, he felt ready to burst. He needed to get
her off so that his big 10 incher could get some action. He just couldn't
decide where to put it. Heyman seemed to enjoy her mouth, but her pussy was
so damn sweet and tight. Then again, her ass...Brock shuddered with pleasure
at the thought of forcing his member into her ass hole, but stayed focused
on the task at hand. He pushed one finger into her anus, while still
squeezing and rubbing her ass cheeks, which was just enough to wrestle (no
pun intended) an orgasm from his boss.

"Ooooooh, ooooh, ooooooooooh, yesssssssss! YESSSSSSSS!" Stephanie wailed as
her first orally-induced orgasm in weeks hit her body. She came, and Brock
licked up her sweet nectar. She slowly got to her feet, a little wobbly in
the knees, before Heyman approached her, his hard member swaying slightly
as he walked. He opened his mouth, probably to tell her to get back on her
knees again, but Brock spoke for the first time that afternoon.

"Shut up, Paul. You got what you wanted, now get out."

"But, but Brock!" Heyman started...

"Paul, I will see you later, understand?"

Heyman looked into his eyes, and knew that his client was serious. Didn't
matter. Brock was right. He had in his jacket pocket the document that would
fulfill his every desire whenever he desired it. He pulled up his pants and
walked out of the office.

"Where were we?" Brock asked.

Stephanie smirked and laid down on the ground, hiking her skirt up her hips
before rubbing her huge melons. She planted the balls of her feet on the
ground before bucking her hips upwards, inviting him without any words to
mount her and lay claim to her as *his* property, as *his* woman, as *his*
bitch. Brock grinned, his youthful over-confidence apparent again, and went
between her spread legs. He grabbed hold of both of her lovely legs, and
began licking and kissing his way up the long stems, from her ankles to her
thighs, alternating from leg-to-leg. When her moistness was again apparent
from his foreplay, he pushed her legs upward with one violent motion and
placed them on his shoulders. He positioned the tip of the head of his cock
to her pink slit, and agonizingly forced the head in. Both partners had a
look of pain and pleasure on their faces as he did this. Finally, with his
thick cockhead in her pussy, Brock rammed forward in one brutal motion,
burying 10 inches of meat in the Billion Dollar Pussy. Her legs quivered on
his thick shoulders as he did this. He sighed and she moaned as he began to
work a hard, ferocious rhythm in and out of her pussy.

"Brock...Brock...Oh, Brock!" Stephanie chanted, as if a mantra. "Faster,
harder! More! More! Oh, oh, oh, ooohhhh! Yessss!"

Brock just continued to grunt and sigh as he worked in and out, not caring
about her pleasure, just wanting to relieve himself. To shoot his wad inside
of her, and relieve himself of his burden. Brock pounded harder and harder,
his balls slapping against her thick, juicy ass as he went along. The force
of his thrusts was starting to lift her off of the floor, and as he slammed
her back down to the floor each time, her huge mammaries jiggled; he had to
squeeze them. Taking his hands from her beautiful backside, Brock grabbed
hold of her melons and began to squeeze, working his palms all over the
largest breasts he had ever seen. He craned his neck forward and kissed her
collarbone, before running his tongue down to her left breast and circling
the nipple. He put the hard nipple in his mouth and sucked with all his
might, while still slam-fucking her.

"Oh, yessssss!" Stephanie climaxed with a scream, her flood coating his
dick and running down to the carpet, wetting the hem of her upraised skirt.
Brock's breathing became more and more ragged; his pleasure evident. He was
about to come, and she knew it. She was glad she was on the pill. Brock
thrust in as far as he could, and simply stayed in that position before
spraying his load deep inside of her womb. He bucked a couple more times
before pulling out of her. He slowly got dressed and stood up. As he looked
down at his exhausted boss, he had mixed feelings. He wasn't in love with
her--not by a longshot. But he was very much in lust with Stephanie, and
felt guilt at the way he had taken advantage of her. And of the way he would
continue to take advantage of her. After all, it was in his contract.

As of today, anyway...

To Be Continued?

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