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The Stratus Files - Episode One
by Josh (

She's a fitness model, a blonde bombshell, and a WWF Diva all wrapped into
one pretty little package. She's Trish Stratus. Witness as she gets into
one hot and steamy situation after another ... This is THE STRATUS FILES!

December 5th, 2001...

Trish Stratus was getting her stuff together backstage, getting ready to
leave when Stephanie entered the woman's locker room...

"Trish! I'm so glad I caught you alone, I've been dieing to share
something with you," Stephanie said. Despite the TV storylines the two were
actually close friends.

"What's up, Steph?" Trish asked.

"Remember that guy that Terri, Molly and Debra were raving about?" Steph


"Well, I flew him up to New York this past weekend and oh my god, it was
amazing..." Steph explained.

"So all the stories are true about him?"

"And more ... He's like our own private sex toy plus he's really kinky."

"He won't tell on us?"

"Never, so do you want to hook up with him or what?" Steph asked.

"Are you kidding me? I've got so much bent up sexual frustration its
scary," Trish said.

"Tell me about ... Here's what I'll do, I'll get John to come to the
Smackdown tapings tommorow as your private guest, we'll say he's an old
friend or something then after that he's all yours for as long as you want
him," Steph said.

"I can't wait..." Trish said.

December 6th, 2001 - Smackdown Tapings...

Stephanie had gotten Trish her own private locker room for the duration of
the show. John hung out in Trish's dressing room the whole night. Trish was
just wearing some blue jeans and a T-shirt, nothing revealing while she was
backstage. The two talked and had a good time just hanging out. Trish was
in and out a lot, going over what she was supposed to be doing that night
and other stuff. The two were sitting and talking about Trish's life before
wrestling when a road agent knocked on the door and yelled at Trish that
she's up in about twenty minutes so get dressed.

"What're you going to be doing tonight?" John asked.

"You just sit back and watch, it'll be more fun if you don't know but I've
got to get dressed now," Trish replied.

"You want me to leave?" he asked.

"No its alright, I'll just go into the bathroom and change..." Trish said.

Trish grabbed a duffle bag and headed into the bathroom. She left the
door open a crack, on purpose? John didn't know nor care. He watched
catching a glimpse of Trish's sexy body as she stripped down to a black
pushup bra and little red G-string. She pulled on a pair of tight pink
pants then a little black low cut, sleeveless shirt showing lots of
cleavage. She checked her lipstick and hair then walked out of the
bathroom. John pretended like he was watching the TV and hadn't been
staring at Trish. Trish walked out and looked down at John's crotch and
there was a noticable bulge.

"I was gonna ask how I look," Trish said, "But I see my answer."

John blushed embarassed. Trish checked the clock then headed out of the
room, John stared at her ass as she left the room. "Looks even better in
person," John thought to himself. He sat back and watched the monitor. The
Rock came out and Vince was supposed to kiss his ass but no, Rock brought out
Jim Ross but also, no. Rock then brought out Trish Stratus. Rock and Trish
toyed with Vince as Trish pulled down the back of her pants, but no, Vince
couldn't kiss her ass. Finally Rock brought out the disgusting fat load
Rikishi and shoved Vince's face into his backside. John wasn't paying much
attention, he couldn't get over how great Trish looked...

Shortly, Trish returned to the dressing room. "How'd I do?" she asked.

"Great but the camera didn't show your butt when you flashed it, they just
showed you from the front," John answered.

"What?! I work so hard on this ass and they don't even show it? That
stinks," Trish said.

"I know it sucks," said John.

"I'm sorry you're dissapointed ... how about we go back to my suite and
I'll make it up to you with somewhat of a live show?" Trish said making her

"I'm ready, let's go," John said.

Trish didn't change, instead she put on an overcoat covering herself up.
The two left passing Stephanie on the way. Trish asked to go back to the
hotel early and Steph winked at John then let them go. Trish and John left,
taking a cab over to the hotel then went up to Trish's suite.

Trish tossed off her overcoat and stood there in her hot little outfit
from Smackdown. "You know I've worked real hard on this ass, I'm proud of
it that's why I'm not afraid to show it on national TV," Trish explained.
"Looks great," John replied. "Well I said I was going to show you what the
cameras didn't at the tapings so get down on your knees," Trish directed.
John knelt down and Trish walked back and forth in front of him then stood
with her ass facing him. The pink pants were so tight they clung to the
contours of her musuclar ass. Trish stuck her index fingers between the
tight pants and her skin and pulled them down letting her ass hang out in
John's face. "Kiss that ass John," Trish said. John crawled forward towards
Trish's ass and she quickly pulled up her pants and stepped forward. John
fell face first onto the floor.

Trish stood over John laughing with her hands on her hips, "Looks like we
recreated Smackdown."

"What?" John asked.

"Well I thought that's what you wanted," Trish said.

"No, what I wanted was your ass!" John said firmly.

"Well then how about if I," Trish started getting down on her hands and
knees "get comfortable first?" she finished now down on all fours, her ass in
John's face.

"Can I have it now?" John asked.

"My ass?"

"Yes, can I have your ass now?"

"Just aslong as you realize that as far as asses go, this is the best that
it'll ever get. My ass is like heaven on earth, so welcome to heaven, John,
enjoy they stay,"

John was on cloud nine as he peeled back Trish's tight pink pants, pulling
them over her ass and down to her knees. John stared at what was before him,
it was marvelous, it was perfect. He took a moment to savor in Trish's
perfectly round, firm, muscular ass clad in only a little red g-string. John
then pulled off the little red g-string then buried his face into Trish's
ass. He licked her pussy a bit then moved up to her tight asshole.

"Ohhh yeah mmmm yeah that tongue feels so good in me," Trish moaned.
"Flick my clit around, mmmmh."

John began using his tongue to stimulate Trish's sensative clit. John
soon moved up and worked on her asshole making Trish moan, "Ohh that feels so
good." John pulled back and began using his fingers on her pussy which was
getting real wet.

"Ohh you're pussy's so wet, Trish."

"That's cause you make it so wet." John started fucking Trish's pussy
with his fingers then pulled them out and slapped her wet pussy a few times
softly. He stuck two fingers back into her pussy then began rubbing her
tight asshole with his thumb. Trish began shaking her ass a bit, moving it
around on John's fingers.

"Unnhhh yeah, I'm ready for your cock," Trish moaned. "I want that
cock .. I want that big hard cock inside me."

John was hard just from the site of Trish's gorgeous ass. John slid his
cock into Trish's wet pussy then placed his hands on her buns as he pumped
her on the floor.

"Oh John it feels so good ... Yeah! Yeah! Fuck it, fuck me!" Trish

John kept fucking Trish then gave one of her ass cheeks a gentle slap. He
grabbed her round buns in his hands as he pumped her. Those buns were so
perfect. He pulled out his cock from her pussy and smacked it against them.
"Fuck Trish its perfect," John moaned then slipped his cock back inside of
her fucking her some more while caressing her buns.

"OHH! UNNNH! GIMME YOUR COCK! Ohhh yeeah ... Mmmm ... Unnnh huhhh!"
Trish moaned moving her ass back and forth on John's cock.

He gave her buns a few more gentle slaps. "You like that don't you baby,"
he moaned.

"Mmmm yeah." Trish moaned. "We're just gettin' warmed up," she said
crawling forward. She turned around and grabbed a hold of John's cock,
wrapping her pouty lips around it. Trish sucked on it then rubbed it against
her tongue. She slurped it up, his cock still wet with her pussy juice.
Trish then gently bit down on the head a couple times then licked it gently,
"You like that?" she asked.

"Ohh yeah," he said.

Trish then began bopping her head up and down wildly on his cock with
muffled moans of enjoyement.

Trish stood up and pulled off her shirt then undid her bra letting her big
breasts free. Trish took John's hands and rubbed them against her chest.
John massaged her breasts and played with her nipples a bit. Trish then laid
down on her back on the bed and spread her legs out. "Gimme some more..."
she said. John grabbed her legs and worked his cock back into her pussy.
"You gimme that cock so good ... Yeeah, feels so good, yeeeah," Trish moaned.
John pounded her, his balls slapping against her asshole with each thrust.
"Yeah! Ohhh yeah! Ohhh yeah!" Trish moaned.

John fucked her for another minute before, "I'm gonna cum!"

"Let me taste it," Trish said.

John crawled forward and shot his cum into Trish's waiting mouth. Trish
licked it up and swallowed. She cleaned off John's cock. Trish then got up
and started getting her clothes together...

"That's it?" John asked.

"For now ... We've got a plane to catch," Trish said.

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