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Any reflection, satire or wish of what the real world is, all characters are
not mine. Also as a small note Serena is not in this tale as I wrote parts of
it before she became part of the society, so she isn't in it. Hope you enjoy
it anyway. This is a WWEkiller story. Copy if you must but you must give me
credit for working and writing it.

The Straight Edge Society Part 1
by The Pac

CM Punk is in his locker room getting ready for his big match on Smackdown
against Kane. He checks the tape wrapped around his wrists when there is a
knock at his door. Punk motions for his bodyguard Luke Gallows to open the
door and the tall bald wrestler opens the steel locker room door and in to
Punk's locker room walks Natalya Neidhart. She looks amazing with her blonde
hair streaked with pink tied up above her head, she also has on a pink
leather jacket and pink and black one shoulder top showing off her flat mid
section and low cut enough to show a great deal of her big breasts. Punk eyes
go lower to Natalya's tight pink wrestling tights and white boots and the
blonde looks stunning and Punk has to take a second to put his eyes back on
her face as she starts to Punk.

"Thank god your here Punk I need your help," Natalya says to Punk her head
lowering slightly.

Punk looks behind her to Luke Gallows who is silently asking Punk if he wants
the Diva thrown out and Punk shakes his head to the big man who shuts the
locker room door and walks over to a corner of the room and takes a seat on a
steel chair his eyes focused on Punk and Natalya.

"I really need your help Punk," Natalya says staring deep into his eyes, "I
have this problem and you are the only one who can help."

"What is your problem Nattie, you know the straight edged lifestyle leaves
one open to understand the troubles and pressures of others," Punk says in
his most reassuring tone of voice placing his hand on Natalya's left

"Well Punk the thing is I have an addiction and it rules my life," Natalya
says sadly her hand rubs her eyes trying to stop the onrushing tears.

Punk's hand grips her powerful shoulder tightly, "Oh Natalya you did the
right thing coming to see me I can help you I can lead you towards the life
of the straight edge."

"Thanks Punk but my addiction isn't to drugs or drink but it's sex I can't
stop having sex with the guys in the back anyone with a hard cock and I'm all
over them I don't think I can be saved," Natalya sobs baring her soul to the
leader of the straight edge society.

"Natalya you can be saved I can free you from your hang up and addictions,"
Punk says looking over to Gallows and grinning at the massive bodyguard.

"How Punk I'm not strong enough to stop sucking and fucking dick all
together," Natalya says looking up and Punk but in the corner of her eye she
can see a small bulge starting to form in Punk's black wrestling trunks.

"I'm not going to stop you enjoying cock altogether Natalya but I will lead
you away from all the chain smoking, pill popping beer swilling losers you
have been sleeping with and lead you into the straight edge where bodies are
pure and perfect," Punk smiles and puts his hand under Natalya's chin.

"Can you imagine a body so pure nothing toxic has ever entered into it a pure
body built for joy and pleasure to live a clean life Natalya those are the
kind of people you should be sleeping and using your amazing body to please
them," Punk says clearly eyeing up Nattie's sexy body.

"So if I live the straight edge lifestyle and sleep with straight edge guys
I'll be fine I won't feel like a slut," Natalya asks watching Punk staring at
her big boobs.

"Yes straight edge means you are better than everyone else Natalya you are
not a slut you don't abuse your body or kill it slowly with drink or drugs
you will be pure," Punk preaches.

"And the best way to lead you into this lifestyle is right now is with me
your straight edged Saviour I can fuck you and show you how good it feels to
sleep with straight edged men," Punk grins at Natalya.

"So if I give myself to straight edge no more dirty sex with the ring crew,"
Natalya asks and Punk shakes his head, "No more fucking my own tag team or
anyone else in wrestling gear," She asks again and once again Punk shakes his

"Natalya it's amazing," Luke Gallows speaks up surprising both Punk and
Natalya, "Straight edge saved my life before it was like living under a cloud
never knowing only moving with the rest of the herd now I'm standing in the
light changed and pure feeling alive and hopeful.

"That's it Natalya," Punk says pointing to his bodyguard, "Look at Luke he
was a zombie then straight edge saved his life and now he is free don't you
want to be free?"

Natalya nods her head, "Yeah I wanna be free, I want to be straight edge and
I want a straight edge cock," She moans making Punk grin.

"Well you're in luck Natalya I'm here to free you from your addiction I'm
your saviour and I will lead you to salvation," Punk proclaims as he grabs
the bottom of his t shirt and pulls it off.

Natalya licks her lips at seeing Punk's torso and tattoos as Punk kicks off
his wrestling boots and lowers his ring trunks letting his semi hard 8 inch
dick out into the open.

"Get on your knees Natalya be reborn into the straight edged life suck on my
cock and feel the joy and the freedom of those born better than the rest of
the world," Punk cries out kicking away his trunks and watching the hot
Canadian blonde sink to her knees in front of him.

Reaching out Natalya grabs Punk's semi hard prick and begins to stroke it
slowly sliding her hand up and down his thick shaft. Punk groans as Natalya's
soft hand rubs his dick and its starts to grow fully hard in her grip as Punk
wraps his hands behind his head and enjoys what the sexy diva is doing to
him. Natalya pumps her hand a little faster getting CM Punk fully erect, his
purple cock head swelling up pointing right in her face. Leaning forward
Natalya runs her tongue across his dick head making Punk's knees shake and
brings out a louder groan of pleasure.

"Oh yeah Natalya that's it suck it suck my big hard straight edge cock, feel
how good it tastes," Punk commands and Natalya follows his orders opening her
mouth wide and feeding his big cock into her mouth.

Inch by inch Punk's dick disappears into Natalya's warm mouth and Punk moans
as Natalya easily gets all 8 inches of dick into her mouth then slowly starts
to suck on it. Punk thrusts his hips forward slightly going along with her
strong sucks getting his dick wet with her saliva as she gives the leader of
the straight edge society a blowjob. Natalya sinks her finger nails into
Punk's strong thighs holding him steady as she picks up the pace sucking
Punk's cock harder, The noise of his dick sliding into her wet mouth filling
up the locker room. Natalya slobbers over Punk's dick and licks her pink
tongue over every inch of his shaft and this is already turning out to be one
of the dirtiest blowjobs of CM Punk's life. He slides a hand though her long
blonde locks just as the strong diva takes a deep breath and deep throats
Punk's prick making his eyes go wide and he cries out with joy.

"Oh yeah Nattie suck that cock take it all the way down your throat and suck
on it you dirty little slut," Punk cries and Natalya groans from Punk's dirty
talk and starts bobbing her head faster on Punk's cock as her hands move
around and massage his balls.

"Dirty girl you must have sucked loads and loads of cocks to get this good,"
Punk moans, "You don't even gag with my prick this far down your throat."

Natalya nods and sucks Punk's cock at the same time as she really wants to
make him cum so she lightly grinds her teeth over the top of his cock sliding
the sharp edges across his shaft.

"OHHHH GOD YESSSS OHHH," Punk shuts his eyes and groans as Natalya suck hard
on his cock, "You know all those other cocks you have sucked have never
tasted this good have they Nattie."

Groaning into his cock Natalya nods her head as Punk continues, "And that is
because my cock has never been intoxicated and shoved inside a fellow
drinker, it's never needed a little blue pill to get and it has never been
victim to second hand smoke after having sex."

"That Natalya," Punk says puffing his chest out, "Is because I am straight
edge completely pure and free of all of life's poisons and evil's and doesn't
it feel so much better than all the other low life's and losers who have
fucked you."

Natalya groans with approval of Punk's words and starts really sucking
harder making Punk's entire body rock at the force of Natalya's bobbing head.
Nattie pounds her face forward driving Punk's dick further and harder down
her throat. She sucks on it hard and her tongue slides across his rock hard
shaft and Punk places his hand on the young blonde's head guiding her to keep
sucking his big dick.

"Suck my big cock Natalya and be ready because straight edge will change your
life it will make you better than the rest of the WWE universe," Punk moans
preaching to Natalya as she gives him an amazing blowjob.

Natalya rubs her hands up and down Punk's big strong thighs feeling his
smooth skin with the palms of her hands. She bobs her head back and forth
sliding her lips across his big shaft making Punk moan and groan as Nattie
sucks his cock better than anyone ever has before.

"Natalya I think I can help your addiction I can save you from your fellow
weak minded sheep that plague this land," Punk moans as his lifts his right
hand into the air and looks down at Natalya.

"Don't stop sucking Nattie but I want you to raise your right hand I want you
to take the pledge and give your life and addiction to me your straight edge
saviour," Punk yells as Natalya sucks harder but lifts her right hand in the
air as she is on her knees blowing Punk's big dick.

"Your addiction is now part of me I will only let you use your addiction on
those in the straight edge society only those who have earned it should get a
chance to feel your amazing mouth," Punk growls as Natalya deep throats his
big dick and CM Punk's cockhead starts pushing against the walls on Natalya's

Natalya still has her hand in the air as she sucks the life out of Punk's
dick, her other hand moves in-between Punk's legs and she starts rubbing her
fingers over his balls. Punk groans and runs his other hand though his long
black hair as Natalya sucks his cock like a true slut.

"Natalya," Punk moans, "You are a true straight edge slut and now all you
have to do is taste, my cum drink it all up and you are part of the straight
edge society, YOU WILL BE SAVED," Punk screams as he thrusts his hips forward
and cums straight down Natalya's throat.

Natalya braces herself as Punk's warm seed shoots down her throat and the
blonde wants to taste and drink every drop not for Punk and to join the SES
but because she loves tasting cum it's her favourite thing about a blowjob is
getting to swallow all the guy's cum nearly draining him of his juices. She
swallows every blob of cum CM Punk fires into her wide open mouth and as she
swallows Nattie keeps her right arm in the air.

"Yeah Nattie taste it this is the only substance you should be addicted too,"
Punk cries as his knees go weak as he keeps sending wave after wave of cum
into the young Canadian's mouth.

Punk's dick goes limp as Natalya swallows the last few drops then opens her
mouth and Punk steps back still a little dazed and drained but with a big
smile on his face.

"Good girl Natalya welcome to the straight edge society," Punk grins taking a
seat next to his own locker tired but very satisfied.

"Do I have to shave my head and walk around with you guys?" Natalya asks
getting to her feet and stretching out her sore knee joints.

"No not all the members need keep your hair but when I say doing and come and
serve me," to see Luke Gallows who has a camouflage pants.

"But while I'm recovering and you are now a part of the straight edge society
my friend Luke over there would like a chance to be the first straight edge
cock inside of you" Punk points out.

Natalya spins around to see Luke Gallows grinning as he takes off his jet
black hat and pulls off his SES t shirt. He kicks off his black combat boots
and unclips his belt and now his pants come down and his hard 10 inches of
penis become exposed and Natalya's mouth starts to water. Luke stands in
front of her completely naked as Punk sits back against the wall his hands
behind his head as he watches Gallows and Natalya. The blonde grins at him
and soon her pink top and white boots join the big pile of clothes on the
floor. Luke reaches forward and rubs his hands across Natalya's massive chest
feeling up her big tits making her moan softly. Gallows' fingers race around
her pink nipples that are erect and almost an inch wide and Luke takes great
pleasure in squeezing and rubbing her big boobs. Natalya takes a step back
away from Gallows' soft hands and unclips the belt on her pants and lets the
heavy leather belt fall to the locker room floor. She then slides her pink
spandex pants down her wide hips and down her powerful looking legs to her
ankles. Kicking her pants away Natalya stands totally naked in front of the
SES and both eyes are staring at her amazing body. Natalya is smaller than
most divas but her body is a perfect fit for her size as her massive boobs
stick out and her shaved blonde pussy is already dripping wet down her legs.

"You like?" Natalya asks teasing the two naked wrestlers.

Gallows grins and starts stroking his hard cock and Natalya smiles she walks
back to where there is a table pushed up against the wall. She jumps onto it
and spreads her legs showing even more of her pink dripping wet pussy to Punk
and Gallows.

"No, no, no, no Natalya the straight edged lifestyle doesn't have a cock
first time in the pussy, they bend over and they take it up the ass,"
Punk says a sick smile on his face.

Natalya grins and spins around bending over sticking her big ass out right in
front of Luke Gallows who strokes his cock harder as he stares at Natalya's
big tanned ass. Natalya braces herself as the massive frame of Luke Gallows
stands behind her near naked body, his big dick swinging in between his legs.
Pushing forward Gallows pushes his cock head against the entrance of Nattie's
asshole making her moan.

"Have you ever taken a big hard cock up your ass Natalya?" Punk questions the
bent over blonde while stroking his long beard.

"Yes Punk I have," Nattie moans wiggling her ass from side to side trying to
push more of Gallows prick inside her large ass, "I love it when guys fuck my
big ass but I've never had a cock this big in my booty."

Smiling Punk wordlessly nods to Luke to carry on and the chaplain of the
straight edge society pushes forward with a grunt driving 10 inches of cock
into Natalya's ass hole. Her ass isn't too tight but Luke's big cock still
causes the second generation wrestler a lot of pain as his massive prick
pushes into her asshole. Gallows can't fit his giant cock into Natalya so
once he is a good few inches in he starts to move and push his hips into her
managing to get a few extra inches into her ass by fucking her. Natalya's
bright white fingernails dig roughly into the smooth wood of the table as he
ass is being fucked by this massive 6 foot 300 pound grappler. Harder and
faster Gallows picks up the pace as Punk watches on enjoying the show as two
members of the straight edge society fuck in front of him. Nattie's big tits
wobble and shake as her ass is taken hard by the large Gallows and he grabs
Nattie by her tanned hips and really starts to pound her booty with his large

"Oh fuck Luke fuck me fuck me with your big fat cock fuck me in the ass,"
Natalya moans with pleasure as the pain subsides and she can start enjoying
Gallows' dick fucking her ass.

A man of few words and now as it also seems few moans and groans Luke Gallows
pounds her ass as hard as he can with big beads of sweat trickling down his
large muscular arms. His cock slams in and out of Nattie's stretched out
asshole making the young blonde moan and groan as Gallows tightens his grip
on her hip and pounds her so hard the table starts to rock and move. The
scratching sound of table legs sliding across the concrete floor would fill
the room if it wasn't already drowned out by Natalya's deep and lustful cries
of joy. Punk now stands up watching the ass fucking intensely his own dick
becoming semi hard as he rubs a taped up hand over his cock making it twitch
as Natalya moans for more.

"Please Luke fuck me harder I'm a dirty straight edge slut I take it even
harder if you do it I promise I vow to be the best straight edge slut out
there," The blonde practically begs the wrestler fucking her ass.

Luke can't refuse such an offer but still looks over at Punk asking his
saviour for permission which he does with a grin on his face running his
hands though his long black hair as he watches and believes what a slut
Natalya is. Gallows thrusts in harder for the first time getting all ten
inches into Natalya filling the blonde whore up and Natalya responses to this
lifting her whole upper body up off the table and moans loudly like a
auditioning porn star. Punk's eyes are drawn to Nattie's massive tits which
hang down and her big pink nipples are fully erect and look so tasty that
Punk licks his pierced lips and moves over to the anal slut. Natalya looks up
to see Punk standing next to her and before she can speak his hands reach out
and grab her massive tits and squeeze them at the same time Gallows slams all
ten inches straight down Nattie's asshole.

moans as loud as her voice can manage and Punk grins all the workers and
superstars backstage that might be able to moan.

Punk acts on her moans and squeezes her tits harder letting her soft skin run
though his fingers as he plays and teases her rock hard nipples. Gallows
keeps bucking his hips into the blonde sweat moving down his bald head as he
can feel his balls ache knowing he won't last much longer fucking this dirty
slut. His large hands now latch on Natalya's big asscheeks and give the soft
tanned flesh a long hard squeeze in much the same way Punk is squeezing
Nattie's breasts. Rubbing Nattie's big nipples Punk cannot help but lean down
and lick one of her nipples making Natalya's whole body shake with pleasure
as Gallows bucks his hips in roughly his own dull moans and groans become
deeper. Natalya can feel Gallows is coming near the end and she starts
pushing her ass back into him and shaking it a little trying to give more
pleasure to his massive dick and soon Gallows' is grunting hard his fingers
digging and holding onto Natalya's skin.

"Punk I'm going to cum," The soft spoken monster says to his leader who gets
up spitting out Nattie's tits and grinning.

"Pull out Luke and Nattie get on your knees I want you to prove who much you
are willing to be straight edged," He orders and quickly his two followers
move into the positions Punk points out to them.

A naked Natalya Neidhart on her knees rubbing her thighs together to pleasure
her dripping wet and underused pussy while her left hand rubs her spit
covered boob feeling CM Punk's warm saliva. Gallows is standing over also
completely naked holding onto his massive tool and strokes it aiming the
large head right at Natalya's face and the blonde knows what Punk wants and
shuts her eyes. It doesn't take Luke long to get himself worked up and with
one low long animal like groan he shoots and a thick wad of cum flies and
splats right onto Natalya's face. Not done with one shot Luke jerks his big
shaft hard sending several more streams of sticky cum hitting Nattie's cute
face almost covering the blonde's face from view like a bizarre mask. Gallows
tired out falls back as sits against a locker as Natalya opens her eyes and
runs a hand across her cum coated face. A big smile appears on her face as
she wipes a bit of cum off her eyes so she can open them before licking
Luke's cream off her fingers and moans lustfully at tasting his seed and the
second load of cum in the last few hours. Punk stares down at her now jerking
his own hard prick his eyes picking between her cum covered face, massive
boobs and her pussy which is leaking a small puddle of juices onto his locker
room floor. Nattie wipes a bit more off her face before looking up to see
Punk standing over her in much the same way Gallows did. She can see his rock
hard prick erect in front of her still wet with his earlier cum but rock hard
and ready for action again and she can help but give the straight edge
saviour a little cheeky grin.

"I'm still a slut Punk," Natalya says wiping the last traces of cum from her
face staring at him, "No amount of straight edge can stop me being addicted
to cocks,"

"Of course not Nattie your addiction to sex is now just down to having sex
with members of the straight edge society and that is not a addiction it's a
obligation," Punk says with a grin plastered on his face as he helps Nattie
back to her feet and leads her back over to the sweat covered table where
Gallows had fucked her a few minutes ago.

He helps Natalya sit on the edge of the table and without even telling her
Nattie spreads her legs exposing her wet pussy lips to her new leader.
Wasting no more time Punk presses her dick against her pussy and pushes into
her making both wrestlers moan with pleasure as Punk fills up her soaking wet
cunt. He starts thrusting into her and Nattie is rocking back and forth her
hands holding onto the table for dear life as Punk fucks her like a wild man.
Her juices have lubed up her pussy to the point in which Punk has no trouble
forcing his big dick in and out of her pussy which allows him to go at an
ultra fast pace really pounding his cock inside the blonde making her scream
and cry. Looking up Punk's eyes are again drawn to Nattie's huge tits
bouncing and shaking up and down from the force of his fucking as his hips
pound into Nattie's as his cock pounds her wet pussy. The table was slide all
the way back into the wall from the force of the straight edge society trying
to fuck the addiction out of Natalya. Groaning and moaning Natalya lets go of
the table and runs her hands though her curly blonde hair moaning in intense
pleasure. She has been needed a release ever since that horny ring hand
finished off without letting her cum leading her to Punk so a long awaited
orgasm is all Natalya can think about and Punk is bringing her closer and
closer to it. Punk can't resist her big bouncing boobs anymore so he cranes
his head forward and starts licking and sucking on her big at tits as his
hands move around grabbing her hips holding the blonde steady so he can
really enjoy her boobs.

bites on her on left nipple at the same time slamming his prick right into
her G spot.

The blonde's eyes roll back into her head and she leans back nearly screaming
the locker room down as Punk pounds her pussy hard looking to make his new
disciple cum. Punk's taped up hands move to Nattie's massive breasts and he
starts squeezing and pulling on the flesh as he keeps the pressure up fucking
Natalya's pussy as hard as he can his big cock pounding and rubbing against
her wet and sensitive pussy walls making her moan and cry out in built up
lust and joy.

"I'M CUMMING PUNK JESUS CHIRST I'M CUMMING," Nattie screams as Punk pounds
her into a mind blowing orgasm, her whole body shakes and her moans and
groans are so loud for a second Gallows has to cover his ears as the blonde
screams till she lose her voice.

Punk keeps his dick inside on her and holds onto her breasts throughout her
earth shattering orgasm but as soon as it finishes he holds onto Natalya's
limp body and slowly pulls his dick out of her pussy. His cock is covered in
her cum and it's dripping onto the floor As Punk turns Nattie round and bends
her over the desk again sticking her big ass out. Natalya is barely conscious
as she is bent over and Punk grabs his cock and wipes Nattie's cum off on her
own big booty. After getting his cock clean of her cum Punk pulls Nattie's
head up by her hair as he pushes his pulsing hard dick into her already well
fucked asshole. Natalya moans dully as she can't even feel Punk enter her ass
as her head is still spinning from that massive orgasm. Punk pushes deep into
Natalya's ass and really starts to fuck that ass as he pulls back on her hair
keeping her pretty face off the sweat stained table. The straight edge
saviour is pounding away at Natalya's large round ass, his hips crashing into
her smooth flesh as he drives his cock deeper inside the blonde. Natalya has
still not recovered from her orgasm but her senses clear enough to know she
is being fucked hard in the ass and her automatic response to this is to
groan. Punk hears the groan and it really turns him on as he knows after all
he and Gallows have fucked out of her she is still ready and willing for
more. Her deep throaty moans make Punk rock forward move driving his hard
dick deeper into her ass really fucking her already well fucked hole. Punk's
taped up fingers find Natalya's large asscheeks and his fingers sink into her
flesh and he starts to moan and groan.

"Fuck yeah Natalya take it take my big cock you straight edge slut," Punk
howls his voice getting deeper as he almost humps Natalya's thick booty
looking to try and cum.

Natalya responses by increasing her groans and arching her back allowing Punk
to dive deeper into her rectum and his big dick really fills up her tight
ass. Shaking his head from side to side Punk tries to flick his sweaty hair
out of his face, his eyes focused only on Natalya's tanned rear as he pulls
his dick all the way out of her asshole before driving back in again getting
the full length of his cock inside her. Natalya's head is starting to clear
and the room swings back into focus as she can really feel Punk's small build
body pushing into her from behind, his grunt and loud groans meaning he is
getting close to finishing. The blonde wants her new master to finish so she
starts pushing her own small well build body back slamming and driving her
own ass on his prick making her eyes widen as she yells in pleasure.

PUNK FUCK MY ASS," Natalya howls her voice carrying all around the almost
empty locker room.

Hearing those lust filled moans Punk doubles up his own efforts driving his
cock with reckless abandonment into Natalya's sore asshole as in a corner
Luke Gallows was getting dressed but he stops and watches the fucking going
on a few feet in front of him. Punk pounds Natalya's asshole hard his balls
bouncing off her thick thighs and he shuts his eyes hard trying to hold back
the building feeling of lust. Natalya's moans and groans are getting louder
as she grabs hold of her own massive tits and squeezes them making sure she
nearly deafens Punk with her moans and cries. Holding on tight Punk's nails
bite into Natalya's asscheeks as he pounds her hard his cock dripping pre cum
into her whole and he knows it's only a matter of seconds before he explodes.

"SHIT NATTIE I'M CUMMING FUCK," Punk yells as Natalya braces herself against
the table ready for him to cum.

Punk pushes his dick deep inside her ass and he's moans hard as cum shoots
out of his dick filling up her ass and after a few squirts of cum deep into
her ass Punk pulls out. He grabs his cock and aims it at Natalya's tanned
brown ass and sends several waves of spunk across her smooth skin cum coating
her ass. Gallows laughs as Punk decorates her ass with his cum and Natalya
moans and wiggles her ass as she feels his hot jizz on her skin. Punk
finishes with one last jet then staggers back to the locker he was sitting on
catching his breath and taking a big gulp of water. Natalya breathes hard too
and slowly picks herself up off the table her whole body caked with sweat and
her ass covered in Punk's cum she moves towards him limping as both her pussy
and ass are very sore having taken two big wrestlers fucking her hard. She
stands in front of Punk and kneels before him her head bowed slightly and
Punk rests his hand on her sweaty head.

"You are saved," He grumbles tired but happy as he has another soldier in his
straight edge fight.

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